5 Hottest Amateur Milf Webcam Models

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Let’s not sugarcoat it – milfs are hot. There’s just something about those older women, cougars if you will, who can seduce with one simple look, and have the necessary curves to back everything up. They’ve been around the block a few times, they know what to say, what to do, and what they like. And how they like it. Most guys harbor fantasies about older women and when you take a closer look, no

Man neglecting his girlfriend and using his mobile phone

What does sexting mean to a guy

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Let’s keep it real now: most guys are pervs!  Sure there are a ton of gentleman out there in the world (well, a ton maybe overstating the numbers just a tad!), but the vast majority of dudes out here are just freaks.  One of the many things that guys do to reveal their level of freakiness is the way they text message. Actually, to be honest, you can tell even more by the way that

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How To Sext Your Boyfriend

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You need to be sure what is your partner up to before you start sexting. You don’t want to turn him on while he is on the lunch with his mother or on a business meeting with his business partners and make him uncomfortable. So, if you aren’t sure what is he doing at the moment, hit him first with one “Hey, busy?” text before you initiate anything.   Take It Slow Sex educators explain

What does nsa mean in texting

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The world of texting and internet acronyms can be confusing to navigate, from the now ubiquitous LOL to more obscure and unknown letter combinations that denote sexual preferences, particular kinks, or favorite fetishes.  Some acronyms have become so commonplace that they are now words in their own right, such as MILF, while others only have meaning to those familiar with their use. One such acronym, NSA, is used in both internet hookup culture as well

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Where does female ejaculate come from

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The misconceptions about female ejaculation abound. What is female ejaculation and where does it come from are the top questions. Everyone wants to know the mysteries of the female who ‘squirts’ female ejaculate. What is female cum and from where does it come? These are the question on everyone’s mind. Like men, women may ejaculate. Unlike men, female ejaculate does not play a role in reproduction. Further, women can ejaculate without orgasm and orgasm without