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Where does female ejaculate come from

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The misconceptions about female ejaculation abound. What is female ejaculation and where does it come from are the top questions. Everyone wants to know the mysteries of the female who ‘squirts’ female ejaculate. What is female cum and from where does it come? These are the question on everyone’s mind. Like men, women may ejaculate. Unlike men, female ejaculate does not play a role in reproduction. Further, women can ejaculate without orgasm and orgasm without

Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

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If your partner is far away at the moment, or you both are too busy to spend some quality time together, a sparkle between you two can extinguish. But, if you want to avoid that and keep the flame of passion, you should definitely try with sexting. Also, if your relationship is fresh and you want to boost intimacy with your new partner, bring things up on the next level, let your flirty messages become

What does female ejaculation taste like?

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What does pussy taste like? A valid question and it has been probably asked more times than one would actually care to count.  And really. Good question. Let’s go one step further – What does female ejaculation taste like? Well, that’s another handful right there.  Let us here at Bunny Cam try to give a proper, almost scientific answers to these questions for all you eager readers out there. THE TASTE OF A WOMAN We

Does Xanax make you last longer in bed

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All men know that firing your ammo way too soon in the act is a huge no-no and it’s a great turn off not just for them but for their partner too.  There are only a few things that can shake the male ego so much as premature ejaculation can (the other probably being erectile dysfunction, having a small member, or man boobs). Yes, finishing up way too soon can be pretty harsh on men

How to make a pussy squirt?

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Making a pussy squirt might seem like rocket science to some and it may come naturally to others. On thing’s for certain: Maybe you’re talented between the sheets, but to master the fine art of sex, you’ll need to practice and to gather knowledge. And while we can’t really help you with the first thing, we can definitely be at your service when it comes to the latter.  That being said, learning how to make