Where does female ejaculate come from

Semi-nude wet torso of a young woman

The misconceptions about female ejaculation abound. What is female ejaculation and where does it come from are the top questions. Everyone wants to know the mysteries of the female who ‘squirts’ female ejaculate. What is female cum and from where does it come? These are the question on everyone’s mind.

Like men, women may ejaculate. Unlike men, female ejaculate does not play a role in reproduction. Further, women can ejaculate without orgasm and orgasm without ejaculating. Most people do not understand what female ejaculate is or what part of the body produces it. Let’s explore the female ejaculation. 

Female ejaculation is similar yet different from male ejaculation. The female anatomy is complex. A French researcher decided to study female anatomy.  The goal is to better understand what causes female ejaculation. The unique nature of female ejaculation produces a unique fluid. The misconception that female ejaculation is urine leads to a study. The study explains what is female ejaculation.

Female versus Male Anatomy

The male anatomy is easy to explain. People understand that male ejaculation includes sperm. When men ejaculate sperm it travels through the urethra to evacuate the body. Like men, women have a prostate. Unlike men, the female prostate does not carry reproductive materials.

The female prostate is confusing. The female prostate surrounds the urethra. The female prostate ejaculates a fluid. The fluid excreted contains a small trace of urine. This urine residue created the myth that female ejaculate is urine. But, female ejaculation is not urine; it is fluid from the female prostate.

The clitoris, the g-spot, and the Skene’s glands are important to sexual stimulation. The clitoris is under the clitoral hood. Exposing the clitoris stimulates the female. The g-spot is inside the vagina. The labia lips fold back and expose the vaginal entrance. The Skene’s glands are at the bottom of the bulbs on either side of the labia.

The French Squirt Study

French researchers put the misconception that female ejaculation is urine to rest. Researchers used ultrasound technology to studying women who squirt. The researchers used ultrasound technology to examine the bladder. They examined the bladder before, during, and after female ejaculation. Samuel Salama, a Gynecologist from Parly II hospital in Le Chesney, lead the research.

Salama chose seven women who claim they squirt when stimulated. Milky fluid excreted from the urethra during orgasm is normal, according to Salama. What Salama found uncommon is a massive explosion of female ejaculate. Female ejaculate comes from the Skene gland or female prostate. Salama studied the Skene gland to explain female ejaculation.

For his research, Salama started with urine samples. The women gave urine samples, evacuated their bladder, and submitted to an ultrasound. The ultrasound proved the empty bladder. The women then became sexually stimulated either by themselves or with a partner.

While sexually stimulated but before climax, the women alerted the researchers. The researchers used ultrasound to scan the women as they climaxed. The fluid excreted during the climax researchers collected for the study. They performed a final ultrasound after climax. What Salama and his team discovered was surprising. In fact, the women’s bladders did fill right before the climax. Stimulation is the only reason researchers could establish as the cause. The female ejaculation does come from the bladder. But, is it urine?

Female Ejaculation Urine or Unique

Salama’s study found only two of the seven women produced ejaculate identical to urine. Five of the seven women produced a unique fluid that was chemically different from urine. Salama found a prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) enzyme. The enzyme Salama’s team found is unique to the female prostate.

The PSA enzyme comes from the prostate. In men, the PSA enzyme assists sperm with swimming. In females, the PSA enzyme is what females ejaculate when they squirt. Women who squirt are releasing the PSA enzyme, not urine. The Skene gland of the female produces female ejaculate.

Female ejaculation is not urine and it is a unique fluid produced by the female prostate gland. Yet, a small amount of urine may be found in female ejaculate. While a little pee may come out when a female ejaculates, female cum is not pee. Female ejaculation released through the urethra is a unique PSA fluid. The urethra is not part of the vagina. Leading to confusion about orgasms and female ejaculation.

Orgasms and Female Ejaculation

A few different things happen when a female experiences sexual climax. Vaginal and clitoral orgasms stimulate muscle spasms. But, female ejaculation of PSA fluid through the urethra or squirting is different. Female ejaculation or squirting is the release of PSA fluid from the female prostate. Female ejaculate releases through the urethra. Thus, women can experience one or both types of climatic experiences.

The ability to stimulate both types of release takes knowledge. Stimulating a woman to the point of squirting orgasms is actually possible.

Orgasms are a sexual climax that creates muscle contractions and releases vaginal fluid. The vaginal fluid released during a muscular orgasm is not PSA fluid. PSA fluid released through female ejaculation comes from the female prostate. Stimulating the female prostate and vaginal orgasm at the same time requires skill.

The Appearance of Female Ejaculation

The vaginal fluid produced by muscular orgasm is much different than the PSA fluid. PSA fluid produced from female ejaculation is unique. Vaginal fluid produced during muscular orgasm is thicker than female ejaculate. The PSA fluid from female ejaculation is clear and sometimes milky white. The PSA fluid from female ejaculate emerges through the urethra and appears as a clear fluid.

Both fluids release during sexual stimulation. But, it’s rare that both female ejaculation and orgasm occur at the same moment. Often, women experience either a muscular orgasm or a female ejaculate fluid release. Women who experience both are lucky. On Bunny Cam, you’ll find all kinds of great information about female anatomy and how to stimulate it. On Bunny Cam, you’ll love the information and detailed answers to all your questions. 

Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

If your partner is far away at the moment, or you both are too busy to spend some quality time together, a sparkle between you two can extinguish. But, if you want to avoid that and keep the flame of passion, you should definitely try with sexting. Also, if your relationship is fresh and you want to boost intimacy with your new partner, bring things up on the next level, let your flirty messages become a bit sexier. Sexting is always a good idea if you want to spice up things in your relationship. And, let’s face it- the easiest. We live in a digital world where everybody is on their phones, including you. So, why wouldn’t you use that for having some fun and build up closeness with your partner at the same time, instead of scrolling feed on social networks all day long? Many of you find sexting intimidating, but it shouldn’t be that way. It is basically expressing your sexual feeling and desires to someone you are close too (and probably the only one who needs to know them) and receiving the same in return. In the end, isn’t it easier for you if he tells you what they like than leaving you guessing? Plus, sexting can be used as a training for a dirty talk in bed (which guys adore), you have the time to brainstorm because you are not under the pressure (unlike dirty talk).

Let us tell you a secret: the key to successful sexting is, to be honest. Be yourself. Just a bit steamier and sexier. 

If you want to know how to send sexting messages to your boyfriend properly, and not end up feeling embarrassed, we prepared tips and examples of sexting messages to set your imagination in motion. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Flirty Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend (Or Husband)

Let’s get something clear at the start- this article is not just for girls and boys. It also refers to married men and women. Don’t let your sparkle turns off only because you are 10 years in marriage and you think you shouldn’t bother about that anymore. No matter if you are in a brand new relationship, or in a mature relationship, or even in a marriage for years, you need to constantly put the effort in your connection with your partner and cherish what you have. So, what else will keep the fire going then texting him or her in the way they will know you are still attracted to them (after all that time)? 

On the other side, if there is someone who doesn’t know that yet, hmm… What about telling him? If you don’t want to lose your chance, go on and send your crush a very clear flirty message and get out of the friend zone finally!

Try with these flirty sexy messages to start the game:

  1.   Stop distracting me, I can’t do anything else but thinking about you!
  2.   You are lucky you are so hot. I only spend my time with handsome men.
  3.   I am going out with my girls tonight, so there will probably be some drunk sexy text for you later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  4.   I just took the most amazing shower ever…

Cute Messages

They are always in. Just put yourself in their shoes- wouldn’t you be happy and smiling if you had received a cute text in the morning that would make your day? That person would be in your head all day long. So, if you want to achieve that, feel free to hit them with a cute text, which can have slightly sexually connotation, but it is actually aimed to create a feeling of a big, warm hug.

Here are some cute messages you can send to your partner:

  1.   I woke up with a smile on my face because I was dreaming of you.
  2.   Being with you is the most (insert) experience in my life.
  3.   I have met so many people in my life, but for the first time, I have met someone who makes me draw ridiculous little harts on the paper.
  4.   I all I want is to be the reason for your smile.

Sexy Messages

If your partner receives well your cute and flirty messages, you may consider taking things to the next level and send some boldly and sexy messages and turn the heat up.

Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you have slept once, a couple of times or you are sharing bed for years, it is always good to know that someone is (still) attracted to you. Especially with men it is a real ego boost when you let them know they were doing it well in bed.

But, if you initiate sexting, and you see from their replies they are in the game, you need to be ready for some serious heating. If you send them sext and pull back after, it will annoy and frustrate them, and next time they will not play with you at all.

The other important thing you need to take care of when sexting is timing. Timing is everything. If he is on the business meeting or on a lunch with his parents, you don’t want to hit him with some sexy selfie and make him feel uncomfortable. Also, don’t be disappointed if he wants to play and eager to hear from you, but has some other things to focus on at the moment. Wait a bit and if he picks you up with some sexy texts later, that means the game is on.

However, if you both are on work but planning to meet later, sexy messages are a perfect way to put you both in the mood.

Whatever the case is, we have some sexy messages for you to use:

  1.   I want you to kiss/touch me (chose a body part).
  2.   Be naked when I come home.
  3.   That thing you did yesterday (insert something hot that happened on previous sex session)… You are a sex God. I want you to repeat that again tonight.
  4.   If he asks you what are you doing, answer him “Myself”.

Half Joking Texts

We all know that in every joke there is half of the truth hidden. The same thing is going on with this kind of texts, but you only can send them if you know your partner well, and you are sure he will not misinterpret it. 

Half joking messages you could use:

  1.   I bet I could turn you on right now in front of everyone at your work.
  2.   Tell me your secret fetish, I know you have one.
  3.   I challenge you to start thinking about me… And start doing!
  4.   The yoga class I was on made me so flexible!
  5.   Don’t even try to deny it- you like me.
  6.   I think I have a love disease, can you examine me from top to the bottom?

Teasing Messages

Teasing is a good way to set up the scene for some good flirting session, especially if you just meet that person. If your crush answers positively and you make him or her laugh, then you are on point!

Here are some teasing messages you can send your crush and make him/ her fall in love with you:

  1.   How are you so attractive?
  2.   If I let you do with me anything you want, what would you do?
  3.   I just wanted to tell you are not very good at acting you don’t want me.
  4.   Hey, I just wanted to tell you that if you’re ever having a hard time… Like really, really hard… Feel free to call me. I would like to give you a hand…
  5.   Are you for a chocolate syrup tonight? All over me.

Intriguing Texts

Intrigue is sexy, and guys love it. If you brainstorming about sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, these texts will get him thinking about you all day and light up his imagination… And maybe lead to something more:

  1.   What is the craziest sex you’ve ever had?
  2.   What is your weirdest fantasy?
  3.   Do you want to guess what am I wearing right now?
  4.   I head a REALLY naughty dream about you last night…
  5.   What do you think about sex in public?
  6.   Did you ever have sex in the car? I would like to take a ride with you…
  7.   I am naked right now, and I am thinking about you.
  8.   Are you fond of a threesome?
  9.   I don’t know why, but I am sucking lollypops all day…
  10.   Want to play a game tonight?

Flirty To Dirty Messages

Fasten seat belts, people. We are going to roll hard. If you came all the way here, in the section “Flirty to dirty”, then we will assume you are comfortable with all those examples of messages above and you are ready for spicing things up for real and you want to go explicit. For the record, those sexting messages to send to a guy are called Not Safe For Work for a reason.

Okay, here are the sexts that will make blood pumping:

  1.   I will let you do anything you want to me.
  2.   I need you inside me right now.
  3.   It’s too bad you are not here right now.
  4.   Remember when we (fill the blank)?
  5.   I miss you. Between my legs.
  6.   I want you to use me like I am made for your pleasure
  7.   I admit I was a bad girl… Will you punish me?
  8.   I am touching myself right now, come and help me?
  9.   I am so hot when I think about enjoying myself in front of you.
  10.   Would you like to grab my hair and pull me against the wall right now?
  11.   Nice tie. Let’s use it tonight.

Before You Start…

We have a few more tips for you that you need to know before you initiate sexting, that will make the difference whether is he turned on or not.

The key is, you need to be comfortable with the things you send. He will feel your energy and it will turn him on (or won’t). Don’t send him something you think you SHOULD send because someone said it works. A guy can be turned off with your vibe if you sext with a script. If you change your true self in order to please a man, it will not work in the long term. So, free your own energy and attract him with it. You will feel more comfortable with it, and comfortable is sexy.

We hope we helped you feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Happy sexting!

What does female ejaculation taste like?

What does pussy taste like? A valid question and it has been probably asked more times than one would actually care to count. 

And really. Good question. Let’s go one step further – What does female ejaculation taste like? Well, that’s another handful right there. 

Let us here at Bunny Cam try to give a proper, almost scientific answers to these questions for all you eager readers out there.


We already knew about the phrase “the scent of a woman”, but taste… Well, we have to be honest – it still makes perfect sense. 

Honestly, this might be a greater concern for women than it is for men. A lot of males know how exactly women taste like down there. However, what about you ladies? Have you ever stopped someone from getting down there just because you weren’t really sure that you’re “fresh” down there? 

Have you been there?

Well, the good news is, unless you have medical conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis, you’re probably good to go. However, you might still feel that there’s room for improvement down there both in the smell and the taste department. 

Well, let us tell you right off the bat that the most popular descriptions (you know, like: fish and chicken), are complete BS. 

You’re probably relieved to know you’re out of the blue. 

However, you still want to know how it tastes. If that’s the case, let us put it this way: There are people out there who will tell you that your pussy kind of smells and tastes like your armpit after a little exercise – not stinky but a bit sweaty with a little kick of a metallic taste with a kick of sweet. 

Are you disappointed? We totally get it if you don’t want your thing smell like an armpit. So, what’s the big deal then?

Well, let’s just say that some of us here at Bunny Cam was also pretty curious and white-knuckled it. That’s right ladies and gents, we took up all the courage and stuck our finger down there. The result? Some of us reported utter baldness when it comes to taste, while others gave descriptions such as “salty”, “tangy”, “sweet”, “sour”, “lemony”… 

Crazy, right? 


Dr. Carol Queen cultural sexologist says that the taste and the smell of a woman’s thing will mostly depend on her body chemistry and generally, on her hormone levels. 

On the other hand, personal hygiene also plays a huge role in the picture. Chances are, if a woman takes good care of herself, she’ll smell and taste “cleaner”. That being said, if she has poor hygiene, she’ll also smell rather, um, let’s put it this way, fishy. 

On the other hand, it’s important to clean that pussy properly, meaning that women should also get rid of soap or another gel residue down there. Most of these compounds are filled with different chemicals which can only make matters worse if “the base” itself isn’t that pleasant smelling to start with. 


As stated already, proper hygiene can have a dramatic effect on the outcome. Some women don’t wipe themselves properly after visiting the restroom so the leftover urine (and, in worse cases, poo) can also make a world of a difference and make their pussy smell and taste just nasty and disgusting. 

Also, yeast infections and other health problems can cause a lot of problems from this perspective, not to mention menstrual blood, which can also make the vaginal fluid have a different taste & can alter the smell of the entire vaginal area

All that being said, it’s important to know that medical conditions, the particular contraception methods women are using, age, periods, and hormones will all play a huge role in determining how a pussy would taste and smell like.

In regard to age, it’s clear that aging can affect the production of vaginal lubricants, meaning that women have the most secretions following puberty, until menopause. 

Stress levels can also affect the picture, meaning that the more stress women have, the more pungent the taste of their vagina may become. 

Also, shaving regularly may decrease the “smell” if there is such a thing as a definitive smell. 

Contraception method, such as the use of spermicide gels can also alter the natural taste and smell of a lady’s thing. According to men, some of these gels do quite a number on both the taste and the smell of the vagina and would advise women to put it in far enough so they don’t have to deal with them. 


Do the things women eat affect the taste and smell of their vagina? Well, just like in the case of men and the taste of their sperm, there’s no actual scientific evidence in regard to this. 

As far as nutrition goes, women have reported that garlic and onions can make the vagina taste a bit bitter, while pineapple has the opposite effect, making the pussy taste sweeter.

Professionals will agree that the best tasting pussy will be a vegetarian pussy because the typical vegetarian diet is really low in saturated fats. Also, alcohol consumption, drug, and tobacco use also have a negative impact both on taste and smell making the pussy taste acidic and rather bitter. Non-alcoholic beverages can also make both the taste and the smell less appealing, however, if women consume enough water, it can “even-out” the taste


Ladies, if you’re concerned about how you smell and taste down there, the best thing you can do is to bathe regularly, keep your thing clean, eat lots of veggies and pineapple. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Finally, when a man is fully aroused, his senses become rather dull, and he’ll be just happy to get down there. 

That being said, tease the cr,ap out of him, before you grant him access! 


The truth is, that the smell and taste of a vagina will depend on a lot of different things. Periods, contraception methods, age, nutrition, lifestyle, and personal hygiene all play a huge role. 

That being said, if you’re looking for your best options, make sure to take baths or showers regularly, shave your thing, avoid using spermicides, avoid drinking, smoking, and drug abuse (well, you should avoid those anyway). 

Make sure to make healthy decisions in the kitchen by avoiding saturated fat and eating a diet high in pineapple and vegetables.

On the other hand, remember that certain medical conditions can also affect the taste and smell of your vagina. If you think that’s something fishy (sorry) down there, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor. Maybe it’s nothing harmful, maybe it’s a just a bad case of yeast infection. Having a professional look at it can save you from doing the guesswork yourself and can hook you up with the right treatment instantly. 

Lastly, if you’re just too concerned about how your vagina tastes and smells just make sure that your partner is aroused enough next time when you’re having fun. When they’re horny enough, their senses become rather dull, so chances are, your partner won’t be able to tell how your thing tastes and smells. 

However, you can also just be honest about your concerns. That way, your partner will know that this is a rather iffy topic and could help you combat it, by actually telling you that there’s nothing wrong down there. It’s worth it if it gives you peace of mind.

We hope that helps. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for other tips and tricks regarding sex, browse through our blog section

Does Xanax make you last longer in bed

All men know that firing your ammo way too soon in the act is a huge no-no and it’s a great turn off not just for them but for their partner too. 

There are only a few things that can shake the male ego so much as premature ejaculation can (the other probably being erectile dysfunction, having a small member, or man boobs). Yes, finishing up way too soon can be pretty harsh on men and for a reason. Nobody likes to be a “sprinter” when it comes to sex. 

Also, if you want to have some quality time between the sheets, it takes exactly just that – time.

So, it’s no wonder that those gents who have a problem with lasting in bed have been looking into different remedies and methods that would keep them longer in the game.

And there are men out there who have experimented with tons of weird stuff just to get results. That being said, some even took pills to last longer in bed.

And when we’re saying pills, we’re not just talking about “any” pills. We’re talking about serious stuff, like antidepressants.  

You’ve heard about them. And you want to know if they would actually work…

Well, do they? Does Xanax actually make you last longer in bed

Bunny Cam has the answer for you. 


It’s not exactly new’s that particular selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs have shown promising results in treating premature ejaculation. The only problem is, medical professionals aren’t really convinced that using these drugs will be that much of a good idea to treat the problem. 


We’ll get to that later.

Truth be told, you can easily browse the internet regarding the topic and can find an array of different online discussions regarding the effectiveness of these drugs to treat premature ejaculation.

Some men report taking them back in their youth when P. E. (premature ejaculation wasn’t an issue for them). However, when they ditched the SSRI treatments and tried alternative remedies (like exercise to fight OCD, for example), they began having problems with performing in bed. It wasn’t erectile dysfunction but dreaded premature ejaculation. 

These same men also reported lasting longer in bed after they’ve found themselves a psychiatrist who was willing to prescribe them the necessary compounds, and truth be told, these men have added precious minutes to their “sex game”.


SSRIs are a branch of antidepressants which are used to treat conditions such as depression and other anxiety-related disorders. They limit serotonin reabsorption which means that there’s more of this hormone loft for the body to use. And all this ultimately comes with a price-taking these drugs usually cause low sex drive and it makes it really really difficult for the user to reach sexual climax. This is a huge no-no for most people, but for men with premature ejaculation, it’s just what the doctor ordered (pun intended).


While it’s possible to get such drugs prescribed, there are a few medical experts who think that using these compounds to treat sexual problems might not be the best idea. 

As they stated, these compounds all have a few side effects (short-term) that can cause annoyance, like fatigue, nausea or an increase in body weight, not to mention the long-term effects which are, at the moment, unknown.


Other men who use antidepressants to treat premature ejaculation report that they are truly happy with the results and that they are able to last longer in bed and that their sex life has improved dramatically, however, they also mentioned that all this comes with a price.

Most of the time, they look rather depressed and just “not themselves”. These men say that this is the price they must pay in order to keep bringing their sexual A-game, however, some of them are contemplating decreasing the dosages, but they the thought of not being able to perform sexually properly often causes them to postpone pulling back on the drugs.

Side effects were the main concern for most men who took part in a study in Finland where the subjects were taking dapoxetine in order to treat their premature ejaculation. The results report that nearly 70 percent of the subjects have discontinued using the substance because of the harsh side effects like nausea and diarrhea.


Maybe, your best shot is to contact your doctor and discuss other options. On the other hand, there are actually proven methods which work wonders if you practice and master them. Also, there are a couple of things that you can do to make time in bed last longer while you’re causing pleasure to your partner. 

For instance, maybe by focusing on her instead of your orgasm would be a great starting point. You can use your both your fingers and your mouth to cause her pleasure and while you’re doing this, your member can “rest” and you can let the sexual excitement you feel subside for a bit. That being said, learn a few awesome oral techniques you can use to make her day (there are tons in our blog section, take a look at them).

Also trying to keep your mind off of sex while you’re having it can also help. This may seem hard to pull off, but it can also do wonders. Try to distract yourself next time you’re in the bedroom with your partner. Think about last weeks game, the leaking oil in your car, about the bills you still need to pay. It sounds silly we know, but it can work. 

Last but not least, you also have a technique called edging. Edging is probably one of the best and most effective techniques you can have at your disposal when it comes to treating premature ejaculation. It’s a simple masturbation technique which can teach you to get a better feel of your sensations during sexual stimulation and it can enable you to have better control over them when you have sex. To pull it off, just masturbate to the point before you’d reach orgasm (meaning, the point where you can still stop), then seize all masturbatory activities (i.e. stop jerking off), wait for a little until your sensations subside, then repeat. With practicing this, you’ll train yourself to keep your feelings and sensations under better control and ultimately, train yourself to last longer. 


As you can see, antidepressants do work but they come with a price. First of all, getting a prescription is a risky process itself, not to mention that the short-term effects like nausea, fatigue, weight gain, and diarrhea can cause a lot of problems down the road. Mood changes might also cause concerns for some. Secondly, side effects from long-term use of these compounds have yet to be documented, so there’s no telling what might happen if men keep taking these substances for years in order to fight their premature ejaculation.

Our best piece of advice would be to reach out to your doctor so you can discuss your options with a professional, instead of relying on discussion boards and broscience. 

On the other hand, there are loads of great techniques you can learn that will help you combat premature ejaculation. We have detailed articles that address this, feel free to give them a read.

How to make a pussy squirt?

Making a pussy squirt might seem like rocket science to some and it may come naturally to others. On thing’s for certain: Maybe you’re talented between the sheets, but to master the fine art of sex, you’ll need to practice and to gather knowledge.

And while we can’t really help you with the first thing, we can definitely be at your service when it comes to the latter. 

That being said, learning how to make a pussy squirt is something you want to add to your arsenal, especially when if you want to be a serious contender in the whole sex business.

Learning how to get a girl to squirt, on the other hand, is pretty rewarding. Women know how to appreciate someone who can make them reach sexual climax. 

No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation.

So, learning how to make her squirt is pretty much a must. And Bunny Cam is here to help you with just that. 


The brutal truth is, there are a lot of things you’ll have to learn to become a better lover. Fact. You have to be patient and you’ll have to keep your eyes on the prize to make her moan the right way. 

And what better way make her moan the right way by a squirting orgasm? Yup, that’s one of the best ways to rock her world. She knows it, you know it, everybody knows it. 

However, before you get out your pen and start making notes, you’ll have to know that you can’t just get down to business and expect her to start squirting. That takes time. You need to be patient and she needs to feel comfortable around you to make that happen. So, if you can’t make her squirt right after your first try, don’t get discouraged. 

So, are you ready?


To kick things off, you’ll need to know that women can experience different kinds of orgasms. Men typically will get their fix the same way every time, but women on the other hand, they can reach climax in different ways.

First, you have your clitoral orgasm, which women usually get from direct clitoral stimulation. Usually, this happens during masturbation and you can help them with this, either by using your hand or your mouth. If you know how to pull this off that is. Women usually experience only one orgasm from clitoral stimulation, since once they reach climax, the clit can become really sore and sensitive. 

On the other hand, women also have their vaginal orgasms, which will be the focal point of this article. These sensations either come from the vagina itself or from G-spot stimulation. This is the real deal. This is “the” orgasm they usually refer to when they’re talking about the top of their sexual pleasures. And as such, you want to learn how to achieve this. When you’re doing things right, you’ll be able to cause her multiple orgasms. And it’s worth every single penny. 

The downside is, according to some sources, only 20 percent of women had experienced these pleasures. That’s only a handful of women compared to the entire female population. However, it even gets worse: 29 percent of them never even had an orgasm. Now, that’s horrible.

Gentlemen, it’s time to up your game. Big time.


 If you’ve been reading our blogs, you pretty much know that foreplay is a staple when it comes to us giving sex advice. So, even before you get things started, make sure to make her feel comfortable. Caress her, play around with her entire body. Make her feel secure, desirable, and loved.

When you can tell that she’s ready to spice things up a notch, undress her and get your hands busy. 

What you need to keep in mind here is to take care of yourself before you two get down to business. Since you’re going to use your hands, make sure to clean them and to cut your fingernails beforehand.

Also, it’s a good idea to use some water-based lube to give your lady an extra dimension of pleasure.  


Once her clothes are off, your hands are all lubed up, and she’s fully relaxed, it’s time to find the coveted G-spot. It’s no secret that you can find it around two knuckles deep in the vagina, in its inner wall. Front wall that is. To put it into perspective – the front wall would be the top side if she’d be laying in front of you on her back. Fortunately, if you make her horny enough, her G-spot swells and it will be easier for you to find it. So, if you can feel a bumpy ridge inside of her along the front wall of her thing, you’re already on the right track, tiger! 


Stroke, stroke, stroke!

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like. To pull of the stroking technique, you’ll have to use your index and middle finger, which you’ll want to place inside her, and reach to the front wall with them. 

When you’re there, Use these two fingers to touch the G-spot and stroke your fingers in the well-known “come hither” motion. Be firm, but don’t go overboard.

For the best results, start off with short and slow strokes. When you (two) get the hang of what’s happening, increase the speed and the momentum. Just make sure to start using one single finger first. When she’s enjoying it, feel free to throw in another in the mix. 


No, this is no metal guitar effect. This is the real deal for making her squirt. This is basically shifting gears from stroking. So, make sure to use the first technique for at least 10-15 minutes, then hit the gas.

When you reach this point, show no mercy. At this point, you’ll want to penetrate her with two fingers and doing things as we told you. 

So, both of your fingers are inside, now put the palm of your hand on her clitoris, like you were cupping it. Once your hand is in the right position, stroke slowly with your fingers, gradually increasing your speed while you start to pull the palm of your hand up and down slowly, ensuring that you’re also simultaneously stimulating her clit. 

Now, speed things up. More. More. More. More. More. Now, just a bit more. You get the drift. Do this until she squirts all over the place. 

Don’t forget, not all women will do this, but a lot of them will. So, If things don’t turn out the way you planned – and you did everything right – don’t be hard on yourself, maybe she’s just one of those women who don’t squirt (bummer). However, if her vaginal wall tightens, it means you’ve managed to give her an orgasm. 


So, there you have it. It’s not that hard, you just have to play your cards right, pay attention to her reactions, and you’ll have to make sure that your hands are clean with nails well-kept. 

Oh, and one more thing: when she squirts, don’t get alarmed, it’s not pee. It’s a totally different substance which exits from her urethra. Not from her vagina. More precisely, the ejaculate originates from the skene’s gland.

So, now you REALLY do no everything about making her squirt. It’s not that hard once you get the hang of them and as you build up confidence, they’ll only get easier. 

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