Why men like anal sex?

Women wonder why men like anal sex. Heterosexual men enjoy anal sex. Anal sex is not limited to homosexual relationships. Your partner is hinting around and you aren’t ready. You want to know more about anal sex and why guys like it. Having a conversation about it can become uncomfortable. Guys and anal sex is still a taboo conversation. What’s a girl to do? 

Start to Understand the Instincts

Men have natural sexual instincts that are sometimes hard to put into words. Women have a much easier time explaining what they like and why. Think about the carnal nature of males. Males of most species typically have a natural instinct to explore and dominate their partner. Men, like women, are territorial about their mate and want to demonstrate their affections. 

The dominance of men is central to understanding the sexual instincts of men. Their natural instinct is to conquer, explore, and dominate. Women are the ones who draw boundaries while men push those boundaries as far as a female will let them. This is a natural aspect of human sexuality and not a negative aspect. It only becomes negative when men do not accept ‘no’ and then it’s not only a problem, it’s criminal. 

The Nature of Male Dominance

The nature of male dominance has centuries of history and research that help us understand the desires of men. Women have a dominant side as well. Women express their dominance in different ways. Jealousy is the ugly side of dominance in a relationship. Natural ‘good’ dominance is welcome. Negative ‘bad’ dominance is unwelcome and can become a problem. The dominance that is unwanted may be considered criminal. Having a conversation matters.

Understanding the proper way to handle situations like jealousy is an important issue to address in any relationship. When dominance turns to ownership the negativity creeps into the relationship jealousy tends to appear. Jealousy is a warning sign and should lead to both a conversation and a re-evaluation of the relationship. 

Healthy Male Dominance

Healthy sexual dominance is not jealous but rather it is kind and loving. Understanding the healthy nature of male dominance starts with understanding it is only ‘good’ dominance when the female is offering herself and willing. In fact, it is the willingness of the female to allow the male to dominate her that is the most arousing and the appropriate way to think about male sexual dominance. 

In healthy relationships, male dominance is displayed appropriately. The masculine nature of male dominance is sexually stimulating to females. They enjoy the fun of power struggle that comes with healthy sexual interaction. As men push to explore further sexually women sometimes wonder about the desires of men. Guys and anal sex is an age-old mystery to many women. 

Women wonder why straight guys want anal sex. The fact is that they have many reasons. Dominance is just one motivator. Conquering sexual exploits are considered part of the male’s natural instincts. Often their list of sexual exploits includes anal sex. Straight men do enjoy anal sex. They enjoy the dominance, conquest, and the satisfaction of curiosity.

 Anal Sex and Vaginal Sex Feel Completely Different

Many straight men confess they do not put anal sex on the top of their sexual desires list. Men love oral sex and vaginal sex. However, on occasion, a straight man has a desire for anal sex. Sometimes, they don’t understand why they want it. Asking questions is the quickest way to ruin the moment. If you’re not ready, simply tell your partner, “maybe we’ll try that next time” and get some information about anal sex.

For obvious reasons, some people think anal sex is gross. However, the pleasure that some people receive from anal sex is unique. It is sex and sex feels good. Anal sex is a different type of pleasure. Sometimes, alcohol plays a role in sexual experimentation. Having a few drinks with your partner opens you up to try new things. The “I can’t believe that just happened” thoughts and feelings after amazing sex is one way to create lasting memories. 

New Relationships and New Experiences

Besides the male instincts that develop naturally during sexual interactions, the psychology of it plays a role. As new relationships develop and sexual experimentation continues between partners the natural instinct to explore occurs. The thrill of sexual freedom when boundaries are set aside is exciting for both partners. 

Men are used to women with limits. The boundaries defined between two sexual partners is a negotiation. However, when a male finds a partner who is open to a no limits sexual experience the thrill excites both partners. An open and no limits sexual relationship is the unicorn of all relationships. A fantasy many men and women consider but don’t act out. 

Offerings of Sexual Pleasures 

Women who offer themselves to their partners completely are often mistaken as having no control. The fact is that women actually have all the control. Women decide what is and is not off limits in the bedroom. Women decide what they are willing to do and with whom. The excitement of a woman offering herself to a man completely is an act of trust. Rather than giving up control she is simply acknowledging her power and embarrassing it. 

For men who have never had a woman offer her complete self with no limits, the experience can be overwhelming and extremely memorable. When a woman allows a man to explore all of his fantasies she gets the extreme pleasure of being teased and pleased by an adventurous and excited partner. 

Safety First and then Teamwork

The most important part of exploring anal sex is taking safety measures. Guys and anal sex are enjoyable when properly educated. The risk of injury from anal sex means it’s important to understand what to do and how to do it before you begin. Find more information about safe sex here on Bunny Cam







How to have safe anal sex

Happy young couple being intimate on bed

Anal sex can be intensely pleasurable, safe, and sexy, as long as it is approached the right way and treated with respect. This article will provide all of the know-how on how to have safe anal sex, with a focus on how to protect yourself during anal sex, whether you are giving or receiving. 

How to have safe anal sex, just like any other type of intercourse, is especially important to keep in mind when making the decision to have anal sex with a partner. Anal sex, of any type of intercourse, be it oral, vaginal or anal, carries with it the highest risk of transmitting a sexually transmitted infection, or STI. These range from herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea to life-threatening diseases such as syphilis and HIV/AIDS. 

This article aims to describe how to have safe anal sex and give tips for anal sex protection, from wearing a condom to using just enough lube to make it fun for everyone involved. Read on to find out more!

Why is anal sex protection so important?

The reason that anal sex is such a high risk for transmission is that the chances for blood to blood contact are much higher during anal sex than other forms of intercourse, due to the inherent lack of natural lubrication in the rectum and the possibility of tiny tears in the anus and the skin of the penis during anal sex. 

As mentioned earlier, any kind of intercourse, be it vaginal or anal, ideally has a proceed with caution sticker attached to the description. Whether you are new in a relationship or have reunited after time apart, getting tested for STI and STD is a critical factor in your overall health

Safety tips

The safest and most effective way to mitigate this risk factor is to always use a condom during anal sex. Not only does this protect from sexual infections, a condom also provides an added source of security from unintentional injury, as it helps to provide a smoother penetration. Use a latex condom, and avoid condoms that are sold as scented, flavored, or ribbed. This is to lessen the chances of possible allergies. 

Use plenty of lube

In addition to proper condom use, it is vital to use plenty of lubrication during anal sex in order to have a safe and pleasurable experience. As already mentioned, the anus and rectum do not lubricate themselves, and during anal sex, the penetrative thrusting may cause tears in the wall of the rectum leading to bleeding. 

The lubrication will enable comfortable anal sex, and will also keep it safe for the recipient. When selecting a lubricant, keep an eye out for a water-based lubricant. Oil-based lubricants do not interact well with the latex condom and may damage it, rendering it ineffective. Some lubricants are even designed with anal sex specifically in mind and contain topical numbing agents to alleviate pain and discomfort from penetration entirely. 

How to have safe, enjoyable anal sex

Once the fundamental tips for safe anal sex are taken care of, there are a few more tips to keep in mind. Foremost among these is the advice to take it slow. This refers not only to the speed and force behind the initial anal penetration but also the manner in which the anal sex is initiated. 

Use foreplay, such as oral stimulation of the anus, anal fingering, as well as penetration with a toy prior to penetrating with a penis or another large object. You can buy a plethora of anal sex toys in all shapes and sizes that are pinned as “for beginners” and also for the couple or partnership that is considered advanced or used to anal play.

Always remember proper hygiene

As another precaution and safety tip, make sure that all hygiene needs have been thoroughly seen to prior to having anal sex. The bacteria that are found in the fecal matter can have consequences if transferred to the eyes, throat, and vagina, and an anal douche with gentle soap goes a long way towards eliminating those risks.  

Protect yourself and your partner during anal sex and always use a condom! Anal sex protection is extremely important and should be approached with enjoyment and satisfaction knowing all of your bases are covered for protection. 

For more articles and blogs on safe, exciting sex, foreplay tips, and relationship advice, read more of our articles on our website and have fun!

Why Do Guys Like Anal That Much?

Many women have asked the age-old question – why do guys like anal sex? So, what’s the big deal with the backdoor action? Why do both gay and straight men like anal sex, and are all over the place about it? 

Yes, this is definitely a question women should know the answer to. At least, so they can understand the love men have for butt play. And for some crazy reason, you can’t blame them. The porn industry pumps out movies and scenes featuring anal sex like crazy. 

Women argue with their partners about whether having anal sex or not, while men discuss various techniques which can actually help them persuade their lady. And when women do give into anal, it’s mostly because of their partner.

The actual act also has a similar connotation to women; almost half of the women who have tried it for the first time state that they might never want to give it another try, while the majority of men report only positive experiences, after their first time through the back door. So, what’s the catch then? Why do men like anal sex? 

If we take the time to go back in history, we will find that men have been fascinated with anal sex for over millennia. There are various paintings and sketches, in different cultures all around the world, which depict anal sex. In certain countries butt play was (and somewhere still is) used as a means of birth control, even though anal penetration increases the risk of catching certain sexually transmitted diseases. Still, the question remains – why do guys like anal sex so much?

According to the available data, more people are having anal sex than people used to have earlier in the century. In the 50’s, only fifteen percent of the population admitted having anal sex, while today the rates suggest that one third of men had anal sex, while for women this number is slightly lower. So, here are several answers to the question why do guys like anal?

Men Look for Variety in Sex

While men are pretty easy to please, they are always on the lookout for new things to try in bed. At least to get a temporary fix. This may be one reason anal sex is so appealing to them since there’s no evolutionary argument supporting anal sex – i.e. it produces no heirs. 

Women Who Have Anal Sex Are More Kinky, Adventurous, More Sexually Open, and More Arousing

Men will go ahead and admit that they find a woman more arousing if she agrees to have anal sex. These women – on some level – embody the female partner who’s just looking for raw sex, because with anal, there’s no chance of impregnating a woman.

Also, having anal sex is a true rarity, and displays a woman’s desire for a purely physical act. The rarity factor is really important here since it makes the male partner feel a bit special because he knows not everyone can engage in anal sex that easy.

In addition, research suggests that women, who have anal sex regularly, experience orgasms more often, and not necessarily from anal alone. For a man, this tends to signal that the female partner he’s having anal sex with is more adventurous in bed, more orgasmic, and more relaxed. 

Pain Might Be a Concern – but Not for Everybody

Pain can definitely be a factor, but for some women, it might just be perfectly natural because pain during anal sex is a part of their sexual preferences (you never know, right?). For others, it can be a major concern, so couples look for ways to decrease pain with the help of extended foreplay, stimulation, and different lubricants.

Making an effort to decrease the pain can serve as a great source of additional pleasure, arousal, and sexual excitement. A well-crafted preparation can drastically up the chances of reaching a sexual climax for both partners. 

Anal Sex Is Considered More like a “Gift” from the Partner

With all the debate over anal sex, it might just come off natural that some men actually think about it as something that is given out of love and trust. When a woman is willing to have anal sex with her lover, it is actually a display of significant trust and love.

Some See It as a Form of Inserting Dominance

From this standpoint, anal sex is considered more of an act in which the man “has every part of his partner’s body”. This form of dominance and misogyny is pretty popular in the porn industry, at this moment. Yes, we’re talking about the “Ass-to-Mouth” phenomena, where the man puts his member in his sex partner’s mouth, after performing anal on her. 

However, In most cases, porn actresses are portrayed as fantasy women, who are always hot and willing to have sex – creating the image that these women are willing to violate all taboos, no matter how distasteful or disturbing they may be, rather than performing acts that showcase female degradation. 

Anal Sex May Seem as Less Committed and Less Intimate

We’ve already covered something similar, but it’s actually pretty surprising, that a large number of people don’t consider anal sex as actual sex. To be more specific, there are studies suggesting that a whopping 19 percent of college students think about anal sex as less intimate and less important than traditional sex.  

The Taboo-Factor

You might be familiar with the fact, that oral sex also used to be a taboo in the past, however, nowadays it’s considered as a rather normal part of sexual involvement, and in that regard, anal sex is just another taboo waiting to be broken.

No, we’re not saying that after having tried oral sex, then anal sex, there should be other taboos that couples should break. No, this isn’t some slippery slope that makes couples gliding down to less “conventional” and more “weird” and “disturbing” stuff in the bedroom.

Up to date, there’s no scientific evidence suggesting that once a couple lives out a specific fantasy or desire, they will automatically start searching for another. On the contrary, a substantial base of evidence actually suggests that most people will develop a few kinks over their lifetimes, and they become fixated on those, rarely expanding their sexually “vocabulary”. 

The male fascination with anal sex has a few underlying reasons, as you can see. Some view it as an act of dominance, while others as a sign of true love and trust. Men also tend to think about women who are willing to engage in anal sex as more adventurous, more sexually laid-back, and thus more orgasmic. There’s also the taboo-factor which is pretty intriguing for men, and there’s also their never-ending quest for sexual variety…

If you’re constantly being asked by your man to try anal sex, you’re not alone. You should tell him your concerns regarding anal sex, and try to find ways you two could resolve your inner conflicts. He should be able to understand and help you. However, if anal sex is something you don’t even want to hear about, be honest with your partner. If he truly loves you, he will understand.  

Our advice to you is to think it through, read about it, and most importantly, talk it over with your partner. Visit our website to learn all there is about anal sex. You can find more topic-related articles in our blog section.

Should you practice anal sex when you have hemorrhoids?

lying in bed together

Men who enjoy receiving anal sex want to know should you practice anal sex when you have hemorrhoids? In fact, there is not a concrete yes or no answer. The truth is that comfort and pleasure are at the core of the issue. Anal sex and hemorrhoids are not friends but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to co-exist. Using lubrication, taking it slow, and practicing safe sex is important to enjoying anal sex with hemorrhoids. 

Can anal sex cause hemorrhoids?

Can anal sex cause hemorrhoids? The jury is still out. Doctors consider that it may be a possibility due to the nature of the tissue inside the anus. What causes hemorrhoids? No one can say for sure. Hemorrhoids are defined as swollen veins in and around the anus and rectum. Doctors say the most likely cause of hemorrhoids is straining. Hemorrhoids are can become painful; they are usually noticed because of the itching an bleeding that happens. 

Recommendations from the Pros

Hemorrhoids do not have to disrupt anal sex practices. While the best advice is to treat the hemorrhoids and abstain from anal sex until they are gone; the truth is that you can enjoy anal sex with hemorrhoids. In order to have the most pleasurable anal sex experience possible while dealing with hemorrhoids take extra precautions. Practice safe sex, use lots of lubricants and consider lubricants that contain numbing agents in their ingredients. 

Injury from Anal Sex

STD’s are the most common injury from anal sex. Rarely, a colon perforation may occur. A colon perforation is extremely rare and requires surgical repair. While hemorrhoids can be irritated by the stretching and pushing from anal sex it is highly unlikely that anal sex can create hemorrhoids because hemorrhoids are caused by dilated blood vessels within the anus and rectal tissue. 

Precautions for Anal Sex

There are a number of things you can do to lower the risk of injury from anal sex. One of the best things you can do is consider an enema before you begin. Why an enema? Hygiene. Using an enema to evacuate your bowels will decrease the possibility of infections or bacteria related to the fecal matter. Simply put, you’ll have to accept that a little bit of poop will be involved; take hygiene seriously and practice safe sex in order to protect yourself from both STD’s and other types of infection.

Positioning is Important

There are several positions to consider. While some people go for missionary position, it works, as long as both partners are comfortable. However, doggy style is considered the best position because it allows the receiving partner to have more control over both pace and insertion depth. Anal sex and hemorrhoids can create discomfort. 

Anal Sex and Hemorrhoids 

Enjoying anal sex with hemorrhoids can be done with some basic preparation. Treating hemorrhoids as early as possible is key. Lubrication is vital. The position is important. The most important factor is comfort and communication. Sex of any kinds should be enjoyable and that’s what truly matters.  Visit Bunny Cam and find all kinds of important information you’ll want to learn.