How to make your boobs grow?


We all know the following statement to be true: everybody loves looking at a pair of big boobs!  And to be honest, this love of big, good-looking tits is not just shared by individuals of the male gender; both women and men seem to love looking at other women’s racks.  This attraction only makes sense! Human beings were designed to be hypnotized by big boobs. At its core, a large, hefty rack shows that a woman has a physical predisposition to be able to feed a newborn baby with ease in its early months and years.  Nature designed us human beings to honor and respect these bulbous baby-bearing features with a type of infatuation or horniness that causes us to be simply unable to look away from a great set of breasts. And they honestly, they deserve this type of worship and love!

But what if you are a woman and are not quite happy with the size of your breasts?  Well, first of all, welcome to the party; this feeling of wishing your boobs was bigger is all too common amongst ladies!  This feeling is something that is shared by tons of women of all age groups and all breast sizes. The only time that a woman usually feels the desire for smaller boobs is when they cause her pain (typically in the back from having to support the weight of large breasts) or if they are extra cumbersome.  And even if they are suffering from these factors, many women still don’t want to make them smaller and are willing to live with the physical constraints. That’s just how valuable having big, beautiful tits are!

So what are you to do if you want to make your boobs to grow?  Well, there are actually a number of different ways to do so and each of these possibilities has differing results depending on the individual.  But are you wondering how to make your boobs bigger? Let’s go over some ways you can do so here:

How to Make Your Boobs Grow

Let’s first start by reminding you that the following techniques have varying results depending on how your body adapts to it.  If you find that a certain procedure isn’t working to your liking, feel free to try another option. Hopefully, you will find that one of the following boob-growing options works well for you!

1) Breast Augmentation Surgery

This particular option might be the most well-known (and perhaps most commonly opted-for) solution to increase breast size.  However, any type of enhancement surgery obviously isn’t the most natural way to change your body. That being said, due to modern medical techniques and the sheer amount of breast enhancement surgeries that have been done throughout the world, breast augmentations are an almost surefire way to get the large, gorgeous rack that you are looking for.  And if the implants don’t feel right or you want to increase (or decrease) your boob size after your tit job, the right doctor can easily and quickly fix your breasts to your specifications. This ability to get the exact type of boobs that you want and then swap them with another perfect pair if you don’t want them anymore later is what makes this type of breast enhancement process so popular.  But if you are looking for some more natural and less invasive ways to grow your tits, we still have some options for you!

2) Breast Augmentation Exercises

If you are willing to do it the slow way, doing breast augmentation exercises can help grow your boobs.  Breast augmentation exercises work by developing and growing the muscles that are under the fatty breast tissue.  While they have been documented to have varying degrees of effectiveness, this is probably due to the fact that the slow results and the consistent dedication required make it tough for many women to see the size increase they want in an appropriate time period.  However, there are many women who have seen significant growth in their breast size by exercising the muscles under their boobs regularly. This is especially true for those who already had a small cup size. If you are interested in exercises that can grow your breast size, start with any good pectoral exercise and keep building up from there.  Try out push-ups, dips or dumbbell/machine flys to start growing these muscles!

3) Breast Augmentation Foods and Herbs

Believe it or not, there are a variety of different herbs and foods that have shown some efficiency in growing boob sizes.  These foods primarily work by helping to stimulate certain breast-growing hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) while also blocking other hormones that may inhibit the growth of breast tissues (such as testosterone).  Some of these foods include:

    • Fennel seeds – stimulate the production of estrogen
    • Fenugreek – stimulates the production of breastfeeding hormones
    • Blessed thistle – also stimulates the production of breastfeeding hormones
    • Saw Palmetto – inhibits the production of testosterone

    The fresher you can get these herbs, the better results you will see.  It is best to make a tea out of them or use them as fresh applications onto your food.

    4) Breast Augmentation Creams/Lotions

    Some breast augmentation topical creams have shown an ability to help grow breasts bigger.  You might have to try a couple of different types to see if your body responds to one favorably.  They also work by enhancing the body’s ability to create estrogen and progesterone while inhibiting testosterone.

    Hopefully, by now, you have a variety of different options on how to make your boobs grow.  Now that you are armed with the knowledge that you are going to have an increased bust line in the future, perhaps you still want some companionship today.  Look no further than us at! Here we have a bevy of amazing beauties waiting to video chat with your right now! Come by today!

What does it mean when your boobs itch

boobs itch

Have you noticed that you seem to be suffering from itchy boobs and/or nipples?  Well, it’s likely that there is a very simple explanation for this. Even though any awkward or foreign sensations in any sensitive part of your body (especially your private part areas) can be very disturbing, it is very unlikely that the cause of this particular problem is very serious.  But that doesn’t mean that an itchy breast can’t be very uncomfortable or make you feel very self-conscious! In many ways, a woman’s breasts are some of the most powerful and coveted parts of their body. Not only do they feed growing babies but they are also some of the primary attractors of the opposite gender.  Simply a large number of cosmetic breast surgeries that are being doled out nowadays are a testament to the incredible importance of this part of the body!

If you went to Google and searched the phrase “Why do my boobs itch?”, you are likely to find a number of articles that only help raise your blood pressure and fear response.  However, in this guide, we are here to help alleviate the unnecessary stresses about your breast itching that are caused by the typical online search engine results. There are a number of different and easily solvable reasons that can lead to itchy breasts and nipples.  Here are a collection of the most common itchy breast causes:

What Does It Mean When Your Boobs Itch?

There are a number of different reasons that your boobs might be itching and causing you discomfort.  Most of them are quite easy to pinpoint and solve quickly. Hopefully, these following solutions can help your itchy sensations vanish forever.

1) External Irritants of the Skin

Itchy nipples and breasts are actually quite common for many women to feel at some point in their life.  Luckily, most of these common itchy sensations are caused by an external skin irritant of some type. One of the easiest ways to know if there is an external cause for your skin irritation is that usually BOTH of your breasts and nipples are affected.  This is because it is obviously very rare to use two different types of moisturizers or soaps on your breasts. Here is a collection of the most common skin irritants that cause itchy boobs:

  • Body washes, soaps, lotions and moisturizers

Any type of skin product can cause irritation for a variety of different reasons.  If you have recently changed the brand of soap or lotions that you are using, you might want to take a close look at your new skin application and think about changing back to your old brand to see if that helps your itchiness subside.  Often this simple solution is all you need to make your itching sensations disappear completely!

  • Bras of any type (especially sports bras)

While bras can offer amazing support and comfort, they can also be the cause of a lot of skin irritation in the breast area.  This is especially true when it comes to sports bras. While sports bras are extremely good at offering support and keeping everything in the right place while being active or working out, they absorb a ton of sweat and can become very dirty.  If your sports bras don’t wick away sweat effectively or are not being properly washed, they can cause a tremendous amount of skin irritation to your boobs and nipples. On top of this, many women avoid cleaning their normal, daily use bras too often because of inconvenience as well!  All of these factors can only lead to more itchiness! If you are experiencing itchy boobs, take a look at your bras and give them all a good wash. Doing so may make your breasts feel normal again!

2) Pre-Existing Skin Conditions

Sometimes your itchy breasts can be caused by a pre-existing skin condition.  If you have any past history of any type of psoriasis or eczema, you could simply be dealing with a flare-up of these conditions.  These conditions can affect any part of the body and that includes your breast and nipple regions! If you think you are dealing with psoriasis or eczema breakout, you will want to see your doctor as soon as possible for the proper treatment.  They will be able to prescribe you some medications and/or creams that will help alleviate your skin issue.

3) Yeast Infections

While yeast infections more commonly occur in the vaginal area, they can actually also occur in the breast region.  Yeast infections on the breasts most commonly occur to breastfeeding mothers. This is due to the chapping of the skin that can occur from the baby’s sucking combined with the added moisture in this area from the baby’s mouth and mother’s milk.  If you are suffering from a yeast infection on your boobs, you will often feel sharp shooting pains in your breasts on top of the itchiness. Fortunately, a quick visit to your doctor for the proper anti-fungal medications will quickly handle this problem in no time.

4) Breast Cancers

Don’t worry too much, it is very rare that breast cancers can cause an itchy breast.  However, there are a few types of breast cancers that have itchiness as a symptom. These cancers include inflammatory breast cancer and Paget’s disease.  If you are unable to find another underlying cause of your itchy boobs, you may want to check with your doctor to see if you happen to be suffering from one of these rare cancer types.  It’s quite unlikely that you are but it is always good to be on the safe side.

This guide should help alleviate your concerns with your itchy breasts and nipples.  Now that you are feeling calmer, you might be looking for some more excitement in your sex life.  Please feel free to chat and connect with our cam girls at! There are a ton of amazingly beautiful women waiting to talk to you right now!

How to play with your boobs?

Boobs, everybody loves boobs.  Nature’s comfort, the warmth of a bosom provides to all of humankind. Nothing is so uniquely wonderful. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation everyone agrees breasts are comforting. We want you to enjoy the pleasures of learning how to play with your boobs. Everyone wants to know the secrets of the nipple. Here’s a step by step guide on how to play with nipples and boobs. 

If you’re not sure why breasts are so important the answer is nerves. A nerve-rich erogenous zone, the breasts, and nipples are filled with microscopic nerves that can be stimulated for sexual pleasure. As you learn how to play with nipples you will discover some women orgasm soleing from nipple stimulation. The delicate tissue that is the breast must be treated with care even when playing rough and enjoying BDSM or roleplay. 

Choose one of these Eight Options 

This article is for anyone who needs to know more about how to play with boobs. You can be young or old, male/female, or just looking for a friend. In this article, you’ll find eight tips and tricks that teach you how to play with your boobs or someone else’s. 

  1. Always Ask Your Partner What They Enjoy

It is important to know that not everyone enjoys having their breast stimulated. For some people, it is too intense or uncomfortable in some way. When learning how to play with your new partner’s breast it’s important to focus on communication. Ask her if she would like it before you attempt to touch a breast. Always ask first and remember no means no. 

You quickly become intimate with a new partner and you haven’t had the time to ask her if she likes nipple play. What do you do? With a very light touch slide, you hand gently over the nipple and ask, ‘do you like that?’ You will find that she will quickly pull away if she’s not into it. Breasts are sensitive so approach them with sensitivity. 

  1. Nipple Attention Is Important To Satisfaction

Never grab a breast like you’re honking a clown horn. Nipple attention is important to sexual satisfaction for most women. How you go about grabbing boobs matters. Breasts are delicate and must be handled with care. The core of the breast is the nipple. Learning to handle the breast starts with gentle strokes. 

Cupping the breast and gently learning your way around is the best way to explore. Licking, sucking, and pitching is great ways to stimulate the breasts and nipples. The nerve endings in the breasts and the clitoris work together and can create amazing orgasms. The keys to learning how to stimulate the nipples with the clitoris as you bring a woman to full orgasm are in this article. Body language tells you what you need to know as you learn. 

  1. Body Language Speaks More Than Words 

Body language speaks more than words when it comes to sexual stimulation. It is important to be aware of your partner’s reactions. Body language and nonverbal cues provide guidance when you pay attention.  Notice what makes her moan a little louder or other subtle clues such as how she sucks on her lip is important to provide your partner with sexual satisfaction. 

When pinching nipples body language is vital. Nipples are delicate and sensitive even the slightest change in pressure changes the sensations. When you notice body language indicating pleasure try to keep repeating the stipulation. Body language will help you navigate how to play with nipples to satisfy your partner sexually. 

  1. Different Partners Different Pleasures

The golden rule is different partners provide different pleasures. Everybody enjoys stimulation a little differently. When enjoying an evening with a new and different partner you’ll find they enjoy different pleasures than a past partner. It is important to take things slow and communicate. Make sure you are asking you’re a new partner if they are enjoying your touch. 

Breasts and nipples are delicate. Adjust how to touch the breast and nipples based on the instructions. Be cautious of your teeth when you suck on nipples. Ask before becoming rough or biting. Not all women will enjoy biting or rough nipple play. The best way to approach new partners is through gentle delicate touch. Start there, ask questions, then increase to pinching and sucking. 

  1. Breast Are the Beginning

Exploring the breasts of a new partner is typically just the beginning of sexual experience with a new partner. How you advance from breast to nipple, and beyond matters. Avoid the trap of tunnel vision. You don’t want to just hang on like a child suckling a teet. 

Nipple play is only one part of sexual experience. You want to know how to move past the breast and nipples. Breast and nipple play is part of the overall general foreplay that happens between two willing sexual partners. You can avoid getting stuck or stopped there, kiss her entire body. Kiss her belly, her arms, her neck, even her toes as you experience sexual foreplay.

  1. Clitoris and Nipple Stimulation is Essential

The nipples lead to the clitoris. Nipple and clitoris stimulation are essential to female orgasm. If your partner enjoys breast and then nipple play it’s time to advance to the clitoris. Rubbing, licking, and sucking the clitoris while stimulating the nipples is a great way to bring your new partner to orgasm. 

It is important to know the goal. Are you and your new partner in agreement that the evening’s plans are to culminate in orgasm or is this just an expedition into uncharted territory? Know before you go. Go forward with confidence in your knowledge and skills.

  1. Lubrication is Important to Pleasure

Some people wonder, why do I need lube? They are under a misconception that everything is wet and hard all the time. However, most experience sexperts understand the importance of this undervalued item. Nipples are tender. They are much like lips in the respect that they can be chafed. 

  1. Motorboating Is Not For Everybody

Motorboating is not for everyone but you may want to try it. You have to have the confidence to ask your partner before trying this unique experience. Putting your penis or dildo between two breasts is fun when done with consent. Use lots of lube and do it. Ask your partner to hold her breasts together tightly or ask if can hold them too. Preferences are what make people unique and why it’s fun to explore with different partners. 

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How to lose weight in boobs?

Let’s face it, we’re all self-conscious about some part of our body. Every woman carries her weight in a different place. Some women carry their extra weight in the thighs, others around the abdomen, but the number one complaint is extra breast weight. Extra weight around the chest area can create physical problems. Slouching, back pain and sore shoulders are just some of the things women with large breasts and extra weight say concern them. 

Many women worry about the extra pounds that cause a bulge around the bra side and back area. Underarm rolls and back fat tend to show through clothes. Women want to know how to lose weight around their boobs. Most exercise videos tend to focus on the stomach or buttocks areas. Losing weight in a specific area of the body requires certain exercises. To improve the look and feel of your chest, you’d like to lose weight in your breasts. It will help with comfort and posture. 

Understanding Back, Boob, and Body Fat

Triglycerides store fall cells and turn it into usable fuel. Concentrated amounts of triglycerides stored in the breasts and back may be due to genetics. The body turns triglycerides into fuel. In a complex chemical process, triglycerides are transformed into fatty acids and glycerol that becomes fuel for the body. The body transforms triglycerides into fuel when the body becomes energy deficit through a lower calorie intake diet. 

In order to understand how to lose weight in boobs, it’s important to understand the makeup of breasts. Breasts consist of subcutaneous fat under the skin. The fat stored in the breast and belly is different. Belly fat is visceral fat. Belly fat is easier to lose that breast fat. The visceral fat in the belly is more dangerous to your health. 

As you work and exercise to lose boob fat remember your health. It takes more time to lose breast and back fat than belly fat. Take comfort in the fact that belly fat is more dangerous even if it’s easier to lose. Losing weight in the boobs may be more difficult but it does not have the health risks that come with belly fat.

Classic Ways to Target Breast and Back Fat

Calories are the key to understanding weight control. The average human needs less than 2000 calories a day. Exercise and diet play an important role in health and weight loss. For healthy weight loss monitoring, both calories and weight are vital to success. Reducing calories by 500 to 1000 per day can create a one to two-pound weight loss per week. Be sure to calculate the proper calories needed for your height, age, and fitness level. Eating less requires monitoring. 

Avoiding losing too much weight too fast. The mistake most people make is trying to speed up the weight loss process. Trying to increase the process can actually stall it. Your metabolism can shut down if you become nutritionally deficient. It’s important to maintain a healthy calorie intake even when reducing your calorie intake. Women need at least 1,200 calories a day; men need 1,800.

Foods That Help Reduce Breast and Back Fat

A proper diet is the best way to reduce breast and back fat. The foods to avoid are processed foods, sugars, and fast foods. Foods that are important to a healthy diet are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, eggs, and healthy proteins. Bleached grains, flour, and bread are not healthy. Unbleached brown rice and quinoa are excellent alternatives.  

Proteins are important. Ensure you are eating healthy lean proteins to feel full. The important part of a healthy diet is that you feel satisfied with your meal. Avoiding saturated fats and sugars are the first steps toward eating healthy. Healthy proteins are important to building strength and improve muscle tone in the back and breast areas. 

Exercises Important to Breast and Back Fat Reduction

Cardio is the best exercise to reduce breast and back fat. A moderate to intense cardio workout burns calories and allows to you target specific muscles. To lose significant weight, the American Academy of Sports Medicine says your goal should be 250 minutes a week (50 minutes a day, 5 days a week). They suggest a routine of cardio exercise like cycling, walking at a rate of at least 3.5 miles per hour, water aerobics, or other types of cardio. Cardio is just one great exercise option. 

Total-body strength training is a great way to develop lean muscle tone and develop strong muscles. To train completely, there are several major muscle groups you should address. Pushup and pullups along with lunges and squats are great ways to boost your metabolism through exercise. 

Specific Exercises for Breast and Back Fat Reduction

Cardio and strength training does not specifically address how to lose weight in boobs. Rather, they are parts of an overall healthy workout. To target the breast and back fat area you can do targeted exercises. Focusing on a stronger upper body helps develop the muscles that carry your chest weight. When designing your overall fitness routine you’ll want to incorporate rear-deltoid flyes, lat pull-downs, and back extensions to focus on your upper back and breast muscles. You’ll stand taller, look and feel slimmer, and have less stress from your breasts when you develop an exercise routine with specific exercises for breast and back fat reduction. 

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How to get rid of man boob?

A nice, full bust is a nice site to stare at. Period. However, it’s definitely an eyesore when it’s on a man… Yes, the dreaded curse of man boobs is a real thing and it’s something that can be a real ego-killer and self-esteem crusher for every man who is affected.

Let’s be honest here, man boobs are one of the most discouraging male physique characteristics one guy can have and one that can do quite a number on his confidence.

That being said, a lot of men who’re facing this problem want to know: how to get rid of man boobs? How to reduce man boobs

The struggle is real. In most cases, men can make peace with hair loss, a hairy back, heck even a belly. However, man boobs are just one of those big no-nos that most guys freak out from and most of them are ready to do loads of things, even willingly undergo surgery to fix the problem. 

However, there are ways to reduce man boobs naturally, and We See You has the inside scoop for you, gentlemen. 


So, what exactly are these unfashionable and problematic fatty deposits around the chest area? Man boobs or moobs is the enlargement of breast tissue in males. It’s not a dangerous condition and in most cases, it’s a direct consequence of carrying excess body fat. Man boobs can also happen during puberty or when hormone imbalances occur (for instance, when testosterone and estrogen levels aren’t optimal, or out of balance).

Having man boobs do not cause physical pain (at least), however, it can lead to the development of an array of various psychological problems. One of them can be low self-esteem, which later on can do quite a number on ones general and mental health. Not to mention, it can also interfere with a man’s social life. 

While it can be a huge problem, it’s not an uncommon one: according to some sources, around 90 percent of men will experience breast enlargement at least once over the course of their lives. 

Luckily, in most cases (75 percent) the issue resolves on its own over a course of a year. The condition is more common in middle-aged men and older because they tend to carry more fat than younger guys and carrying excess amounts of fat increases the body’s estrogen levels, which in turn make the breasts appear more boob-like instead of that flat chest look.  

Discouraging, to say the least. However, as stated before, there are ways to get rid of them.



While this isn’t literally white-knuckling the problem, it’s surely a way to start the battle. Ordering a couple of different “magic” creams off the internet and making man boobs go away may sound like a good idea, even too good to be entirely true. 

No, we’re not trying to say that they don’t work, they definitely mitigate fatty tissue, thanks to the right ingredients they contain, the problem is, that the outcomes aren’t always satisfactory. Another problem is, more often than not, in order for them to work, men need to make a few definite changes in their lifestyle. 


Configuring a regular training regimen and sticking to it rigorously is a good way to start since exercise is essential for healthy fat loss and for muscle preservation. 

The only thing you’ll want to look out for is intensity: if you’re fairly new to exercising or any other form of training, it’s best to start out slowly, like doing stuff on the elliptical or swimming. After you’ve built up a bit of stamina, you can move on to more demanding cardio exercises. 

You can also opt for resistance training. You can find literally tons and tons of different exercise plans that target the chest area and claim to get rid of man boobs in a jiff, however, there’s no such thing as a “magic training program” just like there’s no cream. Spot reduction is something that the fitness industry created in order to make a profit. Yes, we know, sad. However, true.

So, instead of these, get a full-body plan, and stick to it. You’ll love the results if you’re consistent enough.


A good nutrition plan and an awesome program go hand in hand. While, eating the right foods won’t make you specifically lose fat from your chest, but will help you with leaning out your entire body (chances are, if you have man boobs, you have a few extra pounds to lose from other areas as well). 

In order to get off on the right foot, try eating less processed foods and avoid fat. Also, eating the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates is also pivotal to start burning fat and not storing it. 

If all this (diet & training) look way too complicated, don’t be shy to reach out to a personal trainer or your local fitness professionals. They have to knowledge and the experience to hook you up with a good training routine and an effective nutrition plan and you don’t have to do the guesswork on your own. 


While this isn’t a natural way to get rid of man boobs, it certainly gets the job done. Liposuction is a painless and low-risk procedure where the unwanted deposits of fat are liquefied and removed from the body with the help of a basic suction process. It’s a simple procedure which doesn’t require you to spend days at a clinic.

It’s safer than plastic surgery, yet it’s more expensive than creams and pills. It’s a good quick fix for moobs but there’s a good chance for them to come back if carrying too much body fat was the problem that caused them to develop in the first place. 


Easy to swallow, no hustle with surgeons, no need to be a regular at the gym, no need to change your diet – pills are one of the most popular methods to treat man boobs or gynecomastia right now. 

It’s a lot cheaper than surgery but the results show a lot slower, so it may cause the user to derail from the plan of eliminating man boobs for good. 

That being said, pills work best when the right products are chosen and when the user also makes a few healthier lifestyle choices and keeps being consistent with them. 


Surgery – instant results, costly but eradicates the problem of having man boobs instantaneously. The procedure itself is fast and simple and the recovery time is also short. It’s the ideal solution for those who are looking for an instant fix. The problem is the high cost and you may have to face further complications due to infection and scarring. 


As you can see, there are a number of ways to get rid of man boobs and some of them aren’t necessarily natural. The thing is, if you want to lose your moobs, you’ll either have to invest your money or energy in them.

Regular exercise and healthy food choices may seem like too much, however, the combination of the two is the best method of eliminating man boobs for good. And when you come to think of it, eating and feeling healthy in return isn’t such an awful deal, right?

There you have it. If you decide to go with one of these options listed, feel free to show off the end results to one of our lovely ladies In our private chat rooms. They can’t wait to see your awesome, rock hard pecks!