Great Breast Hack: How to Tape your Boobs Up?

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How to tape your boobs up to get the look you want? This is something you might have been considering for different reasons, and each of these reasons will probably require you to go about it differently. Breast lift with tape is no wizardry, and we here at Reckless Love can give you the info you need to get started.

First thing’s first, let us list you a few reasons you might consider taping your bust and later on, we will discuss a few methods about how to tape your boobs

The reasons:

  • To reduce movement in situations when wearing a bra is out of the question (and to lift them of course).
  •  To flatten the chest area. You might want to dress up as a guy (you never know). Also, dancers sometimes use this to decrease movement.
  • To create a more pronounced cleavage. It can help to create the illusion of a bigger bust. 


Before we tell you how to lift your boobs with tape, you need to know that not all tape is created equal. Yes, that’s right. You don’t want to use store-bought duct tape (so, this is no guide on “how to duct tape your boobs”). For this exact purpose, you will need surgical or medical tape. However, you don’t want to use the paper-like medical tape, since its adhesive is rather weak and it’s not flexible enough. You can give the strapping tape a try too which is used in sports. The point is to get something that’s flexible and wide enough, like cloth tape for instance, since that will give the best results. 

On the other hand, the options mentioned are safe since they have been designed to be used on the skin. Duct tape can be okay too, however, if your skin is more on the sensitive side, duct tape might not be for you. If you get a brand with strong glue to it, removing it can be pretty painful. 

A solid, breathable cloth might be your best option because it will provide a much cooler experience and it won’t make you sweat as simple duct tape. Furthermore, when you’re deciding what to get, make sure that it’s not noisy. Plastic tapes can make crackly noises when you try to hug somebody and that bust of yours squishes a little.

Some people may mention using masking tape, however, it might not be the best idea since masking tape is usually not durable enough and it’s papery, meaning it won’t flex well and you’ll also have to deal with the noise.


While taping is a method to lift, reduce breast movement, and support, however, there are a lot of no-bra options which have been out there for quite a long time now, and you might achieve better end results with them. There are special stick-on bras and breast lifting tapes you can get. These are specially shaped by applying them is easier.

If you still want to take the DIY route, take your time and practice it to get into the groove of things. If you want it for a special outfit, make sure to test it first to see how it will work out. 

Which taping method you will use depends on what you’re planning on wearing. If it’s something that’s cut low, you’ll want to have your boobs taped separately. if you’re looking to create lift to them, hold them up as you’re taping while you’re leaning forward. Start taping low on them boobs and pull them upwards to lift them.

You can mimic tape for breast lifting by cutting the tape to a similar shape these specific tapes have and apply them the same way. 

Try applying strips to create a bra-like shape.

You can also try taping on two bra cups with contour since the might help you achieve a better, smoother overall result than taping alone.


Taping can also help you achieve a fuller and bigger cleavage than what is possible to get with push-up bras for women with smaller breasts. Since wearing a push-up is way more comfortable than tape, make sure you only use tape if you’re rocking something that otherwise wouldn’t go well with a bra. 

To get the lift you want, you need to tape across the chest area in order to give everything a push-up. To pull that off, put support (like a pad) under your boobs to achieve that bigger and fuller look. It’s simple if you can pad one of your bras. If that’s something you can’t pull off, just use the padding and tape that on. 


  • If you’re also considering hiding the shape of your nipple, think about using nipple covers, but you can just simply tape your nipples over. If that’s your plan, you should use something padded to put under them. Cotton wool might do the trick. This way, the tape isn’t sticking to the nipples, rather it sticks around them.
  • Try your best to avoid the tape getting stuck to sensitive parts – like your nipples. In order to combat this, feel free to use fabric, gauze, or even cotton wool under the taped area to protect those delicate parts.
  • Be careful, when you’re putting the tape on don’t pull those boobs way too much, because it’s not that hard to create bulges and naked spaces of skin between tape pieces. 
  • If you’re having problems with lifting your boobs with tape, it might be easier to ask a friend to help you out. This way, you can use your hands to hold your bosom in the desired position and your friend can seal the deal with the tape.
  • Don’t apply over damaged, broken skin or bad sunburns. 
  • If you’re afraid that the adhesive might cause your skin to get a reaction, make sure to do a test with a little strip of tape on yourself beforehand. 
  • Don’t use moisturizers or other beauty powders on places you want to apply the tape. These products will only make your job more difficult because the tape will stick less to those areas.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, you should know that adhesive tends to get loose when excessive sweating happens. If this would be the case with you, do your best to place the tape on areas which aren’t prone to sweating.
  • Make sure that you clear your skin before taping up your breasts. Wipe them with alcohol to remove oils or dirt. 
  • If you have trouble getting the tape off, try having a shower with hot water or soak a bit in the bathtub
  • If you’re left with residue on the skin after getting the tape off, just put a bit of baby oil on a ball of cotton wool to remove it. Just rub it gently and you will be good to go


As you can see, taping up your boobs isn’t hard you just have to use the right tape and make sure you’re not taping too tight. If you need more additional info, there are tons of tutorials out there which can help you achieve the effect you want. Just make sure to use the right materials. 

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How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally?


We’re human and we all want to see a better version of ourselves in the mirror. If we have healthy hair and skin, we might want even healthier hair and skin. If we’re tall, chances are, we just want to bee a wee bit taller. You get the picture. Whatever feature we possess we like, we want a little more of it. In other cases, we want the exact opposite of what we have.

Boobs are no exception. The question: “How to get bigger boobs?” has probably been asked by women more times they’d like to admit it. Women are surfing the internet trying to find out how to make their boobs grow bigger, how to make them perkier.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a nice bust or small boobs, chances are, you too were looking for ways to make your breast bigger, or you were looking for remedies to get bigger breasts naturally without the need for surgery and all that jazz.


Sadly, there’s not one magic trick which will make you go from cup size A to C overnight, there are a few tricks you can use to make your breasts appear larger, more toned, and make them more “distinctive”. For starters, building and training your pecs can make them look perkier, and moisturizing them regularly might keep their supple and soft quality. If you kick the habit of drinking and smoking, your breasts will remain more firm, healthy and sagging won’t be a problem. Altering your diet can also benefit you in this case. On the other hand, there are a few natural supplements that might help.

All in all, there’s no exact wizard spell or DIY witch’s brew that will turn a flat chest into a bustling torso in a blink of an eye.

However, a few tricks will help you and your breasts reach their full potential.

This is it.

Nope, just kidding. Please, carry on.


No, not with a baseball bat. We’re talking about weight training. While it’s true, toning up your pecs won’t actually lead to growth in breast size, adding a bit of muscle mass to the chest area will make them appear a bit bigger and it will keep them perky.

There are a few good exercises that will help you with that.

Bench Pressing with a Barbell – The bench press is by far one of the best exercises and it helps to build and strengthen those breast supporting muscles (among others). You can simply do this exercise by lying on the bench flat and grasping that barbell overhand at around the width of your shoulders.

Next, lift the barbell slowly off the bench’s rack until to the point when you have fully extended arms. After this, lower the bar toward your pecs. While you’re doing this, make sure you have your elbows close to you. After you’ve lowered the bar and it has touched your chest, push it back up with a controlled movement.

The Dumbbell Chest Press – This move also helps with muscle development throughout the chest area. To properly perform it, lie flat on the same bench, dumbells in both hands,  on both sides of those pecs of yours and when you breathe out, press the dumbbells upward until your arms become fully extended and inhale lower your arms slowly to the level of your shoulder.

The Classic – The Push Up –  When you’re doing push-ups, you’re basically working and strengthening the whole upper body. Perform this exercise by getting on your hands and feet with the letter put together. Toes should be flexed pointing in the direction of your shins.

Your hands are around the width of your shoulders and your palms on the floor, flat and aligned with those shoulders. After this, start lowering your entire body to the point when your chin almost touches the floor. Don’t forget to keep your form stiff, with your entire core engaged. When you’ve reached to lowest position, slowly push your body up to the position you were when you started.


One good trick to make those boobs look supple and full is to use moisturizer on them on a regular basis. By doing this, you can ensure that they don’t become saggy and wrinkly. Use natural sources, different oils will do the trick (oil, coconut, almond, etc) However, patch testing these oils before you diving into it is highly advised, just to make sure you won’t have any allergic reactions to them. Remember, doing this won’t get you bigger boobs physically but it will ensure that they look the best they can and combined with the chest muscle-building exercises, the results are guaranteed.


If you mainly want to increase boob size because they are pretty saggy at the moment, and they’re not that appealing physically, you might want to quit smoking to prevent the before-mentioned sagging. Tobacco smoking plays a huge role in making your breasts saggy and quitting this unhealthy habit can reduce just that.

To be more scientific, when you smoke, the elastin breaks down in your skin (this is the compound which lends support it). As the elastin loses its “power” your boobs get less perky and start sagging. Not to mention, this unhealthy habit also does a number on collagen, another really important player in keeping your skin healthy, strong, and elastic. Quitting or avoiding smoking could help reduce or prevent sagging and help to keep your breasts looking the best they can.


Fenugreek, the herb used for medicinal purposes is known to stimulate the production of milk in female breasts, might help you in your quest for looking to grow a bigger bust. Fenugreek seeds are known to be breast-enhancing or mastogenic.

The evidence available is mainly anecdotal, but it is said that when you combine sprouted seeds and fenugreek tea, you are able to grow bigger breasts. If you want to give this trick a try, just pour a generous amount of water over the sprouts. Boil them then drink when cold. You can also powder the seeds and massage them into your boobs, however, there’s no actual proof that it will make a huge difference.

In all honesty, feel free to try these methods since they’ll do you no actual harm. Not to mention, these seeds have plenty of health benefits. Just make sure to don’t overdo it.


You’ve read it right. However, know that is only recommended if your body mass index is low (BMI) to begin with. If you’re within the normal range or would benefit from gaining a little weight, chances are, gaining a few extra pounds may do the trick for your breasts. Don’t forget, this can get tricky since this is mostly genetic and your body may not gain weight (i.e. store more fat) around the chest area, After all, not all of us share the same traits. Some of us carry weight around the leg-area, some around the upper body. Just like some women have genetically bigger boobs.

You should also keep in mind that gaining weight might even put you in an unhealthy situation, especially when you pass your ideal BMI percentage.

A quick reminder, an ideal BMI falls somewhere between 18.5 & 24.9. A BMI under 18.5 will signal that the person is underweight and a BMI of 25 & 29.9 is thought of as overweight. A 30 BMI and anything over that is defined as obese.

If your BMI isn’t in the ideal range, you might want to explore healthier ways to increase the size of your bust.

Beautiful big women's breasts in black bra

Pregnancy will naturally increase the size of your bust

No, we’re not saying that you should have a baby for a bigger bust, however, you should know that by getting pregnant in the future, the hormonal changes in your body and the increased weight will also cause your breasts to increase in size a bit. Your breasts typically get swollen and enlarged during the first trimester of your pregnancy because you’ll have elevated progesterone and estrogen levels during that time. However, most of this will disappear once you’re not nursing your baby anymore and lose the weight gained.


Supplements and herbal products may be peddled as shortcuts to bigger boobs but it’s important to know that in most cases, they don’t possess the necessary evidence from clinical trials to prove their efficiency. Most of the time, these supplements only consist of a combination of spices and herbs and other ingredients which do little or nothing to help you reach your goals.

There are even products out there which claim to contain estrogen (the female sex hormone), which in fact, is connected to fuller boobs. While these products are “natural” the active hormonal components in them which are more potent than plant-based estrogens may pose potential health risks since there are no long-term trials available to know for sure.


The best advice we can give is listed above. Although they might not make a huge difference, they will definitely help with getting the best out of what you got, and they’re SAFE and even healthy. And at the end of the day, that’s what really counts, right?

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How to Lose Boob Weight Naturally?

Lose Boob Weight Naturally

While we’d mostly think that all women would like to have a bigger bust, the truth out there is quite different. Yes, there actually are women out there who want to know how to lose chest weight and chest fat since their bust might be causing the back pain and other health problems.

Yes, some women (and men) may think about bigger breasts as an asset, however, the truth is, big boobs can have their drawbacks as well, like experiencing neck and back pain. This makes it somewhat clear that some women would like to know how to lose boob weight or to reduce breast size.  

If you happen to be one of those women who’s looking for ways to lose weight in your chest naturally, stop scrolling because Reckless Love brings you a detailed article of a few easy home remedies to help you reduce breast size.


Breasts mostly consist of glandular and adipose tissue with the latter being a fatty tissue which is the “filler” while the first one we mentioned is the one which controls milk production.

A number of hormonal changes can cause tissue expansion which in enlarges the breast over time. Apart from this, there are several factors which affect breast size. These are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Medication
  • Obesity


To avoid the discomfort that comes with large breasts and to become more mobile, some women undergo surgery in order to reduce the size of their breasts, but there are other, less invasive and more natural ways to go about this. However, before trying out these home methods, consult with your doctor to be on the safe side.


A good exercise regime can help you lose chest fat & at the same time, it helps in strengthening the muscles supporting your bust.

As stated before, the breasts have a fair amount of fat and by putting emphasis on high-intensity training and cardio, you can improve your chances of losing fat in the chest area while aerobic exercises like power walking and cycling can fire up the rate at which your metabolism is working which will aid you in losing fat all around the body.

On the other hand, doing strengthening exercises, such as push-ups can also help with changing the way your breasts look. These exercises can help with toning and tightening the chest muscles and might reduce their size overall  

While all this sounds good, keep in mind, that full body exercises, cardio and strength training need to go hand in hand to get results from them. Without regular cardio and a well-balanced diet, some exercises will actually make your bust look bigger.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that what you consume plays has a huge effect when it comes to the amount of fat your body stores. An increase in overall body fat can lead to bigger breasts. Eating more calories than you burn causes your body to accumulate fat and that will sometimes be stored around the chest-area and that causes the actual breast growth.

With a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet, you can optimize fat loss and that can lead to a decrease in breast size too.

A healthy diet (and the right amount of calories) packed with vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat will help you to get rid of fat apart from your regular workouts and cutting out processed stuff and unnecessary sweets will only speed up the process.

Green Tea

Consuming green tea another great method which can help you with weight loss. Containing lots of antioxidants, green tea can give your metabolism that extra kick to help burn fat and get rid of calories more efficiently, and as already stated before, losing body fat will mean that you will lose unwanted fat tissue from the chest-area too.


Ginger can also help you stimulate your metabolic rate, meaning, just like green tea, it can help burn unwanted fat in the entire body. You can add it in your diet as a simple ingredient, however, some nutritionists advise drinking ginger in tea form at least three times daily to boost metabolism,  and in exchange, boost fat loss.


Flaxseed plus tuna and salmon are great omega-3 fatty acid-sources, These help with the regulation of estrogen levels which again, can help in decreasing breast size. These fatty acids are also necessary for normal brain function, lowering blood pressure, and regulating hormone production (like estrogen, mentioned before).

Hormonal imbalances can lead to a number of health problems and they can also trigger breast growth if not addressed with the proper nutrients.

You can include flaxseed in your meals or simply drinking it will also do the trick.

Egg Whites

They improve skin tone overall and can also help with reducing the size of your breasts. Breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging can lead to sagging and sometimes, this can make the breasts make look bigger than they actually are. Egg white masks may help your breast skin to become elastic again.

Try beating a pair of egg whites until fully foamy and apply them to your breast. Leave them on for half an hour then use warm water to wash the mask off. As it dries, you may notice a bit firming your skin naturally. The downside is, that this is only temporary because egg whites will eventually wash away.


If you’re unhappy with the results you get from natural remedies, you may be able to pull it off by wearing clothes that fit you properly  A bra that fits properly will provide the coverage and support you want. Also, sporting darker colors and higher necklines can drive those looks away from your chest area.


As we have already mentioned, a lot of women undergo surgery to decrease the size of their breasts, however, there are alternative natural ways that may help you with making your breasts smaller.

If you are opting for these home remedies consult with your GP about them to make sure they won’t interfere with your medications.

If you happen to feel negative effects or experience any other negative things from these methods, contact your doctor right away and if nothing mentioned here helps in decreasing the size of your breasts, it’s best to discuss surgical options with your doctor.

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Can Birth Control Make Your Boobs Grow?

Big Boobs

Can Birth control make your boobs bigger? – a question you’ve probably asked yourself or wondered about before you’ve got on the pill. Maybe you are only considering it, and you’re wondering: Does birth control make your boobs grow and bigger?

Well, we are here to tell you the answer: Yes. And No. It depends. Want to look deeper into this topic?

Please, do read on.


As with all types of medication, side-effects are pretty much inevitable and birth control is the same in this respect. Birth control usage increasing breast and waist size are frequently described as a side-effect by girls who take “the Pill” regularly. However, the answer to the question “will birth control make my boobs bigger?” isn’t so simple.

Weight Gain

Some girls have spoken about weight gain, which can range from slight to moderate, however, in the majority of cases, it won’t be an issue. According to Dr. Anne Burke, a professional in this area, notable weight increases are very rare while using birth control. She states that, according to a prominent number of scientific studies, birth control and weight gain aren’t in correlation, while few studies out there suggest that weight gain is only experienced by very few women (around three to four percent out of all users).

So, it is safe to say that using birth control won’t cause unwanted weight gain and most users will have no problem with the drug.

When women use birth control, the Pill suppresses the natural cycle of the female body thanks to the hormones it contains, like estrogen. In this scenario, birth control pills give a steady level of hormones continuously and the body’s hormone production won’t cause menstruation and ovulation. Thanks to the low dose of hormones the Pill contains, there won’t be any harsh side-effects and using it for long periods won’t cause any long-term problems in the body’s natural hormonal system.

Myth or reality?

Birth control pills are nothing new, they’ve been on the scene for tens of years now, and back in the day, there were versions on the market which were really high in estrogen and those did help women pack on those unwanted pounds. This might be the cause of women connecting birth control pills to weight gain and increase in breast size.

So, now that we have established that taking the Pill won’t cause any weight gain and breast growth, why do stories stating exactly that still exist?

Professionals say, although it’s very rare, some women will experience increases in both breast and waist size since everybody tolerates these medications differently.  Depending on things such as genetic makeup, overall health, and other various things, some people will experience certain side-effects that others won’t.

It may depend on genetics and overall health, but sometimes, women take these drugs when breast size would increase naturally along with weight gain – during college years and in adolescence.

Other factors (typically when it comes to weight) should be taken into consideration when the weight goes up. Diet, lifestyle changes, alcohol consumption, the amount of (or lack of) exercise all play a huge role in losing or gaining weight. However, if significant weight gain occurs while using oral contraceptives, it’s best to check with your doctor or gynecologist, just to be on the safe side.


In most cases, the increase in breast size is due to the initial weight gain, which we have discussed above. It’s pretty common for women to start storing more fat around the breast area when they start gaining weight. However, some users do report breast growth after taking birth control.

Users have reported tenderness up until the second or third month of using the drug. Others have also reported tenderness but didn’t experience any increases in size whatsoever.

When it comes to phenomena such as breast growth, professionals state that it’s also rather uncommon.  Although specific parts of breast tissue does respond to estrogen from oral contraceptives, these pills contain such low dosages that most women won’t notice in significant changes. In most cases, the ladies who take them will only experience tenderness in their breasts in the beginning. That being said, significant increases in breast size are true rarities. However, if it does occur and causes discomfort to the user, she might consider using other methods of birth control which does not use compounds with estrogen in it.

As far as weight gain goes, sometimes the underlying cause of the increase in size has nothing to do with birth control. Sometimes it’s actually natural breast growth which is totally normal and would have occurred even without the presence of foreign estrogen.


Gaining weight and increases in breast size though not common, some might experience them. Other, normal side-effects can occur which are more common. These are nausea, mild headaches, irregular bleeding between periods, mild breast tenderness. Usually, these will go away after a handful of months. While these symptoms are normal, if any of them become worse and won’t resolve, it’s best to contact a doctor because there might be a need for a different contraceptive method or a different kind of pill.


Currently available scientific evidence suggests that breast enlargement due to the usage of birth control pills is not impossible, however, it’s very rare, just as weight gain.

So, if this is what was keeping you away from using the Pill, you don’t have to worry since breast growth rather rare. Or, if it’s breast enlargement is what you are seeking with taking birth control pills, you might want to take a look at other options (there’s actually a blog about it on our blog – lucky you!).

And, if you are nervous about other side-effects, there are non-hormonal birth control options you can opt for.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you answer a few questions. However, if you feel we didn’t manage to cover everything, search our blog section, we’re pretty sure you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Why do Boobs Hurt Before Period?

Woman suffering from breast pain

Experiencing breast tenderness before your period can make you feel unease and if you are a bit health-conscious,  sore breasts before your period can keep you up late at night while it’s grinding your gears.

With so much info out there, a bit of breast pain almost always makes us jump to the worst possible conclusions. However, when your breasts feel sore 1 or 2 weeks before your period, chances are, it’s nothing you need to worry about too much.

Why do my boobs hurt before my period? Is something wrong or… it’s because I’m pregnant? – if you’ve been asking these questions to yourself, We are here to answer your questions. And also, we will tell you a few other things breast tenderness can mean.

Breast tenderness – an introduction

The good news is that breasts feel sore for all different kinds of reasons, so you don’t need to jump to conclusions. Tenderness does not mean that you’re pregnant or that you have breast cancer. Yes, the paranoia that can take hold when anything in your lady lumps feels off is legit, however, pain in your breasts rarely signals serious disease.

If are going through a cancer scare, you should know that the only form of cancer linked to breast pain is inflammatory breast cancer, which only accounts for one to five percent of breast cancer diagnoses in the US, which is extremely rare.   

However, just because you’re not in danger, that does not mean that you should ignore things such as soreness, aches or other unusual things that might be going on in your breasts.

When they feel strange, they are usually trying to signal something. In most cases, it’s nothing serious. Sometimes, it’s telling something else (like, you’re pregnant). Okay, before you freak out, we’ll stress it again: MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, your breasts are trying to communicate subtle messages about your body, hormone levels, and at times, even your partners. There are a few reasons why your boobs might feel weird, let’s explore them together.

Why do boobs hurt before periods?

When it comes to your period, you should know that progesterone production peaks in the week before you get your period, which is somewhere around day 21 in a normal, 28-day cycle. This can cause the expansion of the milk duct in your breasts and may lead to something called premenstrual breast tenderness. This is known as a “cyclical” form of breast pain, which means, it occurs on a regular basis, with every period. In fact, if you have regular cycles, this soreness can be a good indicator for you to know when your period is on its way – and choose your underwear accordingly.

Unpredictable breast pain can also be linked to your periods or the lack of them. This may not concern you yet, but you should know, predictable breast pain signals that the inner workings of your reproductive cycle are proceeding as they should, and the unpredictable pain which we mentioned above can actually signal that your reproductive organs are closing up shop.

Random breast pain is a pretty common sign of perimenopause, which is the stage before true menopause. Most women enter this phase in their late forties and early fifties.

Now, don’t freak out and think that you’re somehow going into early menopause at 20 something if your boobs suddenly start to ache at different times of the month. Premature menopause is really rare and the odds that you have it is very, very, very low (especially when other symptoms, like not getting your period and common causes, like ovary removal, are out of the question).



Progesterone (the same hormone that causes your breasts to hurt prior to having your period) is the same hormone to blame in the early days of pregnancy if you experience breast pain. In the early stages of pregnancy, progesterone production rises, and this is why, for many women, breast soreness is one of the first major signs of pregnancy.

Before you freak out again, know that there’s a difference between breast pain from being pregnant and period breast pain. Mothers say that the first one is often more extreme, lasts longer, and is usually accompanied by other early symptoms of pregnancy, like nausea.

Pregnant woman having painful breast

How about getting a better bra?

In some cases, breast pain has no hormonal background. That being said, an improperly fitted bra can also cause discomfort and tenderness, either by pinching and poking your bust or by not providing the support they need throughout the day. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied by getting a bra fitting at your local bra-specialty shop, department-store lingerie section, or any other place where trained women know what they’re doing and cup your breasts. Chances are, they’ll tell you that you’ve been wearing the wrong size for years and then hook you up with the size you need.

Too much caffeine

Yup, this is also a thing. There are medical professionals out there who believe that consuming too much caffeine can lead to breast pain, especially in women with fibrocystic (lumpier) breasts, which are often more vulnerable to breast pain, to begin with. Though no formal study has backed this claim up with sufficient evidence, some women also report that cutting caffeine helps with random breast aches and pains.


Some breast infections like mastitis almost exclusively affect breast-feeding women, and other symptoms usually accompany the pain such as swelling, nipple discharge, swollen lymph nodes, and flu-like symptoms. Fortunately, this condition can easily be treated with antibiotics. If you have any suspicions that you might have developed a breast infection, schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, since lack of treatment can lead to abscesses on the breast and other complications that are way more serious than your regular good ol’ pre-period breast tenderness.

You’ve pulled a muscle

Physical activities that engage your pecs can strain the muscles of the chest, like the pectoralis major. When you strain this muscle, it can feel like the pain is emanating from the inside of the breast. The muscle is actually below the breast tissue and you may actually think that your boob’s hurting. While this is a fairly rare injury, if you suspect it happened to you, see your doctor as soon as possible, since in some cases, it may require surgery.

Maybe you’re just not that into the guy you’re currently dating

Have you ever experienced a sudden, weird feeling when you’re making out with someone and when they go straight for your nipples?

Nipples also get enlarged and erect when you’re sexually aroused, meaning, that when they get stimulated, they engage the same areas of the brain as your vagina and clit. And just like your vagina, nipples can be a good indicator of when you’re not in the mood, need more foreplay, or you’re just not feeling it at all.

This means, if your breasts feel weird, or not engorged or engaged while you’re making out with someone, it may be a clear sign that you either need to take things slower or that you’re less into the guy than you actually thought.

The takeaway

As you can see, there are quite a few things that can cause your breasts to hurt and most of them aren’t serious problems at all. However, as you’ve learned, some things should be inspected by a doctor, just to be on the safe side. Whatever the cause is for your boob pain, just relax.

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