Breast Pain: Possible Reasons why Your Boobs are Sore

Breast Pain

Breast pain is not a joke, as anyone who suffers from it can tell you. And most women will suffer from sore breasts at some point in their lives. It’s just another one of those things, like period pains and childbirth that we poor women have to go through and men will never understand.

The good news is that sore breasts can be caused by a number of things, and usually aren’t indicative of a serious medical problem. Breast soreness is usually not associated with cancer, and it doesn’t increase your chances of getting it.

The medical name for breast soreness is mastalgia, and it affects everyone differently. You might feel a sharp pain in the breast or a dull throbbing ache. It can affect one or both of your breasts and sometimes even the armpit area. Some women barely notice it, for others the pain can be so intense it interferes with their daily lives. So if you’ve been asking yourself ’’Why are my boobs so sore?’’ read on.

Why are my boobs sore?

The most usual cause of sore boobs is hormones. Just before your period starts, the level of estrogen in your body goes up. This makes the milk glands and ducts in your boobs start to swell and trap fluid, causing soreness and sometimes swelling. This typically starts a few days before your period and can last right through it before fading. This is completely and perfectly normal, but if the pain continues for more than a week, or it is so intense it stops you from doing your daily activities, you might need to see a doctor.

(By the way, if you’re asking yourself ’’why are my breasts sore and heavy?’’ and it isn’t your time of the month, or your period is late, I hate to be the one to tell you but you might want to get yourself a pregnancy test)

Hormonal soreness (cyclical mastalgia in medical terms) is only one of the reasons for sore boobs, here are some more

  • A bra that isn’t supportive enough or doesn’t fit. If your question is ’’ why are my boobs always sore’’ try a bigger bra size.
  • Stress. Stress can be caused by any number of things and has multiple negative consequences for our health. So if you’re finding it hard to cope, try to relax. Exercise, yoga meditation are all good ways to chill but just taking some time for yourself and going for a walk in nature can do wonders. And if there’s no nature near you, go onto the roof of your building and stare at the sky for a while.
  • Drinking a lot of coffee. Even if you don’t drink coffee, remember there’s caffeine in cola, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks, so try cutting back on these.
  • Weight gain. If you’ve put on a few pounds recently, this can cause your breasts to get heavier, so again, get a more supportive bra.
  • Injury to the breast. If you play a contact sport or are into rough sex, your boobs can take a knocking. If you and your partner are into bondage, be careful. Beating or caning of the breasts is not a good idea as it can cause cysts to grow, nor is tying them so tight they turn purple. Even if that’s what turns you on, save it for special occasions.
  • Certain medicines, especially the contraceptive pill or medicines that reduce cholesterol. If you’ve recently started a new medication and are experiencing breast pain, check with your doctor to see if it’s a side effect.
  • Heavy lifting or any physical activity that strains the chest or shoulders. If this is the cause, the pain will pass quickly.

To reduce the pain, you can use anti-inflammatory gels or creams on the sore area (ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice), take a hot shower or bath, apply a hot-pack or an ice-pack.

Like we said, breast pain is no joke, but it is more common than you might think, so if you do have sore boobs, don’t feel too embarrassed to talk about it, a problem shared is a problem halved, as they say.

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Breast Play – How to Play with Boobs

Breast Play - How to Play with Boobs

Let’s face it when it comes to breast play, men love it, women – well, it depends. While some women report reaching sexual climax only with breast play, others require a little more action, while there’s a number of women out there who don’t really get their kicks out of breast play, mainly because their partner has little to no clue what’s supposed to be done in order to make it enjoyable for the recipient.

So, if you were ever wondering about how to play with a women’s breast our dear gentlemen, or if you know how to properly play with your breasts ladies, we give you the inside scoop in the form of these guidelines.


There are no rules set in stone when it comes to sex apart from mutual consent. The same thing applies to breast play too. However, you should know that it won’t work for everybody. For some, it’s just something they don’t prefer or it can also be gender identity-related. Transgender folks may not want their breast touched and will stray away from any form of breast play.

The best thing you can do in such situations is to simply ask your partner if they are okay with it, or you can try to ease them into breast play and if you notice they don’t really get your drift, try focusing on other body parts and see how you can cause pleasure there.


While there’s a certain percentage of people who don’t like their breasts being touched, women – and everybody who receives breast play – will almost all agree that breast honk is a big no-no. Okay, if it’s an inside joke it might be tolerable but no woman likes it when you squeeze her boobs as such – especially not during sex. Breasts are not old-fashioned car horns. Period.

The same rule applies to breast kneading too. Please, don’t mess around with that, too.

The skin is mostly responsible for the sensitivity of the breast and the fat in the breast tissue has little to nothing to do with it. This means that kneading, honking, and squeezing don’t feel as great as stroking and kissing does. On the other hand, these fairly childish (really) moves completely ignore the nipples, which are truly sensitive parts of a woman’s bust (and as such, awesome pleasure sources).


Some might think that they can play with breasts only when their partner wears nothing on top. The truth is, she can also enjoy while she still has her clothes on. Not to mention it, it’s a great way to tease her too.

Rub her breast while she still has her shirt on, or while she’s still wearing her bra. Once the shirt is off, touch the parts of the breasts that the bra doesn’t cover. Get creative!


Even when her clothes are off, take your time, tease her a little. Use your fingers, lips, tongue to play around with her collarbone …

Play around with her boobs from the side too. Leave the nipple alone, for now, you’ll have plenty of time later.


A lot of people solely people focus on the entire breast or only care for the nipples. Little do they know that the other parts (like the sides, and the “underboob”) can also quite sensitive and that playing with them can be pretty pleasurable for the recipient.

These parts include the part of the boobs where they meet the ribcage and the lower portion of her tatas, and also, the outer portion.

These areas respond pretty well to stimulation (as in touch), so simply just move your fingertips along to the outer edge and slowly get to the middle of the bust t. Do this either by gently kissing her boobs or you can also use your tongue, it’s up to you.

gently kissing her boobs


Nipples somewhat tend to be similar like the clitoris: some women can’t really bear it when you touch them, while others will ask you to press on it firmly,

So, how to find the sweet spot? Simple – start off gently, then apply more pressure if necessary. Start with strokes or circle the areola with your fingers or tongue. By the way, the areola is that part around the nipple that visibly differs from the rest of the breast. If your partner pushes his body toward you or makes clear moaning noises, feel free to increase pressure. Or, leave out the guesswork – simply ask.

If she wants you to kick into second gear, try gentle pinching. Or you can also try pulling her nipples by cupping her breast in your hand and pulling with your thumb and forefinger. You can also give a gentle twist to those nipples. However, you’ll want to take that easy since it can get pretty intense and painful.


Your hands aren’t the only things you can use when you feel like engaging in some breast play. How about your teeth? Lips? What about your tongue? Feel free to lick, suck and nibble on those breasts! Tricks, like licking on the sideboob or underboob, or playing with her nipples with your tongue, can take her to places she never knew existed!

If she enjoys the added pressure, feel free to suck or bite on her nipples. Please, just make sure to start gently and add pressure as you go. If she likes it.


Vibrators, feather ticklers, and all the good stuff… Why on not?! Use sex toys to raise the stakes? You don’t need anything special, in most cases, a scarf will do the trick – just run it over her bust gently. If she’s into more intense stuff, feel free to grab a pair of nipple clamps.

Why not blindfold her use a few different toys and materials to touch her boobs. If she doesn’t know what’s coming, she can be in for some truly intense stuff. How about some massage oil? Yup, you can have a few aces up your sleeve.


Learn about her likes and dislikes the most straightforward way out there – ask for help. Kindly ask her to show you how she does it. Watch and learn how she plays with her own boobs, that why you’ll be able to get a better picture of her likes and dislikes


There are literally tons of ways you can level up at breast play! Take these pointers and take her to places!

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