What does sexting mean to a guy

Man neglecting his girlfriend and using his mobile phone

Let’s keep it real now: most guys are pervs!  Sure there are a ton of gentleman out there in the world (well, a ton maybe overstating the numbers just a tad!), but the vast majority of dudes out here are just freaks.  One of the many things that guys do to reveal their level of freakiness is the way they text message. Actually, to be honest, you can tell even more by the way that they SEXT.  Watching closely to the way a man sends sext messages is a good way to see into some of the deepest recesses of his mind. Not only is he communicating to you while he is starting to get comfortable and open but he is also in a different, almost “crazy” state of mind that you will never normally see him in.  This temporary insanity is primarily due to the fact that he is probably already super horny. You are probably already quite familiar with what we are talking about here from earlier sexting sessions in your life.

But why do guys like sexting?  What does sexting mean? These are the type of questions that plague the minds of women worldwide every day.  However, questions like these are why we at BunnyCam.com are here for you! We have put together a few different types of sexting personalities to further jump into the question of “What does sexting mean to a guy?”  Let’s take a deeper look into the minds of various male sexters here:

What Does Sexting Mean To a Guy?

1) Guys That Use Too Many Emojis

OKAY, DUDE, WE GET IT!  You want to let us know that you are interested in!  Guys that use too many emojis during sexting exchanges are a little too excited for this type of attention from a woman.  It’s almost as if they want to double check that we are into them. HEY MAN! WE ARE ALREADY SEXTING YOU! OBVIOUSLY, WE ARE INTERESTED!!!  But to be serious, guys that use a lot of emojis in their sexting game are giving away the fact that they are not hooking up enough on a regular basis.  It’s either that or they are simply unable to fully speak their mind in a conversation. In essence, an overuse of emojis reveals a shyness or an inability to think quickly while being horny.  This is especially true if the guy you are sexting keeps only sending tongue or eggplant emojis. However, if a guy has a truly advanced emoji game and can make you genuinely laugh or feel special with them, you have a real keeper.

2) Guys That Write Novels for Sexts

If your sext partner is writing full-length fictional stories in your exchanges, you can be sure that sexting is just another extension of this particular guy’s creative abilities.  Don’t be surprised if you find out that he mixes eclectic soul and classical music beats on the side while occasionally shooting comedic skit videos that he edits himself; guys that write a lot just create a lot of stuff in general.  This is especially true over text and even more true over sext! Think about how many guys you know have a hard time texting you back. If a guy is sexting you up to a storm and building up an entire verbal journey within it, you can be assured that he will also be ready to role play in the bedroom.  If you like his wordplay, take this creative guy more seriously and perhaps even past just the sexting.

3) Guys That Disappear For A Few Minutes or More After a Picture

Of course, there are a ton of reasons any average adult could be delayed in responding to a text message.  However, in the sext message game, consistent delays reveal certain things about people. This is because sexting is typically one of the few things outside of Angry Birds and YouTube that keeps people completely glued to their phone screen waiting for the next stimulus.  So, if there is a marked delay in his response each time you send your new sext man a suggestive picture, he is going to relieve himself of the incredible sexual energy your pics stir within him. On top of that, he is doing it by himself without making you part of the fun.  AND YES, WE MEAN HE IS MASTURBATING!!! How unfair is it that he went and finished himself off with that shot of your butt that took you at least 22 times to pose and take to get right! And even worse, when he gets back he will probably act slick and try to change the tone of the conversation from sex to the fact he has to work early, sleep or anything else to get himself off the phone so he can recover from his orgasm.  This is what we meant earlier by how some men are just freaks! Unless he responds quickly and with something more than a simple “You look good”, he should not be forgiven!

4) Guys That Get Turned On By Anything You Tell Him

If you are sexting with a dude that seems to get a little hot and bothered by whatever you are throwing his way, you are either dealing with a liar or a perfect guy.  Most guys are not gonna get turned on by you wearing your sister’s coffee stained shirt from middle school and your camouflage green mud mask. However, if the guy you are sexting gets a little horny from pics of you wearing this, either he is a liar and is after the millions you have stashed under your mattress or you have to marry him tomorrow because he is one in a billion.

Hopefully, these certain profiles of different male sexters will help you more easily weed out the ones that you like from the ones that you don’t.  Now that you understand the various answers to “Why do guys like sexting?”, perhaps you no longer want to look at a man again. Well, until you change your mind, we have the perfect place for you to avoid all males!  Come visit us at BunnyCam.com and video chat with only women. The women that we have waiting for you there are amongst the most beautiful babes in the world! Come by today!

How To Sext Your Boyfriend

Sexy Couple

You need to be sure what is your partner up to before you start sexting. You don’t want to turn him on while he is on the lunch with his mother or on a business meeting with his business partners and make him uncomfortable. So, if you aren’t sure what is he doing at the moment, hit him first with one “Hey, busy?” text before you initiate anything.

  1.   Take It Slow Sex educators explain sexting as ‘ sharing sexually explicit photos or videos via the internet, mobile phones or other forms of social media’. But actually it also refers to sending sexier and flirtier messages to your partner, and it can help to build a stronger relationship, with more closeness and intimacy. It is a fun and adventures way to connect with your boyfriend or girlfriend, built on trust. Coaches in this area say that sexting is the perfect foreplay that will keep sex in your head all day until you come home to your partner and make the fantasies reality.

When it comes to how to sext your boyfriend, there are some main rules you should follow if you want everything to go right:

  1.   Timing Is 

Sexting is very similar to sex. Everybody like foreplay instead of just jumping up in the very act before warming up. It is the same in sexting. Take your time and build an atmosphere. Grab his attention with a simple selfie of your cleavage, without revealing too much. In that way, he will be aware of what is going to happen, and he will text you back if he is ready to play. Also, sex couch Emily Morse suggests starting a conversation with something like “I keep thinking how hot the other night was” and heat the temperature from there.

  1.   Don’t Forget To Play The Role

If you are the one who initiates sexting, you want to be in charge. You need to be in the role of someone who wants to give pleasure to a partner with your sexy messages, photos, and videos. Be ready to say and do some freaky things that will turn on your partner and start up his imagination.

  1.   Don’t Leave Your Comfort Zone

Do only the things you are comfortable with. Sexting should be fun and normal, and not making you feel embarrassed and out of place. It will be a little awkward at the beginning, but you need just to go with the flow and everything will be fine.

  1.   Give Your Partner A Hint Before Sending The Nude

We were talking about timing earlier, and that refers to sending nudes especially. Before you attach the photo, give him one NSFW (not safe for work) so he can realize what is going to happen. You don’t want him to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable if your nude pop out on his screen if he is surrounded by other people.

  1.   Take Care Of The Visuals

Take photos that reveal the erogenous zones of the body.

  1.   Keep Some Sexy Photos Locked

When you start sexting and you are at work, you don’t want to run to the toilet and take some nudes. You need to reply fast to keep the conversation alive and don’t let the moment gone, so you should have some of your sexy pictures saved and locked into your photo gallery. 

  1.   Learn Emoji Sex Code

If you have been asking how to sext your boyfriend, those little guys can help you a lot. And in the urban dictionary, some of those emoji represent codes for sexual connotation. A banana and an eggplant are representing the penis. A peach refers to the booty. A pussycat represents a vagina. The raindrops are the code for wetness or ejaculate, and the emoji with tongue sticking out stands for desire. They can be very helpful if you are in public, plus they are fun to use.

  1.   Have Fun With The Dirty Talk

Tyomi Morgan says that the dirty talk is the guiding light of sexting. It’s all about fantasy. With your words, you make the fantasy you want to be a part of. Feel free to write what is on your mind and ask him what do you want to hear. You can start by describing what are you wearing, what is your underwear like, or what things you would like to do to his body. Or how do you feel while he is sexting you? The point of sexting is an orgasm, so make it count.

  1.   Start With Your Own Experiences

When you wondering how to sext your boyfriend, coaches say that one of the ways you could start is with remembering him on your last sex session, or some hot moment you tow had recently. A text “I just remembered how hot was last night when you were kissing my neck”, and after that “I am already imagining what will I do to you next time” will do the work. They also recommend talking about what do you want at the moment, like “I am slowly licking my way down to your body” to build tension and create a fantasy. 

  1.   Be Open With Your Fantasies

It is always easier to talk about some sensitive topics while texting instead of looking at the person eye to eye. It is the same with sexting. If you feel awkward talking about what you want to try in bed with your partner, use sexting to share them with him. 

  1.   Ask Him Questions

Prepare the questions you want to ask him while sexting. Sexting is a two-way street, and sexy questions are an easy way to find out what is your partner thinking about.

  1.   Details, details, details

It’s all about them. The more you explain sexy details to your partner, the more he will be able to visualize the fantasy in his head, and it will be helpful for a conversation to continue.

  1.   There Is More Than Texts And Photos

Some of the apps in our smartphones provide us more than sending texts, photos, and videos. They include voice messages. But, you need to use them wisely. You don’t want to sound silly because, in that way, they will not end up helping in arousing. Make them natural closing your eyes and imagining your partner doing you things you love. Only the sound of you enjoying will be a huge turn-on.

  1.   Memes And GIFs

Do not underestimate the power of sexy meme or a GIF that will give more content to a conversation.

  1.   Don’t Be Too Formal

Your sexting shouldn’t sound like exchanging emails with your boss. Use intimate and sexy voice, writing ‘slang’. It may look weird for you to write “cock”, but it will cause the explosion of passion in his head while reading it. Prepare vocabulary in advance, same as pictures and questions, to keep things hot.

  1.   Have Fun

That is the whole point of sexting- having fun. Plus, giving yourself and your partner an orgasm to remember. So, take the charge, free your imagination and enjoy!

What does nsa mean in texting

The world of texting and internet acronyms can be confusing to navigate, from the now ubiquitous LOL to more obscure and unknown letter combinations that denote sexual preferences, particular kinks, or favorite fetishes. 

Some acronyms have become so commonplace that they are now words in their own right, such as MILF, while others only have meaning to those familiar with their use. One such acronym, NSA, is used in both internet hookup culture as well as adult websites and swinger pages, and the use of the term NSA has become standard in texting as well. 

What does NSA mean in texting? No Strings Attached.

What is the meaning of NSA online?

NSA meaning No Strings Attached denotes exactly that, a brazen and upfront declaration that whatever is being offered or sought after comes with no hidden clauses or caveats. Most often, it is a direct and straightforward solicitation or invitation to casual sex, the type that requires no prior date or small talk, and omits any awkward conversations afterward.

The use of NSA is frequently employed by those who maintain profiles on websites such as Adult Friend Finder and similar domains, as well as by hookup apps such as Tinder and Grindr. When someone has NSA on their profile, they are making it known that they do not require the usual polite social niceties prior to a direct conversation about casual sex, and that what they are seeking is not obscured by any need for mind games or chitchat.

How can you tell if NSA is sexual?

Note that NSA is NOT an automatic curtailing of possible sexual aftercare such as cuddling, pillow talk, or possibly second rounds of sex. NSA does not mean that the individual is foreshadowing that they are rude or disinterested. However, it does denote that they are not interested in a relationship or in any type of extended affair.

If you want to skip the NSA and get right down to hot, dirty sex, our hot webcam girls are waiting to please you. Need more inspiration from our blogs? Check out some of our blogs and articles to get inspired. 

Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

If your partner is far away at the moment, or you both are too busy to spend some quality time together, a sparkle between you two can extinguish. But, if you want to avoid that and keep the flame of passion, you should definitely try with sexting. Also, if your relationship is fresh and you want to boost intimacy with your new partner, bring things up on the next level, let your flirty messages become a bit sexier. Sexting is always a good idea if you want to spice up things in your relationship. And, let’s face it- the easiest. We live in a digital world where everybody is on their phones, including you. So, why wouldn’t you use that for having some fun and build up closeness with your partner at the same time, instead of scrolling feed on social networks all day long? Many of you find sexting intimidating, but it shouldn’t be that way. It is basically expressing your sexual feeling and desires to someone you are close too (and probably the only one who needs to know them) and receiving the same in return. In the end, isn’t it easier for you if he tells you what they like than leaving you guessing? Plus, sexting can be used as a training for a dirty talk in bed (which guys adore), you have the time to brainstorm because you are not under the pressure (unlike dirty talk).

Let us tell you a secret: the key to successful sexting is, to be honest. Be yourself. Just a bit steamier and sexier. 

If you want to know how to send sexting messages to your boyfriend properly, and not end up feeling embarrassed, we prepared tips and examples of sexting messages to set your imagination in motion. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Flirty Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend (Or Husband)

Let’s get something clear at the start- this article is not just for girls and boys. It also refers to married men and women. Don’t let your sparkle turns off only because you are 10 years in marriage and you think you shouldn’t bother about that anymore. No matter if you are in a brand new relationship, or in a mature relationship, or even in a marriage for years, you need to constantly put the effort in your connection with your partner and cherish what you have. So, what else will keep the fire going then texting him or her in the way they will know you are still attracted to them (after all that time)? 

On the other side, if there is someone who doesn’t know that yet, hmm… What about telling him? If you don’t want to lose your chance, go on and send your crush a very clear flirty message and get out of the friend zone finally!

Try with these flirty sexy messages to start the game:

  1.   Stop distracting me, I can’t do anything else but thinking about you!
  2.   You are lucky you are so hot. I only spend my time with handsome men.
  3.   I am going out with my girls tonight, so there will probably be some drunk sexy text for you later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  4.   I just took the most amazing shower ever…

Cute Messages

They are always in. Just put yourself in their shoes- wouldn’t you be happy and smiling if you had received a cute text in the morning that would make your day? That person would be in your head all day long. So, if you want to achieve that, feel free to hit them with a cute text, which can have slightly sexually connotation, but it is actually aimed to create a feeling of a big, warm hug.

Here are some cute messages you can send to your partner:

  1.   I woke up with a smile on my face because I was dreaming of you.
  2.   Being with you is the most (insert) experience in my life.
  3.   I have met so many people in my life, but for the first time, I have met someone who makes me draw ridiculous little harts on the paper.
  4.   I all I want is to be the reason for your smile.

Sexy Messages

If your partner receives well your cute and flirty messages, you may consider taking things to the next level and send some boldly and sexy messages and turn the heat up.

Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you have slept once, a couple of times or you are sharing bed for years, it is always good to know that someone is (still) attracted to you. Especially with men it is a real ego boost when you let them know they were doing it well in bed.

But, if you initiate sexting, and you see from their replies they are in the game, you need to be ready for some serious heating. If you send them sext and pull back after, it will annoy and frustrate them, and next time they will not play with you at all.

The other important thing you need to take care of when sexting is timing. Timing is everything. If he is on the business meeting or on a lunch with his parents, you don’t want to hit him with some sexy selfie and make him feel uncomfortable. Also, don’t be disappointed if he wants to play and eager to hear from you, but has some other things to focus on at the moment. Wait a bit and if he picks you up with some sexy texts later, that means the game is on.

However, if you both are on work but planning to meet later, sexy messages are a perfect way to put you both in the mood.

Whatever the case is, we have some sexy messages for you to use:

  1.   I want you to kiss/touch me (chose a body part).
  2.   Be naked when I come home.
  3.   That thing you did yesterday (insert something hot that happened on previous sex session)… You are a sex God. I want you to repeat that again tonight.
  4.   If he asks you what are you doing, answer him “Myself”.

Half Joking Texts

We all know that in every joke there is half of the truth hidden. The same thing is going on with this kind of texts, but you only can send them if you know your partner well, and you are sure he will not misinterpret it. 

Half joking messages you could use:

  1.   I bet I could turn you on right now in front of everyone at your work.
  2.   Tell me your secret fetish, I know you have one.
  3.   I challenge you to start thinking about me… And start doing!
  4.   The yoga class I was on made me so flexible!
  5.   Don’t even try to deny it- you like me.
  6.   I think I have a love disease, can you examine me from top to the bottom?

Teasing Messages

Teasing is a good way to set up the scene for some good flirting session, especially if you just meet that person. If your crush answers positively and you make him or her laugh, then you are on point!

Here are some teasing messages you can send your crush and make him/ her fall in love with you:

  1.   How are you so attractive?
  2.   If I let you do with me anything you want, what would you do?
  3.   I just wanted to tell you are not very good at acting you don’t want me.
  4.   Hey, I just wanted to tell you that if you’re ever having a hard time… Like really, really hard… Feel free to call me. I would like to give you a hand…
  5.   Are you for a chocolate syrup tonight? All over me.

Intriguing Texts

Intrigue is sexy, and guys love it. If you brainstorming about sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, these texts will get him thinking about you all day and light up his imagination… And maybe lead to something more:

  1.   What is the craziest sex you’ve ever had?
  2.   What is your weirdest fantasy?
  3.   Do you want to guess what am I wearing right now?
  4.   I head a REALLY naughty dream about you last night…
  5.   What do you think about sex in public?
  6.   Did you ever have sex in the car? I would like to take a ride with you…
  7.   I am naked right now, and I am thinking about you.
  8.   Are you fond of a threesome?
  9.   I don’t know why, but I am sucking lollypops all day…
  10.   Want to play a game tonight?

Flirty To Dirty Messages

Fasten seat belts, people. We are going to roll hard. If you came all the way here, in the section “Flirty to dirty”, then we will assume you are comfortable with all those examples of messages above and you are ready for spicing things up for real and you want to go explicit. For the record, those sexting messages to send to a guy are called Not Safe For Work for a reason.

Okay, here are the sexts that will make blood pumping:

  1.   I will let you do anything you want to me.
  2.   I need you inside me right now.
  3.   It’s too bad you are not here right now.
  4.   Remember when we (fill the blank)?
  5.   I miss you. Between my legs.
  6.   I want you to use me like I am made for your pleasure
  7.   I admit I was a bad girl… Will you punish me?
  8.   I am touching myself right now, come and help me?
  9.   I am so hot when I think about enjoying myself in front of you.
  10.   Would you like to grab my hair and pull me against the wall right now?
  11.   Nice tie. Let’s use it tonight.

Before You Start…

We have a few more tips for you that you need to know before you initiate sexting, that will make the difference whether is he turned on or not.

The key is, you need to be comfortable with the things you send. He will feel your energy and it will turn him on (or won’t). Don’t send him something you think you SHOULD send because someone said it works. A guy can be turned off with your vibe if you sext with a script. If you change your true self in order to please a man, it will not work in the long term. So, free your own energy and attract him with it. You will feel more comfortable with it, and comfortable is sexy.

We hope we helped you feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Happy sexting!

Sexting messages to send to your girlfriend

Even if you see each other every day or every other day, keeping a flirtatious conversation going with your partner via text is a good idea. 

Sometimes, it’s just a little plus you two need to keep the spark ignited, at other times, it’s just a nice touch to keep things spicy in the relationship. Whatever the case may be, sexting messages for your girlfriend are a must if you want to keep the relationship going at its best. 

Even if you started the relationship or even if you just started texting with your crush, a little dirty flirting never hurts. 

Sexting is an awesome way to have fun and to develop your flirting skills or to take them to a whole other level. 

As a bonus, when you do it right, it can be a fruitful project since when you sext the right way, you can make your girlfriend feel even sexier and desirable. 


First of all, sexting is pretty much a form of art. That being said, you have to be authentic, you have to have your own special touch to it. No, we’re not saying that you can’t use a few lines you’ve found browsing the world wide web but it’s best to add your own little touch to it. The best thing you can do in these regards is to use the info you find online as guidelines to build your own sexting routine.

Also, when you want to do a good job, you can’t just jump into it head-first. Start slowly, build tension and feel free to stop whenever you feel like you two are starting to get overboard. 

Also, keep your texts short, well-structured and witty. No, this is not a grammar lesson but you’ll see what we’re talking about soon.


The sole purpose of these messages is to start building up some sexual tension. A few good lines that turn your girlfriend (or wife for that matter) on can keep the fire going strong in the relationship, no matter if you’ve been only together for a few weeks or for a decade. These messages tell her that you’re still finding her attractive and desirable. 

Sexting can also send a clear message that you don’t want to be friend-zoned. Maybe, a few flirtatious lines can help you get back in the game – especially when your potential partner responds in a similar style. 

So, here are a few ideas you can work off of:

  • It’s so hard to get things done because I’m thinking of you all day. You’re distracting me.
  • Lucky you’re so cute. I only give my time to lovely ladies.
  • I’m going out with the guys tonight so expect some sexy drunk texts at night. Sorry. Not sorry.


Drop a few cute lines. Write something sweet that you know she’d like to keep you in her thoughts throughout the day. It’s also a great way of reminding them that you’re also thinking of them.

It’s no secret that women like to be loved and appreciated and what better way to convey the message than with a few awesome lines?

So, if you’re looking to send something cute, think along the lines of the following:

  • You’re so wonderful I can’t stop smiling when I’m thinking of you. 
  • You are my cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter morning.
  • No one else can make me feel so loved as you do.


When you’re done with cute and flirty texts, it’s time to step up and get down to business with building a little tension. 

No matter if you’ve had sex only a couple of times or you know every inch of each other’s body, a few sexy lines can keep the fire burning strong in the relationship which will make your time spent together in the bedroom worth both your while. It’s also an awesome way to keep you guys intimately connected even when you two aren’t physically together.  

Sexy texts are always awesome, especially when the person on the receiving end gets your drift and joins in the fun. 

On the other hand, if you’re not together yet and she gets the wrong idea, just keep your cool and apologize. If she blows you off after that, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Here are a few lines you can use to forge your one sexy text to get things going for you:

  • Maybe we should try those oral skills out in the bedroom too.
  • You are a sex goddess. Period.
  • How about dishing work and spending the rest of the day naked at my place? 
  • You, me, this very minute – It’s all I can think of.


Teasing messages are great when you’ve just met and want to get to a dirtier level. Just make sure not to go overboard and become a jerk. Sweet and cute little teases are what you’re aiming for. That way, she’ll surely get your drift.

  • It’d be awesome to grab a cup of coffee with you this Saturday, only if I’m not interrupting your social media time, that is.
  • I dare you to take a walk with me later today. I double dare you! 
  • I know you can’t stop thinking about me. It’s okay, I have the same problem with you.


Sometimes, you need to bring out the big guns and dirty sexts are the way to go. If your girlfriend is on the kinkier side and if she’s okay with more explicit stuff, then by all means, go wild!

Here are a few dirty examples you can work off of:

  • Your oral skills are awesome. My balls are still aching.
  • Who’s your daddy? Are you in for a little punishment? 
  • What I’m thinking about involves your thing and my member. Wanna guess?
  • How about turning your wildest sexual fantasy into reality?

These texts – if used correctly – can do wonders for your relationship and can get things going between the two of you if you’re a new couple. 

However, please note, the different styles of texts we went through there aren’t interchangeable, so don’t mix things up and start texting about your member and her vagina when you want to tell her that she’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. 

Also, be prepared that a lot of sexual tension will build up, and that time spent in the bedroom may be wilder than it used to be.


When done right, sexting can make your relationship a lot hotter and can turn her on really good.

Only keep in mind that you don’t want to be pushy especially, when the girl you’re texting isn’t your girlfriend of, for example, five years. Stay away from being a pig or a jerk. When you’re teasing, don’t be harsh and hurtful. At the same time, always try to get the message through – you are trying to have fun and at the same time, tell the girl that you’re thinking about her.

Again, if you’ve only met this girl, feel free to send dirty texts if you think she’ll get the message. If she doesn’t and gets mad at you, be a gentleman and apologize. If she’s finished with you, don’t chase her. Move on.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship, these messages can surely reignite the flame and can serve as a fine blueprint to getting back to business.