How to find a threesome partner?

We all know what’s the number one male fantasy. Yup, it’s a threesome. There’s just something way too magical and sexy about banging to chicks at the same time. However, chances are that you’re actually gonna pull it off are little to one. 

If you’re lucky, maybe your one of the selected few are in a happy, committed relationship, and both you and your partner on the same page about giving it a try.

First, congrats! This is a rather hot sexual experience and you can be pretty sure that it will stick with you until the rest of your life. On the other hand, to live out a fantasy such as this takes lots of courage and bravery from a couple since they are basically letting someone in their most intimate sphere, which can be really frightening for some. Now, that you two are ready to pull it off, it won’t matter if it’s going to be a once in a lifetime thing or a new “hobby”, it could be a real game-changer In your sex life.

Still, the – rather important – question remains: How to find a threesome partner


Both of you are ready for action. The only problem is, you don’t even know where to start. Maybe ask your friends? Ah, that’s way too awkward. Okay, then. Scratch that. How about strangers? Craigslist? No, you two aren’t such risk-takers, and both of you still want to keep your kidneys after the encounter. 

Then, where? How? 

These are totally legit questions. So, where to find your third wheel for some nasty action (or some nice vanilla play)? 

Honestly, selecting this person shouldn’t be something that you do as quickly as possible, you need to put work in it. And by all means, it’s quite a huge decision.

For starters, both of you have to agree about the identity of that third person. You know, in such scenarios, a lot of things can get awkward pretty fast since you’ll be kissing, touching, thrusting, penetrating, moaning, screaming, cuddling, and sleeping together. Not to mention, at the same time.

So, how to start off on the right foot? BunnyCam is here to help. 


Maybe this sounds a little bit awkward, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a lot less weird than asking one of your best friends to join… 

So, this might be the right place to start – visit a swinger club

Just by giving the club a visit, you can get a better idea of how these things go in the first place. On the other hand, you can either ask for assistance or just tell the people there about what you two are about to give a try. 

This can be also a good starting point when one of your (or both of you) aren’t entirely sure about the whole threesome idea, you might be able to get a few good points either against or for the whole act. 

On the other hand, if you’re not really sure about having a threesome at home or at another place, a swinger club might just be your best option. 

Also, this can make the whole process much smoother, since you won’t have to search in the “riskiest” places for a partner. These clubs are quite reliable, so, if you’re really into having a threesome, this might be your best place.

On the other hand, if you two are still a bit stiff about the while swinging thing, you might be glad to know that most swingers are also regulars at informal sex parties, so chances are, if you find the ideal third person, you might be able to strike a deal with them that’s good for all parties.

To top it off, loads of these clubs offer other gatherings we’re couples can get a taste of the lifestyle without diving into the whole orgy-scene head first. 

So, before you make up your mind about the way you want to find a partner, it’s important to do the right amount of research.

Then again, if you two are a hundred percent sure about getting into the whole swinging lifestyle, by all means, know yourself out and visit your nearest swinger club. Just make sure to visit one with a good rep. 


The problem with swinger clubs is that they can be pretty pricey and if you two decide to go with different escort services, you can still find yourself set back, money-wise. Let’s be honest here, a few hundred (or even thousand) bucks for a night of sex is pretty steep for some, especially when you consider the fact that you’re able to have it for free when there’s just the two of you. 

That being said, you can also check out your online options. However, before you do that, you’ll want to know that there are tons of scams that you can get yourself pulled in, so you should be quite reserved and critical when you’re exploring these options. 

It’s not just about the money, you can also have an awful experience or a bad encounter. Whatever the case is, it’s not what you wanted in the first place.

The other thing is, you want to be a little cautious. When you’re searching for various dating sites for some threesome action, you’re basically flooded with different results and a lot of them are pretty sketchy. 

When you find yourself in such a situation, you should do the same thing you’d do with swinger clubs: look for those with the best reputation – especially as far as their billing options go. 

So, in order to save you from a few headaches, we did some of the work for you: 

Why not try XMatch?

Why not look at the right place by browsing profiles that have similar or exactly the same interests as you? By checking out this reliable source, you two can discuss your potential third partner, also you can see what’s the market like, and let’s be honest, exploring these profiles can be really fun and thus, a great way to take the edge off that comes with the whole idea, and it can help you get comfortable with the topic. 

If you choose this particular site, you can also chat with your potential partners and it’s a trusted one. It’s a great way to get started. 

And FriendFinder-X?

Before we get started let’s get one thing clear: the “X” in the name isn’t there for show, That being said, be prepared that this site is the to-go site for many in the swinger culture, for the most part, because it’s a rather open-minded platform (if you catch our drift). 

You can also chat here to get things started and you can also meet potential partners, and, once you’re there, have sex with them. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to have sex right away. People who use this site are quite understanding and will help you to ease in, and to get comfortable with threesome sex at your own tempo.  


This is another great choice for those who want to explore their threesome options. Just like the other sites, this one is also trusted by swingers, and everyone registered on the site has similar sexual interests as you two. 

The site is user-friendly, and getting in touch with like-minded people will be smooth sailing. If you’re determined to give having a threesome a shot, this is an excellent place to hit a conversation up and to discuss your options. This one is great for couples because it has a huge database that can ensure that everybody has their needs met. 


If you’ve found the site that suits all your and your partner’s needs, it’s time to get the ball rolling. And to help you with that, here are some of the basics you need to do in order the stop dreaming and start having awesome threesomes:

Get A Profile

Firstly, you’ll want to decide if you want an individual or a couple of profile (hey, we won’t judge). However, if you two are into this together, it might be a better idea to set up a couple of profile, so the potential third partner has a clear picture of what they’re in for. They can also make a better decision if they are interested or attracted. Also, you can skip an extra introduction this way. 

Choose Your Photos Wisely

Choosing the right picture can also make your job a lot easier. If you two are into particular kinks (such as roleplay or BDSM), it’s better to set up a profile picture that kind of reflects your preferences. 

You can also illustrate that with a couple of individual pictures (make sure that those show off your entire body).

Getting The Message Out There

Now, you’re all set up, all you need to do is to find someone who both of you find attractive and hit up a conversation with them. Just be casual, keep your cool. Start with something that’s kind of gets the message through, but it’s not too direct. Oh, and keep it sexy.


As you can see, you have a couple of options if you’re looking for a partner. Swinger clubs, specific online dating platforms… You have your options and you’ll be glad to learn that people in this community are willing to help you with every step. Now, keep your cool and have fun.

Now, to make your experience even kinkier, read up on some awesome sex tips in our blog section

What does NSFW stand for

What Does NSFW Stand For?

What is NSFW? Many people are unfamiliar and want to know what does NSFW stand for and what is NSFW. The NSFW meaning may surprise some. The meaning of NSFW is not one you want to get wrong. If you see NSFW and you don’t know what it means it’s important you find out.

NSFW is an acronym. It has two meanings. Typically, it’s associated with graphics and sexual content. There are a right time and place to open graphic content. NSFW as a warning to acknowledge graphic content. But, what exactly does NSFW mean and when should you use it?

NSFW means Not Safe For Work

Our friends are always sending us funny emails, great memes, and entertaining stories.  Our email and social media filled with funny things from friends. Most people check their social media and email while at work. The term NSFW means ‘not safe for work’ and it’s important. NSFW means ‘not safe for work’. You should never open something labeled NSFW from work or public computer.

The acronym NSFW means ‘not safe for work’. It has the obvious meaning and then it also has a secondary meaning. NSFW means associated with sexual content. NSFW used by parents is a warning that content is not safe to open with children nearby.  Parents use NSFW to warn other parents to ensure kids are out of the room before opening a graphic email.

The Right Time and Place

Some friends share content that is inappropriate to view public or work computers. Tasteless jokes, nude celebrities, and sexually explicit materials get shared via email. But, you do not want to open these emails on public or work computers. Thus, the acronym NSFW “not safe for work” got created. It warns friends that content is inappropriate for public computers.

Watching pornographic videos, jokes, and pictures is a common and normal practice. There are a right time and place to view explicit content. Explicit content should only get viewed in the privacy of your home. NSFW warns views not to open content unless they are on a personal, private, and safe device.

Most Likely Place You’ll See NSFW

The most likely place you’ll see NSFW is on social media sites, in emails, or on cam girl websites. NSFW is a warning for people who need to know content is not safe or appropriate to open on public or work computers. Parents often use this acronym when sharing dirty jokes with other parents.

Some social media sites have a warning or filter that keeps NSFW content private. Facebook has an option. It allows people to share graphic content. But, it requires viewers to click on the image to acknowledge graphic content.

Who Is In Control

People want to be in control of the content they view. When content gets monitored people wonder who is in control. The fact is that there is not one specific person in control. Rather, the companies that develop websites create automatic filters. Filters control who sees the content.

Large corporations spend large amounts of money to ensure secure content. NSFW warns people who work at large corporations not to open content. NSFW content is unsuitable for public consumption.

Cam Girls and Clients

With limited time available many people enjoy surfing cam girl sites at work. Yet, they must be careful about what they open on a work or public computer. Cam girls know that potential clients view their sites at work. Cam girls use the acronym NSFW to alert potential clients not to pass a specific point on their website.

NSFW lets cam girls tell clients that past this point the site has graphic images that are ‘not safe for work’. Clients enjoy shopping for cam girls. While at work, they need these types of alerts to avoid breaking rules and laws.

Cam girls and their clients are not criminals. They follow strict rules that regulate the industry. Terms like NSFW helps cam girls and clients stay within the guidelines. The fun of viewing cam girl ads at work has entertainment value. Clients do not want to risk losing their job or worse. Thus, signs like NSFW alert clients to stop before opening potentially inappropriate material.

Not Safe For Work Alternative Meanings

NSFW is the acronym describing sexual material that is ‘not safe for work’ viewing. It has expanded past the cam girl websites into mainstream text. Friends who enjoy sharing graphic comedy and graphic images use the term NSFW. It alerts friends who work in offices or who may have children. Keeping graphics images contained is the central goal of the acronym NSFW.

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how does a threesome work?

The idea of a threesome is exciting, unknown, passionate, and fun. Depending on your relationship status, there are a few different reasons someone might be interested in partaking in a threesome. Couples might want a little more excitement, singles might want to see what it is like to be a part of a triad… the mystery persists! 

There are a few different ways a threesome can begin, certainly many different ways to get down, and like any sexual encounter, there are baseline rules and mutual consent that should be respected and considered before diving in. 

Is it complicated? Is it sexy? Is it as fun as it seems? The answer to all of this might be yes, so we want to shed some more light on how to have a threesome and what to do in a threesome if the opportunity comes up. Read more about everything you need to know here and let us know what you think! 

What is so great about a threesome?

Someone who is a single entity in a threesome might be looking for some fun sex but not necessarily the complications and challenges that come up with having a one on one relationship. A couple who is looking for a single partner, male or female, possibly think threesomes are great because they are new! 

The bottom line about threesomes is the idea that you never know exactly what you are going to get. There is also the idea that you have double the pleasure, double the penetration, double the fun. Depending on whether a woman is having a threesome with two men or a man is having a threesome with two women, the pleasure options are certainly there! 

How to find a threesome if you are single

If you’ve wondered how does a threesome work if you are a single entity, male or female, looking for a good time with another couple, there are a few different mechanisms to find the perfect pleasure duo for you. 

One option is to go on an online dating site, where many cater to the idea of open sexuality and even labels in biographies of the sexual interests and options the person or people are looking for in order to achieve the end goal of a threesome. 

Some sites recommended are Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Bumble, FetLife or Grindr if you are looking for a same-sex experience. If you’ve always had an inkling a couple in your greater social circle (not your immediate, not unless you are SURE) has a tendency to have sex outside the box, ask in a subtle yet direct way. 

Another great option for couples and singles is to go to swinger parties. Depending on where you live, there might be an option to attend a party or hotel shut down where literally everyone is open to having a threesome or some kind of alt-sex experience. 

How to find a threesome as a couple

The same suggestions can be made for couples who are seeking sex with a man or woman. There are apps, dating and sex websites, fetish sites, and of course, swinger parties. Of course, your interest in another person is up to you and your relationship boundaries, but it is important to remember that you need to be absolutely clear as a couple, first. 

For the same reason you should be clear as a couple, you should also choose your plus one intelligently. Adding in a close friend might not be the greatest idea since jealousy and the possibility of a sex experience gone wrong is always a possibility. The next dinner party you attend might get just a little too awkward…

Ground rules for a successful threesome

Now you’ve got your pick(s), what comes next?

Ground rules are an important part of this kind of encounter. It is fairly standard for a heterosexual couple to have a woman have an encounter with another woman to talk about the threesome if women are involved. 

There must be ground rules set by the couple first and then relayed to the third party for agreement. Some ground rules might include kissing, touching, the length of time spent on one person or another, sleepovers, oral, anal, etc. 

Depending on the type of sex being had, there might be a safe word included in the encounter as well. BDSM or bondage relationships might include a safe word to let the other partner or partners know that the sex act needs to be scaled back. 

How prepared is too prepared?

There isn’t a preparation manual for threesomes, in fact, every threesome is different! Some standard items that should be noted include lots and lots of condoms. Whether you are all familiar with one another or not, protection is key! To avoid STI and STD’s, always use condoms. 

What are the best positions for a threesome?

Many variables come into play when it comes to what position will work best with your sexual encounter. If you are an all-male triangle, you will have different positions available than a heterosexual couple plus another female. 

Positions should be fairly organic. Of course, if there is something you want to try or explore, go for it! There shouldn’t be any obligation to have sex one way or another, but if everyone has a shared preference, dive right in! 

If this article was helpful and informative, please visit more of our articles on love, romance, and fetish life on our blog! Have fun!


What is a swinger?

Are you into swinging? How do you recognize a swinger? What is a swinger for that matter? Is this all too confusing?

No problem, we get you.


To be precise, you’re a swinger when you exchange partners in a foursome or in a group. It can also be a part of a fixation connected to voyeurism, exhibitionism and other rather unusual and crazy, yet more or less, sexual stuff. 

Some married couples believe in this lifestyle and sometimes, the activities they perform in this manner aren’t just sexual (although, that’s the kind of the core of it). 

No need to say, a huge group of people dish and dismiss this behavior. They say it’s immoral, abnormal, and simply just disgusting. Well, to each its own. 


There is historical evidence that supports that the first swinging couples were in northern Canada, Alaska and also in Africa. These married couples had no problem with partner sharing. 

Modern swinging, on the other hand, started around the middle of the previous century. This can be traced back to the first reports of “wife-swapping” or changing wives during the Korean War, in the late 1950’s. 

Mortality rates among fighter plane pilots were high and it was considered okay when relationships between wives of pilots and other air force pilots. As a matter of fact, this tendency was also trending during WW II. 


Nowadays, swinging is a worldwide phenomenon, with community organizations that have branches everywhere. If you’re a swinger and you’re abroad, chances are, you can reach out to like-minded people pretty quickly and you can also get a few addresses with clubs and other valuable info. 

There are a couple of agencies which can hook you up with different deals when you’re looking to stay somewhere and even provide a few fun activities if you know what we mean.  


There are three different types of swingers you should know about:

The first “class” are the SOFT SWINGERS who do exchange their partners but the couples stay in the same space, namely in the same room. Sex is kind of a no-no with soft swinging, however, kisses, touching are good to go. In some extreme cases even oral sex can get a green light.  

The second class is defined as CLOSED SWINGING, where having sex is okay, however, the ad hoc couples (the couples that have formed only for the swinger party) bump uglies in different spaces. 

Lastly, we also have OPEN SWINGING. In this class, almost everything goes – people are having sex with each other’s partners in at the same place, same room, same time. This is, more often than not, a group effort, and it basically ends up in an orgy


If there are different types of swingers, it’s only normal to assume that there are also different types of swinger parties. It’s true.

One type of party is the “off-premise” swinger party, which in short means, that the newly formed couples will meet at a particular place but will go on to have sex somewhere else.

The other is the “on-premise” swinger party. This one means the exact opposite. The couples who visit the party will normally end up having sex there.


 Swinging can be a great way to spice up monogamous relationship if things have gotten stale over the years. It only requires consent from the both of you, not to mention, a great deal of openness. 

That being said, the situation can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly if you or your partner explode in a fit a rage in the middle of a party when he or she sees you having your way with another person.

Keep this in mind. 

If you feel you’re not up to the task, maybe swinging isn’t your best option. If you think you can keep your cool when you see your partner getting it on with another man or gal, then, by all means, go ahead. 

However, swinging isn’t the only way you can spice up your sex life and relationship. For awesome tips, browse our blogs. We’re pretty sure you’ll find some useful info. 

What Does Fetish Mean?

Sexy woman with handcuffs sit on floor - fetish

The word fetish gets thrown around a lot these days. Whenever you want to educate yourself on adult topics, the term “fetish” will most certainly come up, and in most cases, it shows up sooner than later.

However, what is a sexual fetish? Is that something you’re born with, or is that something you “get” when you get sexually active?

To get to the bottom of what a fetish is, keep reading because Wee See You will tell you everything you should know.


So, what is a fetish? To be precise, when you have a fetish for something, you tend to sexually fixate on a particular object, like lingerie or heels. A fetish can also be a sexual fascination with non-genital body parts, like feet.

To put foot fetish into context, it means that in order to reach orgasm, you (or anybody else with a fetish for feet) have to rub, lick, smell, touch, etc. feet.

Today, science is still figuring out what triggers our brains to develop a fetish, but there’s an agreement regarding that it most likely begins when one gets aroused by a particular object or body part that’s not a sex organ.

Both men and women have fetishes to some extent and it’s totally normal. Fetishes are cool and who wouldn’t get aroused by seeing a certain body part or sexy lingerie?!

Problems arise when the individual with a fetish (often referred to as “fetishist”) can’t get aroused without seeing, touching, or smelling the particular object.

However, there’s no problem when the fetishist still wishes and wants to engage in having sex without living out his or her fetishist needs.

The bright side is, fetishists can still have their fix of sexual fantasies when their partner is willing to give into them from time to time and is okay with implementing them in their sex life.