How to flirt with a girl via text?

man using smart phone for texting

It’s no secret, some men are no good at texting. Heck, some of them are awful at just talking to women. You can’t blame them, the competition is pretty tough out there and there’s just too much pressure on men to win over a gal, even if most women aren’t looking for that all-around superman men tend to think every girl wants.

Okay now, let’s get back to texting. Or, to the point of this blog: flirting.

Men who don’t know how to flirt with a girl over text are usually the same guys that have problems flirting in real life. The good news is, everyone can learn how to flirt over text and these skills can translate to real-life situations easily.


For starters, getting the ball rolling via text in some ways is pretty similar to the real thing, it only differs in specific areas.

For some, it can even be easier because they can take the time to meditate on their next step (i.e. what to write next)  before sending the message.

With that being said, there are a few tricks you can use to win a gal’s heart over text, you only have to play your cards right and keep it cool.

Keep calm and flirt on – When you want to lure in the girl you’re interested in, the best thing you can do is to maintain a light conversation with that lady.

Texting is a pretty convenient way to keep things going, however, it’s not the best platform to discuss serious topics, like ideologies, future plans, or societal differences, global hunger, and so on…

You see, while texting is a cool way to stay in touch, you don’t want to ramble about such serious topics because it will only make her want to quit. Why? Let’s be honest, a lot of us are living pretty busy lives and taking the time and the energy to type something meaningful in the form of a text sometimes’ just too much.

You’ve probably been there yourself.

On the other hand, if she’s an attractive girl, chances are, you’re not the only one texting her throughout the day. And guess which text will she respond to? The one where you’re asking her about her views on the systematic flaws of the current monetary system or the text about whether she’s a cat or a dog person? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to say here that the girl is a bimbo, but leave those serious topics for later.

Instead, keep it light and keep it interesting. Don’t be afraid to ask her about her hobbies, stuff she’s interested in.

Keep it witty and fresh – Don’t kill your chances with dull “What’s up” and “WYD’” texts. Stay away from basic stuff. When you strike up a conversation with the gal you want to hook up with, always seek to “add value”, to at least, make her smile every time she sees your text.

Instead of empty words, try something fun, something witty. Put the “Whachadoin” in the bottom drawer and start the convo with something like: “I know you’ve been dying to speak to someone with at least half a brain all day. I think I can live up to that”.

Don’t forget, this is just an example. You don’t need to degrade yourself (if you think that stuff like this is degrading) just make sure to come up with something witty right from the start that’s in line with her style.

Don’t say more than you have to – Simply put, don’t drown her with your texts, no matter how hot she is. Over-texting will only lead to her abandoning the conversation before you can get anywhere with her.

Also, while keeping a bit of distance, you are signaling that there are other things going on with you and that her texts aren’t the only things that you’re looking forward to. This can make you more exciting. If there’s one thing women don’t like, that’s boring men.

So, to put all this into perspective, don’t send double texts. Always make sure you get a reply. If that doesn’t happen, make sure to wait till the next day to text again. Don’t rush. Over-texting only leads to failure.

Be a tease – Flirting, in general, should be fun. Especially flirting over text. Try to create some kind of tension – by some kind, we mean sexual.

What better way to create tension than by teasing her a bit? Yup, that’s right. Go ahead, go back to your elementary school days, give it all you got and tease her like there’s no tomorrow!

Don’t be a jerk, keep it fun and playful. Also, signal that you too are open for some fun and that she’s free to tease you as well.

For instance, when she says something childish, you could say. “Well, If you’d be my girlfriend right now, you’d get spanked real good”.

Of course, only be this provocative if you feel you can pull it off with her. If she’s more on the conservative side, you might need to adopt.

Male in suit texting with girlfriend

Flirt through questions –  Questions that have a flirty nature are also your best friends to build a solid base for future plans with a gal.

However, these questions may work to your advantage better in a live setting or when you both have your camera on and can see each other’s face. Also, these questions work in your favor when the time is right. In other words, use them when things have escalated in the conversation to a new high.

For instance, when she laughs, just make an “innocent” comment, like “Wow, you look really sexy when you do that”, then, without waiting for her to give you an answer or before she can react, continue with a something random, like: “How good are you at kissing?”

Make sure you’re doing this with a straight face, with confidence. If you make her laugh or at least smile, You nailed it.

Tension, tension, tension – Don’t wait with building sexual tension. If you want something to happen, start to imply that you eventually want to end up in her bedroom right from the start. Otherwise, your chances of getting friend-zoned are pretty high.

However, by building sexual tension we don’t mean that you should act like a sexual predator or as a creep. Stay calm, confident, casual, and fun.

Keep it genuine and laid back because women can smell desperation from outer space. True story.

So, how to introduce that sexual tension we’re talking about? Why don’t you try misinterpreting what she says? Whenever she says something that can be misinterpreted as something sexual, just go ahead and misinterpret it.

It’s a fun way to get her familiar with the concept of you two ending up in bed.

Keep the ball rolling – This is important. No matter how good you get in flirting with her via text, sooner or later you’ll have to meet her in person, otherwise, she’ll get bored with your shenanigans no matter how witty you are.

With this in mind, remember, you should always work your way to actually meeting in person too. Yes, while it’s awesome to make her laugh when you two are texting, this won’t last long. Eventually, you’ll have to organize a meeting. Otherwise, she’ll stop responding to your messages after a certain point.

Use technology to your advantage – Nowadays, chances are, you are texting via a platform that’s also capable of sending links as well.

Sending a funny picture, video, your FB or IG pictures when they can help escalate the convo is a great way to draw her closer toward you. Just be smart with the content you’re sharing. Don’t go overboard with GIFs, videos and other stuff. Also, make sure that you’re sending stuff that she’s okay with seeing. Again, if she’s more on the conservative side, make sure to send appropriate content.


There you have it. Flirting via text isn’t necessarily hard, you just need to keep it cool and fun. Don’t be pushy, wait for her to reply.

Try to build sexual tension from the first moment but make sure you’re not creepy.

Ask questions and always try to add value to the conversation. Don’t be dull and boring.

Don’t stay put. If you want things to work, You’ll HAVE TO ASK HER OUT at some point.

And if she’s not getting the message and keeps turning you down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, thank her for her time and move on. If things don’t work out, don’t sweat it. There are other fish in the sea.

What does FWB stand for?

Young fashion lovers couple at beginning of love story

Nothing’s that simple nowadays, especially when it comes to relationships. To make matters worse, there are tons and tons of acronyms out there like OMG, ROFL, NSA, BRB and so on… And sometimes you feel like none of them make sense.

Yes, we can relate.

Especially when you’re trying to hook up with this sweet someone, who mentioned the acronym FWB…

What does FWB actually mean? We are here to help.

The meaning of FWB is fairly simple. It means friends with benefits. What it entails is the more complicated part.  

FWBeverything you wanted to know 

Yes, friends with benefits can mean a lot of things, however, when it’s used in the proper context of relationships, hookups, and the dating world generally, friends with benefits means uncommitted sex with someone who you hang out with outside of the bedroom too.

Sounds like fun. Just think about it: You two go out, hang out at a bar, grab a beer or two, then get back to your place and you get down to business.

You can also be in an FWB scheme when you’re looking to “blow off steam” occasionally, meaning that you call each other when you’re in the mood and don’t have other options for a partner. This may seem rude, but hey, that’s the nature of the game.

Others will go ahead and say that FWB is more than just occasional sex with your friend. Whatever the case may be, it’s always best to set some ground rules before you get into it.

Are you going to have sex only when both of you ends up alone at a party? Is it something you do when you’re stressed and want to relax? Did you guys agree to have regular sex but without any feelings involved?

No matter what the case is, it’s pivotal to stick to the rules you’ve made. And sometimes, the “no feelings involved” part is the one that causes the most problems. 

Some will advise making most, if not all, the encounters about sex. By mostly sex, they mean the fewer stuff that can cause you two to bond (cuddling and pals) and more of the raw, physical stuff.

Yes, we know that it’s easier to say this than to pull it off. 

No, we’re not saying that true FWB relationships don’t exist, they do, however, they demand a high level of clarity, detachment, and rationality from the both of you. 

Please, make sure to keep this in mind before you start an FWB relationship.



How to turn a girl on over text

Typing message to him

Some of the best relationships start out with a little game called “playing hard to get.” This is a delicate dance that men and women do in order to gauge interest without actually being as forward and direct as maybe they’d like to be. Now with modern technology, it is easy and convenient to stay in contact with each other throughout the day. Whether you choose to text, snapping pictures or going old fashioned with a phone call, it is easy to stay connected. 

Once a relationship has been established or dating has gone on for a few great dates, it might be time to start spicing up the conversation to get her wet before even seeing you. Sex text messages are also known as sexting, and sexting us a great way to send hot messages to turn her on that usually ensures when you do see her, she is ready to take off your clothes. 

Even if sexting is a new avenue of communication that isn’t easy to do, we have compiled kinky sexting ideas to send her to make it an easy, manageable process. So, if you’ve been wondering how to sext or how to turn a girl on over text, we’ve got your back. Check out some of the best messages to send below. 

Creating sexual tension through connection and bonding 

Did you know that you have the power to change your partner’s body chemistry to keep things hot and the love flowing by simply saying things to her that will release dopamine in her system? If you want to keep the love alive, start texting your honey messages she hasn’t seen. The feeling of diving into something new, especially when there is already sexual energy surrounding the relationship will only enhance her dopamine release. 

  • “Hey, can I tell you a secret?” and follow up with, “I think you’re sexy” or “Your _________ drives me wild”

Does she want to know you’re still there? Checking in and staying in touch with her will release oxytocin (aka the love hormone) and creates a bond between the two of you. If you aren’t around to physically touch her say something like:

  • “I love it when you play with my hair” or reference something that happened the night or day before, “I couldn’t keep my hands off you last night, you look so sexy when you ________ or wear those _________”

You can also create that sexual tension by saying something along the lines of:

  • “I want to kiss you on the back of your neck” or something more intense if you know she likes it rough, “I want to ravage you tonight.”

The more she desires you the most she wants you 

Keep things sexy by playing hard to get. Tease her with texts that pique her curiosity leave her wondering what you are going to say next. Say things like:

  • “You were in my dream last night…” or “Wanna know something?” and let her know what you want to do with her or what you want to do to her all day long. 

Give her what she wants and craves 

Women crave five major aspects in a relationship: commitment, honesty, the ability to provide and protect and of course, good sex. Use these pillars to frame your kinky text messages and you will have given her the comfort of knowing you care about her while also lighting her sexual fire. 

If your honey is clearly into you on a deeper level than just a one night stand, these texts will work flawlessly for you. If your relationship is casual, we have you covered for those texts, too. Even if the relationship is casual, women still crave the five pillars. Adjust these examples to fit the parameters of your relationship.  

  • “Last night when you whispered _________ in my ear was so hot. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.” Referencing a specific thing she said or did will communicate that you are not only turned on by her, but you are listening and you are. 
  • “Wear that little black dress tonight. I’m taking you out. Then, I’m going to tear it off of you.” You are making plans with her are communicating that you love it when she wears a certain outfit. Not only will you cut down the time it takes her to get ready (yes, seriously), you are citing an example from a previous night when you thought she looked great. 
  • “I love it when you squeal when I pull your hair.”

Be direct, it’s hot

Sometimes, you just need to rip off the bandaid and let her know what you are going to do to her. Talk dirty, direct and let her know just what she can expect from you that night or the following day. Tease her, make her picture all of the things you are describing she can’t get you out of her mind. She will be ready to go as soon as she sees you again. 

  • “I’m going to make you cum so hard tonight”
  • “Tonight, I’m going to go down on you and make you scream for my dick”
  • “I want you, right now bent over the kitchen counter, legs spread taking me in”

We hope this article has provided you with insight and tips on how to make the best of your sexting! Sex is fun, get out of your head and give her what she wants. For more tips and tricks in and out of the bedroom, check out our other blogs and get down and dirty.

How to Tell If Your Massage Therapist Is Flirting?

neck massage -How to Tell If Your Massage Therapist Is Flirting

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, and there are few indulgences that offer as many physical and mental healing benefits. It can be tricky to find a massage therapist you click with; after all, there’s a degree of vulnerability there – you’re relaxed and at least partially naked. Once you find the right person, they are worth their weight in gold.

When you see someone regularly, especially in a sensual setting like a massage, it’s natural to build a rapport with that person. But what if you hit it off with your masseuse beyond the confines of the massage table?  Assuming you’re both single, how do you tell if your massage therapist is flirting, or simply doing their job? 

If you’re into it – proceed with caution

First of all, be sure that you’re not idealizing this person outside the context of your professional relationship. It’s easy to fantasize that the rest of your relationship would be as amazing as your massage sessions, but keep in mind that is it’s their job to ensure you have a positive experience. Additionally, massage therapists in many states risk losing their license if they’re caught dating present clients, or past clients within a specified period of time (ranging from a couple of months to several years). Even if they are into you, the nature of the client/therapist relationship makes it unlikely for them to come onto you, since the stakes are much higher for them. You’re going to have to make the first move, and very subtly in case your signals are crossed. 

That said, here are some signs a massage therapist might be flirting with you:

  • Commenting on your physical appearance: Massage therapists are usually desensitized to people’s bodies. Even if they are attracted to you, it’s pretty unprofessional to say so, so if they do comment on your body (beyond “your shoulders are pretty tight”) it’s safe to say they’re flirting with you.
  • General chattiness and trying to learn personal details: Generally, a massage therapist will take cues from you as to how much or how little you like to chat during your session. If he or she is trying to get to know details about your personal life and especially relationship status, their interest probably goes beyond the clinical.  
  • If they tell you they like you: They’re risking losing their job and possibly even their license, so you can take that one at face value.

If you’re not into it – shut it down

Of course, there is a power imbalance at play here. As you’re the (semi) naked person with their guard down, the massage therapist has the upper hand, so to speak. So if their behavior crosses the line, you’re free to end the session at any time. What’s inappropriate behavior? Simply put, anything that makes you uncomfortable. If their behavior is truly nefarious, you have various options from speaking to the manager to address the problem all the way up to calling the police or reporting the therapist to the state massage board. Remember, you can declare any body part to be off limits at any time. 

In any case, if you think your massage therapist is flirting with you and you want to act on it, he or she will likely let you make the first move, since their job and possibly license is at stake. It’s critical to broach the subject very gently and casually, to avoid creeping them out. And, whichever way it goes, be prepared to find a new massage therapist. If you do start dating, they’ll need to refer you to someone else, and if they’re not interested, it’s better for everyone involved to end the professional relationship. Do you have any massage confessions? Share them in the comments below.

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

subtle flirty texts

We live in a time where everybody has their head in their cell phones. They are very helpful and we literally can’t live without them anymore, but when it comes to expressing yourself in the best way, it becomes a little tricky. When you like someone and want to send him subtle flirty texts, you need to be extra careful because he can’t see your facial expression, hear the tone of your voice, smell and feel you at the moment. How to be sweet, flirty and charming in a few lines? We have an answer on how to flirt with a guy over text and make him think about you a lot. Follow those steps and you will make him forget other girls ever existed. (Plus, we will give you a few examples to turn your imagination on.)

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text: Golden Rules

1.    Let Him Know You Are Thinking About Him

This move is really an ego boost. When you let him know you remembered him or you are thinking about him, that will intrigue him and he will want to know in what way you were thinking about him. Something like “I just remembered what did you do/said yesterday and I started laughing because…”, or “I just saw your last tweet and…” will do the work. 


•    How was your weekend? As fun as you expected?

•    I haven’t seen you in school yesterday. Are you feeling good?

•    I was laughing so hard on your last tweet, you are so funny

2.    Use His Name

While you are texting him, call him by his name and he will subconsciously become more attached to you. The atmosphere will be more intimate and the closeness will grow. Bonus points if you have a pet name for him. Feel free to use it.

3.     Don’t Wait For Him To Text You

Girls are usually shy or have their rules about sending the message first because they think that will make them desperate, or they are just afraid a guy will ignore them. But, let me tell you the truth- leave those games to the kids. If you text him first from time to time, he will realize you are mature and that you really like him. Flirting is a two-way street, and if he is your crush there is no reason why wouldn’t you be the one to start a conversation. Your crown will not fall off your head. 


•    You have been on my mind all day long, and it’s only 9:30 am.

•    I can’t sleep. I blame you for that.

•    It is literally impossible to do any work today because I think of you all the time.

4.    Ask An Open Question

Asking an open question will make him more attached to you because he will notice you want to know his opinion on some stuff. Something like “Did you saw the new episode of…?” or “How was at your friend’s party last night?” will make him realize you pay attention to the things he does or says. Try to avoid questions that can be answered with one word like “Yes” or “No”. A turn off is also the philosophical questions when he doesn’t know what to answer and make him feel a little dumb.


•    Do you like when a girl takes the initiative?

•    What is the craziest text you have ever received from a girl?

5.    Be Enigmatic

Men are always interested in something that is mysterious and enigmatic. The more mysterious something is, more curious they will become to reveal what is that all about. Use that to boost your charisma and making him wanting more!


•    Do you want to hear a secret?

•    In the mood to have some fun?

•    What emoji makes you think of me?

•    Why are you so super cute?

6.    Use A Lot Of Winks 😉

Winks have the power to make everything sounds sexier. And, since you do not have the luxury to show him your facial expression or body language, make sure there is always some wink in there while you are sending subtle flirty texts. Beside winks, there is a smiley face that will make him smile too. 


•    We should hang out more often. It would be fun.

•    We should hang out together. We could have much fun 😉

7.    Make Him Laugh

From my experience, the best way to make a guy fall for you is to make him laugh. It works every time. If he smiles or laughs while reading your messages, he is all yours! So, make sure you always write him something interesting and funny and if it’s flirty at the same time- congratulations, that is a bingo!


•    Can you go out of my head for a minute? I have work to do.

•    Hey, stop thinking about me so much!

•    What would you say if I told you I have a twin sister?

8.    Wait A Bit Before Next Response

Okay, I know you are burning from desire to response him immediately when you see a message on your screen, but that is a big no-no. Don’t rush. Keep him wondering a little. Play hard to get. Men are born hunters and they need to feel the challenge of hunting. It works every single time and when you see how simple it is to make him more interested, you will be having fun too.

9.    Compliments Can Help You More

If you are wondering how to compliment a guy through text, the answer is- easy. Guys don’t attend to overthink things as we do. It is very easy to boost their ego, so feel free to compliment him in your subtle flirty texts. Compliment his looks, his athletic abilities, his car or his outfit. Let him know you admire him. But, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to sound desperate. 


•    I saw you on the street yesterday… Have you been working out?

•    Rough car… Almost like you

•    I was watching you playing yesterday, nice score!

10.     Don’t Text Him First Every Time

If you are wondering why shouldn’t you text him first all the time, it is simply because you will be needy and aggressive. And above that, you will be boring, and no one likes boring girls. If you text him first every day you will scare him and he will run away. Plus, when you don’t text him for a few days and he texts you first after that, you will see that he has an interest in you. And if that doesn’t happen, why waste your time on some guy who doesn’t like you back?

11.    Leave Him Wanting More

Always be the one who is ending the chat. Instead of dragging the conversation until you don’t know what to write anymore or write something non-interesting that will make him stop answering you- we don’t want that to happen- realize when is the right moment to stop and make him want more.


•    Going out with my girls, drunk-text you later?

•    Past my bedtime… It seems time flies when I talk with you. Talk tomorrow?

12.    Make Him Think About Meeting You

Make plans in your messages that will indirectly include him. Don’t be direct and tell him “I want to see you” because that should be his move. You need to be gentle with this and propose things he founds interesting and would like to be a part of.


•    I am going with friends for a coffee after class tomorrow, you should come

•    I am beginning to like football… Maybe we could watch a game together?

•    New James Bond movie is out! Do you want to go and watch it on Saturday?

•    Tried a new pizza place tonight! You have to check it out!

13.    Be Yourself

Last, but not least important- always be yourself. Be unique. Don’t present yourself like something you are not. Write to him about things you have done together or something you have been talking about recently. Something that couldn’t say anyone but you. You don’t want to build a (potential) relationship on some made up things that he will realize sooner or later. You want him to fall for you and only you. Be honest, sweet and witty and that is the right way how to flirt with a guy over text.

The Biggest DON’T’s In Texting

1.    Don’t be boring– If you don’t want your crush to run away, don’t send him messages that will make his eyes roll. Typical boring texts are “How are you?” or “What’s up?”

2.    Don’t push it too much on the start– If he replies you on your subtle flirty texts, that doesn’t mean he wants to marry you! Don’t send him wedding dress pictures or even worse- baby pictures and ideas for your future children (we know you already got them). Keep it cool.

3.    Don’t text him first every time– Yes, we know we already said that, but we just want to make sure you remembered that. No matter how hard you want to say something funny you just saw or heard- don’t be needy.

4.    Don’t try too hard to be funny or smart– If you can’t think of something funny or interesting to write at the moment, leave your phone and text him later.

5.    Spell check– We are sure you don’t like to see that in his messages to you. Huge turn-off.

6.    Don’t ever ask him if he likes you over text– All we have to say- huge mistake.

7.    Don’t be clingy– If he doesn’t reply you maybe he is busy doing something else. Maybe he was hit by a car and he is in the hospital at the moment. If he likes you he will answer. If he doesn’t, move on.

Did We Learn How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text?

Here comes the conclusion. The goal of texting with your crush is to get to know each other better. It reveals your personality and it is natural for you to want to represent yourself in the best light to someone you like. That is why texting and flirting can be so exhausting and frustrating. But in the end, it all comes in two ways.

If he texts you back and send you messages first, if his texts are decently long and he shows interests in things you do and says- congratulations, you did it everything right. Your crush intends to become your boyfriend.

If he texts you with “Yes” or “No” or doesn’t even text you at all– it’s his loose and you need to find a better interlocutor. 

 You realized you don’t like his personality and you want to turn him off? Send something inappropriate, or a misspelled one.

So, what do you say? Make sense, right? Follow these tips and have fun!