Finding her G spot


Ah, the G spot… Every man’s worst enemy. Or, is it?

When it comes to the female G spot, a lot of men get discouraged. Okay, not just then, but that’s one of those topics that the vast majority of men don’t really want to mingle about. Why?

Well, mostly because their knowledge about that special spot is… lacking, for lack of better words. 

However, it’s not just men. 

Believe it or not, the G-spot has been shrouded in mystery ever since Ernst Grafenberg first identified it almost 80 years ago. Studies since then have even questioned if every woman has a G-spot since there isn’t that much proof from an anatomical standpoint, however, other reports suggest that there is, in fact, a particular area in the female genitalia which may help women achieve sexual climax, i.e. the G spot orgasm. 

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Not to discourage the gents out there, but according to a research, conducted in Britain, only 56 percent of 1,800 women said “yes” when they were asked if they think they had the elusive spot. 

Things even get worse – ever since the identification of the G-spot, there’s still no real solid evidence that would conclude whether the G-spot really exists or it’s just a hoax. 

Maybe it’s best to think of it more like a fetish. Some women swear by it and others will say it’s “meh”.

Whatever the case may be, we’re bringing you a step-by-step guide on finding the ever so elusive G-spot. Buckle your seat belts!  


If you’ve been reading our blogs, you know that this is usually the first thing we advise. Don’t rush. Help your partner get into the mood. 

In this case, you’ll want to make sure that your fingernails are short and that your hands are clean. Hopefully, we don’t need to explain why. 

However, now you know – you’ll want to find the G-spot with your fingers.

So, before you start “searching” you want to get her groove on. Foreplay is a must when it comes to messing around in the bedroom and this case is no exception. Let her blow off some steam. Caress her body, kiss her lips, neck. Caress and kiss her breasts, caress her butt. Play around with her entire body for a few minutes before you start your thing. 

Why is this important?

Well, according to the pros, you can locate the G-spot easier when she’s aroused because the tissue what it’s composed of swells. 

Also, feel free to use a lube, even if she’s already “ready” for the action.


So, even though it’s not exactly clear if every woman reaches sexual climax from G-spot stimulation, it’s safe to say that those who do, and who do believe to have a G-spot, will tell you that it’s about two inches inside the vagina, around the top side of its wall.

To put this into perspective: if she’s on her back when you insert your finger and the palm of your hand is facing the ceiling, you’ll be able to locate the “top side” of the vagina simply by using the “come-hither motion” with your finger.  

Just think about it like this: you should be stroking her belly button from the inside. 


The next step should be learning how to stimulate the spot, right?


First step: take it easy. You don’t want to jam your finger or fingers in her and blast her like there’s no tomorrow. You will only cause her pain. So, instead of vigorous thrusting, Ease your fingers in and once she’s comfortable, use the same “come-hither motion” to massage the top side of the vagina. The area you need to focus on should feel textured. It should remind you a bit of a bean-shaped bump.

Now, that you’re on track, make sure to stroke the spot consistently, keeping your rhythm. Feel free to experiment with different amounts of pressure and with different speeds until you see what she likes best. Feel free to ask her and change the speed and pressure accordingly. 

If she’s not “feeling it” (either because this does not get her off, or because she’s also had a hard time finding her own G-spot in the past). Don’t get upset, stop what you’re doing and save it for another time. 

Maybe she’ll be more in the mood next time, or maybe, the whole G-spot thing is just not her cup of tea.


If you’ve been given the green light, there are a few tricks you can use to enhance the experience for her. For example, try using your other hand and press on her belly gently around the top line of the pubic hair. This gentle pressure can increase the sensation and can help you do your job more effectively. 

You can also continue stimulating her G-spot once you’ve penetrated her with your member. Certain positions, like “doggystyle”, can help you stimulate her G-spot. Make sure your partner is on the bed on all fours. Tell her to arch her back a little. In order, for better G-spot stimulation, try to lift her hips up a bit and thrust in an upward motion. This way, your penis will rub the spot even more.


As you can see, not everything’s entirely clear when it comes to the G-spot. Maybe you won’t have any luck locating it, maybe you will but your partner will not really get into the whole thing.

Whatever will happen, don’t get discouraged. There are tons of other ways you can cause her pleasure. Feel free to experiment and to ask her! Have fun!