How To Tell If A Kiss Means Something?

First kisses can be very tricky. First of all, not all kisses are the same. Some of them are just for fun and silly, and some of them are serious and planned who knows for how long. The same is true for the persons who give and receive them. For some people kisses are like a hug or even a handshake, it literally doesn’t mean anything for them and they do it for entertainment, while for others, well, the most of us, kisses are important. Through kisses, we can reveal our true feelings, but also what does the person we kiss feels. 

If you kissed someone you like, your crush, your friend or even someone you don’t know that well, and now you have been asking yourself how to know if a kiss meant something, we have a few signs that will help you to figure out was it really serious or just a fling.

How to tell if a kiss means something or it was just for fun?

  1.   It Felt Like It Did

The kiss happened and you saw fireworks. You feel like your brain literally exploded when his lips touched yours, and whole your world crashed with his. When you felt his arms on your waist, your body tingled (some lower parts especially). Was your head spinning after the kiss? Do you feel like you are in the seventh heaven? Hmm, in that case, let me think… Hell yeah, it meant something, don’t even try to doubt it.

  1.   It Was Slow

Slow kisses are the real ones, like from the movies you have seen. If you felt like time stopped, it doesn’t happen from anywhere and it was actually carefully planned. And if it was planned, it means that there are some feelings involved. It meant something to both of you. Fast kisses are spontaneous and innocent, and usually, don’t mean anything but flirting for fun. Think about that.

  1.   You Were Sober

Or you weren’t wasted, at least. We all know what happens when we drink a few more. Everyone becomes more touchy and way more confident when it comes to flirting and kissing. But, those kisses usually don’t mean anything serious. On the other side, if both of you weren’t intoxicated and the kiss still happened, that definitely means something because it needs a lot of courage for something like that. 

  1.   You Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Lips

Let me tell you something- women usually know was the kiss real and meant something, or fake and just fun. They just know. Even if they didn’t they’d still know. Men probably won’t get this, but women will because they know. So, if you can’t stop thinking about his lips and which lip balm does he use when they are so soft, then you should know you should do something about it.

  1.   You Both Gone Quiet Afterward

If you were wondering how to tell if a kiss means something, the answer is- silence. If he kisses you and doesn’t say anything after that, that is a clear sign it meant something to him. He remained silent wondering what just happened. And if you didn’t continue your night normally and casually, talking with him and other people, then you should be asking yourself this- why are you thinking about that kiss if it doesn’t mean anything to you?

  1.   Everything Is Different Now

Okay, you have to admit to yourself that things are changed when you are around him. You both are playing it cool, even it is obvious things are not like they were before. He is nervous and acting awkward, and you feel nauseous (stupid butterflies in the stomach) and oh boy, why is it getting so hot in here?

  1.   You Want To Do It Again

You spending your days thinking of the ways to have some alone time with him, to repeat the kiss just to be sure you didn’t felt anything. Yeah, sure. Let’s face it- you want to push him against the wall and keep kissing him. And if he feels that way too, it means only one thing- you are hooked on each other. Go on, enjoy!

  1.   They Are Acting More Caring

There is some new kind of electricity between you two. You couldn’t probably explain it in the best way, but it is definitely here. There is a shift in his behavior towards you, he is more caring and tender, and you also started to be more and more interested in his everyday life. Where is he now, what does he doing, should I text him… Yes, my dear girl, that kiss definitely meant something. Keep that close.

  1.   You Keep It Like A Secret

Okay, girls are familiar about telling their best friends LITERALLY everything, but if you don’t tell your best friend about this kiss, then we have a big deal here. Instead of being just some fun thing you did, you kept the kiss as a secret between you two in order to preserve the moment and the feelings growing. He also doesn’t say anything to anyone because he wants to keep you two from spoiling that with questions and teasing. You continue to daydream about kissing him more and keeping that smile on your face all day long. That kiss really means a lot to you.

  1.   You Start Looking Them Like A Significant Other

When you think about meeting them, it doesn’t feel like hanging out with a friend anymore. Instead, you start seeing that as a date and imagining how would it be to involve with them romantically. Before you know, you will be imagining your wedding dress and planning names for your children.

  1.   You Start Wondering What It Would Look Like As A Date

If you think about it continuously, that is the answer how to tell if a kiss means something. If it doesn’t mean anything, you wouldn’t keep thinking about it. It’s that simple. Now, if you go a step further and start thinking about dating with that person, then you will start growing feelings for them, called love.

  1.   Chemistry Was There

It is pretty much hard to put chemistry in the words. In fact, chemistry is all that we were talking above, together. And if it was there when you two kissed, you would felt that. Chemistry is like those little sparks going through whole your body and makes you shudder. And the most important thing I want you to know- it has to be there from the start. No matter how much you like the person you kissed, don’t lose your time hoping the chemistry will come eventually. It won’t. The universe is preparing someone special for you, who will blow your mind. This is not that guy.

  1.   They Say It Does

This is the ultimate sign of how to know if a kiss meant something. If he openly tells you are on his mind and he likes you, the things are pretty obvious here. The only thing to question is your feelings about that. But, if you like him too, then all we have to say to you is- way to go, girl!

Beside those signs, learning how to tell if a kiss means something comes with age. You would probably kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming. We all have been there and that is a part of growing up. But, in the end, if you are thinking about that Kiss with the capital letter, you clicked on this article with a reason and you know exactly what am I talking about. Let me help you-you are in love.

How to kiss a girl’s neck?

How to give the perfect neck kiss? Yes, this is one of those questions that can get asked a lot, since neck kissing 

can be pretty much interpreted as the “next step” in the relationship, especially, when it’s fresh. 

What are we talking about?

Well, neck kisses show both the emotional vulnerability of the giver of the kiss and also, it reminds the receiver of their own physical vulnerability. While this may sound a bit rigid or scientific even, if you want to kiss your girlfriend’s neck, you need to keep a few things in mind when you give the kiss, so that she won’t get the wrong idea (you know, like pushing you away because she has no idea you want to show your feelings and instead, she might think that you’re up to something else), and on the other hand, if you want to do it, you should do it right – like a pro.

Kissing your partner’s neck should be intimate and it should reflect the deepness of your emotions toward them. Make sure to give a passionate kiss.

Apart from a great way to show that you’re serious about you two at the beginning of the relationship, neck kisses are a great method to shake things up in an “older” relationship,  

So, in order to improve your neck kissing chops, We See You is going to walk you through the refined steps of the perfect neck kiss. 


Foreplay is important when it comes to intimacy and guess what? This also applies to neck kissing as well. Before you “go in for the kill”, feel free to touch her neck – stroke her neck gently with either your fingers or hands. This will make her curious about your next step, even though she pretty much knows what’s going to happen.  


No sudden movements – approach her slowly and don’t startle hear by any means. Don’t make things awkward, get your timing right. Get close to her the right way, get connected before you do your thing. 

Don’t kiss her neck right away – make eye contact first, touch her hair, hold her hands. 


While the whole neck is pretty sensitive and thus a great area for enticing kisses, you’ll want to explore the area that meets the collarbone since it’s one of the most sensitive areas spots of the entire neck (coupled with the area near the jawline). If you want to play your cards right, position your kisses in these areas to sneak in a little extra pleasure for her. 


To get those kisses right, you want to position yourself the best way possible. You don’t want to go in for the kiss while you don’t have total control over your balance – you don’t want to trample or fall on your girl. 

You don’t have to face her to kiss her neck, however, it’s a great position. Connect your body by wrapping your hands around her waist. 


A good kiss on her neck isn’t only about your lips and her neck. Engage with your entire body – move close to her, press against her, use your hands to draw her even closer to you.


When it comes to intimacy, your hands are your best friends – you can do loads of things with them while you’re kissing your partner. Touch her waist, her shoulder, running your fingers through her hair. Place those hands on her waist or around her neck – get creative. 


As with most intimate things, neck kissing is not something you want to rush into or something you want to do at a fast pace. In order to become a pro, you need to guarantee that the partner on the receiving end is enjoying what you’re doing and for that, you want to take your time. Be gentle, slow, and passionate. She’ll be thankful. However, if she wants you to be more aggressive… Well, you’ve heard the lady.


A light blow of air aimed at her neck is something you’ll have to try! When you blow your warm breath on her sensitive skin, she’ll feel a nice sensation and will get her into the groove. 


Try nibbling on her neck lightly if you want to explore different things. Biting can be a huge turn on for some, while others find it kind of too much or repulsive. Listen to how she responds. If you can tell that she likes it, keep up the good work. If not, change things up. 


Don’t overthink it – if you want to kiss her neck, kiss it. Go with the flow – whenever it’s appropriate, just kiss her neck. There are no rules for that. 


Don’t give all you got right from the start – kiss her neck with a closed mouth first. Build up passion and tension gradually. The sensations she will feel will be more anticipated and more intense this way. 

Yes, it is hard to focus on this, and temptation can be a real bitch but you need to keep in mind, that a slow but passionate neck kissing session which gradually escalates will lead to a much more intimate experience.


Once you’re at it, feel free to open your mouth and to use your tongue a bit as well. This is an excellent way to spice things up. Especially, when you use your tongue gradually.


This is another excellent thing you can do, but you should know that in some cases, it can leave a mark, or otherwise known as a hickey. You can evade it if you suck gently enough if she’s uncomfortable with them. Either way, keep this In mind, you never know when it might come in handy. 


Knowing that she’s enjoying what you’re doing is something you’ll want to care about if you want to good at kissing her neck.

One thing you can do is to be blunt and just ask her. While this might not seem “professional”, it’s best to get an answer and not having to assume stuff.

another thing you can do is to read her body language. If you can obviously see it that she’s having a good time, keep on doing your thing. If you see that nothing changes while you’re kissing her neck, it might just not be her thing. 


Now you know how to kiss your partner’s neck like a pro. The tips and steps we compiled here will give you all the knowledge you need to be the best neck-kisser she ever met! 

Just don’t forget, you don’t want to rush into the whole thing. Keep your cool and build things up gradually. Nibble, lick, blow, suck – these techniques will make sure that you keep things spicy and will continue to cause pleasure to her.

On the other hand, if she’s not a “neck kiss person”, chances are, she’ll eventually let you know. So, whatever the case may be, just keep up the work, use our tips, and give it your best shot. 

Now, go, get ‘em, tiger!

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

Love couple at home

Gentleman, if you have been asking yourself a question “How do I get a girl to kiss me?”, it seems that we have a situation here. Things are not going right for you for a while, so it is time to swallow your pride and read this article. Okay, with the exception of those guys who have a specific girl in mind, and they were asking their selves how to kiss her and by that, they mean how to get the courage to do that. Anyhow, all of you are in the right place because we have an answer to all your problems.

First of all, how to get a girl to kiss you is a wrong question. Here comes the scary truth- you don’t. If you are waiting for a girl to kiss you, you are wasting your time and you will grow old waiting. Girls never initiate the first kiss. Guys do that. And if you didn’t know that by now… Well, we have a little crisis here, but don’t worry, we will help you. We will give you steps to follow and if you are a good learner, everything will be just fine.

Let’s face it- first kisses can be a scary thing. There is a lot of hidden tension while we are pretending we are so cool and we are having a great time. Guys are asking their selves “What should I do? Do I need to kiss her? When?”, and plus there are so many things that could go wrong (or right). She could kiss you back. She could turn her head when you try to kiss her, and I can bet this is your biggest fear since you were a kid and started realizing relations between those different species. And while there is your own Vietnam in your head, girls are like “Is he going to kiss me? Does he likes me at all?”. That means she is attracted to you and she wants to be kissed, but she isn’t going to make the first move. Now, you need to read between the lines and see the signals she is sending to you.

It is all about confidence. If you are asking yourself how to get a girl to kiss YOU, then you have zero confidence. So, don’t be a baby and stop scaring if she is going to reject you. Get over it. Kiss her.

Basic Kissing Advice

1.    Don’t Wait Too Long

You should have a maximum number of dates in your head before you decide to kiss her. Women usually think a perfect time is the third date to be kissed. And if you don’t kiss her by then, she will think you are not interested in her, and she will construct in her head that she is not pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough. You do not want to be the cause of a really big mess in her head. And we are capable of that, trust me. We just love to overthink things.

2.    Get Some Alone Time

If you want to kiss a girl, you need to wait for a perfect moment. Find some comfortable and quiet place, build closeness. There should not be any distractions, like your friend crashing in a room while some house party, or your cell phone ringing. Make everything cozy and intimate.

3.    Be A Gentleman

From a girls angle, we think gentlemen are rare or even endangered species. And girls adore manners. Open the door for her, let her go ahead of you and you would be shocked with results! She will be more attracted to you and she will appreciate you more, and you will gain more confidence to kiss her just at the right moment.

4.    Sit Close To Her And Flirt

First, sit close to her. Form a connection. Talk with her about your common interests, get to know her better. She will feel more comfortable and realize you are interested in her. Tell her how much you like her, what did you thought when you first saw her (if you remember what she was wearing that time it is a huge plus). We REALLY need proofing all the time. Well, most of the time. Sometimes even when you are sleeping. But that is not the topic now. When she is comfortable and relaxed, start flirting casually, and a little bit sexually. You will see the reaction, and if she responds, that is the sign! Continue, enjoy! Feel how chemistry starts to grow.

5.    Touch Her Now And Then

While you are talking, touch her gently. Touch her hands, her nails. Tell her you like how soft her skin is. That will put her in the mood, and the tension will start to grow.

6.    Don’t Ask Her If You Can Kiss Her

Whatever you do, never ever, in any circumstances don’t ask a girl if you can kiss her. Just do it.

7.    Make the First Kiss Short and Sweet

Okay, she is comfortable, you are comfortable, everybody is comfortable. It is time for a big bang. But don’t be ambushing. The key for a good first kiss is to be short and sweet, leaving her wanting more. It sounds logical, don’t you think? It is not the time to show how long can you kiss or how long your tongue is. You don’t want her to feel like you are going to jump on her like she is a steak. You need to intrigue her and leave her thinking about what is going to happen in the future. You will be on her mind all day long.

What To Do When Kissing Goes Wrong

We all have been there sometimes. So, if you still have the worst scenarios in your head, we will cover that too. Here are some What To Do When situations:

•    The Girl Gives You A Cheek– If a girl kisses a guy, she likes him. If she doesn’t, she doesn’t. It is pretty simple. Well, there are like a 1% chance that someone called her name right when you wanted to kiss her. But, the ugly truth is, she was probably praying for something like that to happen. She is not the one for you. You will survive.

•    The Girl Gives You A Hug– That is called Friendzone, my friend. Sorry, but you are like a brother to her or something like that. Get over her.

•    The Girl Dodges Your Kiss– Well, it seems that you didn’t pay attention very well. You didn’t read the signals she was sending to you, and now here we are in an awkward situation. Probably friendzone all over again. Skip.

•    The Girl Screams On Top Of Her Lungs– Did you saw yourself in the mirror? Maybe you look like a rapist she saw on TV previously. Or maybe you look like someone who scared her in the past. Maybe someone accidentally put a knife in your pocket and she thinks you are a murderer? Anyway, she finds you like a threat, because we don’t usually scream for no reason. Bad luck.

•    The Girl Slaps You– Okay, this is truly a nightmare. What scenario did you use? Whatever it was, you didn’t get the point and you were doing it wrong. You see, you need first to do all the steps in the order we wrote, not the opposite. Did you forgot to ask her does she have a boyfriend or even a husband? Now you are a threat again, and she probably thought that a slap would prevent any attack on her. Run away before you didn’t get more.

•    The Girl Throws Up On You– You can’t conclude anything before knowing all the facts. Maybe she ate something that day what was out of date? Maybe she is wasted because she is an alcoholic? Or maybe she really wanted to kiss you too, but she became so nervous she threw up? In any case, don’t lose your hope. The right one is somewhere out there, probably kissing some other guy at the moment.

•    The Girls Boyfriend Shows Up– The good news here is that this is not completely your fault. Maybe she switched you with him in the dark, or maybe she is a pathological liar and she told you she is single. Maybe she wanted to revenge on him (yeah, we can be snakes sometimes). Anyway… Run.

There you go. We hope we helped you with those tips, but the important thing is not to forget them as soon as you close this window, but to actually follow them. Maybe you should print them and carry with you. If everything goes right, this girl we were talking about will become your girlfriend and after that, you wouldn’t need to ask yourself how to get a girl to kiss you. She will be kissing you all the time. And remember: be cool, be relaxed, and above all- be yourself. That is the most important part of you she needs to like.

How To Turn A Guy On While Kissing

Attractive couple in love under white bed sheets

We all enjoy kissing our loved ones. Kissing is one of the best ways to show how much we love them and how much we are attracted to them. But, do you want to know how to kiss your boyfriend or husband and make him think about you all the time? How to, literally, drive him crazy? Follow those steps how to turn a guy on while kissing and you will become the master of kissing!

1.    Take Care Of Your Lips

Always use a lip balm that will keep your lips soft, with a nice smell that will stay in his mind all day. Even tho we love lipsticks on our lips, leaving them with one all around his face and body can be tricky sometimes.

2.    Have Confidence While Kissing Him

Some people love that innocent kind of kissing, but, trust us, if you are confident and take the control in your hands, your man will feel that and that new situation will turn him on. Don’t be nervous, relax and enjoy while kissing him.

3.    Be Demanding

We will tell you one secret- do you know what turns guys on when teachers are in question? No, not eyeglasses. What turns guys on is the fact that they are demanding. Men like being demanding on work and in life, but when it comes to bedroom… Things are changing. So, don’t be afraid to show him what do you want to do, and what do you want him to do. This will turn him on and things will heat up.

4.    Take the Lead

Bringing innovations in a relationship and spicing things a little is always a good thing. So, if your guy is usually the one who is taking the lead while kissing, change the rules and let him know you are in charge. He will feel hot and you will turn him on.

5.    Start Softly and Continue Slowly

When you want to kiss him, come close and start slowly. Let him feel your warm breath on his face before you put your lips on his. Let your emotions and your attraction to him lead you. You can start with his bottom lip and softly massage it with yours.

6.    Play With His Lips

Kiss your man gently. At first. Let him know you are in control, that you lead the game. Make him feel relaxed while you are waking up every single nerve in his body. Many people think that sex itself is the most important thing, but skipping nice kissing is just missing the real pleasure. The lips are full of nerves that can pervade through the whole body.

7.    Explore His Body

Even if we put a really big accent on finding and hitting our erogenous zones, believe it or not- guys have them too! Well, maybe they do not know about them, but they are real, for sure. You can have fun while exploring them. Try kissing and licking their earlobe- their whole body will start to tremble and they won’t be able to talk. Plus, try whispering something sexy on their ear, why not?

When you are there already, come close to their neck. Give them a gentle kiss there, or just put your lips slowly on the neck. The things are becoming little more serious now, right?

The heat is getting higher, so you should try with their chests. Scientists say that chests are the men’s biggest erogenous zone (pretty similar like in women case, don’t you think?).

One more, and we are sure a lot of you girls did that at least once, and you didn’t even know that is such a big thing. Fingers. If you lick his pointer finger, you score! He is all yours, lady!

8.    Pull His Hair A Little

Does your insurance company know you like your hair to be pulled in some specific situations? Don’t worry, we won’t tell them.  But, we will tell you one thing- guys like that too. While kissing him, play with his hair, drag it out through your fingers and, when he least expects it- pull his hair backward. It is definitely something that will turn him on and make him come back to you always.

9.    Switch Things Up

When you start kissing him, you can change your tactics all the time. You can start with his lips, cheeks, neck, then breasts. You can massage his lips, bite a little. You should be gentle and then aggressive if you feel like it. Use your imagination, and let the passion go out. Go wild!

10.    Use Your Teeth

If you ask someone how to kiss they will tell you to need to use lips. But, besides this pretty obvious thing, we recommend teeth too.

 When we said earlier that you should bite him, we didn’t mean to wound him and leave him bleeding. No, you need to be as gentle as possible and try not to hurt your man. Slowly bite his bottom or top lip, and you can even use your tongue to spice things up.

11.    Change Your Head Position

Do you remember one of your first kisses? Not a very nice memory, right? It was tongues all around, half of your face was wet after a kiss, and it could last like forever until your neck went numb. Exhausting. Personally, I wish someone was there for me to tell me I need to tilt my head from time to time. But, you are lucky, because while you are on this little course, one of the things you will learn is to change your head position from left to the right, and vice verso. Don’t tire your man, there are a lot more things to do.

12.    Use Your Hands To Bring Some Magic

Kissing and touching always come together. It is almost impossible to be close to your man without touching him. While you are kissing him, use your hands to touch his other body parts. You can start with his face, neck, and chests. Then you will have all his attention, and while his body will crave for yours.

13.    Press Your Body On His

If you press your warm body on his, he will feel your closeness and that will turn him on. The result is an avalanche of passion.

14.    Sit On Him

Even tho we didn’t mention that you need to find a nice and comfortable place for cuddling and kissing, we hope that you realized that by yourself. The second thing is that you have a place to sit. Well, at least your guy. You can use that to sit on his lap and that will give him a hint of what is going to happen next. Then you can leave his imagination to do the rest, and the temperature will go higher and higher.

15.    Straddle Him

It seems that everybody is comfortable there, so you can untie your inner self and straddle him. And the fact is- guys love it! You will feel like you are in control, and at the same time, he will have the opportunity to touch every part of your body and feel like you are all his. Win-win situation! 

Small advice: we do not recommend this on a first make out. You do not want him to feel like you are assailing him. Make this move when you are already comfortable with your boyfriend.

16.    Don’t Forget Your Tongue

Remember the story about the first kiss? We hope you have improved that by now. Kissing him with tongue will drive him crazy as he keeps on thinking what you are doing to him. Through his thoughts will pass images of other ways you could use your tongue on him. This technique will turn on your guy. A lot.

17.     Let Him Touch You

Even if you decided that you are in charge, that doesn’t mean you need to do all the work by yourself. If he is a little bit shy, you can take his hand and put it (for the start) on your back. Even the shy one easy become turned on, and he will naturally explore your body as you do it on his.

18.    Let Him Kiss You

Encourage him. You need to do fifty percent of the work of course, but don’t do literally everything by yourself. That will make him think you don’t pay attention to him. Let him feel like a real macho man.

19.    Whisper In His Ears

While you kissing him, or he kisses you, whisper him how much do you want him and what do you want to do to him. His mind will explode and he will go wild. That is a bingo.

20.    Touch Him On The Front Of His Pants

Okay, it became really hot in there. You were kissing and touching and you can feel him burn as you do. It is time for the ultimate move. But first, you must decide is what you really want. Because, girl, you can’t go back from there. If you touch him and then pull back, he will feel like you are teasing him and that will piss him off. On the other hand, if you like where things are going and you want to take things to the next level, this move will turn your guy on very much. After that, you can lose yourself and enjoy the moment.

21.    Let Him Know You Liked It

Don’t be afraid to show him how much you like him. Just smile and let him know you enjoyed kissing him. Guys really appreciate that, because that gives them confidence (sometimes they are more complicated than girls) and courage to confess they like it too. Gentle kiss and one “that was fun” sentence would be enough for them to think about you for a long time after you are gone.

22.    Practice Your Techniques

We covered a lot of techniques, tips and ways you can kiss a guy. Now, it is left to you to put it in practice. It may feel the awkward first time you try something new, but don’t worry, it is all natural and normal. Keep practicing and everything will fall in place and it will eventually come to you naturally. Maybe you will need some time to learn all of this, but when you master all kissing techniques, you will become an expert on how to turn a guy on. Once you learn what turns guys on, you will feel confident and powerful and above that, your boyfriend will love it, and you will be on his mind all day long. We hope we helped you, now don’t be shy- go on, practice and enjoy!

11 Tips to Kiss a Guy On the Neck

Woman kissing a man on the neck

Neck kissing opens the door to your sexual desires. How is this possible? It’s normal to wonder, as you’ve likely felt the wild rush of a soft touch or gentle kisses on your neck once before. Your partner’s neck is one of the most sensitive areas on his body. The skin is delicate and the nerve endings are so plentiful that even the slightest graze can send your partner into a sensational flurry.

Kissing your partner’s neck is a lovely way to show affection and intimacy. It is also a great tool to use in foreplay to ignite your partner’s sexual fantasies.

Learn How to Kiss a Guy on the Neck

Whether it is a new fling or long-term relationship, your partner will appreciate your expert touch and skilled navigation of getting him riled up. Any touching and kissing on the neck will produce a reaction, but there are ways to make the moments last longer and more memorable.

Follow along to learn tips for giving your partner unforgettable kisses on his neck.

11 Tips on How to Give Neck Kisses:

1. Prepare for your neck kisses

Before you dive into kissing your partner’s neck, set up for the action with a bit of neck kissing foreplay. Set the mood with a quiet ambiance and slow, wistful movements.

2. Stroke his neck lightly

As you set up your neck kisses preparation, use an impossibly light touch to awaken your partner’s interest and to let him know of your impending intimate advances. As you stroke using only your fingertip, linger at the area you intend to kiss soon.

3. Know where he is most sensitive

Kiss your partner in the area of his neck that stretches between his shoulder and collarbone. He is so sensitive here. Once you spark his pleasure, kiss his neck on the right or left side, two more ultra sensitive spots on the neck.

Now, use several kissing techniques…

4. Wet your lips when you kiss him with a closed mouth

By wetting your lips, you make sure the touch he feels form you is soft. Kissing his neck with a closed mouth will stimulate his pleasure and begin to excite him.

5. Move vertically when you kiss with an opened mouth

As you move to your next kissing technique of an opened mouth, move your kisses up and down his neck to spread the sensation he is feeling all over. Pace yourself and go slowly.

6. Lick his neck from bottom to top

If you feel comfortable licking your partner’s neck, start from the bottom and glide the tip of your glide up toward the bottom of his ear.

Couple making love

7. Breathe on him between opened mouth kisses

As you draw a line of kisses down your partner’s neck, take time in between each one to blow hot air on his neck as you steadily move toward your next kiss.

8. Remember to slow down

It’s easy to get swept away in the moment. Kissing your partner’s neck is intimate and highly pleasurable, so the best pace of motion is slow. As you feel yourself getting caught up in a rush, slow down.

9. Kiss and blow hot air near his ear

The ear and surrounding area are another extremely sensitive area of your partner’s body. Kiss him beneath or near the ear, blowing hot air between kisses.

10. Limit sucking to 1-2 seconds

It can be tempting to suck and bite your partner’s neck, but sucking for too long increases the chances of a hickey, so stay beneath 2 seconds.

11. Lift his skin from his neck when biting

If you want to bite your partner, you can gently take a bit of his skin between your teeth. Lift it gently and lower. Repeat only if he shows a good reaction.

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