How Many Calories Do You Burn Kissing?

Just one kiss

You probably remember playing Spin the Bottle, 7 Minutes in Heaven and other adolescent games that involved the lucky chance that you got to kiss your crush. Oh, how wonderful it was to be a child when chasing crushes and turning in homework were the only concerns during the day. Well, now that you’re all grown up and have bigger daily responsibilities, kissing might not even cross your mind. But what if we told you that you could shave a few minutes off of the time you allocate for the gym by spending just a few minutes kissing your lover?

This may sound a bit silly to you but kissing does burn calories and they can add up quickly (especially if more physical activity is involved). So before you go searching, “how many calories do you burn kissing?” we’ll save you the time. Experts have calculated that a minute of passionate kissing can help you shed up to 1.5 calories. Now, don’t turn your nose up at that little number because over the course of an hour of fooling around and making out, you can eat an extra chicken drumstick (75 calories), a vodka soda (95 calories) or add them to your daily count on your weight-loss journey. If you want to really step up your calorie-burning, sex can burn up to 140+ calories per half an hour. Different positions can really impact the cardiovascular burn and muscular endurance of your lover and you during a romp in the sack.

So, the next time you decide to skip the gym or have a little bit of dessert, just remember that you know the answer to how many calories do you burn while kissing someone and you can work it off in a fun way. Just remember, 30 minutes of kissing burns the caloric equivalent of one Oreo cookie!

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What Does his Kiss Say about His Feelings?

man kissing woman - What Does his Kiss Say about His Feelings

When it comes to feelings, especially expressing them, men aren’t really talkers. Sure thing, there are a few exceptions to this very rule, however, the majority of men does a better than showing how they feel rather than being vocal about it. This being said, you can be sure about it, when they really care, they’ll manage to convey and prove it some way or another. Kissing you might be the first and the easiest thing they’ll do..

However, what does his kiss say about his feelings? How to tell if he loves you by his kiss? Honestly, can you even tell how a man feels by his kiss?

If you examine them carefully, kisses can tell you quite a lot. A lot more than you might think at first thought. They can actually be more powerful than words. They reveal how much he admires you. It also tells a great deal about his affection and true intentions. His kisses answer can tell how much he’s into you.

All in all, his kisses can and will be louder than simple words.

In this article, the gang here at Reckless Love has gathered a few kiss types which can actually tell what kind of feelings he’s fostering toward you.


Making out at the beginning of your relationship is a no-brainer sign that he’s really into you. When you’re deeper in the relationship and you are sexually active, french kissing is great for foreplay and the intensity of his kisses speak a great deal of how aroused he is. All in all, French kissing can tell that he’s really attracted to you.


This is a perfect way to say hi or bye and a great way to give a kiss to a woman, however, there’s a catch with this one. If he gives you such kisses even when you two are alone, there’s a slight chance that he isn’t sure about his feelings yet.  

However, if he greets you like this when you meet in public, he’s definitely into you and does not really care if everybody knows about it..


A kiss on the cheek can be a sign of him being affectionate or that he’s endearing toward you. Then again, a kiss on the cheek can also indicate that he thinks of you as a friend and he’s trying to keep a bit of distance.

You can tell the difference between the two intentions by checking out the whole process itself. If the kiss lasts more than you feel a friendly kiss should and is followed by him hugging you which is again, longer-lasting than usual, there’s a good chance he’s into you. This one is difficult to tell for sure and will probably depend on the given circumstance and the signals he’s trying to send.

Don’t sweat this one, if he’s not just a friend, he’ll definitely make it clear.


Usually, friends rarely give forehead kisses, and honestly, it would be quite weird if that was the case. So, this kiss displays your mutual trust while also indicating a deeper connection between the two of you. This kissing style shows that he wants to make sure you feel save and that he wants you to be close to him. It shows that he wants to take care of you, to be there for you.


These are have a great deal of sweetness and sexyness to them. He uses neck kisses to turn you on and he’s showing you that he’d be rather doing you know what with you at the moment. However, be careful since it can indicate that he’s only just really horny and not intimate about you two. To detect love in this case, you must involve more factors, like the fact that you’re in a relationship, his general efforts he makes and how he behaves with you overall..


The so-called Spiderman kiss is really creative, fun, and special. Also, we have to admit it, it’s not that easy to pull off, so if he actually goes through everything just to kiss you like this, you can be sure that he’s ready to commit to the relationship.


When he kisses your hand (which is totally unusual nowadays), he’s looking forward to impress.. He’s aiming to show you his best self and display himself as a sweet guy, so pulls of this technique of old-school values. He wants to make you smile and feel special and uses this kiss as a rather thoughtful way to get your attention.


This kiss is just sooo cute! It’s a nice way to display endearment and indicates that you two serious about what you have..

He kisses you on your nose when the two of you share a deep bond. You know, when you already have that little world of your own and him kissing you on the nose is an obvious sign that you two already know and love each other and your weird but cute little habits.


This kiss is a clear sign that he’s intimate towards you. The earlobe (just like the neck) is a go-to erogenous zone and he’s pretty much aware of that. If he’s nibbling around your ear with his lips and you two still haven’t got naked in front of each other, he’s hoping that these kisses will arouse you and you two can get to the bedroom sooner or later. Sooner than later.


He’s kissing you in wacky ways like giving you twenty different types of kisses, or who knows, gently licks your face… If he’s doing this kind of wacky stuff, he really just wants to make you laugh and ensure you have a good time & that you are happy. It’s also a clear sign that he’s pretty comfortable around you and doesn’t mind being playful and to let loose the inner-child in him.

girl gives boyfriend a kiss at sunset


If you’re self-conscious about stomach kisses, but your guy is giving them to you, you should relax and take it easy. He’s not so critical with yourself as you are. He doesn’t care about the things you perceive on your body as imperfections. He rather sees it as a perfect piece of art. This might even be a sign of future plans and by kissing your stomach, he’s thinking about the two of you having children at some point in the future.


This is a kiss for getting out of an argument as a winne, or something he uses to stop a monologue. This kiss is an effective and a sweet way to end a conversation with a woman. Honestly, it’s hard to stay mad after this, right?


A kiss like this is when he kisses you either on the lips or somewhere else, but instead of lifting his lips after the kiss, he’s forming gentle suction cups with them.If you’re into things like this, it can be arousing but if you’re not, you might feel discomfort. Whatever the case may be, he wants to turn you on. Bigtime.  


No doubt, a kiss on the breasts is highly sexual, however, it also means that he is focusing on causing you pleasure and he’s doing his bet to make you enjoy the time you two spend together. He wants you to notice that he’s putting in extra work and effort to pleasure you.


This kiss speaks about the emotional and physical bonds that you two managed to forge. When he’s kissing you on the shoulder, subconsciously, he is giving his very self to you and he’s also thanking you for you being by his side.This kiss says he appreciates and trusts you.


Yes, these kisses are mostly in close correlation with foreplay, however, you won’t kiss just anybody like this. You only kiss every single inch of someone when that person means the world to you. It means he adores you. Kisses like these are always full of intimacy and passion. These kisses are direct signs of his love.


We really hoped this article has helped you uncover the meaning – or at least have a better understanding of – his actions and kisses and what kind of feelings they are trying to convey and let you know.

Kisses are perfect and intimate ways of showing affection and can speak louder than words. As you have learned from the article above, kisses can make you see how much he really likes you.

While kisses do sometimes speak louder than words, don’t forget that there’s more to relationships than cuddles, kisses, and words. Respect, commitment, unconditional love and mutual appreciation are also needed to keep the flame burning..

However, the more he kisses you, the closer you are and that’s always a good sign.

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Kissing 101: How to Tongue Kiss for the First Time?

Couple at home

How to kiss someone for the first time? – this is something that teens tend to think a lot about especially when they are just about to have the same first kiss. Sometimes, they even go further (before that first actual kiss), like “how to tongue kiss someone for the first time”.

Yes, we’ve all been there. It’s something really intense and chances are, it’s an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Sweet memories.

However, before the act of that actual first kiss, most of us were either super excited, anxious or even terrified of even thinking about it, because most of us had no idea how to kiss someone. In this regards, times don’t really change. While there are a lot more tools out there (like the internet) for teens to prepare them for their first kiss, that nervous-excited state will more or less always remain the same.

Being a little anxious is perfectly normal, however, knowing what to expect can build a lot of confidence in everyone. So, if you’re somebody who’s maybe looking forward to going on their first-ever date, read the following article in which we give our readers great info on how to kiss someone for the first time step by step.


Before the French kiss

Before your first French kiss with someone, it’s not a bad idea to exchange a few regular kisses at first just to get the hang of it. In all honesty, a lot of it is the same, however, when you engage your tongue as well, it’s a bit more intimate level and it means that the two of you trust each other a bit more.

The first and probably most valuable advice we can give you is to be open, communicative and cool about the whole thing. If you, let’s say, suspect that your partner is interested in French kissing, but you can tell that they are shying away from it. So, be cool and discuss it before giving it a try. There’s a pretty good chance that your date might just need a little support and to be encouraged a little before giving it a go. It’s true that might kill the passion a bit, but it will still be a pleasant experience.

On the other hand, most first French kisses actually happen during the height of the moment, unplanned, without any kind of talk about it beforehand.

French Kissing – The How-To

If you want to get all technical and prepared for the big moment, give these instructions a good read and they will definitely help to ensure that your first French kiss goes as smoothly as possible.


  • Make sure that your lips are moist. Trust us on this one, kissing with dry lips are just “meh”. Before your kiss, try to lick those lips a bit just to make them a little moist. If you want your lips to be moist all the time, keep yourself hydrated and use lip balm.
  • It’s all about the angles.  Angle your head on one side when you’re going in for the kiss. Why? Simple, when you both approach each other in the same angle, both your noses will get in the way. Once you’re kissing, feel free to changes sides to add variety.
  • Keep your eyes closed. The majority of people have their eyes closed while they kiss. Otherwise, they would give a cross-eyed look to their partners every single time. Looking at your partner briefly during is perfectly fine, however, keeping eye contact through the whole act can be a little weird and might even kill it.
  • Start kissing normally. When people kiss, the usually don’t start right away with French kissing. Tongue kissing needs to be built up step by step, starting with exchanging kisses with both of you having your mouth closed. To get the right idea, use those first few little kisses as foreplay for the real thing (i.e. French kissing).
  • Don’t rush. When you start French kissing, make sure not to move too quickly and stab their mouth with your tongue. Slowly move your tongue toward their mouth and stop as soon as you get to your partner’s lips to be sure that they also want to begin. Don’t worry, chances are, they will automatically respond the right way.


  • Don’t be stiff. Now, that you’re finally Frenching, take your time and explore your partner’s mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue. Be creative and find out which things turn you on, but at the same time, be aware of your partner’s reactions and preferences too.
  • Keep things exciting. Yes, exploring “the territory” will be exciting, but you don’t have to stop there. First, feel free to get back to exchanging normal kisses every once in a while. Don’t get us wrong, French kissing is awesome but traditional kisses are also great. Feel free to mix the two styles up during your kissing sessions to keep things fresh. You can also experiment with different speeds and angles, you can also use more or less tongue-action to see what works best for you two.
  • Show some passion and dominance but also, feel free to give your partner the upper hand every once in a while.   

A few more tips to make the experience even better

  • Make sure to breathe. This might sound pretty obvious but it’s actually something first-timers tend to forget. Breathe while you’re kissing to keep it up for longer and to remain comfortable. Use your nose to inhale and exhale so there’s no need for stopping during the session.
  • Make sure your breath is fresh. Don’t kiss someone if you have bad breath. Simply brush your teeth beforehand (and regularly for that matter). Also, taking breath mints before those kisses is also a good idea.
  • Engage your hands too. A good French kissing session should also include cuddling and much more – engage your entire body to heighten the entire experience.


All in all, French kissing is no rocket science and it’s fairly easy to learn and the best thing is, as you can see, there aren’t a lot of rules to follow. The main lesson here is to be cool about it and just let it happen. Enjoying yourselves is all that really matters.

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How to Kiss with Tongue – Use Your Tongue Wisely

How to Kiss with Tongue - Use Your Tongue Wisely

Mastering the utterly important art of kissing is by no means rocket science, however, it surely has its own perks and quirks of which you have to know about to become a true master. Readers who are already experienced in this field might even remember their first-ever tongue kiss and the feelings and sensations it gave them. They can also recall that they were really anxious, felt debilitating feel but once the “exchange” happened, all the nervousness went away and something awesome followed.

Now, they can probably tell you, that they didn’t really know what they were doing. However, they just kept at it, and in time, they’ve become a lot better at kissing, and chances are, a lot of them became awesome at it.

These same people will tell those who are inexperienced that there’s a lot more to Frenching than a few swirls here and there with your tongue.

And Reckless Love is here to tell you what they already know.

Thank heavens we live in a time when questions like “How do you tongue kiss?” and “How to kiss with tongue?” can be answered right off the bat so you can spare yourself from awkward questions and weird situations. Not to mention, with Reckless Love, you’ll only get the best advice out there. So, enough chit-chat, let’s see those must-know tongue kissing tips that will take your kissing-game to the next level and to attain the skills necessary to leave your partner speechless after the first kiss.

The Art of French Kissing

  • Getting started

Frenching should be something that will leave your partner begging for more, however in order to pull that off, you can’t use too much tongue, either too little.  You have to keep your cool and, by all means, keep breathing throughout.

The Art of French Kissing

  • You should have the upper hand

In plain English – take the first steps. Taking initiative is important. You can’t always rely on your partner to get things started, whether that be kissing or something more serious. We can do a great deal for our pleasures to be fulfilled and getting the ball rolling is one of them.

So, slowly just get closer to your partner, maybe give them a kiss on the forehead or the cheek, then slowly, get closer to the lips. Get as close to your partner as possible and get your arms wrapped around them,

  • Don’t blow through it

Although we encourage you to take the first step, we’re not saying that you should attack your partner like a rabid dog. So, take it slow and ease them into what’s about to happen. Look deeply in their eyes for starters.

You’ll want to relax your lips during kissing and slowly get your tongue in the picture. When there, play around with your partner’s tongue a little and then, suck on your partner’s lips.

When you’re feeling that you’re getting into the groove of it all, feel free to add either intensity or pressure. OR both.

  • Passion is your friend

Instead of focusing to do everything right, just calm down and go with the flow. Being anxious about kissing is the biggest mistake of kissing. True story.

So, exchange anxiety for passion. Enjoy the moment, enjoy that your partner is so close, enjoy the fact that you two are kissing. The technique will come with time. Passion has to be there right from the start.

  • Read the signals and adjust

In order to become a master kisser, you’ll want to know what’s happening with your partner while the kiss lasts. This isn’t that hard, just try and focus on what’s going on with them. Try adding pressure, if your partner also increases it, chances are, they like what you are doing.

On the other hand, if they subtly pull back a bit, then chances are, you went overboard a little. It’s not a problem, and it’s an obligatory learning curve. If the relationship is new, in time, you’ll learn to play off of each others energy.

One thing is imperative though: make sure they can breathe at all times.

  • Your tongue should be there for a reason

This literally means that you should find balance in the amount of tongue you’ll be using.

That being said, you’ll need to use just the right amount to pull off a sexy, passionate, and emotional kiss. All at the same time. On the other hand, when you use too much tongue, you can also come off like a creep because some find the thrusting that comes with it just too much.

So, use your tongue wisely — lick your partner’s lip a little after the kiss or play with them by using just the tip of your tongue, You can also glaze their teeth for a bit. Being creative is the key.

  • Hand-action

Your hands should also be a part of the action – use them to make the experience even more intimate and passionate.

Feel free to use your hands to — either hold your partner’s, or the gently caress their hair, gently touch their neck, or hang on their waist.

  • Passion, Passion, and passion

You probably get it by now but it’s so important that we’ll go over it again: passion is utterly important and makes the whole experience simply just a lot more meaningful. Give yourself over to the power of the kiss, and signal to your partner that this kiss is the only thing you want to have right now.

  • Communicate

To be honest, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” kissing. Everybody is different and everybody will kiss differently and will have different styles. If you and your partner “come from different places” in regard to this area, don’t get overworked about it, simply just get it out on the open. Talk about what you like and ask them what’s their turn on.

Just be thoughtful and listen. Be supportive. Chances are, you can find a common nominator in no time

Things to Be Aware Of

While with a good partner, French kissing will be smooth sailing, here are a few extra tips to make sure you don’t get any complaints:

  • Breath issues

This is pretty much a no-brainer but we should go over it. Take care of your breath beforehand just to make sure that you do this the right way.

  • Too much saliva

Some people simply just don’t like it when things are all sloppy. Be mindful of that.

  • Facial hair?

Some people like the touch of another’s facial hair on their neck and cheeks. For others, it’s a huge no-no. Avoid the guesswork, ask your partner about their preferences if you’re on the hairy side.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, tongue kissing is no rocket science. By following the tips and secrets we listed above, you will be on your way to French kiss superstardom before you know it.

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