Masturbation techniques for men

When it comes to masturbating for males, even most men tend to think about it the same way – a good ole’ stroll in the park, nothing new, always the same, no thrills. 

What if we tell you that there’s more to jerking off than what you’ve done so far? Have you ever heard of masturbation techniques for males?  


Self-play is pretty common and pretty healthy, even though there are a lot of people out there who state the exact opposite. 

To be more precise, there’s even some scientific evidence out there that says that nearly everyone (98 percent) will engage in at a certain point in their lives. That’s a lot of people. 

On the other hand, it has been shown that masturbation can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men, it can help people relieve stress, and it can also help with getting more rest. 

So, before we dive into the “how” of things, let’s get a few facts clear. 

To give a scientific definition of masturbation, we can say that it’s the act of sexual self-pleasure by stimulating the penis (in this case) or other erogenous zones, in most cases to the point of sexual climax which will result in ejaculation. All this, for the sole purpose of pleasure. 

For the most part, jerking off is a solo act, however, it can be used as a part of foreplay or intercourse even together with a partner.  

Self-play can also be an effective tool for stress relief, for dealing with anxiety and for sexual “training”.


As mentioned before, most men tend to think that there’s only one way to beat their meat. Well, gentlemen, that’s not true. There are many things and techniques you can use to spice things up and to get more bang for your buck.  If you’re on the more adventurous side, you can add a few toys into the mix to get things going.


Simply put, using lube is pretty much a must when it comes to quality time alone. If your skin is sensitive, you might be better off using water-based lubes to stay away from irritation and possible infections. 


This might look a little frightening at first, but in reality, it’s easy to use and it even has a few benefits. For starters, it helps you stay erect because it allows the blood to flow to the penis but stops it from escaping. It can also help you perform better in bed and it allows you to get back to business a lot faster after ejaculation.

You can try standard rings and more fancy ones too, which even vibrate.


Chances are good that your girlfriend has a few sex toys somewhere in her closet. Like it or not, these toys help both of you a lot to intensify the whole experience in bed and they also help her a lot to learn about the way she likes to make love. 

You can also use sex toys for your joy. Try the fleshlight, for instance. It’s a popular toy which some men use as a whole while others only prefer it’s sleeve.  Either case, it’s best used with water-based lube. 

A good fleshlight is also anatomically correct, so it can help you with practicing clitoral stimulation when you’re doing the real thing, enabling you to cause even more pleasure to your partner. 


This is one handy toy that’s meant to reproduce the sensation of receiving a blowjob. Not bad, right? This bad boy works by positioning itself o your member in a similar way as a partner’s mouth would do, while it moves similarly and can remind you of suction. 

Using lube with this smart device will definitely take your game to the next level and will give you the ride of your life.


What if we told you that when you put a vibrator against your balls while you’re rubbing one out can take you places you never thought existed? 

Yup, special vibrators for men can do that. However, you’ll need to buy it from a reliable company and you’ll need to get the right size. 

As you explore the new possibilities, you may find yourself going from playing around with your member to messing around with your G-spot (yes, you have one too), which is in your prostate. If you learn how to stimulate this, you can even reach higher levels of joy you thought were possible. While this may require a lot of courage at the beginning for you, you should know that people who tried it say that it was worth the effort and the fuss.

We know that some of you don’t really like the idea of using vibrators for your pleasure but keep an open mind. It’s totally okay and who knows? Maybe you’ll experience something totally new. Maybe, as a result, you’ll take your game in the bedroom with your partner to a totally new level and you’ll introduce a whole arsenal of different sex toys to your sessions. You never know… 


In other words, take it slower. Okay, when you’re looking for a quick way to get rid of some built up stress, it’s okay to beat your meat mercilessly, but when you have time to kill, take things slow with masturbation too. Experts say that it can even do good with your sex life too. 

They say that men focus way too much on orgasm, and that shouldn’t be the alpha and the omega of sex neither masturbation. They say, by slowing down, they can feel every little stimulus better and as an end result, they can enjoy sex better. 

Also, as a bonus, it can train them to gain better control over their mind and body thus training them to last longer in bed.

So, next time you’re about to rub one out, take your time and go slow. See how things feel. Maybe you’ll discover new sensations that you never knew existed. Maybe, jerking off slow is a totally new dimension for you that you’ll just want to explore more. 


Otherwise known as the start-and-stop technique, generally means that you masturbate and suddenly stop before you reach the “point of no return”. Once the sensations have subsided, you can continue beating your meat. 

Edging is a good technique if you want to build up and prolong the pleasure you’re feeling and it can also help you a great deal in the bedroom too. Just like slowing down, edging can also help men to avoid premature ejaculation, and it can also help you gain better control over your sensations. 

The more you learn about your body and its signals which lead to orgasm, the better you will become at controlling them. In return, you can last longer in bed and you can also improve the quality of your orgasms. 


Your testicles need love too. There are pleasure zones in them too, so feel free to explore them. Rub your testicles gently, play around with them, fondle them. This can help you have better orgasms, and at the same time, it will help with making you more comfortable with your partner touching those balls. 


Whichever techniques you use, whichever toy you throw into the mix, the key point here is to get more in tune with your body and the things you feel during sexual stimulation. Explore how your hand feels the best, experiment with different tempos and make sure that you enjoy every step of the process.

When you learn about your own body and sensations, you can learn to manipulate them and to have better control over them. This can come in handy in the bedroom and can also teach you how to achieve better orgasms. 

As a bonus, when you learn about your erogenous zones, and when you are more aware of what causes you sexual pleasure, you can better communicate your desires with your partner too. This can go a long way in the bedroom since there won’t be unnecessary frustration between you two when both of you know your preferences, likes, and dislikes.


As you can see, there are loads of way you can change the “meat beating” experience and take it to a whole new level. With or without toys, edging or not, slow or fast, the key is to learn about your body and to explore your sexuality.

Don’t forget, masturbation is by no means a sin, but a great way to get in touch with your body better, a great natural sleeping aid, a great stress management method, and a healthy habit.

Regular self-play can have loads of benefits. Just don’t abuse it.

Keep it simple and in between normal limits. Once it takes over your life and it starts to cause problems in your everyday life, it’s better to seek professional help. Balance is the key. Jerking off is fun, but not to the point that you lose your job or your partner because of it. 

Now, pop that lube and have some fun!  

What does female ejaculation look like?

Girl taking pleasure

What Does Female Ejaculation Look Like

You’ve heard lots of rumors. Now, you want to know what does female ejaculation look like? Here’s the lowdown about everything female ejaculation. Female ejaculation is typically a clear or cloudy color. Female ejaculation is often referred to as squirting. The studies are growing. Scientists want to know more about how the female anatomy works together. 

In San Francisco, a trendy yoga studio offers an extra class. Think of yoga classes. Many people getting hot and sweat flies everywhere. Everyone is comfortable and eager to learn about their bodies. ‘Squirtologist’ named Tallulah Sulis teaches women the art of self-pleasure. Sulis’ San Francisco class is typically full and sometimes has waitlists. Sulis is an expert is squirting. Sulis teaches women about female ejaculation and how to self-pleasure.

Female Ejaculation Appearance

The appearance of female ejaculation is water-like. People are asking all types of questions. They want to know what does female ejaculation look like and how is the fluid produced. Lots of people are under the misconception that female ejaculation is urine. Are you sure you know the answer? What researchers found is shocking. Many people believe female ejaculation is part of an orgasm. This could be a total misunderstanding. Scientists are studying the female anatomy to provide you the answers. Answers needed to understand what female ejaculation is and is not. 

Sacred Arts and Exercises

Yoga is more than exercise. In fact, yoga only one part of dynamic religious practices focused on the mind, body, and soul together. There is a mind, body, soul connection in the sacred space of a yoga studio. It provides the perfect open atmosphere for ‘Squirtologist’ Sulis to teach women self-pleasure. 

Tantra yoga is the modern version of adapted from ancient Vedic religious practices. Christine Borch is Danish. Borch is a spiritual thinker. He hosts Sacred Squirting workshops. In these sacred workshops, Borch teaches a therapeutic workshop to promote female self-pleasure.

Female Ejaculation or Orgasm

Orgasm and female ejaculation are not the same things. Orgasm involves a completely different part of the body that female ejaculation. How is female ejaculation related to orgasm is the first question people ask. Female ejaculation is not the same thing as an orgasm

Female ejaculation releases a type of fluid excreted by the female prostate. Orgasms are muscular. The uncontrollable contractions of vaginal muscles cause an orgasm. The release of prostate fluid during female ejaculation is completely different than orgasm. Thus, it is important to differentiate female ejaculation from orgasm. To understand female ejaculation you need to understand the different terms.

Female Ejaculation Study 

Everyone is curious about squirting. The topic sparked debate when researchers made an announcement that to the effect that it’s pee. But, others believe there’s more to it. One thing is for sure, everybody wants to know. Doctors did a study with ultrasounds. They had women pee, emptying the bladder. The women then became aroused and another ultrasound performed. 

The second ultrasound showed some urine in the blatter. Makes sense, blatter refills. The women then completed their orgasm.  They collected a sample of the fluid. Doctors took it to the lab. Through chemical analysis, the lab found the field comes from the kidneys. To see what does female ejaculation look like they put the sample under a microscope. The scientists conducted the study. They concluded that female ejaculation looks like diluted urine. 

Not Urine Not a Problem

Female ejaculation is not exactly urine. In fact, female ejaculation is not urine at all. Like males, females have a prostate gland. The female prostate gland surrounds the urethral canal. The urethral canal connects to the blatter. However, the female ejaculation comes from the prostate gland. Both males and females. Therefore, female ejaculation is not exactly urine. Just like men orgasm and pee through the urethra, the female orgasm comes from the female urethra.

Many couples find the biggest problem is letting go. People think female ejaculation is urine. Couples report female partners sometimes take a pee break. In the middle of intercourse, you don’t need a pee. This breaks the pattern of intimacy. It is a misconception that female ejaculation is urine. Women need to understand that it’s okay to let go and feel the pleasure of female ejaculation. If you empty your bladder before intercourse you do not need to stop intercourse to pee. Rather than stop to pee, you should continue. Enjoy the immensely pleasurable release that is female ejaculation. 

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Female Masturbation: Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Tried Before

Masturbation techniques for women

Throughout history, the female orgasm has had a varied narration that ranged from being evil to one of the greatest pleasures in life. Often misunderstood and under-prioritized, the female orgasm and ways to achieve it have been recently (recent as the 1960s and Sex and the City) in the spotlight.

This enlightening has led to more women seeking ways to achieve their own slice of pleasure, which has led to the rise of sex therapists, a limitless toy selection and countless resources to help even the most orgasm-incompetent women find success. Each woman is different and the way that they achieve orgasm couldn’t be more different. Most women that have experienced an orgasm do so through masturbation, while perhaps a smaller number of women can experience it through sex.

Aside from enjoyment and feeling amazing, masturbation has a variety of other benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, boosts your mood, improves sleep habits and self-esteem, strengthens muscles in your pelvic and anal regions.

There is a saying that goes like, “we must love ourselves before we can love another” or something close to that and when it comes to sex, this holds true. Understanding our bodies, what we like, what drives us crazy and ultimately, what makes us climax is important to figure out. Without knowing these personal details about yourself, how can you ever expect someone to bring you the most pleasure possible?

So explore your body and figure out what makes you lose control. With that being said, we’ve compiled a long list of masturbation techniques for women to help those (of the 92% of women) seeking a place to start, new ideas to try or just looking for something to spice up that solo Tuesday night.

Before we dive into the juicy details of exactly how to play with yourself, let us identify the four types of female masturbation categories.

  • Grinding– some women are able to bring themselves to orgasm by rubbing or grinding their vulva on surfaces.
  • Clitoral– this highly sensitive, erectile part of your downstairs can be the key to unlocking true sexual pleasure through clitoral stimulation.
  • Penetration– either with your fingers or other objects, penetrating yourself to reach those mysterious G and A spots can lead to mind-blowing sensations.
  • Anal– you bet some women can experience orgasms purely from anal play. With sometimes viewed as taboo or off-limits, anal play can open up a whole new world of sexual indulgence for those brave enough to try.

Finally, without any further ado, here are some of the best masturbation tips for women that we have found. Remember that everyone is different and you’ll never know how it feels until you try it. What may seem weird or not your cup of tea might be just what you’ve been searching for!

Proper Preparation

One of the most important things you can do to help set yourself up some pleasurable masturbation is by preparing your body. Take a long, hot shower or bath, trim up your nether regions so that you feel sexy, put some lotion on and relax. Feeling comfortable in your own body is absolutely key to really letting yourself enjoy sexual contact. While preparing your body for some self-love, get your mind right as well. Whether you have 20 minutes to satisfy your sexual cravings or an entire afternoon to completely indulge, taking a little bit of time to make yourself feel relaxed and sexy, both mentally and physically can go a long way when learning to satisfy yourself truly.

Set the mood

Light some candles, play your favorite music and the most important thing is making sure you have complete privacy. There might not be a worse sexual situation than if you’re lost in your self-pleasuring and someone comes strolling into your room, unannounced. Lock the door, at the very least, or figure out another time or place that will give you the privacy you need.

Seek Visual Aides or Read

It’s no secret that most men watch porn to get in the mood and to help them visualize, fantasize and orgasm. So why can’t you do the same? Granted, you may not (or you might be) crazy about the idea of watching some hardcore porn but instead, you may really love softcore or even an erotic fiction novel to get your juices flowing. If you’re lucky, you may not need any extra motivation to help you get your body revved up but there is nothing wrong with seeking some external cues for help. Explore a little bit and find what you like because the internet is full of what is probably a limitless supply of sexual content and there is definitely something for everyone.

Explore your nether regions and body as a whole

One of the biggest misconceptions about masturbation is that you can only climax by playing with your vagina. However, there are women (lucky) out there that are able to climax as a result of various other sexual stimulation methods besides just involving the vaginal. Some lucky women can get off as a result of breast and nipple stimulation. Your body has a variety of erogenous zones including your inner thighs and breasts. Aside from the wonderful sensations and added health benefits, masturbation is a phenomenal way for you to figure out what turns you on, what doesn’t and what makes you lose control. Explore your body, find those other spots on your body that give you goosebumps and learn to use them to enhance your playing.

Masturbation woman

Use Lube

Sometimes our bodies may be a little bit behind the sexual 8 ball and require a little artificial assistance to help things go a little smoother. There is nothing wrong with using lube and the market today is filled with a variety of lubes that can genuinely enhance your masturbation and sex. From tingling sensations to being edible, lubes have come a long way in terms of spicing things up. So don’t stress if you feel like your vagina could stand to use a little help in the lubrication department because when it comes down to it all that matters is your pleasure and lube can be a wonderfully fun addition to your routine.

Pillow Humping

As adolescent and straightforward as it sounds, humping or grinding your vulva into something firm yet soft (like a pillow or couch arm) can bring more than enough sensation to cause some women to orgasm. If you are new to masturbation, this can be a great introduction because there isn’t anything that can go wrong. With the right positioning, you can completely control the speed, pressure and angle of your grinding/humping to discover your likes.

Get to know your clitoris

Your clit (most likely) will be like the Holy Grail when it comes to your masturbation and sexual conquests. For those of you who have not taken the time to explore your vagina in its entirety, your clit is situated right above your vagina, sometimes hidden under folds of skin and gets slightly more prominent when you’re aroused. There is no right way to stimulate your clit because each person is going to enjoy and dislike different techniques. Take some time and learn what feels best for you. The best place to start is with simple rubbing, either up and down or in circles and from there you can follow the sensation trail of pleasure. Don’t be alarmed if/when you do climax if your clit is extremely sensitive, this is entirely normal.

Let your fingers do the work

Vaginal penetration is another popular method for getting off because it is somewhat similar to sex, only you’re in complete control. Start slowly with one finger and explore your internal vaginal anatomy. This is where the lube can be helpful if you lack natural lubrication. As you become more turned on by trying different fingering methods, you may be able to ease another finger or two inside but this depends entirely on you and how you feel.

Try a toy or two

The sex toy industry has truly exploded in the last 10 or 15 years and only continues to grow because the demand is so great. Toy designs are only limited by the imagination of the creators. If you haven’t tried masturbating with a bullet vibrator or a contoured dildo, you owe it to yourself and your vagina to try. Whether you want something small and discreet or powerful enough blow your mind, there are numerous sex toys out there that will fill your desires. There is absolutely no shame in needing a little help from an outside source (toys) to help bring yourself to come and perhaps some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. The stigma that once surrounded the porn and sex toy industry has

Anal exploration

While often thought of as taboo or weird, your ass actually holds a ton of potential pleasure, if treated right. Anal stimulation, whether external or internal, can provide a tremendous amount of unique sensations that can definitely enhance your normal, go-to methods of reaching your climax. Either tracing and circling with your fingertip or penetrating with a toy, if you’ve ever been curious about butt play, there is no better chance to explore and test than on your own.

Positions can make the real difference

Sure, the go-to position for most is going to be on the bed, on their back with legs spread. Don’t get me wrong, this is a comfortable and reliable position that serves its purpose proudly. However, if you’re looking to match your favorite technique with a more suitable position we have some suggestions for you.

  • Clitoral- lie on your back (obvious)
  • Vaginal penetration- try a squatting position to achieve a better angle for a more pleasurable insertion
  • Anal- face-down doggy-style is perhaps the best position for anal play because it allows you to reach easily while still have a hand free to give your vagina attention
  • Combo- reverse cowgirl is great for riding a toy and leaving your hands free to play with your breasts or clit
  • Wild Idea- try masturbating in front of a mirror, this may give you a whole new perspective

Detachable shower heads can do more than just rinse

Investing in an adjustable stream, detachable shower head can be a great use of your money. Not only will it improve your showers but it can also be used as an incredible sex toy. Pulsating water (in various patterns if you get a good one) can bring mind-blowing orgasms with little effort. No mess, no concern of privacy and consistent pleasure are what you’ll find when you try using your shower head for more than cleaning off.

Finding your G-spot

This spot was once on the level of the Bermuda Triangle and those that believed in its existence were deemed crazy and unstable. However, after much debate and research, the G-spot does exist and oh boy, does it help! The g-spot (Grafenberg) is located on the upper vaginal wall, just about an inch or two inside the vaginal opening. When sexually aroused, the tissues swell slightly, become extremely sensitive and sometimes feel a little bumpy. You’ll have no questions about whether or not if you’ve found it. Use your fingers or a toy (they make specially designed ones to hit that magic spot) to incorporate g-spot stimulation into your masturbation sessions.

Have fun!

Last but not least, masturbation and sexual self-exploration are all about enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. Let your mind wander, learn to love your body and what makes it feel good and have some fun.

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Does Masturbation Affect Penis Growth?

Does Masturbation Affect Penis Growth?

Let’s put an end to this right here! DOES MASTURBATION AFFECT PENIS GROWTH OR SIZE?

Your short and definitive answer is right here:


Normal masturbation will not affect your penis size and it’s certainly not something that will stop penis growth. Heck, it can it can be even something what causes penis growth!

We bet we caught your attention with that last sentence. Now, that you are alert and excited to learn a few tricks, let’s move on, shall we?

However, before we get into it, let’s clarify what is considered normal masturbation.

Well, normal is anything that includes 2 to 7 sessions per week (or more but more on that later) and it takes the fellow generally 5 to 15 minutes to reach sexual climax from start to finish.

This is not all, the grip you use is also something to take into consideration. To fall between the borders of what is considered “normal” you’ll want to apply a moderate grip, meaning that you’re not completely choking your penis.

Also, using lube or pleasuring yourself dry are both considered normal. It doesn’t matter.

So, now that we’ve established what is widely recognized as normal, let’s see what are the SHORT-TERM EFFECTS of masturbating.

Well, depending on HOW you masturbate, you can actually achieve a temporary size-boost, which will, unfortunately, go away after a half an hour or an hour after pleasing yourself.

You can also experience a temporary increase in girth too.


If you want to add a little length to your member, simply use a “loose” grip and push the skin forward as if you’re trying to overlap it over the skin In the front – it’s something like “stretching” your foreskin.

Are you circumcised? No problem! You can still stimulate your penis with using the skin that’s left on your member’s shaft.

What is this and why does this happen?

If you follow the instructions listed here, you are basically doing an ancient penis enlargement technique called “jelqing”, which is still done to this day and many guys report having received solid results from it. Keep it in mind that you have to be disciplined with it and you have to maintain a solid routine by doing it at least 5 times a week.



Well, the simple truth is this:



If you’re a teenager who just discovered masturbation and you do it on a daily basis, you will not see any changes in size.

There’s a common misconception out there among young boys who just discovered masturbating that the more they do it, the bigger their penis will get.

Well boys, not trying to burst your bubble or anything but this simply isn’t true. The truth is, that you get your last boost in size when you’re going through puberty, and many of you might contribute this growth in size to masturbation. This might be confusing, but the truth here is that if your bulge has gotten bigger in your pants, that’s mainly due to puberty and your hormones, and not because of you touching yourself regularly.


What actually happens when you’re touching yourself is that you’re rubbing the shaft tissues of your penis and you stimulate the nerve-endings on it.

When you use lube, then you stimulate more nerve endings but with less intensity since the lubricant “smooths” out the stimulation. When you masturbate dry, you’re stimulating a lower number of nerves bit the intensity is considerably higher.

Needless to say, stimulation increases blood flow to the penis, thus making it harder and bigger. That’s the body’s natural response when you’re stimulating your genitals. The blood flow we’re talking about generally won’t affect the full erect size, meaning it will be more or less always be the same.


According to health professionals, too frequent or rough masturbation can cause minor skin irritation. Forceful bending of an erect penis can result in rupturing the chambers that fill it with blood, however, this is really rare.

The other age-old question is “Am I doing it too much?” – in short, the answer is, there is no normal amount of masturbation. Sexologist often rephrase the question like this: ”How does it fit into your life?”

This simply means, the if you masturbate many times a day and have a healthy and satisfying life, good for you. However, if it takes over, meaning that you’re missing work and not having sex regularly with your partner because of it (This will not apply to the underage boys reading this), you should consider seeing a therapist.

However, even if this is the case, it’s still not the masturbation that is causing the problem – the compulsive behavior is.


Professionals agree that masturbation can actually help one’s sex life since guys learn what they like in bed from masturbating.

While there are some guys who get really hooked on applying too much pressure during self-play or the stimulation of porn that they have problems performing with their partners but that’s not generally the case.

In most cases, health professionals are more concerned with men who stopped masturbating altogether – which can be a sign of anxiety or other health problems.


In time, you’ll learn how to control your body when you’re aroused. When you get comfortable with masturbating, you’ll notice that by “edging” (stopping pleasuring yourself just before you climax), you can train yourself to last longer in bed.


So, all in all, we can say that masturbation won’t affect the size of your penis. No matter what some people may say, beating your meat on a regular basis won’t harm you, won’t harm your penis, and neither will it harm your health. You won’t get blind, neither will you grow hair in the palm of your hand.

Masturbating is a totally healthy thing to do, and you can’t overdo it. Just make sure that you don’t harm yourself during (don’t grab your member too tight) and make sure that pleasuring yourself does not interfere with your everyday life.

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