Finding her G spot


Ah, the G spot… Every man’s worst enemy. Or, is it?

When it comes to the female G spot, a lot of men get discouraged. Okay, not just then, but that’s one of those topics that the vast majority of men don’t really want to mingle about. Why?

Well, mostly because their knowledge about that special spot is… lacking, for lack of better words. 

However, it’s not just men. 

Believe it or not, the G-spot has been shrouded in mystery ever since Ernst Grafenberg first identified it almost 80 years ago. Studies since then have even questioned if every woman has a G-spot since there isn’t that much proof from an anatomical standpoint, however, other reports suggest that there is, in fact, a particular area in the female genitalia which may help women achieve sexual climax, i.e. the G spot orgasm. 

Want to know more? We See You has the answers you’ve been looking for.


Not to discourage the gents out there, but according to a research, conducted in Britain, only 56 percent of 1,800 women said “yes” when they were asked if they think they had the elusive spot. 

Things even get worse – ever since the identification of the G-spot, there’s still no real solid evidence that would conclude whether the G-spot really exists or it’s just a hoax. 

Maybe it’s best to think of it more like a fetish. Some women swear by it and others will say it’s “meh”.

Whatever the case may be, we’re bringing you a step-by-step guide on finding the ever so elusive G-spot. Buckle your seat belts!  


If you’ve been reading our blogs, you know that this is usually the first thing we advise. Don’t rush. Help your partner get into the mood. 

In this case, you’ll want to make sure that your fingernails are short and that your hands are clean. Hopefully, we don’t need to explain why. 

However, now you know – you’ll want to find the G-spot with your fingers.

So, before you start “searching” you want to get her groove on. Foreplay is a must when it comes to messing around in the bedroom and this case is no exception. Let her blow off some steam. Caress her body, kiss her lips, neck. Caress and kiss her breasts, caress her butt. Play around with her entire body for a few minutes before you start your thing. 

Why is this important?

Well, according to the pros, you can locate the G-spot easier when she’s aroused because the tissue what it’s composed of swells. 

Also, feel free to use a lube, even if she’s already “ready” for the action.


So, even though it’s not exactly clear if every woman reaches sexual climax from G-spot stimulation, it’s safe to say that those who do, and who do believe to have a G-spot, will tell you that it’s about two inches inside the vagina, around the top side of its wall.

To put this into perspective: if she’s on her back when you insert your finger and the palm of your hand is facing the ceiling, you’ll be able to locate the “top side” of the vagina simply by using the “come-hither motion” with your finger.  

Just think about it like this: you should be stroking her belly button from the inside. 


The next step should be learning how to stimulate the spot, right?


First step: take it easy. You don’t want to jam your finger or fingers in her and blast her like there’s no tomorrow. You will only cause her pain. So, instead of vigorous thrusting, Ease your fingers in and once she’s comfortable, use the same “come-hither motion” to massage the top side of the vagina. The area you need to focus on should feel textured. It should remind you a bit of a bean-shaped bump.

Now, that you’re on track, make sure to stroke the spot consistently, keeping your rhythm. Feel free to experiment with different amounts of pressure and with different speeds until you see what she likes best. Feel free to ask her and change the speed and pressure accordingly. 

If she’s not “feeling it” (either because this does not get her off, or because she’s also had a hard time finding her own G-spot in the past). Don’t get upset, stop what you’re doing and save it for another time. 

Maybe she’ll be more in the mood next time, or maybe, the whole G-spot thing is just not her cup of tea.


If you’ve been given the green light, there are a few tricks you can use to enhance the experience for her. For example, try using your other hand and press on her belly gently around the top line of the pubic hair. This gentle pressure can increase the sensation and can help you do your job more effectively. 

You can also continue stimulating her G-spot once you’ve penetrated her with your member. Certain positions, like “doggystyle”, can help you stimulate her G-spot. Make sure your partner is on the bed on all fours. Tell her to arch her back a little. In order, for better G-spot stimulation, try to lift her hips up a bit and thrust in an upward motion. This way, your penis will rub the spot even more.


As you can see, not everything’s entirely clear when it comes to the G-spot. Maybe you won’t have any luck locating it, maybe you will but your partner will not really get into the whole thing.

Whatever will happen, don’t get discouraged. There are tons of other ways you can cause her pleasure. Feel free to experiment and to ask her! Have fun!

What does female ejaculation look like?

passionate naked woman-female ejaculation look like

The topic of the female ejaculation is shrouded in mystery. Well, heck, some people even ask: “do women ejaculate?”

Well, to be honest, Yes and no. It’s complicated.

However, recent data suggests that it does happen and that it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, if we want to get to the bottom of this, we’ll need to discuss what the female ejaculation actually is.


The female ejaculate is the fluid that exists from the urethra when women reach sexual climax. While there’s no resounding agreement regarding how many women actually ejaculate during sex, it’s safe to say roughly ten to forty percent of women are capable of this.


Well, it varies. Quantity-wise, it can be a few drops and it can also be an amount which would make using towels during sex necessary. It can resemble something milky, or it can be totally transparent. That being said, it can feel also rather water-like or viscous.


Honestly, various studies have discovered various substances lingering in the female ejaculate. From small amounts of urea, creatinine (which can be primarily found in urine) to phosphatase acid (which were thought only to be present in the male prostate gland), even compounds that are present in the male seminal fluid have been found (apart from actual sperm).

Even though scientists have detected a great number of different substances in the female ejaculate, they still don’t know what it consists of entirely.

One thing’s for sure: it’s not urine and it’s not the secretion which lubricates the vaginal tract (which comes from the Bartholin gland).


While so far, not every woman has reported achieving an ejaculatory orgasm, most studies and experience has shown that the best way of achieving such an orgasm is by the help of G-spot stimulation.

Stimulating the G-spot can help women reach sexual climax and in most cases, ejaculation was also achieved with this method.

Scientific studies came to the conclusion that G-spot has similar effects to prostate stimulation in men. In both cases, both men and women will feel a strong urge of urinating, then the urge is suddenly replaced with the feeling of pleasure.


This would conclude our short article on the female ejaculation. If you’d like to know more, feel free to give our other blogs a thorough read since we have more in-depth articles on this topic.

How to eat pussy good?

Young beautiful couple kissing - How to eat pussy good

The other day, she gave you the best blowjob you’ve ever had. You were just standing there, not really sure what just happened. You’re still trying to put the pieces of the experience back together. The only thing you know, that you’ve had the time of your life.

And, now, it’s time to even the score.

She gave you oral and you want to give oral to her. Now, you want to know the best way to eat pussy. 

Luckily for you, Wee See You is going to teach you.


You don’t just want to stick your tongue in and that’s it. You don’t want to rape her with your fingers and tongue either. Try and forget what you’ve seen in porn. In most cases, sex in real life and on the screen have less in common than you might think.

Let’s get the ugly truth out of the way right at the beginning: A lot of men don’t have the slightest idea about how to eat pussy.

Sad but true.

The thing is, most women (who are honest enough) will tell you that most men out there aren’t good at oral sex (unless they are on the receiving end).

Why actually is this?

Well, let’s just say that some men don’t really see eating pussy as such a big deal for women. In reality, women like to be eaten out just like men like to receive head.

On the other hand, there might be men out there who are even frightened about eating a woman out because they don’t know where to start and they are too shy (and sometimes dumb) to ask.

So, to set the record straight: women do love receiving oral sex and they really love it when they find a man who can actually do it like a pro.

Okay, gentlemen, we get it. Expecting you guys to be good at something you never really did learn is unjust. There’s no crash-course about it in high school or college, neither is it something like taking driving lessons.

Yes, all this sounds quite discouraging but no need to panic, our dear gents. You can easily learn the subtle art of licking pussy properly, the same way as you were able to master driving a car or using the washing machine.

You’ve also managed to get the basics of sex, right?

Trust us, it will be a piece of cake!


Giving women orgasms with only your tongue is possible. However, in order to achieve your goal, you have to be relaxed. Be cool. If you’re cool, she’ll be cool too, and that’s of utter importance.

If you are nervous about the whole thing, calm down and just go with the flow.

The fact of the matter is, you’ll have to take the lead on this one since women take longer to get in the mood and you’ll want to help her relax. To make that happen, you’ll have to be chill since she won’t really feel relaxed when the only things she’s seeing is you sweating and slowly freaking out.

So, take deep breaths and take the lead. Give her a massage or anything that will help her relax and to get her ready for the ride of her life.


No, we’re not talking about ancient rituals or rain dances you’ll want to perform. Neither would you have to show sacrifice to the gods of sex in order to eat her out good.

However, when you’re eating pussy, don’t concentrate only on the pussy.

Yes, yes, in the end, you’ll eventually get there but you want to get there gradually. Instead of focusing just on the vagina, focus on the whole lady.

Before you get down there, take the time to kiss her lips, her cheeks, neck. Caress her body, kiss here everywhere until you gradually get to the preferred zone i.e. her pussy.


You’ll still want to take it easy. Don’t rip off her panties and start licking her as if she was a human-shaped lollipop. Slowly, take her panties off. You can still play around with your tongue by licking and kissing her thighs.

Take the time and tell her that she’s beautiful and you’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and you’re stoked that you finally can. She wants to know that you want to do this.

Why is this? Well, women are human beings too you know and they are also pretty insecure about their private parts and they can be also afraid that you won’t like what you see.

Okay, this isn’t the case with your girlfriend since you’ve seen her private parts millions of times, but yes, the ladies are also often afraid that you might not like the shape of her pussy or that you might find its smell disgusting.

It’s your job to let her know that everything is okay.

man lying in bed with a beautiful young woman


Still, you want to remain chill. Don’t rush things. Remember, making her feel secure and relaxed is what it’s all about.

By know, she’s aware that you really want to lick her till she gets off. Trust us, she wants the same thing. Your job is to be one step ahead and tease the crap out of her so she wants it even more! Make her wait by taking your time.

Just let your tongue wonder off around her vagina. Give that are some gentle kisses. Every time you do that, look in your partner’s eyes with a “bad boy” smile.

She’ll go crazy.


If you’ve been following our instructions so far, she should be really turned on. The only thing she wants is you to start already.

Now’s the time to ask her if she’s ready. Chances are, you’ll get a “hell yes” right off the bat.

Now, slowly, kiss her pussy. The first kiss should be around her pubic mount, then get down slowly to the vulva lips. Kiss them, like them, gently bite them.

Be careful with the teeth-action though, not every woman likes it. Just be gentle and take your best shot. If she likes it, she’ll tell you. If that’s the case – keep things rolling.


Chances are, she’s dripping wet by now only waiting for you to do your thing. Why not insert one of your fingers in her vagina? Why not two?

Aaaaaaand now’s the time what you’ve been waiting for – start using your tongue while you continue to finger her. This is the real deal.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to make her explode…


Now, remove your fingers and get back to use only the bread and butter of eating pussy – your tongue.

Now, this can be rough. Tongue cramps will come and pass. You’ll need to keep your focus and lick like there’s no tomorrow.

The trick here is to know what you’re doing. Don’t lose your mind at lick her like she’s ice cream. Keep your rhythm, be consistent and lick your partner with up and down movements.

Simple as that. No magic tricks, no fancy crap. It’s just you, your tongue, your rhythm, and your CONSISTENCY.


If you want to be an ace when it comes to pleasing a gal orally, knowing your way around the clitoris is utterly important. Knowing what to do with her clit can change your life and hers too. For the better, of course.

Learn how to approach the clitoris and women will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives. Treating the clit right is a true game changer.

So, you do you approach the clit? It’s simple. You lick it. You lick the living crap out of it.

Okay, you’ll still need to be careful. Yes, there are a lot of women who love it when you lick their clit forcefully, while there are others who might try to kick you in the head when you get really close to it.

Go slow and see what happens.


Now, the rest is fairly easy – stay around the clitoris while she reaches orgasm. Lick the clit like there’s no tomorrow. No matter your tongue us cramping. Get over it, grow up.

This is the truth. Easing her in is utterly important. Setting the right tone is also pivotal. However, developing a constant rhythm with your licking around the clitoris is the thing that will help you reach your goal.


Now you know it. It’s not rocket science, it’s more just the right combination of making her want you and knowing what you’re doing. Now, get out there tiger, and lick her like your life depends on it!

How do women squirt

The female anatomy isn’t always the easiest concept to grip or understand, and squirting is by far the holy grail of orgasms that every man (or woman) wishes to achieve. So, why is it so misunderstood? Does everyone do it? What is a girl squirt? How do women squirt, exactly?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, rest assured, you aren’t alone. Most women aren’t even sure if they have had an orgasm, let alone achieved the level of squirting. Some claim it can happen to anyone, while others believe a select few are given the title of a squirter. 

Regardless of what is or isn’t thought up about squirting, it is an incredibly interesting topic that deserves a little TLC on the how-to, and what to expect. This article will go over what squirting is, how to best achieve squirting, and give tips on how to help your woman squirt. 

What is squirting?

It is pretty obvious what happens when a man cums… he ejaculates. When a woman cums or has an orgasm, for some, it remains a big if a mystery. Sometimes a woman will cream, making it relatively obvious when she is cumming, but that doesn’t always happen. Squirting, though, is a sure-fire way to know and understand how and when a woman is cumming. 

An article in Everyday Health from sex expert Dr. Pastor describes squirting as a gush of liquid that is expelled from small glands located on the side of the urethra that might be described as a vaginal lubricant, but also ejaculation to some. While it isn’t clear whether it can actually be classified as ejaculation or if it is a mixture of vaginal lubricant and urine, women do find that there is normally SOME degree of liquid that escapes during an orgasm. 

How do you make a female squirt?

There are three key elements to investigating how a woman can squirt. The first is to set the mood and have both parties agree to explore and investigate how if and how she can squirt. Ask her questions around what she likes, how she masturbates, and what feels the best! She will likely have a pretty good idea regarding what works and what doesn’t. During your session, ask for feedback and follow her instructions!

Second is all about technique. The technique to get a girl to squirt is to find the G-Spot, which is located two to three inches along the interior wall of the vagina. When your lover is turned on, the G-Spot will go from a bean to a rough bean and if she is really turned on, the G-Spot will enlarge making it easy to find. 

Slide a finger in with a water-based lube and pulse the G-Spot in a “come hither” motion. Next, start rubbing the clit, repeating the motion until she is moaning with pleasure and squirts all over the place. 

Don’t get discouraged

Above all else, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first time. Things like this can take time, and practice. Lucky for you and your partner, the practice is pleasurable and arousing. Some other tips to consider include setting the mood, dim the lights, and put on some romantic music to get things going. 

If foreplay is what you guys are into, do some of that, too! Whatever you can do to start her engine revving before the squirt play happens will be beneficial to the entire process. 

We hope this has been an informative article that helps you along the way to sexual bliss. For more articles like this one to inspire you in the bedroom, read more of our blogs and get inspired to do something different in the bedroom tonight!

Orgasm tips for girls

Woman's hands pulling white sheets in ecstasy, orgasm

The orgasm is, of course, the ultimate pleasure goal when intercourse or oral is going down, and every person is different with what turns them on and what turns them off. 

It is clear and obvious when men have an orgasm, and most men don’t have a huge problem cumming as is. Women, on the other hand, are a bit more confusing when it comes to the female orgasm and how to achieve it. 

We have compiled our top 10 tips for her orgasmic pleasure to help you better understand how to make your woman cum, hard, long, and every time. 

Orgasmic tips that will work every time 

  • Relax! This is key. If your partner isn’t relaxed, good luck getting her to orgasm. There has to be an atmosphere when intimacy calls that is both inviting and relaxing to enter. Light some candles, play some music or do whatever it is you are both into. 
  • Don’t forget to breathe! This might sound silly, but breathing can be scattered, short, or shallow when excitement strikes of any kind. Think about when you are working out, often in a group class or yoga class, the instructor will remind you to breathe. This is the same during intimacy. It is critical to breathing long and deep to get your mind and body-centered and ready for pleasure. 
  • Invite a little fantasy into the bedroom. Fantasizing can make or break a sexual experience, but with the right fantasy, you can potentially propel your lover into romantic, orgasmic bliss. Some fantasy material includes talking dirty or role-playing. Get creative and see what happens! 
  • Listen and do what she says she likes. Before, during, and after, get feedback on what she likes the most when you are intimate with one another. If she likes foreplay in the form of oral, do oral. If she likes you to bite her neck and suck on her ear lobes, do that, too. Whatever it is, to get her to orgasm, it will be worth it. 
  • Buy a G-Spot toy. When all else fails, head to your local adult store and grab a G-Spot toy or another sex toy that will be extra exciting in the bedroom. The extra penetration tool will allow you to explore other parts of her body while she still receives pleasure. 
  • Purchase a high-quality, water-based lube! When in doubt, lube it up! You might just find that the extra slipping and sliding is exactly what her body needs to get to the point of orgasming. 
  • Find her G-Spot and never let go. Okay, at some point you will have to let go, but find her G-Spot, pulse it, and watch her gush all over the bed. 
  • Don’t forget about the clitoris! The clitoris has as many nerves (if not more) than the head of a penis. It is also highly sensitive, so don’t go to town unless she asks you to. 
  • Have sex in a new location: Sometimes having sex the same way over and over again can get boring and predictable. If she gets home from work after you do, plan to ravage her in the kitchen. Take a shower together or get frisky in the hallway. You never know what that excitement might do!
  • Have fun! This sounds cheesy, but it’s true. The more you feel like sex is a job, the less fun you will have. Keep it exciting and fun! 

We hope this article has given you new inspiration and insight into how to make a girl orgasm. Follow our orgasmic tips and browse through our articles and blogs to inspire yourself to do something different in the bedroom tonight!