5 Best Sex Positions to Make Her Orgasm

5 Best Sex Positions to Make Her Orgasm

For a male, the female orgasm can be pretty much the greatest mystery after Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster. Really. No, but all jokes aside, the female orgasm for a typical male can be a real conundrum. Some women are on the same page too, meaning they don’t know why they find it hard to get to the top during intercourse.

Why is that?

First and foremost, most men just simply have a hard time telling if their partner is “really there” and let’s face it, it’s kind of stupid to ask too… Secondly, men have it a lot easier since it looks as though, they are hardwired to reach climax, once they start working on it. So, what’s the difference?

Well, let’s just keep it as simple as possible: for women, it’s harder to “get there” i.e. to totally let go and to give in. They have a harder time relaxing and thus, a lot of women actually have a hard time achieving orgasm during intercourse. While they may feel that penetration and the vigorous, deep thrusting is amazing, the climax just never seems to happen or it rarely does. This is the thing that bothers most women who have a problem with reaching orgasm.

Well, we probably can’t teach you (if you’re one of those women) or your partner to relax and to totally give in to the magic of sex. However, we can help a great deal by giving you the best sexual positions for female orgasm. With these top 5 sex positions, you both will be a lot closer to get to the top – together.


These top 5 sexual positions will ensure that your (or your partner’s) chances dramatically increase of reaching orgasm (note: while every gal likes things differently and has different preferences in bed, these 5 positions have been reported to “get the job done”). So, without further ado, here you have them:


PULLING IT OFF: The guy is on his back, lying. The girl climbs on top with her legs on each side of the guy’s torso.

WHAT TO FOCUS ON: For the girl, it’s better to concentrate on rocking back and forth and less on moving down and up. Grinding the pelvis in a circular motion or figure-eights is also awesome

THE MAGIC: When the woman is on top, she has the upper hand – let that be speed, angles, pressure. Fortunately, this position has tons of different variations so it’s very versatile and it will take a while before it gets boring. As an added bonus, this isn’t an intense position for guys, so they might keep going longer than they would actually last, allowing to the woman more time to reach climax.

HOW TO INTRODUCE VARIETY? – Turning around and facing the guy’s feet (the Reverse Cowgirl) can give things a totally new dimension. This offers a stunning view for the guy and she has more angles to experiment with. He can also get his body up to sit up even properly providing even more angles to explore her while his member stimulates different areas of her vagina. She can lean back, that way, the penis will hit her G-spot better. Also, it’s an easy position for her to stimulate her clitoris.


PULLING IT OFF:: Ah, the classic doggy style. Simple girl, you need to get down on all fours and make that your partner is behind you and that he can thrust away while holding on to your hips or buttocks. You can remain still or join the action with some hip action – just push back.

THE MAGIC: This position enables better stimulation for both parties. Those women who can reach their peak requiring only penetration will love doggy for its intensity and for the fact that it stimulates the G-spot directly. Those who need clit ply will also find doggy beneficial since it’s really easy to use their hand or even a toy.

HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH? – She can get down or her elbows and mix up the angles a bit. She can rub her clit with on hand or she can ask her partner to do it for her by reaching around. If she’s on the bed on her knees and hands and he’s standing beside the bed, the penetration and thrusting can be even more intense.


PULLING IT OFF: Simply just get into missionary while you (the gal) is on her back. The guy should be on top. Once you’re done with this, you want him to get his body closer to your upper body to the point that his pelvis is only just a tad higher than it would be regularly when doing it missionary. In this position, he should be focusing more on rubbing up against that pelvis of yours rather than thrusting in and out.


THE MAGIC: Even though the name of this sex position sounds more like something out of the medical dictionary, it’s actually a pretty awesome pose for reaching climax for most women. Experimenting with pelvis angles can allow the partners pubic bone to grind against her clit allowing for immediate stimulation which most women require to orgasm. It’s also really easy to maneuver into from traditional missionary.

WHAT ABOUT VARIETY? –  If she spreads her labia apart, her clit can get even more pronounced stimulation. Propping up her hips with a pillow can make accessing the vagina easier and lubing things up (including the clit) can add a totally new dimension to the whole picture.


PULLING IT OFF: A bit more complicated to make it happen, but in the great scheme of things, it’s absolutely worth it! It’s advisable to start fully clothed at first so you and your partner may have a better idea of where your legs and hands should be going before trying it with “live cartridge”.

That being said, the guy should have his feet on the ground and on his back, while the gal should get on top of him with one leg between the guy’s legs. Then, the girls should insert the penis into her vagina after she lowers herself to a comfortable position, on her knees.

THE MAGIC: this pose enables both partners to grind as they like, and she is the one who’s in charge of speed and pressure.

HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH? – Well, let’s just say that mastering it may keep it pretty fresh for a long time. However, by positioning her legs either closer to his or farther apart can give new dimensions to it.


PULLING IT OFF: Start in the good old missionary then with knees and ankles spread wide, the guy should attempt to sit up, while the girl should stay on her back with feet on the bed flat. She should also arch the hips a bit, resembling a bridge position.

THE MAGIC: The Bridge makes deep stimulation easy and it’s also pretty to hit her G-spot this way.

HOW TO ADD VARIETY? – By changing angles, he can get either lower or higher, while she can experiment with hip angles and can either put her legs on his shoulders or get them around the guy’s torso.


Well, after all these tips and invaluable info, all you need to do is to get your freak on and have fun!

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