What kind of porn do girls watch?

Guys watch porn. Tons of them. Period. It’s kind of a known fact, that men are pretty much suckers for adult content. 

However, what about the ladies? Do they watch porn? Do they watch the same stuff as men? Or, is there something out there like porn for women? 


Before we get into the dirty details, let’s make one thing clear – YES, women do watch porn. Heck, even Oprah has her own suggestions!

According to the well-known porn sharing site’s, Pornhub’s, data, women’s preferences might be a little different from what most men would think about at first. For instance, Instead of watching huge members on screen, women prefer watching girl on girl action, or that women in Japan and China vote for Hentai. 

The site’s data suggests that only one-fourth of their visitors are women (this still leaves a huge number of women to pull data from, since the site has more than 60 million visitors any given day.)

So, according to the gathered info, the majority of women in the Americas will watch lesbian porn. However, girl on girl action is pretty popular in the rest of the Western World, with a large number of search hits from Australia and Europe. In Africa, women tend to get their “fix” by searching the ebony category.


When it comes to the old continent, as mentioned above, lesbian porn is dominating, however, in Germany and Turkey, the “+18 teen” category gets to most hits. The Czech Republic also stands out a bit (where the softer, “female-friendly” category is the most popular), along with Macedonia and Serbia were the “mature” category wins the race. Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia on the other hand, prefer “anal


As mentioned earlier, Eastern Asia’s female audience is pretty big on “Hentai”, while the teen category dominates in South-Eastern Asia (in most parts, at least). The rest of Southern Asia’s women tend to watch the well-known lesbian category. 


In the US, lesbian porn is the winner when it comes to female viewers, however, when looking at the top relative categories, things get a bit more mixed up.

When looking at the top relative categories, the female audience from Washington would choose the “Hentai” category, while ladies from California would watch “big tits” scenes, and “anal” is go-to in Colorado. In Alaska, the “big dick” category rules, in Hawaii, women go with the “Asian” category. 

The “+18 teen” category is also pretty popular in a couple of states, along with the “female friendly” category. In other places, like Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, women prefer “bondage” videos, while the “threesome” category is preferred Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Maybe, the biggest stand-out could be the “ebony” category, which is the most popular top related category in the Southern States.


The female viewers in British Columbia prefer the “Japanese” category. Other provinces in Canada have different preferences.  Alberta is big on “hentai”, while Saskatchewan votes for +18 teen videos along with Manitoba. Ontario is all about the “ebony” category, while the ladies in Quebec search for “anal” videos. 

Newfoundland’s female viewers are all about the “big dick” category, along with Labrador, while all three Maritime Provinces prefer the “threesome” category. No pun intended.


The United Kingdom might be united in its name but when it comes to women’s porn choices, the unity seems to collapse. That being said, Scotland prefers the “female friendly” category, while Northern Ireland is all about “MILF” videos. Wales is big on +18 teen porn, and England prefers “ebony” 


Pornhub’s insight in relative categories help them see the differences in even better detail, so by looking at the top relative categories, they came to the conclusion that “ebony” is ranked pretty high on the ladies’ list in The United States and South Africa. The “Shemale” category is pretty big in Argentina and Brazil, while “hentai” is among the more popular searches in China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and, the Philippines.  


So, now that we know what women prefer to watch on porn sites, let’s see, how much time do they actually spend there. Well, in the case of Pornhub, women tend to spend an average of 10 and a half minutes every time they visit.  

The ladies of the Philippines take the trophy in this regard with their average of 14 minutes and 20 seconds per visit. Other serious contenders in this respect are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, who are all clocked above 11 minutes. 

Europe’s average is a bit lower but the fastest ladies on the old continent are in Ukraine, who spend six and a quarter of a minute online watching porn. 


Well, it’s safe to say that women generally prefer to watch girl on girl action (which also happens to be a male favorite too). Maybe it has something to do with the totally different dimension of lesbian sex. It can also be arousing for women to watch to other females getting down to business and pleasing each other in ways most men only master after deliberate learning.

All in all, taking top related categories into consideration, it’s okay to say that, in most cases, women enjoy the same type of porn as men. Okay, if we leave out the “big dick” and “female friendly” categories out of the equation 

Percentage of women who watch porn

Naked woman with smart phone

Women Love to Watch Porn

Everybody watches porn. Women love to watch porn. The percentage of women who watch porn is a large amount. In fact, recent research shows women watch more porn than men. The number of women watching porn is increasing. Phones make it easy for a woman to watch porn. On International Women’s Day, one porn website created a list that tells the ways women like to watch porn.

Woman Watch Porn Differently

What’s different about the way woman watch porn? The way woman watch porn is different than the way women do. A study shows women like gay and lesbian porn. Today, smartphones are the top way women watch porn. A study shows 80 percent of women who watch porn do it from their smartphone. 

Less than 23 percent of women watching porn do it from a desktop. Only one category has a high percentage of people watching porn on desktops. The 65 plus community prefers desktop viewing. Women in Washington D.C. watch more porn on mobile devices than in any other state. At 78 percent Vermont has the lowest percentage of women who watch porn from a mobile phone. 

Woman Have The Right to Watch Porn

Data scientists studied the percentage of women who watch porn through statistics. The Women’s rights march of 2016 allowed scientists to show a drop in the number of women watching porn. They found a 20 percent drop to one porn website.  Leading scientists to believe that on any given day about a quarter of a porn website’s traffic is women.

Devices Most Used For Porn

Statistics are a great way to understand who’s watching porn and how. With such a large percentage of women who watch porn, it’s become a statistician’s wet dream. Recently, statisticians looked at Apple iOS compared to Android. They found that men use Apple iOS more than women to view porn. But, 53 percent of people use Android.

Women do like porn and the browser they use most is Google Chrome. Explore, Firefox, and Safari are options. Yet, Google Chrome is the most popular due to it’s Incognito window. On Google Chrome you can go to File and choose New Incognito Window. The incognito window allows women watching porn to keep it from their search history. 

Where Women Are Watching Porn

There are some states that have a high percentage of women who watch porn. Southern states like Mississippi, South Carolina, and Georgia have the highest percentage. Vermont has the lowest percentage of women who watch porn at 78 percent. Alaska is at the bottom of the list. Statisticians wonder if the warmer weather plays a role. 

States like Georgia and Michigan are at 92 percent. Illinois shows 91 percent of women are watching porn. Texas has 93 percent and Washington D.C. is at the top with 94 percent of women watching porn. The percentage of women watching porn grows each year. 

Globally, statistics show South Africa has the largest percentage of women watching porn. South African woman watch porn through mobile devices. In fact, around the world women are watching more than men. Pakistan, India, and the United Kingdom have a large percentage of women watching porn. Norway and Israel have the least amount of women viewing porn. 

Different Reasons to Watch

Porn statistics show women like porn. In fact, there are three basic types of porn audience members. Recreational, Distressed, and Compulsive. Recreational porn watchers are usually women and people in relationships. Recreational users watch less than a half hour of porn per week. 

Distressed porn watchers watch less than recreational users. They only watch about one quaBut an hour per week. But, distressed porn watchers tend to suffer emotions like shame and self-disgust. Compulsive porn watches watch two hours a week. They are hypersexual with compulsive sexual behaviors. 

Women Watching Porn – Popular genres

The multitude of genres includes squirting, cunnilingus, celebrity sex, and big dicks. The most popular genre is lesbian porn with gay male porn coming in second. Statisticians looked at what women watching porn choose to view. Celebrity sex tapes are growing in popular fasters than any other genre. The unexpected discovery is the large increase in cunnilingus as a genre.

Studies show that women prefer cunnilingus porn. , cunnilingus is the art of oral sex performed by a man on a woman. Yet, women also enjoy watching other women like a pussy. Pussy licking porn is among the most popular genre of porn women like to watch. 

Find The Information You Want

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How many girls watch porn?

Girls watch porn

Porno is just a quick Google search away these days. This accessibility begs the question: Do women watch porn? We wanted to find out what percentage of women watch porn. In addition to the statistics, we felt it important to investigate how women feel about porn, since assuming that women either categorically despise it, or are at best indifferent to pornography felt like an antiquated notion. Once we dug past the moralizing and the anti-porn rhetoric, the answers we found may surprise you!

What percentage of women watch porn?

While a recent Pew survey regarding consumption of pornography by women reported numbers as low as 8%, we found plenty of evidence to suggest that perhaps the folks at Pew got duped by shy or untrue answers from the women that they interviewed.

According to Nielsen ratings, the company that monitors what is being watched and by whom, one out of three adults surfing internet porn sites is female. Numbers from the year 2007 confirm that 13 million women were watching pornography regularly, and this trend has only increased in the intervening decade as porn becomes less taboo and more mainstream. Millennials, or people born after 1990, watch the most porn, with over half of respondents who answered “Yes” to watching porn alone falling into the ages of 18-24.

Other studies conducted by PornHub reported that one in three women watch pornography, and those numbers are climbing. Given the accessibility to free porn sites like PornHub, over 80% of women who watch porn watch their selected videos on a mobile phone, whereas men tend to watch porn at a 69% rate on their phones. Women over the age of 60 are more likely to watch pornography on a laptop, but that seems to be the end of the tablet/desktop statistics for women.

What genre of porn to women watch?

Perhaps the misconceptions about feminine distaste for porn come from the fact that women watch different porn than men. The most highly searched keywords on porn websites, ranked by popularity, are “Teen”, MILF (an acronym for Mother I’d Like to F***)  and “Wife”. This last term, in particular, is almost always attached to words that suggest infidelity like “cheating” or “cuckold”. It, therefore, stands to reason that while men are interested in these top three search terms, a woman browsing for porn is less likely to be Googling “teen threesome” or “MILF Orgy”.

Instead, a genre known as “female-friendly” porn has been garnering attention for the broader appeal it has to women. What makes it female friendly? Factors such as softer lighting, more foreplay in scenes, and actually realistic plotlines such as romantic dates and flirtatious threesomes. Additionally, this genre features erotic portrayals by actors with much less stereotypically “porn-star” physiques, making the onscreen action that much more relatable.

This “female friendly” category of porn has reached such mainstream acceptability that even Oprah Winfrey recommends it to women in search of sexy good time. Just because women might not be admitting openly that they are watching porn for themselves, many other studies have shown that women are prone to listen to porn through an audio method or read romance novels with pornography embedded within the pages. I think we all remember the 50 Shades of Gray fan train that went through in the early 2010s when the novel took flight into the homes of women across the world.

Many women watch, listen to and read about porn, regardless of their opinion or practice is recorded down in a statistic sheet or recorded data. Many women, like men, are inspired, turned on and curious to see others getting down and dirty every now again, and we don’t blame them. Watch away, ladies! We support you!

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