How to have a prostate orgasm?

All of us would agree that just about every human being loves sex!  Sex is extremely pleasurable for us due to our biological design that was manifested by Mother Nature.  This was done so that we humans would have continued motivations to spread our seed and continue the existence of our species in the future.  But while we all know that sex feels great, how can we know if we (each individually) are having the most pleasurable forms of sexual intercourse already? 

The real truth is that we can’t fully know our own personal tastes and interests for sure without some type of experimentation.  This desire to fully realize one’s own sexual self is why there are so many new techniques and positions to try in the bedroom. Things that were once considered foul and disgusting during intercourse are now acts that are so common that they are openly joked about.  One of these sexual acts that used to be considered taboo that is now quite commonplace is anal play.

What Is Anal Play?

Anal play is pretty much any sexual activity that involves the insertion of something into the anus and/or rectum.  In most cases, a finger (or more), tongue, penis or sex toy are the most commonly used tools to enter the butt in anal sex play.  However, just sticking one of those into a butt doesn’t make you an anal master. There a plethora of different nuanced positions and methods are used during any typical ass play scenario.  It just depends on the people involved!

Why Do People Like Anal Play?

Every person who is involved in some type of butt-penetrating sex activity seems to like it for a different reason.  However, a lot of pleasure seems to be derived just from the taboo nature of anal penetration. Penetrating partners may like the pleasure that occurs from entering a tighter hole than the mouth and vagina.  Receiving females partners tend to like the stimulation of their erectile tissue that happens during butt play since their G-spots are only separated from the anal cavity by some very thin tissues. However, male partners that are getting anally penetrated have a very different reason for their enjoyment!

Some Men Want a Little Prostate Pleasure In Their Lives!

A few receiving male participants may enjoy anal play simply because of the in-and-out motion that occurs while having anal intercourse.  However, most males that enjoy getting something inserted into their anal cavity like it because their prostate gland is being stimulated.  The gland is quite tiny; it is only roughly one inch in diameter (about the size of a small apricot). However, this small part of your body can generate some of the most erotic feelings you have ever had!

Prostate massage, anyone?

Have you ever had a prostate massage?  If you haven’t, perhaps you should think about it!  Let’s not be closed minded here; many reluctant men have changed their minds forever about the anal play after enjoying the fruits of some personal prostate pleasure for themselves.  Why don’t we go over the basics of pleasuring the prostate here so you can decide for yourself?

Where is My Prostate Gland?

First of all, we should make it clear that you only have a prostate if you are a man (or were born a male, as in the case of transgender women).  Sorry ladies, prostate pleasure is simply going to be one sexual stimulation that you will never personally feel!  However, if you are a male, your prostate (which is also sometimes comically called the P-spot) is located right below your bladder and behind the deepest part of your penis.  The urethra, which is the tube in the penis through which urine and ejaculate travel, runs through the middle of the prostate gland.

What Does The Prostate Do?

The prostate gland is responsible for controlling the flow of prostate fluid out of your body.  The prostate fluid is one of the primary components of semen; a properly functioning prostate gland is necessary in order to release sperm and orgasm.  During arousal, the prostate will fill up with this prostate fluid. Once the time is “right” during a sexual episode, the prostate will contract rapidly and release its fluid so that you can ejaculate and finish.

How To Have a Prostate Orgasm

In order to have a prostate orgasm, you (or your partner) need to locate it and stimulate it.  If you or your partner lubricate a finger, stick it in your rectum up about three to four inches and then curl your finger towards your belly button, you should be able to locate your prostate.  You are going to have to move around and judge it based on feel.  

The penetrating partner should try to feel for the prostate.  It should feel firm but also have a little give to it. Some people claim that it feels like a ripe plum.  If you have found it, the receiving person will often feel as if they have to urinate or that their orgasm is in its early starting stages.  These particular sensations will alert you that you are close. Then you need to mess around in this area with caressing motions with your finger or even sex toys to find the exact method that works best for you.  Once you have become experienced enough and finally settled into some effective techniques, you will notice that you can achieve sexual climax through a prostate massage alone!

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Is female ejaculation the same as urine

Mythbusters: Is female ejaculation the same as urine?

Few other sexual experiences are as explosive as the so-called “female ejaculation”, a phenomenon that puts the male orgasm to shame both in terms of volume and intensity as well as being an apparently rare occurrence in the lives of many women. There is a sense of relief, from men and women, when a physical fluid is released from a woman, as it is clear that she just had an orgasm… or did she?

The ever mysterious female orgasm is accompanied by the even bigger mystery of female ejaculation. Some women report they have never had an orgasm, while the others who claim they know they do are relatively low. 

Squirting has an even lower number as a rate of occurrence. In fact, a relatively small percentage of females reported ever having had a female ejaculation. 

What is squirting?

Also known as “squirting”, there are many questions surrounding female ejaculation, such as: is female ejaculation the same as urine? Or if not exactly urine, when a woman squirts does it contain urine? We will explore and answer these questions, shedding light on squirting and female ejaculation.

While it might seem like a relatively simple question to answer, there has been a long-standing shroud of mystery surrounding female ejaculation. This is due to the fact that until recently it was not a subject of serious medical research or inquiry. 

Doubts about whether female ejaculation is the same as urine were based on anecdotal evidence of women who reported that not only was the feeling of squirting dissimilar to normal urination, they could in fact squirt during sex even when they had only moments before completely emptied their bladders by urinating normally.

The difference in a drip vs a geyser

In addition to the anecdotal reports of women claiming that their ejaculations had occurred after urinating was the fact that these episodes of squirting happened with a force and intensity that could in no way be compared to the normal speed or pressure at which they urinate. 

Geyser-like, comparable to a hose or a fountain, instead of a normal trickle. The final piece of the puzzle for the argument against squirting containing urine was that it did not smell or taste like urine tastes, and was clear or milky instead of the usual colors of urine.

Where does it all come from?

This led to a belief among certain members of the medical community that squirting was a phenomenon linked to the Skene glands, found in women and comparable to the male prostate gland. In fact, the nickname of Skene glands is “the female prostate”. However, the thin, milky white fluid associated with these glands in no way accounted for the sheer volume of fluid expelled during a female ejaculation, so questions remained as to whether female ejaculation is the same as urine.

Recently, researchers have concluded that squirting is the same as urine. The bladder refills during sexual arousal and is released as urine.

All in all, there is a cloak of the unknown around squirting, especially around why some women are able to do it and others are not. Some men claim to have the gift of making a woman squirt every time, whereas others have tried and failed. Whether you are the first example or the second, the fact of the matter is, you should see it at least once in your life. 

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What does circumcised mean?

Man with a banana with the tip of its skin removed

Circumcision is an ancient body-altering practice that is still performed on many men today. The circumcision definition is the surgical removal of all or some of the foreskin on the penis of male genitalia. A circumcised penis is considered naked, and you can see the entirety of its head.

Who gets circumcised?

Males get circumcised. In the U.S., most get circumcised as newborns. However, circumcision is common at any age in many countries for reasons, including health benefits and religious tradition. 

How is circumcision performed?

Circumcision is performed by applying topical anesthesia to the penis, then opening the foreskin and separating it from the glans to cut it off. 

Why do men get circumcised?

Most men in the US are circumcised as infants in the hospital (nearly 80 percent). 

Circumcision and Smegma

Smegma is a word used to describe a buildup of bodily fluids under the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. Smegma is often considered germy and gross and is the reason that many men or parents opt for the procedure. It is important to note that not all circumcised men have smegma and that smegma can be easily avoided or washed away with regularly proper hygiene and cleaning. 

Benefits of a Circumcised Penis

  • Lower HIV Risk. The World Health Organization believes that circumcision lowers the risk of transmitting HIV heterosexually by 60 percent. 
  • Fewer medical conditions.   can carry diseases and harmful bacteria, so circumcision can prevent many medical conditions in males. 
  • Reduced HPV. Studies show that circumcision is negatively correlated with  human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. While the data does not overwhelmingly advocate for circumcision, the study does show that it can help prevent cancer for women.   can create shelter for bacteria and diseases to burrow in that can be transferred through microscopic cuts and wounds during sex. HPV can also cause penile cancer in men, but it is very uncommon in the United States.
  • Fewer UTIs. Circumcision can lower the risk of UTIs, which are especially common and dangerous to males during their first year of life. 

Circumcision and Sexual Pleasure

The reviews on enhanced sexual pleasure are mixed. Some men report heightened sensitivity and increased sexual pleasure after circumcision. The head of the penis is one of the more sensitive areas, so when the foreskin is removed, a man can feel more pleasure. Other men report more pleasurable sex before circumcision, as the foreskin created enjoyable friction and acted as a barrier to this sensitive organ being stimulated too quickly. That is, with the foreskin, some men could enjoy sex for longer periods of time before nearing ejaculation. Sexual pleasure variations for a female partner are reported as non-changing except that some females prefer a partner who can sustain sexual pleasure for longer. 

What if I grow up and do not want a circumcised penis?

While it is not possible to reverse a circumcision, a skin graft can be added to the penis head if the circumcision was not done well and there is not enough skin present to be comfortable. On the other hand, if a male opts for circumcision later in adolescence or adulthood, the procedure can be painful and take a longer time to heal.

Circumcision and Pop Culture

Circumcision is not widely discussed in pop culture, except for passing jokes that linger around the element of surprise upon the reveal of a penis that is not circumcised.

Is circumcision still popular?

While a majority of males are still circumcised in the U.S., the rate of newborn circumcisions has been declining over the last few decades. As benefits surface about keeping the foreskin and other potential risks rise that taint the idea of subjecting newborns to circumcision, parents have stopped opting for the procedure following birth. However, it is still common, and grown men also opt to undergo it later in life for a number of reasons. 

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The Male G Spot: Where is it?


Let’s be honest here for a second: when it comes to the female G-spot (or to its bare existence), there are literally tons of articles out there, all of them giving you every minute detail you need to know in order to give her the ride of her life.

However, when it comes to the male G-spot… Well, let’s just say that there are women (and men) out there, who have no idea that there’s a G-spot in men, let alone how to find that spot. Where is the male G-spot? Once it’s found; how to stimulate it?

Reckless Love all your answers, just read on.


How to find the male G-spot and how to stimulate it? The answers are simpler than you think. It’s not a secret – your prostate is a killer erogenous zone, but there are both men and women out there who don’t really feel comfortable rushing into male butt play with no a structured plan.

The case is, this gland (roughly the size of a walnut) that’s behind your member has a lot of sensitive nerve endings & it’s stimulated most efficiently by entering the rectum. This is enough to turn some men off, however, with the right expert advice, stimulating the male G-spot can become a piece of cake. So, here’s everything you would like to know.

  1. The prostate – the guy G-spot

It’s actually quite hard to believe that the prostate can serve as a one-stop shop button for instant male orgasms, while researchers still can’t state for sure if there’s a female one (some believing it’s just a part of the clitoris).

The prostate contains a large number of nerve endings that are sensitive and which – when stimulated the right way – can provide powerful orgasms. Heck, some guys even swear that prostate orgasms are way better than “traditional” orgasms.

  1. Where is it – Not that for & not that deep.

This is probably the most uncomfortable questions for men to ask, but in reality, the male prostate can be located three-quarters of a single finger length in the anus and feels kind of like a walnut. This might still make some guys feel edgy, however, that’s not a huge distance. It could be worse…

  1. Talk about it

Engaging is prostate play is basically the same as when you’ve agreed to give anal sex a try for the first time. Even though you guys agreed to give it a shot, neither of you should assume that it will be smooth sailing, and you have permission to put your finger in his butt. Just like with anal sex, it’s only going to work when both sides are on the same page about doing it.

  1. Get ready together

Anxiety is no stranger when it comes to the beginnings of butt play, so try easing your way in by taking a shower with your partner. Take the time to clean each other’s valuables and anus. This will get both of you aroused and you both can rest assured that both of you are all clean and ready for action.

  1. Ease into it

Similarly to anal sex, you don’t want to be too clinical or rush into it. Instead, try not going slow with using a single finger. Massage the area of the rectal opening gently. Also, feel free to use some tongue-action around there. The point here is to make him feel aroused and relaxed.

  1. Indirect stimulation is also an option

If your man is shying away from stimulating directly, the good news is, there’s an alternative. However, you should note that this isn’t as effective and won’t provide such a powerful orgasm as direct prostate stimulation. What we’re talking about here perineum stimulation -(the area between his scrotum and anus, with two of your fingers to the point when reaches climax. Most experts advise this as a good warm-up for direct prostate fun.

  1. Don’t forget to use lube

The truth is, that going in there “dry” can be really painful. While the vagina has the capability to lubricate itself, the anus does not. This is why using enough lube is utterly important with butt play. Make sure to always have it nearby and apply it generously both your fingers and his butthole.

  1. Take care of your fingers beforehand

It’s always a good idea to cut your fingernails before you engage in fingering. Also, clean your hands and be gentle – don’t jab those fingers in there. Once you’re “in” you’re “in”. Just make sure you’re gentle and you’re massaging the prostate.

  1. Relax, relax, and relax

After spending time at his perineum, spend a little time massaging the outside area of his butthole. If you’ve been doing every step according to plan, it should be relaxed and it should open up. Now, gently insert your finger, but don’t insert farther necessary. Also, if your finger can’t go deeper, don’t try forcing it. If that happens, call it off and give it another shot later.

  1. The “come here” method

When your finger is about two inches in, press it against the wall of his perineum and try to perform the well-known “come here” movement (yes, it works for guys too).

You can also experiment with moving those fingers in a circular motion around his prostate. Or moving them slowly side to side, or back & forth. Also, be gentle when removing your fingers from his butt and remember to do it slowly. Nobody likes sudden movements down there.


More or less, this is what you have to know about stimulating the male G-spot. The key here is proper communication and forging the right strategy to carry out the plan. Make sure to be clean and make him feel comfy and relaxed. Remind him that it’s okay to say no if he’s feeling uncomfortable or if he’s freaking out.

Remember, this is all sex and sex is supposed to be fun

To read more about prostate play feel free to check out our blog section. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some fun, try chatting with our lovely Bunnies!

Purpose of Circumcision Explained

Circumcision Ceremony

Foreskin or no foreskin? Is that the question? Well, when it comes to circumcision, a lot of guys don’t really have a word in the matter.  Statistics say that a whopping 60 percent of infant boys get circumcised in the US at birth.

What’s the big deal? What is the purpose of circumcision – you may ask. If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s behind the decision to get circumcised, Reckless Love has the inside scoop for you.

The Purpose of Circumcision

In infant males, it’s mostly performed because of an array of reasons, let that be religious, social or medical.

Being a rather elective option, parents chose it for their sons individually. Families of the Islamic faith or Judaism may consider circumcising their infant boy solely for religious reasons. In other cases, the reasons are of medical nature.

There are parents who have their infant boy circumcised is because they believe that getting the foreskin snipped will keep the child safe from infections and STD’s. Some even believe (and data may seem to support this) that a cut foreskin will lower penile and prostate cancer risk. For now, it’s hard to tell if these parents are right since the data available simply isn’t enough to back these claims up 100 percent.

The Pros and Cons

On a more practical note, here are some of the other alleged pros and cons that get mentioned when talking about getting circumcised

For starters, here are some of the cons that you may experience when you’re circumcised:

  • Lasting (a wee bit) longer  – getting your foreskin cut may help you keep your A-game longer in bed. Or at least, this is what a fresh Turkish study suggests. According to the study, circumcised men on average, lasted  for twenty extra seconds after getting circumcised. This isn’t a significant prolongation and researchers wouldn’t recommend getting circumcised as a treatment for premature ejaculation or as a means to make you keep going at if for longer in bed.

Other scientists suggest that removing the foreskin can desensitize the penis a bit, that can also serve as an explanation, however, research results are still mixed to give a definitive answer.

  • Smaller chance to develop prostate and penile cancer – as stated before, research seems to back these claims up. The foreskin can serve as a hotbed for inflammation and STDs, and as such, it can play a major role in the development of malignancies down the road..

However, this does not mean that every guy should get circumcised. Wearing a condom regularly can protect from sexually transmitted diseases and keeping your penis clean will protect from inflammation.

  • More protected from STDs – getting your foreskin removed decreases the chances to contract HIV and other STDs, studies suggest. Scientists still find it hard to give a clear explanation for this, but the current paradigm is that penile foreskin is more susceptible to infection from the skin on the shaft. Other professionals suggest that the foreskin is much more likely to get damaged during sex, giving viruses an uncomplicated path into the body. According to another explanation, the folds of the foreskin provide a thriving environment for bacteria and viruses. Whatever the case may be, getting circumcised is no excuse for unprotected sex.
  • Condoms stay were they have to stay – when you’re not circumcised, wearing a condom can be a bit trickier. The foreskin can get in the way and can make their application that much more difficult. It slips and slides the condom, eventually being able to push it off.  Wearing roomier rubber might fix the problem. Before putting the condom on, try pulling back the foreskin and after it’s on, try getting your foreskin in place. Just make sure to hold the rubber’s base to keep it in place. With this little trick, the foreskin has more space to move and at the same time, won’t make the condom slip. If it does happen, reposition it and carry on.

However, there’s a downside to everything. Here are some of the cons that you’ll face when you’re cut:

  • Harder for her to reach climax – according to a Danish study, women who are married to circumcised guys have a harder time reaching orgasm. Professionals suggest that the foreskin might help some women reach climax more effectively with uncircumcised men since the foreskin moves along to vaginal wall during sex, giving better stimulation.

However, take everything with a grain of salt. With anything sex-related, individual preferences and anatomy play huge roles.

  • There are also certain risks which you have to face. Like with any procedure, there are a few risks associated with getting circumcised, however, these risks are pretty low. The problems that you may face after surgery include pain, irritation of the glans, a risk of injuring the penis, a risk of bleeding and infection at the site of the circumcision, and increased risk of meatitis. The latter is the inflammation of the opening of the penis.

In Conclusion

Baby boys and men get circumcised for different reasons. The reason behind it might be religious, cultural, sociological, or it may have to do something with health concerns. To sum it up, getting circumcised may aid in protecting you from certain infections and STDs, however, more data is needed to give a definitive answer. It can also make sex a bit easier since it helps the condom stay put and according to some claims out there, it even helps you last longer in bed.

All in all, getting circumcised is a choice you should make (if you’re thinking about it) mostly based on health, cultural, and religious concerns. Circumcision is not a fix for premature ejaculation and won’t help you experience marathon-like sex sessions.

Want to learn more about lasting longer in bed? Feel free to read our tips and tricks which will help you perform better without the need for risky surgery.