How to Milk a Prostate – Take His Orgasm to the Next Level

How to Milk a Prostate - Take His Orgasm to the Next Level

In all honesty, when it comes to prostate play, a lot of men raise their eyebrows, go silent or just try to change the topic during a conversation. While men like and enjoy sex, prostate massage orgasm and similar subjects can be still pretty off limits for some.

There are even men out there who don’t even know what prostate milking is, let alone knowing how to have a prostate orgasm. Heck, the vast majority of men don’t even know what is good for prostate health, so no wonder knowing how to milk your prostate is kind of a taboo.

However, most men who have experienced the power of prostate milking state that it’s a totally different ball game, and that those who don’t try it are missing out big time.

What happened to these gents?

Apparently, these men learned the dos and don’ts of summoning powerful orgasms that are simply out of this world. So, if you are a gentleman seeking to explore totally new areas of sexual pleasure, or you want to take your partner’s orgasm to the next level, read our detailed article on the subject of prostate milking, known as the pinnacle of male orgasms.

Let’s proceed, shall we?


First things first, let’s define what’s prostate milking (or what’s a prostate massage). It’s the process of applying pressure (either light or moderate) to your prostate gland, which you can access from the rectum. It’s around 2 knuckles inside, on the anterior part at the front.

Your ultimate goal here is to locate the exact spot and to apply pressure to it by massaging it. This is the part that can get a bit tricky since the location and the pressure applied may vary from guy to guy, however, with practice and patience, you can get comfortable with it easily.


The method generally means putting either a toy or one of your fingers into your butt. Yup. Yes, most men feel uneasy about it, and there’s an external method, however, experienced men will say that internal is the sole path to getting the most out of it. They say that the sensations are more joyful and longer. Some even dare to say that with practice and patience, men can even have multiple orgasms. Need we say more?

This all sounds pretty inviting, doesn’t it? Well, before you jump right into it, here are a couple of things you should know:

ALWAYS start light and increase the pressure slowly. Insert only your index for the first tries..

AFTER you got into the groove of things, you can substitute your finger with a purposefully built sex toy.

DON’T shy away from using lube. This will make the experience safer, easier and more comfortable.

DON’T mess with your penis. Trust us, it will just only distract you.


1. TAKE YOUR TIME & GET PREPARED – Prostate play is something you’ll want to take slow. it requires time. Experienced men on the subject advise spending at least one hour focusing on yourself when you’re milking your prostate. Massaging your prostate is totally different from traditional masturbation, and in order to get the most out of it, you need to focus on you, no distractions, and take your time.

Some men also advise taking care of bowel movements an hour before you get down to it. After you’re finished with that, take a lengthy shower. Wash the entire body, and pay a little more attention to your bum. Clean your rectum with your finger or washcloth (push it in the butt hole a bit to clean it out).

2. GET COMFY – Get into bed, put on some soothing music, meditate, exhale, inhale… Whatever puts you in a relaxed state, go for it. Make sure that your lube, towels, a drink, etc. are next to you. Make sure that the pillows arranged the way you like it. Get everything set up for the ride of your life.

3. POSITION YOURSELF – How about lying on your side (whichever side you want) with the knee of your upper leg pulled toward your pecs (a position such as this will make the whole insertion part a lot easier).

You can also try simply lying on your back flat and pulling your feet toward your butt. Raise your knees and spread them apart.

4. GET STARTED – Start off by lubing up your finger and your butt hole (or the toy you’re using), then put the toy or your finger on your rectum gently.

If you’re using a toy, it might be pretty weird for a first try, and you might even be having a hard time getting it in. If this occurs, just relax, take your time with it and give it a second try again in a few minutes. At first, it might even be a bit painful, but this is pretty normal too.  However, if it’s too much and too harsh, maybe it’s best to try another time.

     CONTRACT YOUR MUSCLES THEN RELEASE THEM – this means, you’ll have to flex and release the muscles of your pelvic floor or the PCs.

It’s simple, just lift the muscles of your groin – like the same way you start peeing and suddenly stop.

Hold the lift for a bit then release those muscles slowly. Repeat the process and try to time the muscle contraction while taking deep breaths and exhale right after the contraction has been released.

When you do this, the muscles of your rectum are gently moving the sex toy in and out which stimulates the prostate and when the contraction is harder, the stimulation also gets more intense – and this is exactly what you’re looking for.

At first, it might be hard to keep up the work as the muscles aren’t normally designed to pull this off. Over time, it will get easier and your muscles will build up more endurance.


There are tons of toys out there which are designed exactly for prostate milking. These are effective and efficient pieces of equipment which make it easy to enjoy the experience.

However, it’s not mandatory to use toys. Feel free to use either a  SAFE toy produced for this purpose or your fingers.


Remember the “don’t mess with the penis”? Well, after playing with your prostate, you can freely give it a go. After you’ve had your fill of the prostate massage, proceed with normal masturbation to finish off.

Keep in mind that the orgasm you’ll get will be intense and it will be BIG. SATISFYING. Just make sure to have a towel near you for cleaning up the mess afterward. YOU WILL NEED IT.


According to the pros, this indirect method is not really ideal because of the excess tissue and skin you have to work your way through to get to the gland. Also, it is also more difficult to climax this way. However, it’s a really good way to get started.

Some men aren’t really into putting toys or fingers into their rectum, and this method is ideal for them. In a nutshell, you don’t need to mess with your butt, because you stimulate the gland through the perineum or that “taint”. The prostate is right above it.

If you’re going with this method, use the three of your fingers  – your index, middle, and ring.
Lay down flat
While you’re lying on your back, pull up your knees and feet, put the fingers on the perineum. When you’re there, start applying pressure gently.
Massage the area clockwise, for 5-6 times then repeat it counterclockwise. Take your time, you might need a few minutes to find the area and the amount of pressure which feel the most pleasurable.
Repeat this as many times as you’re comfortable.


However, you should know that this isn’t the most optimal way to climax, still, it’s still a good way to get used to the whole thing, and it’s a great way to warm up for an internal massage.


Why shouldn’t you? Men state that after experimenting with prostate milking, their sex life has changed, and in an awesome way. They’ve found it that prostate massages keep things spicy and they get more bang for their buck.

Some also say that a prostate orgasm is soul-soothing for them. They feel calm and relaxed afterward.

These people also say that these orgasms are also more intense and help you a lot with “taking the edge off”.

One added benefit is that men of any age can practice prostate milking. As a matter of fact, as males age, some of them find it harder to achieve and keep their erections up and with prostate play, you don’t need an erection. You just need to rub it in all the right places!

You can do it solo and with a partner too! However, if you’re performing this with a partner, make sure to lay down some ground rules before getting started. Also, don’t fear away from having a discussion afterward to improve the experience.


All this talk about prostate milking and so little has been talked about the exact location of the prostate itself.

Here’s the how to locate it:

Once you made sure that your hands and rectum are clean, just lay on a comfortable surface that is flat.
Try laying on your back with bent knees and with pulled back feet.
Lube up your finger.
Now, get down there with your hand and put on of your fingers (in most cases, the index) pointing in the direction of your penis.and stop when you’re around two inches deep.
Experiment – go deeper or pull out. Try to find your prostate. Once you feel something that’s weird but great at the same time – you’re there.

Things to consider

Warm up a bit by massaging the areas of your perineum and anus to get blood flow going.
Also, keep in mind that you can’t touch your prostate directly. It’s behind the rectal wall and when you’re performing the massage, you’re actually pushing that same wall and with that, you’re stimulating the gland.
Be gentle with the insertion. Start slow.
If you’re having troubles finding your prostate, feel free to ask for help,


Yes. Or no. Everyone is different. However, prostate milking and having an erection are two different things in this case.


Granted you do as instructed, YES! However, it’s not easy for beginners. Maybe it will take you months of practice to pull the prostate playoff, however, every guy can do it, it just takes dedication and patience.

Prostate orgasms are pretty similar to normal orgasms, the main difference is basically in the intensity, meaning, it’s way more intense. However, it’s worth it. Again, patience is the key.

The best part is, that when it comes to prostate orgasms, the sensations aren’t only felt around your genitals. They can be felt in the rectum, and your abdomen too. And, if you continue to stimulate your prostate, the orgasms will keep coming!


As it turns out, multiple orgasms aren’t just for the ladies! With the proper dedication, men can get a taste of the same thing.

With prostate massages, you don’t have that “pause” as with traditional orgasms. When you milk your prostate, you don’t need time to recover – you can just keep ‘em coming.

Some men tend to find it hard to climax multiple times. With prostate milking, patience and being relaxed is the key. Sometimes it happens out of mere luck. Sometimes it happens because of the person you’re with. At other times, you simply can’t explain it. What we can tell you is to relax and try just go with the flow. If you’re worrying about stuff then you’re just setting yourself up for failure and making it nearly impossible to climax multiple times.


In short: NO. You won’t ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone. However, when you add in some good old’ fashion “meat beating” in the picture, things WILL get REALLY MESSY.


When it comes to prostate play, staying safe and clean is truly important. The rectum is an area that is sensitive, so make sure to be gentle with it, and stay clean there. While the prostate play itself isn’t dangerous, being way too harsh with your toys or fingers can cause you a great deal of discomfort and in some cases, you can even tear the tissue inside your butt.


  1. Use only prostate toys for prostate play. Your finger is okay though. However, don’t even think of using broom handles and toothbrushes.
  2. If you use sex toys, keep them in mint condition and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. This way, they will remain safe and will last longer.
  3. Lube up – pay a little bit more and get a better product. It will make a difference.
  4. Don’t overdo it. Perform it once or twice a week until you get in the groove of it all. Once you get more experienced – feel free to indulge.


If you decide to get a partner involved, make sure it’s after you’ve had enough practice and you’re totally feeling comfortable with it. It’s crucial since it will make communicating with a partner a lot easier.

If the other has little experience, they can push way too vigorously and too fast or they simply won’t apply enough pressure or wouldn’t be able to find the spot. Things like these can be a real buzzkill, so you have to be patient and sure of what you’re doing to show them what you like and how you like it exactly.


Douching refers to the action of using water pressure to cleanse your rectum.

In general, people tend to get nervous when butt play is involved, and their butts are being subjected to it. Leaking poop and stains seem to be a huge concern and honestly when the butt’s involved, these things simple just happen. Not always, but every once in a while. It’s nothing to worry about.

However, to make sure you’re clear down there, here’s what you should do:

First things first, you will need either a rectal syringe or an enema bulb. You can purchase these things online or at your the nearest drug store. They’re pretty cheap – they usually cost less than 10 bucks.


When it comes to lube application, always be generous. In all honesty, prostate milking requires good lube to get the most out of the experience. If you want a pro tip, go with water-based lubes, since they are inexpensive and they can be used with every prostate toy, so there’s no chance of you messing something up on that end.

Always remember to use a generous amount of lube. Apply it both to your butt hole and your toy or fingers. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to experiment. The only thing is, make sure to always use enough lube so that things don’t get painful.


Now you know the secret of skyrocketing your masturbation skills and sex life to new heights. Applying these tricks and tips you’ve just read, you will be ready to explore joys you haven’t felt in your entire life!

Just a reminder: using your fingers is a good starting point. When you’re ready, you’ll find that you have an arsenal of special toys waiting which will make the process a lot easier and even more exciting.

Also, keep in mind that this will take time. So, if you want to enter prostate nirvana, you’ll need to practice, then practice a bit, and then practice even a bit more. This may sound discouraging and unpleasant at first, however, you being persistent will surely pay off and you will be grateful to yourself for not stopping when you’ve felt like giving up.

Take your time and relax. Don’t be hard on yourself – if you’re having a hard time finding the right spot or you find it hard to concentrate, just take it easy. As mentioned above, you have to be patient and master the art of prostate play. After you get comfortable with prostate milking, you can up the game by introducing your partner to the process. And that our friend, will be a sexual game-changer. Trust us on that one.

Well, that’s about it. Now, make sure you’re clean and safe, and happy massaging! For more topic-related articles, visit our blog, today!