What does nsa mean

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Let’s be honest here for a second. The dating scene has changed. For the better, meaning, it’s a lot easier to hook up and have a good time than ever before. Just think about it: dating apps, social media, dating sites – these all make our lives easier if we’re “on the market” for a partner. 

However, you’ll often come across a few confusing acronyms while viewing potential profiles. What are we talking about? Have you ever came across the acronym in the phrase NSA relationship” or NSA tossed around as slang?

If your answer is a BIG yes, then consider giving this post a read, since we’re going to discuss the meaning of the “NSA” acronym in detail.


As mentioned above, the internet is full of confusing acronyms when it comes to dating. One of the most common ones is “NSA” which simply means “no strings attached”. People who are looking for something with no strings attached means that they’re mostly looking to have sexual relations without a commitment of any kind. 

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? So, in practice, “no strings attached” would mean that two people hook up, either once, every now and then or on a regular basis without having to commit (I.e the strings) to each other and their unity as a couple as they would do in a traditional relationship. No strings attached, no commitment tying the two down, like Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in the movie named “No Strings Attached” (coincidence?).


When you’re in an NSA relationship, the main point of the relationship is having sex regularly – without the obligations which come with a traditional relationship. Usually, this is your typical case, however, you can limit your interactions to just sex or broaden it to other things as well – it all depends on what you two agree on at the very beginning. 

Let’s say, at first it’s just casual sex, then it becomes sex on a regular basis, later on, you start hanging out out of the bedroom too. Going to the movies together, grabbing something to eat, going shopping. All is good as long as both of you feel comfortable and both of you are honest about what you truly want. 

You’re also free to date and sleep with other people too. Just make sure that everyone practices safe sex to stay free of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the both of you need to be honest about what you truly want. 


If everything goes like mentioned above, the no strings attached relationship can be a pretty fun experience, where you not only get a sex partner but even a friend you can hang out if both of you are comfortable with it. For more similar articles, visit our blog, today!

What Does FWB Mean?


We live in a world of shorthand. DTF, IDGAF, and FWB get thrown around daily, online and in dating apps. What does it all mean; specifically, what does FWB mean sexually?

FWB: what does it mean?

Simply put, FWB means friends with benefits. A friends with benefits relationship is one in which two people are physically intimate, but they’re not committed to each other in any way. FWBs enjoy hooking up and spending time together, but the relationship is not a romantic one. Kicking off a FWB arrangement can be lots of fun, but as with any relationship, communication is key. Are you trying to decide if it’s the right relationship for you? Here are some questions to ask before getting tangled up in the sheets with your FWB.

Is this the relationship you want with this person? 

Be honest with yourself whether this is the kind of relationship you truly want. FWB arrangements don’t offer the emotional support of a typical relationship, and it’s easy to long for an attachment that goes deeper than the physical. This person isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend, and won’t be a shoulder to cry on when you have a rough day. Entering into a FWB situation expecting it to turn into something more is a recipe for heartbreak. If you’re not looking for a committed relationship, a FWB might be the way to go.

Are you on the same page? 

When you spark up a FWB relationship, you should have an honest discussion about what you’re entering into. When you’re deciding the rules of your arrangement, it’s best to be transparent and open to compromises. This helps avoid any miscommunication, confusion and hurt feelings. Furthermore, you should check in intermittently to make sure you’re still on the same page. If you’re starting to enjoy the arrangement too much, it might be time to re-evaluate. The “friends” part of the relationship is just as important, if not more, than the sexual aspect of the relationship. Friends trust each other, so even if this person isn’t a romantic partner, you should still treat each other with honesty and respect. Make sure you’re balancing your feelings and your friendship. On that note, it’s best to discuss how you’ll act in public around each other, especially if you’re part of the same group of friends.

They might be with other people – are you okay with that?

Remember, your FWB connection isn’t a monogamous one, and your connection is sexual, not emotional. You’re both free to date and hook up with whomever you’d like. In addition to preserving your physical health, you also need to protect your emotional health. Also, keep in mind that your FWB relationship can end anytime for any reason. 

Are you okay with losing your friendship? 

On that note, a FWB arrangement isn’t designed to last forever. While you may be able to unblur the lines of your friendship and act like nothing physical ever happened, more often than not, your friendship suffers as a result. It’s much better to talk about the end in advance: what happens if one of you meets someone you really like? What if one person decides they’re just not feeling it anymore? Discussing these possibilities before they happen is the best chance to salvage the friendship. 

Is it keeping you from pursuing other things? 

Friends with benefits arrangement needs to benefit both of you. If you enjoy things in the moment but feel sadness or regret afterward, it’s not working out. If you’re using your FWB as a crutch to avoid pursuing a more meaningful relationship, then you’re just cheating yourself of true happiness.

What is NSA Relationship?

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Dating in 2018 is like a box of chocolates, “you never know what you’re gonna get,” as Forrest Gump would say. As our lives get busier, online dating becomes more prevalent, and ghosting frustratingly becomes the norm. Maybe it’s better to bite the bullet and come to terms with the fact that it’s just not your time to settle down quite yet. Fear not! There are other, potentially better-suited options for you if you want to have a fun fling while exploring all your options. Introducing: NSA relationships.

What is a NSA Relationship?

    NSA stands for “No Strings Attached,” and this kind of relationship is exactly what it sounds like: no labels, no fuss, no drama. This allows two people to have a purely physical relationship without having to worry about the emotional attachment. This is ideal for someone who just wants to have fun, is too busy to seriously date, or simply is not in a rush to settle down, since NSA relationships allow you to be sexually intimate with someone without the commitment of a normal, more serious relationship. 

What are the Benefits of a NSA Relationship?

There is something exciting and exhilarating about a commitment-free, no strings attached fling. Some people find solace in knowing they can have the luxury of being intimate with someone without the commitment and emotions that usually follow. This allows for a good balance of work and play without getting too involved. 

  1. You are not committed to one person. Since NSA relationships are strictly physical, there is no need for an emotional connection with your NSA partner. Instead, it is a mutual agreement for both parties that this arrangement is nothing serious. That means there is no pressure to plan romantic date nights or surprise your partner with an expensive bouquet of flowers at work. You are not committed to anyone, which means you can continue living your busy life without worry. 
  2. You can explore your options. Dating, in this day in age, has become a numbers game. Dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble, have made it increasingly easier to cast a wider net and expand your horizons. There’s no need to settle down with one person because dating apps have prayed on our emotions and have us asking, “what if there’s something better out there?” NSA relationships allow for a guilt-free way to find out if there is something better out there, so you can have your cake and eat it too.
  3. It can be fun. Without the pressure of being emotionally available and committed to one person, you are able to experiment and try new things in a NSA relationship. This kind of arrangement has a sense of thrill and excitement that may sometimes fall by the wayside in regular relationships. You can keep things light and enjoy the physical, intimate side of things with your partner without having to worry about the issues or drama that may come with a more serious relationship.

What are the Challenges of a NSA Relationship?

Though NSA relationships can be fun and electrifying, they are not for everyone. Things can get pretty tricky if you do not know how to carefully navigate a fun, emotionless fling because a whole new set of challenges can arise that will involve emotions and feelings.

  1. There’s a chance you’ll develop actual feelings for your partner. What started off as a fun, flirty, innocent fling might develop into something more. Even worse, it might develop into something more for only one person, which means feelings will go unrequited. Sometimes it is easier said than done to indulge and get intimate with someone else without the emotional connection. NSA relationships are solely formed based on the agreement that there are no feelings or emotional connections attached to the arrangement, but you are bound to grow attached and more attracted to someone the more you spend time with them. Be careful!
  2. You may close yourself off from potential serious relationships. In a world where dating multiple people without settling down is becoming more and more popular, your focus is going to be on finding the next best thing as you are always on the hunt for something better. While this mindset and NSA relationships go hand-in-hand, this may also set you back and prevent you from finding someone you sincerely enjoy spending time with and want to date more seriously. In NSA relationships, all of your focus and energy goes into meeting new people and not getting too close, which closes yourself off from opportunities to settle down (if the time ever comes).
  3. You run the risk of getting hurt. Aside from developing actual feelings for your NSA partner, there is a possibility that you could get hurt in other ways. The more time you spend with someone, the more emotionally invested you can become in them. Your initial flirty hook-up may turn into chaotic disarray of jealousy and insecurity, which is not what either of your signed up for. A casual arrangement like this could turn into a dramatic frenzy very quickly, but as long as you keep it casual and light, you should be good to go.

What are the ideal situations for a NSA Relationship?

    Glad you asked. There are a few set-ups that put people in the perfect position for an NSA Relationship, and we can all relate to a few of them:

  • You do not have time for a serious, committed relationship
  • You want to let loose and have fun after a bad break-up
  • You love getting intimate, but you love your space more
  • You are not ready to commit or settle down
  • You want to explore your options and don’t want to be tied down to one person
  • You have been in a long-term relationship, and you want to have fun before settling down again

So, next time you are ghosted unexpectedly, are trying to get over a terrible breakup, or just come to realize that you aren’t anywhere close to settling down, consider indulging in a fun, flirty NSA relationship. You can treat yourself to a physical fling without the emotional ties, and explore all your options while having some fun, which is the NSA relationship definition.