Easy Sex Positions to Spice Things Up

Woman sitting in mans lap

Are you looking for easy sex positions to spice it up in the bedroom? Are you in search of smart sex techniques that could bring back the spark? You’re in the right place.

Let’s face it, things have gotten a bit stale. It’s been straight missionary ever since you started getting naughty. Eye contact was a huge thing at first, now you can’t look any deeper in each other’s eye to get hot. You’re just going through the same motions over and over again. Otherwise, things are going great. You really love each other, spending time together is awesome, heck even the good ole’ Netflix and chill seems like a blast every single time. However, things between the sheets are just “eh”. Both of you know this and both of you are looking for ways to spice things up again. Look no further!

What you guys need to bring back the spark is simpler than you think. In one word: variety. What are we talking about? Well, new, hot sex positions that will make you so hot and horny for each other, that you won’t be able to get your hands off each other!

Sound cool, right? Even too good to be true? Don’t worry, we’ve got this. By reading our sex position guide and by introducing these lovemaking positions, you two will rediscover the joys and wonders of spending quality, intimate time together and you will also broaden the horizons of your sex life.

So, without wasting too many words, we bring you a compiled list of the top, easy sex positions which will put you back in horny mode in a fraction of a second!


Gentlemen, if you’re the one out of the two of you who are reading this, please, read through these few sentences. Let’s be honest here – when it comes to lovemaking, men have it a lot easier. For men, it doesn’t really take that much to get in the mood, and no “fluff” is required to get satisfaction, so to speak. No rocket science here, simple sex will do if you’ve been missing your “fix” for a while.

Women are different.

You probably know this (at least, you really should), for the ladies, it takes a lot more to get in the groove than just a few seductive looks and a little french kissing. They need to ease into it before they can fully appreciate and enjoy the time you spend together between the sheets. Having this in mind during lovemaking can itself make a huge difference without introducing anything new to your sex life. Being a bit seductive, a few minutes of foreplay, working on your oral skills (and we’re not talking about talking her into having sex) will go a long way in bringing the passion back and spicing things up. Please, take note. It’s for your own good! She will be more than thankful, trust us.


The list we’re about to go over will ensure that you both will have the times of your lives in the bedroom. However, please, take note that everyone is different, everybody has different preferences when it comes to sex, so some positions might need to be altered a bit, changed, or even disregarded. Make sure to tell your partner about your intentions before you hit it off. In sex, communication more important than a lot of people would think.


This one isn’t rocket science and it’s a lot better than the good ole’ missionary. Also, it’s fairly simple: The guy lies on his back, while the girl sits on him either facing his face, or legs (cowgirl vs reverse cowgirl).

To make sure that both of you really enjoy this position, the girl should focus on moving back and forth on her partner’s member and grinding on his pelvis either in slow, deep circles or in a figure-eight motion. This will cause better stimulation for her, and at the same time, it will also feel better for the guy too.

Gentlemen, it these positions (bot in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl), your job is mostly to stay put. However, if you want to take matters into your own hands, you can start thrusting yourself, just make sure you’re following your partner’s rhythm. Or you can pull her close to your body, while you do the work (this works better for traditional cowgirl).

However, the girl is on top, she has complete control – she’s the one who sets the pace, the angle, depth, and level of stimulation. This position has loads of different variations and it will take a while before you two get bored with it.

To introduce even more variety, the guy can sit up, she can lean back (which will mean more G-spot stimulation and it’s also easier to stimulate the clitoris).


This one is also simple, yet really effective. All the girl needs to do is get on her hands and knees, while the guy kneels behind him and… well, you can figure out the rest. Yup, he can now thrust away while grabbing onto his partner’s hips and/or buttocks.

The flip-side for her in doggy style is, that this position makes for super-deep stimulation – the doggy style enables total G-spot stimulation which is an awesome plus for those women who can reach sexual climax by penetration alone and it’s a good position for those who also need clitoral stimulation to get off since reaching the clitoris when going doggy is also easy as pie.

Doggy style isn’t just a one way-street. While men have to do most of the work, women can also join in on the action by pushing back against their partner. That’s not all when it comes to spicing things up. The girl can get down on her elbows, she can change angles. She can also rub her clit, or the guy can help him with that. They can do it standing up, or on the bed. The girl can go down on all fours on the bed while the guy is standing up. You don’t have to do it only in the bedroom. Just think about it: in the shower, over the table, over the kitchen counter…

couple having sex on the bed


When laying on your sides and facing each other, she should move just a bit higher up on the bed so her hips are above her partner’s. When that’s done, she should wrap the top leg around him and let him “inside”.

This is a really easy and basic position which is also ideal for beginners. It might not be so monumental as a reverse piledriver (yes, that actually exists), but it lets you get in tune with your partner because it requires a bit more focus from the both of you. It’s also very intimate, while it also provides deep penetration.


This is also really simple – you just need to lay down in the usual spooning position, with her hips above his. Then, she should lift her top leg so he can slip it in. it shouldn’t be an awkward fit, but if it is, feel free to use some lube.

This one is also great when you’re only starting to add some variety to your sex life. It’s also great for G-spot stimulation and it’s really comfortable. Once you get the hang of it, it can be really rewarding.


While this may sound like something straight out of a medical dictionary, you don’t need to worry. When getting in this position, you’ll want to start off in missionary with the girl on her back and him on top. Then, the guy should pull his body toward her head, so that his pelvis is higher than normal during missionary

While this is pretty similar to what most couple’s get bored with, it’s a great position for her to reach orgasm. Why? In this position, he grinds more against her pelvis than he can thrust in and out. Also, by changing the alignment of the pelvis allows his pubic bone to rub against her clitoris which usually leads to direct stimulation that will lead to the coveted female orgasm in most cases.

This intimate, low-stress position is not a huge maneuver into from traditional missionary yet it has so many benefits. For example, she can use her hand to spread her labia apart making sure that his body rubs even more intensely against her clitoris. Introduce some lube for a slightly different kind of sensation, use a pillow to change the angle a little bit. Feel free to get creative!


As with the position listed above, start from missionary, then he should sit up so that his ankles and knees are spread wide. The girl should stay on her back and put her feet flat on the bed and arch her hips up so that she’s in a kind of a bridge position.

This position allows for very deep stimulation with an ideal G-spot stimulation angle. It also leaves the clitoris easily accessible – what more can you ask for?

Spicing it up isn’t that hard either – by changing the angle of his crouch, you two can go higher or lower whenever you want. She can also alter the angle a bit for more fun. Also, she can wrap her legs around his torso, pull them up all the way with ankles resting on his shoulders. There’s room the experiment.


Not all positions should be about penetration. When done right, the good old 69 can be pretty satisfying and a great foreplay act to get the ball rolling.

Getting the gist of it is pretty easy. He should lay on the bed (it’s more advisable for him since this way his member won’t poke her eye out) while she lies on top of her facing the other way.

Pretty straightforward and enables to both of you to enjoy oral sex at the same time. Yes, some people aren’t really huge fans of the position. They say that it’s uncomfortable and both of your junk is all over each other’s face. That may be true but sex is only good when it gets a bit dirty, don’t you think? Just make sure to make small adjustments that both of you are enjoying it.


Well, there you have it. These seven positions are surefire ways to reintroduce the passion and the spice into your sex life. Most of these positions focus a bit more on the female partner so that she can have a higher chance of reaching climax.

The truth is, there any position is a good one when you’re making sure that it’s comfortable for both of you. That being said, communicating is pivotal in a happy sex life.

Whether it’s trying something new or making adjustments to your current routine, make sure that you’re honest with each other. We’re not the same, we all have different preferences, likes and dislikes and all that will reflect in the bedroom as well. Try not to push your sexual agenda at all cost, learn to make tiny sacrifices and to reach common ground with your partner. That’s the key to good sex.

What Are Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Woman?

pregnant woman and man in bed - Sex Positions for Pregnant Woman

When you’re pregnant you’ll find yourself asking what are the best sex positions for pregnant women? Whatever position feels best is at the heart it. There are a number of great positions to try while pregnant. While some positions are only recommended in the first trimester others are great to practice up to delivery. Sometimes the male counterpart becomes irrationally concerned about engaging in sexual practice during pregnancy and need to be reassured they cannot hurt the baby. If this happens ask your doctor to have a conversation with you both.

Man on Top

Traditional missionary style positions the man on top and the woman on her back. Most humans begin learning to make love in this fashion. Called the missionary position due to the promotion of this position by early colonial English speaking missionaries. Converts were encouraged by the colonial missionaries to only engage in sex for reproductive purposes and in this position. The truthfulness of this urban legend has not be confirmed. In Arabic speaking nations this position is referred to as the angelic position and in France, they call it the classical position. Whatever term you use, laying on a bed and positioning the female on her back with the male on top is the most common lovemaking position in the world and it’s great for pregnant women. 

Medical experts suggest giving up missionary position after the second trimester because of the risk associated. In fact, laying on your back after the second trimester can become considerably uncomfortable. The risk is that blood flow can be reduced and lower your heart rate. Therefore, missionary position should only be practiced during early pregnancy. 

Couch Missionary

Couch missionary is one of the best sex positions during pregnancy during the first trimester. For the ladies who love missionary but are concerned about blood flow, there is the couch missionary position works wonders. Using the couch missionary position allows for more comfort and easier positioning. Ladies lie down on the edge of a couch, bed, or chair, and place your feet on the floor. Your partner should be on his knees or standing between your thighs. This position allows pregnant females to achieve more comfort and control in positioning. 


The best sex position during pregnancy period should be a fun and interesting position. Intercourse while standing is a great way to explore an intimate connection with your partner. Using a wall is often best to ensure stability. However, many couples are able to have standing sex without the use of any supports. A young and healthy pregnancy should be filled with exciting intimate experiences that bonds a couple preparing to bring a new life into the world. 

Doggy Style

Doggy style is the best position for sex during pregnancy. To practice this style the female is on hands and knees (all fours) and she presents to her male partner who enters her while both are facing the same direction rather than facing each other. This position makes it easy for the female to stimulate her clitoris easily.  

girl in doggy style position

Leap Frog

In the second trimester, it’s time to get a bit more adventurous. Leap Frog position is a great way to keep your love life spicy without expelling all your last bit of energy at the end of a long day. The Leap Frog position is a best position of having sex during pregnancy option. When practicing the Leap Frog the female lays on the bed, facing downward and she rests her head on her forearms presenting a rare entry to her partner. In the Leap Frog position, you rest your arms and upper body rather than holding yourself up with your forearms as done why in the doggy style position. Before you buy LeapFrog toys you’ll want to practice the Leap Frog position. 


The cowgirl position puts the female firmly in control. Practicing cowgirl is a great way to enhance the romance. When practicing cowgirl the male partner is flat on his back and the female positions herself on top of the male. The female straddles the male in a kneeling position. This position allows for easy penetration and the male partner has more freedom to stimulate the nipples and clitoris.  

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is known as The Hot Seat when performed in a chair rather than on a bed. In both positions the female straddles the male; both are facing the same direction. Finding a position that is both comfortable and satisfying is an important part of the bonding experience between two soon-to-be parents. Taking time to experiment sexually increases intimacy levels and forms lasting bonds. 

Table Top

The tabletop position is for the young and adventurous parents-to-be is the best position for sex during pregnancy. The female uses a table or counters to support them, finding a comfortable position, the male partner enters facing the female. The tabletop position provides a great way to add a little spice to your sex life while pregnant and it’s great during all trimesters. 


The spoon position is a great way to get intimate. For the spoon, both partners face in the same direction. The female may lift one leg and allow her male partner to enter her. The spoon is a comfortable cuddle position and it’s an excellent intimate position as well. Try the spoon during the second and third trimester when energy is low but the desire is high. It’s the perfect position for the busy couple preparing for their new bundle of joy.


The scissor is a fun position. The shallow penetration and gentle motion provide stimulation. In order to practice this position, a couple sits on the bed facing one another. The female and male work in unison. The female should be positioned laying back and the male using his forearms to prop himself. Finding a position where they can comfortably intertwine their legs and work in unison in a gentle rocking and thrusting motion.  


There may come a time during a pregnancy when either partner, male or female, may be uncomfortable with intercourse. This is not a bad sign, it’s just a typical part of relationships and human growth. In order to overcome a dry spell in an intimate relationship, a couple might engage in cunnilingus, more commonly known as oral sex. Cunnilingus typically refers to a male performing oral sex on a female. Taboo in many cultures, cunnilingus is an excellent way for the male partner to satisfy his pregnant female without penetration. On Bunny Cam you’ll find lots of great information you’d like about great sex positions during pregnancy.

How to Do Reverse Cowgirl

How to Do Reverse Cowgirl

When people are looking to spice up their sex lives by trying new, interesting positions, the conversation of the reverse cowgirl position almost always comes up. What is a reverse cowgirl? Do you know how to do reverse cowgirl? These are the type of questions that often come up when researching this exciting, risqué sexual position.

But if you are looking to try reverse cowgirl with your partner, these are the exact questions that you need to ask and answer. Let us help you find some answers about reverse cowgirl here below:

What is the reverse cowgirl position?

The reverse cowgirl sex position is a sexual orientation that is characterized by the male partner laying down on their back horizontally, while the female partner is riding her lover’s penis from above while facing away from him. This allows the male partner to have an amazing view of his woman’s backside. This gorgeous, erotic view of the entire woman’s back, butt, and flowing hair is the primary reason that the reverse cowgirl position is so popular in pornographic movies.

Turn on your favorite porn and you are almost guaranteed to see this position highlighted at some point in this action. This is because all of the best porn directors understand that you need to maximize and highlight the best possible views of the ladies involved in order to make a good porn.

Is reverse cowgirl a good position to help hit a female’s G-spot?

The ideal sexual intercourse for anybody is when all participating partners actually get off and orgasm. One of the main concerns that are common with male partners is whether or not the reverse cowgirl position can help with achieving deeper, vaginal penetration to better hit a woman’s g-spot. They just want to make their lady partners happy!

However, reverse cowgirl does not usually allow for the deepest penetration of the penis into the vagina. As a result of the fact that most typical penises have some type of upward curve to them, reverse cowgirl usually limits the depth of vaginal penetration. This is because the curve of most penises doesn’t naturally align with the angle of the vagina in the reverse cowgirl position. Unless the male partner has an unbelievably straight dick, this may be a difficult position to get the penetration desired.

On top of these physical constraints, the reverse cowgirl position is quite taxing to the legs, knees, and feet of the most woman. In order to be able to ride the erect penis properly in this position, the female partner has to perform riding motions that are much more difficult and cumbersome than motions involved in other more common sex positions such as traditional cowgirl, missionary or doggy style.

Are they any good alternatives to the reverse cowgirl position?

People usually want to try the reverse cowgirl position because they want some new excitement to spice up their sex lives. However, as we discussed above, there are simply some physical constraints with the reverse cowgirl position that don’t always allow the perceived excitement to actually occur. But there are some other sex positions you may not have tried before that could offer the same new excitement as reverse cowgirl without the same physical constraints.

One of the best of these sex positions is known as “the spork”. The spork sex position occurs when the female partner lays on her back and holds one of her legs up. The male partner then lays on his side and slides his penis into the vagina at a 90-degree angle from where it would be in the missionary position. The spork position allows for far more penetration than reverse cowgirl and is much more comfortable for the female partner because she can lay on her back and stimulate herself with her hands if she feels like it.

If you need more tips on how to do reverse cowgirl or want to check out some amazing adult content, visit our website!

What is the dirty Sanchez

Dirty Sanchez

What is the dirty Sanchez? Have you ever heard of it before? The dirty Sanchez is a sex position that often comes up when people research new positions to try with their partner in order to spice things up in the bedroom. However, this particular sex position is one for those sexual partners who consider themselves amongst the wildest and debaucherous in the sack.

As a matter of fact, most people would consider the dirty Sanchez sex position a complete no-no while they are getting intimate in the bedroom and trying to achieve orgasm. On top of this, even sex experts mostly consider the dirty Sanchez to be a sex position made mostly for use in porn movies, humor or to create shock value.

However, there are the daring few out there who happily refer to themselves as sexual “freaks” who would receive an extra level (or more!) of pleasure by trying it. Let’s take a close look at the dirty Sanchez sex position below:

What is the dirty Sanchez?

The dirty Sanchez position is initiated when one (or both) sexual partner sticks one of their fingers into the other partner’s butt. It is then completed once the partner with their finger in the other’s butt, pulls it out and then wipes whatever excrement and juices that are on their finger onto their partner’s face, in the area right above their top lip. In essence, the dirty Sanchez occurs when at least one sexual partner gives the other one a “poop mustache” during the act of sexual intercourse.

Hopefully, this quickly and succinctly answers the question of “What is the dirty Sanchez?” Go ahead and try it for yourself if you are one of the brave few that is interested in trying this position personally!

If you have any more questions about the dirty Sanchez or want some of the best adult entertainment around, visit our website, today!

Different Sex Positions to Spice It Up

Different sex positions

Are you feeling a like your sex life has gone from a 10 to a 2? Have you lost your sense of adventure in the bedroom? If any of this is true, don’t feel bad about it; many couples find that over time they lose what was once new and exciting and fall into the ordinary, normal and common positions during sex.

One moment we are tirelessly searching for the perfect date night outfit, getting a blowout, meticulously grooming ourselves getting ready for a night in exhilarating sexual paradise and the next we are settling for take-out in sweats and missionary position night after night. We want to let you in on a little secret– it doesn’t have to be this way!

Joking aside, there are plenty of ways to get the spice back in the bedroom, and it won’t cost you a thing except for a little more time and a little more creativity behind closed doors. So, what is this magical suggestion to get you back to hot and sweaty sex on the regular?

Our best suggestion to you and your honey to break your sex slump is to investigate different positions to spice up the bedroom! It’s time to throw missionary out the window and start thinking about new and different ways to give and receive pleasure to take your intimacy rating back up to the all-star rating you and your partner deserve and crave.

We’ve got the top positions that are creative, exciting, inviting and definitely pleasurable for you and your partner to enjoy.


  1. Reverse cowgirl: Reverse cowgirl is one of our favorite positions because it is so easy to have a complete body orgasm for both parties with truly minimal effort. There is no twisting like a pretzel nor are there any introductions to new toys you have no idea how to operate. Quite simply, have one partner lay flat on their back while the receiver climbs on, flips around and moves up and down the penis as if she is riding a mechanical bull. The partner lying on the bed or floor can take his hands and guide the motion with their hands moving faster and slower.

For the man, it is not only visually stimulating seeing his woman from behind but it is a very physically stimulating experience for him because she is able to move so easily with or without his hands guiding.

A woman experiences more than a few benefits from reverse cowgirl. First and foremost, it is a huge confidence booster since there is an opportunity for her to be in control of her own pleasure. Second, it just is downright sexy to move your body as you do in reverse cowgirl! She is able to feel her own body, caress her breasts and even partake in clitoral stimulation. Lastly, the angle of reverse cowgirl is a sure fire way to hit her g-spot over and over again against her pelvic wall. Hello, orgasm!


  1. . Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T) or Frog position – The Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T) or Frog position is a twist on missionary with deep penetration and amazing clitoral stimulation. This position starts out in a missionary position. Next, the woman who is on the bottom wraps her legs around her partner’s hips bent at the knee (making a frog-like position). The woman’s feet ideally are resting on her partner’s butt and the two are laying with flat torsos against one another. The pressure, plus position, plus friction creates amazing stimulation for her clitoris and will allow for a fast and intense full-body orgasm. Look out, this one will put you both into sexual overdrive.


  1. Legs on shoulders – This position is exactly how it sounds. While you are already in the missionary position or even in Frog position (see above) take the pleasure up a notch and move into the legs on shoulder position. This is achieved when the woman takes her legs and wraps the back of her knees on her partner’s shoulders. Optimum positioning for the woman is while she is on the edge of the bed and her partner is standing, however, if you want to both be on the bed there is a way to make that positioning work as well.

We love this position for men as they are able to penetrate deeply and with their own rhythm. For an added bonus for her, lean down and caress her body, breasts and take her in fully and completely.


  1. Bedside or standing doggy-style- It is no secret why doggy-style is one of the most favored positions for men and women alike. Men and women are able to receive a deep, full sensation from this position, however, it can be altered to make it a new and different position to spice it up in the bedroom.

A bedside doggy-style not what you think it is. Most positions have the man standing bedside while the woman receives pleasure from behind or in front. This twist on doggy has the man kneeling on the bed while the woman is standing bent over while she takes the ultimate, deep pleasure during intercourse. If height for the man or woman doesn’t allow for this to be comfortable, try the doggy style with both partners standing with the woman bracing herself on the nearest wall or even in the shower bent over a grab bar.


  1. Get out of the bedroom – Maybe your boring, vanilla sex has less to do with the position and has more to do with the lack of adventure and the constant sex in the bedroom. If you and your partner always have sex in the bed, it is definitely time to switch the location up and get out of the bedroom.

If you are at a party, sneak off in a bathroom, closet or dark room and have a quickie standing against a wall. Sneak in some sex after a movie in the parking lot or under the cover of night in a park or your backyard. Move to the stairs at an incline, have the woman doggy style above you kneeled on all fours. Take her in from behind while you kneel. You’re welcome in advance.


  1. Chair dance – This position is fun, kinky and will help the man last longer during sex. Have the male partner sit on a chair and the woman sits face to face with her partner while he is inside her. Once in this position, the woman can either put her legs on either side of the chair or wrap her legs froggy style around the chair and his waist. Rock up and down bouncing on your partner’s cock or move to reverse cowgirl while your partner is still in sitting position on the chair.


  1. Kneeling position – Think of this position as doggy style only while both of you are kneeling. This might feel awkward at first, but trust us, it is worth the effort. The man and woman together are able to move up and down in unison as the male partner is giving everything he has to his partner from behind. Extra points for touching her breasts and rubbing her clit while you are getting down and dirty. Do this on the floor for the best leverage and anchoring. Give a little twist and find each other for an intimate kiss while you are in the deepest pleasure space.


  1. The Twisted Pretzel- This position is one for the books. If you wanted a fun, sexy and spicy position to hit all the right angles, this is the position for you. If you have found yourself in the typical missionary position evacuate immediately into the Twisted Pretzel. Your woman will need to twist her leg over her man’s shoulder, turn sideways and assume the position of pleasure. It is halfway in between missionary and doggy-style.

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