How to make a homemade sex toy?

Sometimes, you’re just on a tight budget. Other times, you might not have the courage to go to a sex shop and start browsing. On the other hand, you don’t really want to order online either, because you just can’t look the postman in the eye even though the “goods” are packaged just the right way that the naked eye can’t tell the difference if it’s a flashlight, a huge dildo or some cheap Chinese utensils. 

We know the struggle. However, don’t get discouraged. You can enjoy the benefits and the added pleasures of purpose-specific sex toys by getting a little creative and by using a few awesome homemade sex toys. 

What? Homemade sex toys?! – you may be asking now, sitting in front of your laptop, in disbelief. 

Hold on, we have your answers. 


Everybody has their reasons. Some are low on cash, others are just new to the idea of using sex toys. You may be just not sure that you’ll buy something that you’ll ultimately like. 

There are loads are reasons why you’d love to learn how to make a homemade sex toy and we can’t judge you on that one. These things are really individual and there’s no size-fits-all when it comes to sex. 

Fortunately, there are loads of alternatives to top-shelf sex toys you can see in sex shops and online. The best part is, you can customize your homemade toy to your liking, which can make it that much sweeter and more preferable for you. 


Here are a few good ideas you can use if you want to have some fun with your favorite everyday household items. 

  • WHAT ABOUT YOUR ELECTRIC RAZOR? – Just make sure that you don’t use the side with the blade. Use the other side. There are a lot of positive vibes which can make you happy
  • YOUR HAIRBRUSH – Chances are, you already used this. It’s nothing new – just slam a condom on the handle and go wild. 
  • THE JOYS OF THE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH – Same drill. Just use the back side of it, and have a ball.
  • SHOWERHEAD FOR THE WIN – Play with different pressures and angles – the water is your friend, don’t forget that.
  • VEGETABLES – No need for explanation. Just make sure that you clean them and put a condom on them.
  • JOYSTICKS – what about the Wii remote? Who said video games are only for boys? 
  • CANDLES – You know the drill.
  • GRAB A BOTTLE WITH A NICE-LOOKING NECK – Hey, whatever rocks your boat. 
  • YOU CAN USE THE BACK MASSAGER TOO – If you have one, chances are, you’ve already given it a try. Now, give It another. 

Before you go to town… 

Please, have in mind that these items aren’t actually meant to cause you sexual pleasure. That being said, be careful to avoid causing yourself harm.

So, before you get down to business, make sure to slam a condom on them. Be careful and don’t use stuff that will shatter, break, or, god forbid, splinter while you’re using it. You don’t want that to happen. Avoid anything with sharp parts. Be really careful with things that have electrical currents. Oh, and don’t use those near water. EVER. Also, avoid butt play with these. Your bum is delicate on its own. When you want to use a bottle, make sure it’s not empty – it can create suction and trust us, you don’t want that to happen.


Well, when it comes to male sex toys, the pickings are unfortunately much slimmer. However, don’t get discouraged gentleman, because with a little bit creativity, you can make an awesome pocket pussy substitute! All you need is a bit of toothpaste, a washcloth, hair ties, latex gloves, lube, and your member.

Just fold the washcloth in half, put the toothpaste on one end and stack the latex glove on top. Now, roll it up and secure on side of it with one of the hair ties. Now, remove the toothpaste gently, and stretch the latex glove on the top of the washcloth. Create an opening in the glove, secure the stretched part of the glove with another hair tie to the cloth, put lube in the opening, and viola – all you need to do now is to get down to business.


Sometimes, you don’t want to spend a lot of dough to get kinky and that’s totally fine. Here are a few awesome ideas to treat your dirtier side and still save some precious money:

  • THE FEATHER DUSTER IS YOUR FRIEND – A clean feather duster is an awesome substitute for those feathery puffs which are usually on the end of a stick. 
  • GLOVES – soft ones, from fur, silk or cashmere are awesome the play around with your partner. Gently run your fingers on their skin. It’s gonna be worth it. 
  • INSTEAD OF A PADDLE – Into spanking? Why not use a belt of a spatula? Roll up a magazine, or just simply use your bare hands. As long as you’re able to spank your partner the way they like it, you’re winning!
  • BLINDFOLD ALTERNATIVES – Just grab her stockings, a scarf or maybe his favorite tie. 
  • VELCRO MIGHT BE YOUR THING – Awesome substitute for cuffs if that’s your thing.
  • NIPPLE CLAMPS ON A BUDGET – How about clothespins? Just keep on eye out not to pinch them too hard. Be gentle and mindful. 
  • LATEX GLOVES – It’s quite self-explanatory, right? 
  • ICE CUBES – You always have some of those. A little hot and cold play never hurt anybody and it’s always an awesome option to spice things up. 


As the title says: more awesome options for your pleasure.

  • CELL PHONES, WASHING MACHINE – hey, as long as it vibrates… 
  • CLING WRAP – When bondage is the name of the game, you can’t go wrong with these. Just have your medical scissors ready if you need to cut the wrap to avoid trouble. 


So, now you know that you don’t have to break your bank to enjoy the pleasures that you can get from using sex toys. Sometimes, all you really need is your creativity and fantasy to get the right tool to get the job done (pun intended). 

That being said, who said that you can’t make a flashlight out of latex gloves, a washcloth, and a few hair ties? Also, using a cucumber and a vagina as a dildo for your alone time can also feel the same way as using an expensive dildo. It’s like being a kid again – use your imagination and go wild.

What might be problematic here is the fact that the things we listed aren’t purposefully built sex toys and as such, they can be potential sources of danger and harm if you’re not careful with them. So, always make sure that they are clean, and that you’re not inserting anything sharp in yourself (or that you’re not inserting yourself into anything sharp or pointy).

Also, when you’re using kinky toy substitutes, be careful not to cause pain to your partner. Always have a pair of scissors at hand in case of emergency and make sure to communicate when you’re in bed and fooling around with these things. 

That would be all. Now, if you’re still hungry for some awesome tips, we have loads of masturbation ideas and handy sex positions which will spice things up for you. Just browse through our blog section and see for yourself. You’re welcome. 

Homemade sex toys for women

If you think that you can only get sex toys at your local sex shop or on the internet, let us break it to you: you are mistaken.

You’ve might not even be aware, but your home is full of toys you can use to spice up your sex life. Some of them are more or less always in arms reach. 

Yeah, we get it, getting a few purpose-specific toys is a nice touch and can certainly add an extra spark to your sessions but do you remember how hot was it when your partner just suddenly whipped off his belt and used that to tie you to the bed?

Yep, sometimes the simplest things are the best. And while there’s no problem in grabbing a new sex toy from an online store every now and then, using a few homemade options can add a different dimension to the fun you’re having. 


There’s no deal, just creativity. Also, by using your panties to put in your partner’s mouth instead of a ball gag, you’re saving money.

Yes, it’s true that In some cases, the whole feel and vibe you get from using professional sex toys is different, but white-knuckling it, and going with good ole’ household items can be also fun and exciting. 

Okay, we’re done teasing. We bring you a list of the best homemade sex toys which are bound to introduce a few new experiences in your sex life, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


A time-tested classic which should be a wardrobe staple for any woman. Yes, they can get a bit annoying, especially the bother of getting them off and on but hey, after you went through all that with them, you literally deserve to have a great time in bed. 

Why not try BDSM games with your partner by incorporating those stockings? Why not use them as your handcuffs or blindfolds? How does that sound?


Why not spice up your next bath the right way? By running the faucet and positioning your pleasure zones under it, you’re guaranteed to have one steamy experience.

You can also see what’s best for you by trying out different positions, temperatures, and pressures. See what you like the most.


Sometimes, all you need is a good neck or back massage. On other days, all you want to do is to massage your… Well, you get it. A back massager is an outstanding substitute for a vibrator – use it in different angles mess around with its vibration patterns to see what works for you best.


You just have to hold it the right way, and a simple shower head can be your water-based vibrator. Just put the head gently onto your clitoris and do the same as discussed above – play with different angles, pressure or spray settings to see what feels the best for you. 

This is an awesome toy-substitute since you can use it either standing up or lying down – it’s up to you, see which one is the most comfortable. 


Yeah, we know that these are straight out of porn and that it’ they are the biggest cliché out there, but hey, they do the job.  Both of them come in different sizes both in regards to girth and length and all you have to do is to put them between your legs. Hopefully, we don’t have to explain how to proceed from there.

Both bananas and cucumbers are perfect for penetration. The only thing you want to do is to wash them and pull a condom over them before you start having fun.


We all know that when it comes to vibrations, the washing machine is one tough guy to beat – why not take advantage of that?

It might just be the oldest vibrator out there so experiment with different loads of laundry to figure out what you like best. Also, it can serve as a nice bonus when you’re having sex on a cycling machine. It’s tops!


You carry it with you wherever you go. Even to the restroom when you’re going number two. And you know, the phone vibrates. And to top things off, you even have apps out there that turn the phone in your pocket into a vibrator for your pleasure. The apps (yup, there’s more than just one to choose from) are listed under categories such as health and fitness. 

After you’re done with downloading and installing the app, just make sure that your phone is in a body-safe case and then, all you have to do is enjoy the ride. 

Note that it might not be the same experience as the real thing, however, it can be a good start.


You (or his) belt can be a cool handcuff-substitute for some BDSM action. Not bad, right?


These can be awesome replacements for ball gags if you two are into kinkier things. Ball up your panties and put them in his mouth. You can either use the one you had on you, or you can grab a clean one, it’s up to you two.  


How about some temperature play for your nerve endings? If you’re into it, just go to your freezer and grab a batch of ice cubes. If you don’t have ice right now, make some. It’s incredibly easy so, why not try it? 


Another fine vibrator-substitute right here. Just hold the handle of the brush against your clitoris and feel free have a good time and make some noise.  

Please, just wash it after you use it. 


Vibrating face cleansers can also make for fine homemade sex toys – the same buzz-buzz that does wonders with your complexion can also make your day down south. Just make sure to use the back of it, with the side of the brushes “teeth” facing out. 

A nice complexion and an orgasm? Which vibrator can beat that?


Who hasn’t used her hairbrush as a masturbating tool? All women have been there at one point or another. Get back to the basics with ribbed handle of the brush and go to town.

As with all household items, make sure to keep your hairbrush clean too, so wash it with water and antibiotic soap when you’re done.


It’s clear to see that there are awesome sex toys in almost every corner of your home and with a bit of creativity, you can use them to aid into your pleasure or to add a new dimension to your bedroom routine. Whether you’re a huge fan of professional, purposefully built sex toys or not, it’s a good idea to give these homemade variants a try.

You never know.

For more info on sex toys and their use, feel free to check out our other blog posts as well. There’s tons of info there and we’re pretty sure you’ll find something interesting. 


Long distance relationship sex toys

Young adult couple buying sex toys in shop

We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re crazy about your partner and they are head over heels about you. The chemistry is just awesome, the sex is out of this world.

There’s just only one catch. A huge one. That’s right – you two are miles apart and it’s driving you both nuts. 

We all know that long distance relationships are really demanding and keeping the whole act in momentum is hard work which is filled with unnecessary headaches, heartaches, a great deal of jealousy and tons of frustration. Not to mention, you two don’t really get to bump uglies often which can worsen the already less than an awesome situation. 

You know, that sometimes, the best medicine to settle an argument is sex. In this case, having sex is more like a magic trick or straight wizardry. Nearly impossible.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ever heard of long-distance sex toys? No? Well, they are a thing. And rather useful, to say the least.

Does this sound like something you’d dig deeper into? Sure it is.

We here at CamKitty know exactly the struggles you two are facing. That’s why we’ve compiled an awesome list of the best long-distance sex toys for couples which are perfect for you two to please each other even when you are miles apart.


You don’t have to be teaching psychology in college to know that long distance relationships are one of the toughest things people may face in their love life. There are tons of challenges and frustrations which both sides have to get over in order to make the jig work and even then, chances are that it won’t be the most fulfilling experience. 

However, with enough patience and work, couples can learn to communicate and to stay in tune with each other. 

Still, there will be unfulfilled desires since intimacy is also a huge part of a healthy relationship and without it, chances are that sooner or later, things will go sour and the couple will drift apart. 

This is where long-distance sex toys come in. Okay, they might not be the “real deal” but they are awesome tools to keep that sexual fire burning until you two finally meet.  


Nowadays, there are awesome sex toy packages that make it super easy for both partners to have fun together will physically being far away. 

Lovense’s Nora & Max set does just that. It can be an awesome gift for any occasion to your partner and it’s a win-win thing. 

The set will bring you hours of joy and fun with the two Bluetooth-friendly sex gadgets which will help you fill in that sexual void.  

The set is for hetero couples with a female (Nora) and male (Max) toy. Nora is waterproof rabbit vibrator which you can charge via USB, while the max is a masturbation sleeve. 

So, what’s so awesome about these toys? Well, if you combine the Bluetooth option and you download the app, you can control each other’s pleasure no matter how far you two are. Yes, the set might be a bit on the pricier side, but it’s worth it. 


Ever heard about We-Vibe Sync? Nope? This awesome little gadget lets you two touch each other in the same way as the set mentioned above, plus, you two can either video chat or can engage in some naughty sexting thanks to the toy’s app. 

Want even more? How about creating a library of different custom vibrations and patterns which you can load and use easily when you two are going to town? 

This one is hard to beat. 


Next on our list is the Lush Bluetooth Egg Vibrator which is a classy little toy that can also work wonders for long-distance couples. It’s a solo gadget, meaning it will be cheaper than a couples set. It comes with awesome features, such as being able to control it by using the app. It’s really sleek, so much, that you can even use it in public if that’s your kink while your partner controls the little horny device for you. Sounds naughty enough? 


Lovense’s Hush Bluetooth Plug can also keep the fire burning, especially if both of you are into some kinky back door action. With the ability to remotely stimulate tactile sensation, you two can be in for loads of joy – from the bottom up (pun intended). 

The gadget also comes in two different sizes and can be purchased in pairs, so both partners can use it to get their daily little horny fix.  


Kiiroo’s Onyx + Pearl set can be just the thing you’re looking for. Especially when you two love thinking out of the box. 

Both toys are controlled by the included touchpad and the new technology makes it almost feel like stuff’s truly happening. 

The Onyx (male toy) is said to recreate a suction-like sensation that’s very similar to what guys usually feel during penetration, while Pearl, the female toy is a vibrator that pushes her button in all the right places, and by that, we mean G-spot

We don’t need to say that you can control what your partner feels and to top stuff off, the set also comes with video chat options making it a deal that’s really hard to beat. 


As we’ve mentioned it above, working your way through a long distance relationship can be really hard and these toys might ease the tension and can help you two to overcome some obstacles. 

And, this is was the key sentence. Yes, sex toys do work when it comes to easing the tension you two face when it comes to intimacy obstacles, but they’re definitely not a quick fix to all your problems which stem from being in a long distance relationship. 

What we’re trying to say here is that you shouldn’t think about these toys as magic pills for every problem. You will still have to put in the huge amount of work that will keep your relationship intact. You’ll still have to communicate and make sacrifices. You’ll still have to tolerate stuff that you otherwise won’t and you’ll still have to keep your jealousy intact. 

So, to sum things up, we can safely say that these toys will help your journey but won’t walk the path instead of you. They can help you two lessen the burden of the distance and can ensure that you two spend some quality time together even when you two are hundreds of miles apart. And sometimes, that’s the only thing you two need to keep things in check. 

That being said, keep on fighting. You two are great. 

Now, that you know what you can do while you’re apart, feel free to browse our topics and see what you two can do when you’re together. We have tons and tons of awesome sex tips that will make the time you spend next to each other so hot, it will melt ice. No BS. 

How to Clean Sex Toys

How to Clean Sex Toys

Do you use sex toys in the bedroom? It’s nothing to be ashamed about; many people do! In the past, using sex toys would be tied to wild, debaucherous behavior. However, in current times, the use of sex toys has become a very common activity. This is true whether or not we are talking about people who are single or have a regular sex partner.

Even though sex toys are being used so frequently nowadays, many people still struggle to properly clean them. As a matter of fact, many people clean their sex toys, but they may not do it as thoroughly as needed to maintain them for a long time and to avoid any unnecessary health issues. If you don’t clean your sexy toys properly, you can easily catch a yeast or bacterial infection. Let’s give you a few of the best tips on how to clean sex toys here so you can avoid these problems!

How to Clean a Sex Toy

The first thing you need to do when you buy a new sex toy is to find out what materials it is made of. Why is this so important? Well, this information will give you the best clues on how you are supposed to properly wash and sanitize your toy. You will also want to determine if your sex toy has a motor in it.

Usually, you can easily find this information on the packaging. However, if you are having a hard time finding this information or have already discarded the packaging, a quick product search online or a call to the store you bought it from can help you find out your sex toy’s details. Once you find this information, use the following tips to clean your toy to a pristine condition by matching the materials it is made of with this information:

    • Cyberskin sex toys

Toys made of this material can be quickly cleaned with some warm water and soap. You can easily damage this type of sensitive material if you produce too many suds while cleaning it, so only use a little amount of soap.

    • Glass, silicone, wood or stainless steel sex toys with a motor


Since these toys have a motor, you don’t want to completely submerge them in water. The best way to sanitize these type of sex toys is to use a damp cloth and some mild soap to wipe the toy completely clean.

    • Pyrex, silicone, stone or stainless steel sex toys without a motor

Since these types of toys do not have a motor, you can completely submerge them in water and not damage them. As a result of this condition, these toys can be deep-cleaned by simply boiling them in water for about ten minutes. You can also sanitize them by running them through a dishwasher without soap because the hot steam that the dishwasher produces will sterilize these toys completely.

  • Jelly rubber, elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer or hard plastic sex toys

Sex toys made of these types of materials are quite a bit different to sanitize. This is because these materials are porous and allow bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to seep into the toy even after washing them with water and soap. As a result of this, a condom should be used if you are going to share this toy with your partner.

Once you have successfully sanitized your sex toy, you should use a clean paper towel to dry it completely. Once it is dry, store it in a special case to keep it away from bacteria. If you are looking for more tips on how to clean sex toys or are looking for some of the best adult entertainment available, visit our website!

Female Masturbation: Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Tried Before

Masturbation techniques for women

Throughout history, the female orgasm has had a varied narration that ranged from being evil to one of the greatest pleasures in life. Often misunderstood and under-prioritized, the female orgasm and ways to achieve it have been recently (recent as the 1960s and Sex and the City) in the spotlight.

This enlightening has led to more women seeking ways to achieve their own slice of pleasure, which has led to the rise of sex therapists, a limitless toy selection and countless resources to help even the most orgasm-incompetent women find success. Each woman is different and the way that they achieve orgasm couldn’t be more different. Most women that have experienced an orgasm do so through masturbation, while perhaps a smaller number of women can experience it through sex.

Aside from enjoyment and feeling amazing, masturbation has a variety of other benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, boosts your mood, improves sleep habits and self-esteem, strengthens muscles in your pelvic and anal regions.

There is a saying that goes like, “we must love ourselves before we can love another” or something close to that and when it comes to sex, this holds true. Understanding our bodies, what we like, what drives us crazy and ultimately, what makes us climax is important to figure out. Without knowing these personal details about yourself, how can you ever expect someone to bring you the most pleasure possible?

So explore your body and figure out what makes you lose control. With that being said, we’ve compiled a long list of masturbation techniques for women to help those (of the 92% of women) seeking a place to start, new ideas to try or just looking for something to spice up that solo Tuesday night.

Before we dive into the juicy details of exactly how to play with yourself, let us identify the four types of female masturbation categories.

  • Grinding– some women are able to bring themselves to orgasm by rubbing or grinding their vulva on surfaces.
  • Clitoral– this highly sensitive, erectile part of your downstairs can be the key to unlocking true sexual pleasure through clitoral stimulation.
  • Penetration– either with your fingers or other objects, penetrating yourself to reach those mysterious G and A spots can lead to mind-blowing sensations.
  • Anal– you bet some women can experience orgasms purely from anal play. With sometimes viewed as taboo or off-limits, anal play can open up a whole new world of sexual indulgence for those brave enough to try.

Finally, without any further ado, here are some of the best masturbation tips for women that we have found. Remember that everyone is different and you’ll never know how it feels until you try it. What may seem weird or not your cup of tea might be just what you’ve been searching for!

Proper Preparation

One of the most important things you can do to help set yourself up some pleasurable masturbation is by preparing your body. Take a long, hot shower or bath, trim up your nether regions so that you feel sexy, put some lotion on and relax. Feeling comfortable in your own body is absolutely key to really letting yourself enjoy sexual contact. While preparing your body for some self-love, get your mind right as well. Whether you have 20 minutes to satisfy your sexual cravings or an entire afternoon to completely indulge, taking a little bit of time to make yourself feel relaxed and sexy, both mentally and physically can go a long way when learning to satisfy yourself truly.

Set the mood

Light some candles, play your favorite music and the most important thing is making sure you have complete privacy. There might not be a worse sexual situation than if you’re lost in your self-pleasuring and someone comes strolling into your room, unannounced. Lock the door, at the very least, or figure out another time or place that will give you the privacy you need.

Seek Visual Aides or Read

It’s no secret that most men watch porn to get in the mood and to help them visualize, fantasize and orgasm. So why can’t you do the same? Granted, you may not (or you might be) crazy about the idea of watching some hardcore porn but instead, you may really love softcore or even an erotic fiction novel to get your juices flowing. If you’re lucky, you may not need any extra motivation to help you get your body revved up but there is nothing wrong with seeking some external cues for help. Explore a little bit and find what you like because the internet is full of what is probably a limitless supply of sexual content and there is definitely something for everyone.

Explore your nether regions and body as a whole

One of the biggest misconceptions about masturbation is that you can only climax by playing with your vagina. However, there are women (lucky) out there that are able to climax as a result of various other sexual stimulation methods besides just involving the vaginal. Some lucky women can get off as a result of breast and nipple stimulation. Your body has a variety of erogenous zones including your inner thighs and breasts. Aside from the wonderful sensations and added health benefits, masturbation is a phenomenal way for you to figure out what turns you on, what doesn’t and what makes you lose control. Explore your body, find those other spots on your body that give you goosebumps and learn to use them to enhance your playing.

Masturbation woman

Use Lube

Sometimes our bodies may be a little bit behind the sexual 8 ball and require a little artificial assistance to help things go a little smoother. There is nothing wrong with using lube and the market today is filled with a variety of lubes that can genuinely enhance your masturbation and sex. From tingling sensations to being edible, lubes have come a long way in terms of spicing things up. So don’t stress if you feel like your vagina could stand to use a little help in the lubrication department because when it comes down to it all that matters is your pleasure and lube can be a wonderfully fun addition to your routine.

Pillow Humping

As adolescent and straightforward as it sounds, humping or grinding your vulva into something firm yet soft (like a pillow or couch arm) can bring more than enough sensation to cause some women to orgasm. If you are new to masturbation, this can be a great introduction because there isn’t anything that can go wrong. With the right positioning, you can completely control the speed, pressure and angle of your grinding/humping to discover your likes.

Get to know your clitoris

Your clit (most likely) will be like the Holy Grail when it comes to your masturbation and sexual conquests. For those of you who have not taken the time to explore your vagina in its entirety, your clit is situated right above your vagina, sometimes hidden under folds of skin and gets slightly more prominent when you’re aroused. There is no right way to stimulate your clit because each person is going to enjoy and dislike different techniques. Take some time and learn what feels best for you. The best place to start is with simple rubbing, either up and down or in circles and from there you can follow the sensation trail of pleasure. Don’t be alarmed if/when you do climax if your clit is extremely sensitive, this is entirely normal.

Let your fingers do the work

Vaginal penetration is another popular method for getting off because it is somewhat similar to sex, only you’re in complete control. Start slowly with one finger and explore your internal vaginal anatomy. This is where the lube can be helpful if you lack natural lubrication. As you become more turned on by trying different fingering methods, you may be able to ease another finger or two inside but this depends entirely on you and how you feel.

Try a toy or two

The sex toy industry has truly exploded in the last 10 or 15 years and only continues to grow because the demand is so great. Toy designs are only limited by the imagination of the creators. If you haven’t tried masturbating with a bullet vibrator or a contoured dildo, you owe it to yourself and your vagina to try. Whether you want something small and discreet or powerful enough blow your mind, there are numerous sex toys out there that will fill your desires. There is absolutely no shame in needing a little help from an outside source (toys) to help bring yourself to come and perhaps some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. The stigma that once surrounded the porn and sex toy industry has

Anal exploration

While often thought of as taboo or weird, your ass actually holds a ton of potential pleasure, if treated right. Anal stimulation, whether external or internal, can provide a tremendous amount of unique sensations that can definitely enhance your normal, go-to methods of reaching your climax. Either tracing and circling with your fingertip or penetrating with a toy, if you’ve ever been curious about butt play, there is no better chance to explore and test than on your own.

Positions can make the real difference

Sure, the go-to position for most is going to be on the bed, on their back with legs spread. Don’t get me wrong, this is a comfortable and reliable position that serves its purpose proudly. However, if you’re looking to match your favorite technique with a more suitable position we have some suggestions for you.

  • Clitoral- lie on your back (obvious)
  • Vaginal penetration- try a squatting position to achieve a better angle for a more pleasurable insertion
  • Anal- face-down doggy-style is perhaps the best position for anal play because it allows you to reach easily while still have a hand free to give your vagina attention
  • Combo- reverse cowgirl is great for riding a toy and leaving your hands free to play with your breasts or clit
  • Wild Idea- try masturbating in front of a mirror, this may give you a whole new perspective

Detachable shower heads can do more than just rinse

Investing in an adjustable stream, detachable shower head can be a great use of your money. Not only will it improve your showers but it can also be used as an incredible sex toy. Pulsating water (in various patterns if you get a good one) can bring mind-blowing orgasms with little effort. No mess, no concern of privacy and consistent pleasure are what you’ll find when you try using your shower head for more than cleaning off.

Finding your G-spot

This spot was once on the level of the Bermuda Triangle and those that believed in its existence were deemed crazy and unstable. However, after much debate and research, the G-spot does exist and oh boy, does it help! The g-spot (Grafenberg) is located on the upper vaginal wall, just about an inch or two inside the vaginal opening. When sexually aroused, the tissues swell slightly, become extremely sensitive and sometimes feel a little bumpy. You’ll have no questions about whether or not if you’ve found it. Use your fingers or a toy (they make specially designed ones to hit that magic spot) to incorporate g-spot stimulation into your masturbation sessions.

Have fun!

Last but not least, masturbation and sexual self-exploration are all about enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. Let your mind wander, learn to love your body and what makes it feel good and have some fun.

For more topic-related articles, visit our blog!