How to make a pussy squirt?

Making a pussy squirt might seem like rocket science to some and it may come naturally to others. On thing’s for certain: Maybe you’re talented between the sheets, but to master the fine art of sex, you’ll need to practice and to gather knowledge.

And while we can’t really help you with the first thing, we can definitely be at your service when it comes to the latter. 

That being said, learning how to make a pussy squirt is something you want to add to your arsenal, especially when if you want to be a serious contender in the whole sex business.

Learning how to get a girl to squirt, on the other hand, is pretty rewarding. Women know how to appreciate someone who can make them reach sexual climax. 

No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win situation.

So, learning how to make her squirt is pretty much a must. And Bunny Cam is here to help you with just that. 


The brutal truth is, there are a lot of things you’ll have to learn to become a better lover. Fact. You have to be patient and you’ll have to keep your eyes on the prize to make her moan the right way. 

And what better way make her moan the right way by a squirting orgasm? Yup, that’s one of the best ways to rock her world. She knows it, you know it, everybody knows it. 

However, before you get out your pen and start making notes, you’ll have to know that you can’t just get down to business and expect her to start squirting. That takes time. You need to be patient and she needs to feel comfortable around you to make that happen. So, if you can’t make her squirt right after your first try, don’t get discouraged. 

So, are you ready?


To kick things off, you’ll need to know that women can experience different kinds of orgasms. Men typically will get their fix the same way every time, but women on the other hand, they can reach climax in different ways.

First, you have your clitoral orgasm, which women usually get from direct clitoral stimulation. Usually, this happens during masturbation and you can help them with this, either by using your hand or your mouth. If you know how to pull this off that is. Women usually experience only one orgasm from clitoral stimulation, since once they reach climax, the clit can become really sore and sensitive. 

On the other hand, women also have their vaginal orgasms, which will be the focal point of this article. These sensations either come from the vagina itself or from G-spot stimulation. This is the real deal. This is “the” orgasm they usually refer to when they’re talking about the top of their sexual pleasures. And as such, you want to learn how to achieve this. When you’re doing things right, you’ll be able to cause her multiple orgasms. And it’s worth every single penny. 

The downside is, according to some sources, only 20 percent of women had experienced these pleasures. That’s only a handful of women compared to the entire female population. However, it even gets worse: 29 percent of them never even had an orgasm. Now, that’s horrible.

Gentlemen, it’s time to up your game. Big time.


 If you’ve been reading our blogs, you pretty much know that foreplay is a staple when it comes to us giving sex advice. So, even before you get things started, make sure to make her feel comfortable. Caress her, play around with her entire body. Make her feel secure, desirable, and loved.

When you can tell that she’s ready to spice things up a notch, undress her and get your hands busy. 

What you need to keep in mind here is to take care of yourself before you two get down to business. Since you’re going to use your hands, make sure to clean them and to cut your fingernails beforehand.

Also, it’s a good idea to use some water-based lube to give your lady an extra dimension of pleasure.  


Once her clothes are off, your hands are all lubed up, and she’s fully relaxed, it’s time to find the coveted G-spot. It’s no secret that you can find it around two knuckles deep in the vagina, in its inner wall. Front wall that is. To put it into perspective – the front wall would be the top side if she’d be laying in front of you on her back. Fortunately, if you make her horny enough, her G-spot swells and it will be easier for you to find it. So, if you can feel a bumpy ridge inside of her along the front wall of her thing, you’re already on the right track, tiger! 


Stroke, stroke, stroke!

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like. To pull of the stroking technique, you’ll have to use your index and middle finger, which you’ll want to place inside her, and reach to the front wall with them. 

When you’re there, Use these two fingers to touch the G-spot and stroke your fingers in the well-known “come hither” motion. Be firm, but don’t go overboard.

For the best results, start off with short and slow strokes. When you (two) get the hang of what’s happening, increase the speed and the momentum. Just make sure to start using one single finger first. When she’s enjoying it, feel free to throw in another in the mix. 


No, this is no metal guitar effect. This is the real deal for making her squirt. This is basically shifting gears from stroking. So, make sure to use the first technique for at least 10-15 minutes, then hit the gas.

When you reach this point, show no mercy. At this point, you’ll want to penetrate her with two fingers and doing things as we told you. 

So, both of your fingers are inside, now put the palm of your hand on her clitoris, like you were cupping it. Once your hand is in the right position, stroke slowly with your fingers, gradually increasing your speed while you start to pull the palm of your hand up and down slowly, ensuring that you’re also simultaneously stimulating her clit. 

Now, speed things up. More. More. More. More. More. Now, just a bit more. You get the drift. Do this until she squirts all over the place. 

Don’t forget, not all women will do this, but a lot of them will. So, If things don’t turn out the way you planned – and you did everything right – don’t be hard on yourself, maybe she’s just one of those women who don’t squirt (bummer). However, if her vaginal wall tightens, it means you’ve managed to give her an orgasm. 


So, there you have it. It’s not that hard, you just have to play your cards right, pay attention to her reactions, and you’ll have to make sure that your hands are clean with nails well-kept. 

Oh, and one more thing: when she squirts, don’t get alarmed, it’s not pee. It’s a totally different substance which exits from her urethra. Not from her vagina. More precisely, the ejaculate originates from the skene’s gland.

So, now you REALLY do no everything about making her squirt. It’s not that hard once you get the hang of them and as you build up confidence, they’ll only get easier. 

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How to make a girlfriend squirt

Making a guy climax is as easy as pie. Grab his member by the neck, stroke it like you mean it and voila! However, it gets a little complicated when men try to return the favor and satisfy their female partners. It takes more stimulation, effort, and knowledge to get a woman to scream your name out loud. It’s just the way we are wired and how our anatomy is structured. That being said, even if you mastered helping your partner reach climax, there is still one achievement left to be claimed. The holy grail of female climaxes – the squirting orgasm. Of course, this is not a feat easily accomplished, but We See You Two is here to show you the ropes and help you master the craft of making women cum.

First things first – play the mind game

Here you are expecting to learn what’s the right angle to insert your fingers in her vagina while forgetting the most important part of satisfying a woman – mental stimulation. Before you even lay your hands on her, you’re going to have to solve the puzzle known as her brain. Only when you have her full attention can you proceed to explore her body and satisfy her physically. A good lover knows what to say and when to say it so you better make sure your verbal seduction is on point. 

Don’t neglect proper foreplay

Once you have the conversation going and she’s giving you the look, it’s time to make your move and initiate foreplay. DON’T skip the foreplay and try jumping right into her panties. If you’re planning to make her squirt, you’re going to have to know her body like the back of your hand. Take the lazy route and she probably won’t have an orgasm, let alone a squirting one. In order to get her in the mood, stimulate her clitoris gently by using your fingers and your tongue. Maybe even add some flavored lube to spice things up. Pay close attention to her body language, she’ll let you know when she’s ready for the next step. Different girls get turned on by different triggers so there really is no universal approach to making her panties wet with your words. Getting to know her first will make your job much easier as you will have a better idea what turns her on before you even enter the bedroom.

Find the G-spot

You’re almost there, all you need to do now is to find that famous g-spot and make her squirt all over the sheets. Grab that lube, put it on your fingers and insert them slowly. Start massaging the inner part of her vagina walls until you feel a small bulge. This small sponge-like tissue can be found a few inches inside, almost in level with her belly button. This might be a good time to remind you that your nails should be clipped before you embark on your excavating session. Once you located the g-spot make sure you stick to it and apply pressure as much as your partner can handle. Make sure to listen to her as she gives you instructions regarding speed and amount of pressure. Use your other hand or your tongue to simultaneously stimulate her clit, that will drive her crazy without a doubt. Concentrate on your technique and stay determined. Her legs shaking should be an indicator that she’s about to have a toe-curling orgasm so you better be ready for it. We suggest having a spare pair of sheets next to your bed.

And that’s about it when it comes to tips on how to make your girlfriend squirt. The more you practice the better you will get at it. Remember, women are complex just as much as their intimate parts, so make sure to stimulate them both mentally and physically. Make sure she’s in the right mood, try out different angles and amounts of pressure, and, most importantly, communicate with her in order to get proper feedback.

If you need more help on finding her g-spot make, we wrote an extensive article on the topic so make sure to check out our blog. Furthermore, if you are interested in advice on relationships, sex, and how to become the ultimate lover, we have a bunch of articles that can help you out.

How do women squirt

The female anatomy isn’t always the easiest concept to grip or understand, and squirting is by far the holy grail of orgasms that every man (or woman) wishes to achieve. So, why is it so misunderstood? Does everyone do it? What is a girl squirt? How do women squirt, exactly?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, rest assured, you aren’t alone. Most women aren’t even sure if they have had an orgasm, let alone achieved the level of squirting. Some claim it can happen to anyone, while others believe a select few are given the title of a squirter. 

Regardless of what is or isn’t thought up about squirting, it is an incredibly interesting topic that deserves a little TLC on the how-to, and what to expect. This article will go over what squirting is, how to best achieve squirting, and give tips on how to help your woman squirt. 

What is squirting?

It is pretty obvious what happens when a man cums… he ejaculates. When a woman cums or has an orgasm, for some, it remains a big if a mystery. Sometimes a woman will cream, making it relatively obvious when she is cumming, but that doesn’t always happen. Squirting, though, is a sure-fire way to know and understand how and when a woman is cumming. 

An article in Everyday Health from sex expert Dr. Pastor describes squirting as a gush of liquid that is expelled from small glands located on the side of the urethra that might be described as a vaginal lubricant, but also ejaculation to some. While it isn’t clear whether it can actually be classified as ejaculation or if it is a mixture of vaginal lubricant and urine, women do find that there is normally SOME degree of liquid that escapes during an orgasm. 

How do you make a female squirt?

There are three key elements to investigating how a woman can squirt. The first is to set the mood and have both parties agree to explore and investigate how if and how she can squirt. Ask her questions around what she likes, how she masturbates, and what feels the best! She will likely have a pretty good idea regarding what works and what doesn’t. During your session, ask for feedback and follow her instructions!

Second is all about technique. The technique to get a girl to squirt is to find the G-Spot, which is located two to three inches along the interior wall of the vagina. When your lover is turned on, the G-Spot will go from a bean to a rough bean and if she is really turned on, the G-Spot will enlarge making it easy to find. 

Slide a finger in with a water-based lube and pulse the G-Spot in a “come hither” motion. Next, start rubbing the clit, repeating the motion until she is moaning with pleasure and squirts all over the place. 

Don’t get discouraged

Above all else, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first time. Things like this can take time, and practice. Lucky for you and your partner, the practice is pleasurable and arousing. Some other tips to consider include setting the mood, dim the lights, and put on some romantic music to get things going. 

If foreplay is what you guys are into, do some of that, too! Whatever you can do to start her engine revving before the squirt play happens will be beneficial to the entire process. 

We hope this has been an informative article that helps you along the way to sexual bliss. For more articles like this one to inspire you in the bedroom, read more of our blogs and get inspired to do something different in the bedroom tonight!

Female Ejaculation: Everything You Wanted to Know

Girl touching

What is the female ejaculation? Well, when it comes to the female ejaculation, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths ever since it was first reported, back in the day. Is it normal, is there a scientific explanation for it? How common is it? 

 If you’ve been looking for the answer to these questions: “female ejaculation is called what?”, “what color is female ejaculation?” and “what is female ejaculation fluid”, read on because We See You have all the answers for you!

In the following article, we will explain everything you need to know about the female ejaculation, and everything you wanted to, but were always afraid to ask! 

Let’s Get the Facts Straight First


According to (and depending on) the data, it is said that somewhere between 10 and 50 percent of women ejaculate during sexual intercourse, with various intensity. This actually means that the ejaculatory fluid they produce during climax will also vary. Some women only produce a few drops, while others need to use towels in order to avoid making a mess in the bedroom.

Data-wise, things look a little misleading; if so many women are able to ejaculate during sex, how come there are so many problems surrounding the subject?

The thing is that Western medicine is precise, and in order for a medical phenomenon to become scientifically and professionally accepted, it needs to be explained in detail. The problem with this is that when it comes to the female ejaculate, science is still struggling to come up with a proper explanation. 

A study from Slovakia came pretty close – according to Slovak scientists, the fluid which leaves women’s private parts comes from the exact gland that produces most of the semen fluid in men. This means the fluid comes from the female equivalent of the prostate – the Skene’s gland. 

The Female Ejaculation – the Basics


Female ejaculation, commonly called squirting, is a totally natural and safe phenomenon, which people often confuse with urine and urination. This is not true; modern science has already stated that the fluid has nothing to do with urine. Squirting can happen at any stage in a woman’s life, may that be after menopause, pregnancy, or even post-hysterectomy. 

As we have covered it in the paragraphs above, the fluid comes from the Skene’s gland, which can be found below the bladder, surrounding the urethra. The fluid itself is a white and viscous secretion, which is expelled at the height of sexual stimulation. 

How Can You Tell That it Is Ejaculate fluid?


The female ejaculate is a tasteless and odorless, milky fluid, that can be either whitish-color or transparent.

Sometimes it can also smell like urine and/or ammonia (but it is still not pee). This mostly happens due to that fact that the fluid passes the lower portion of the urethra before leaving the body, and small traces of urine can also exit along with it. 

The ejaculate also contains PSA (a prostate-specific antigen), and PAP, prostatic acid. Creatine, Zinc, and traces of glucose can also be discovered in the fluid with compounds that are present in the seminal fluid, with the exception of sperm.

Antimicrobial secretions have also been found in the ejaculate fluids of some women. Interestingly enough, it was scientifically proven, that these same women, who were capable of expelling these substances during orgasm, had fewer chances of contracting urinary tract infections mostly caused by having sexual relations. 

How Does “Squirting” Happen?



Squirting occurs when the G-spot receives enough stimulation. When women wish to experiment with squirting, the best route to take is the G-spot fixation. 

While aroused from foreplay or clitoral stimulation, women should be able to locate the G-spot with ease. It is two to three inches in the vagina, around its front wall. It’s basically a raised bumpy and spongy ridge, which can be stimulated very efficiently with the so-called “come hither” finger motion.  

Busting Squirting Myths and Reinforcing the Facts


There’s a lot of info circling out there when it comes to squirting and the whole concept of female ejaculation. Let’s get to the bottom of some.

  • You have to squirt if you want to become pregnant – some say that this is the “full package” and is a must if a woman who wants to become pregnant. Of course, this is not true. To set the record straight: you don’t need to squirt if you want to get pregnant!

Some women also state that squirting means better sex. The truth is, being able to squirt does not mean that a woman has reached a higher level of sexual satisfaction. 


  • It’s just pee – there’s a fairly great number of women out there who believe that they’re actually peeing during intercourse, which makes them feel insecure. The combination of insecurity and all the fake info on the subject sometimes leads to unnecessary bladder surgery, because these ladies were misled.

Again, to set the record straight: It’s not urine and this fluid only exits during sexual intercourse! 


  • No squirting after menopause – There’s no reason why women should stop experiencing squirting orgasms after menopause. Yes, today’s society does tend to associate menopause with the end of a woman’s sex life, however, it’s far away from the truth. Sex after menopause can still and will be pleasant.

Hormonal imbalances might decrease the libido, but the body’s hormone levels will adjust naturally, and if that takes too long, hormone replacement therapy can speed the issue up. 

Not every woman is able to squirt – according to the data available, around 60 percent of women admitted having been able to ejaculate at least once in their lifetime, during sexual arousal. When it comes to this specific case, there are two separate explanations that can clarify why it seems that not every woman is able to ejaculate. 

According to the first one, not every woman has Skene’s glands developed to a level that allows them to produce the amount of ejaculate fluid significant enough to be appreciated. The other explanation states that, even though the glands would be able the produce the necessary amount, most women hold themselves back because they fear they’re going to urinate. 

The truth is, only a fraction of women have reported ejaculating. Currently, there is no clear scientific explanation available to clarify this fully (even though the explanations above are pretty good). Maybe it has something to do with the social stigma surrounding the whole phenomena, or the studies conducted have not been sophisticated enough to document every detail, and therefore aren’t totally reliable.  

According to the Porn Industry


You’ve probably seen loads of triple X videos on the internet that feature women who are apparently capable of producing copious amounts of ejaculate while having sex. Is this actually happening? Is this for real? Well, the correct answer is both, yes, and no.

Yes, some women ejaculate enough fluid to necessitate placing a towel under them while they’re having sex. However, it’s unknown how many women are actually able to pull this off. Currently, the evidence available suggests that this group is rather small.   

With all this in mind, it’s not far-fetched that a few producers select women from this small group, however, it’s more likely that it’s all smoke and mirrors, i.e. movie tricks. Don’t forget, it’s show business after all. Enjoying these videos is perfectly okay, however, don’t expect this happening in real life. 

Hopefully, this article has managed to give you a better understanding of the female ejaculation and all its traits. To sum it up, it’s a perfectly normal and safe process, which doesn’t actually mean that you’re having better sex when you ejaculate, nor it is necessary to get you pregnant. And, it’s definitely not urine which exits the urethra, and the amount will vary for every single woman. 

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Everything You Didn’t Know About The Female Ejaculation

Couple having sexual intercourse

What is the female ejaculation and where does it come from? When it comes to the female ejaculation, facts have been surrounded by controversy, ever since it was first reported in the early 1980s. Is the female ejaculation normal, is there a scientific explanation for it? How common is it? 

If you’ve been trying to get the answers to these questions, look no further. Reckless Love has everything you need to know. Here’s the female ejaculation explained 


Different surveys provide different data It’s safe to say that 10 to 50 percent of women are ejaculate during orgasm. The amount of ejaculate that exits them is inconsistent, meaning that some report only a few drops while others say that they needed towels to keep things clean.

The question is kind of evident: If it’s not such an uncommon thing, why is it shrouded in controversy? 

Well, more or less, it boils down to this: when it comes to Western medicine, every medical phenomenon must get an explanation before it can become accepted, and apparently, science still can’t explain the female ejaculation properly. However, a Slovakian study conducted a few years ago suggests that the released fluid comes from the same gland that produces most of the fluid in semen. According to the study, the fluid originates from the infamous female prostate, the Skene’s gland.  


Female ejaculation, commonly called squirting is a natural phenomenon which is often confused with urine, however, medical science clearly states that it comes from the urethra and not from the vagina. Squirting is nothing but a healthy, natural thing that can happen at any time, to any woman. This means it can happen after pregnancy, after menopause, or even after a hysterectomy. 

As said before, the fluid comes from the glandular tissue called the Skene’s gland, which is located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra. This is the source of that white, viscous secretion that exits from the urethra upon sexual arousal. 


The female ejaculate has no smell and can be best described as a milk-like fluid. Its color is transparent and can also be almost whitish. Sometimes, It’s smell may resemble the smell of urine (in some cases, ammonia) which is the case when urine can be also detected in it. This is because, before the ejaculation is being expelled, the fluid moves through the urethra’s lower part.

The fluid itself has something called PSA, an antigen which is prostate-specific, along with PAP, or prostatic acid phosphatase. Both of these originate from the Skene’s glands. They can be also discovered in the urine.

The female ejaculate also contains creatinine and urea, although, in smaller amounts than in urine. It also contains Zinc and traces of glucose along with other substances found in seminal fluid, apart from sperm.

Antimicrobial secretions have also been discovered in the ejaculate of a greater number of women. Later professionals managed to prove that these women are more protected from getting urinary tract infections which may be contracted during sex.


The short answer Is, women squirt during G-spot stimulation. If women want to turn odds in favor of squirting, they should focus on their G-spot 

Why? Most women who squirt are able to pull it off mainly because of G-spot stimulation. Luckily, this spot tends to swell when its owner is aroused, so the best time to start experimenting with this is during foreplay or masturbation. 

A quick reminder: The elusive G-spot can be found around three inches into the vagina, pretty near its front wall. It can be best described as a little bump or as a spongy ridge.


There are a lot of popular myths when it comes to female ejaculation. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • It’s just urine. Female ejaculation does not exist –  there are some women out there who are convinced that they are literally peeing while having sex which can serve as a source of great insecurity. 
  • Thanks to this, a huge number of them has opted for bladder surgery thinking it was due to incontinence. The truth is, this is not a matter of incontinence since ejaculation can occur even after urination, and also, this ejaculate exists only during sex. 
  • It’s a must in order to get pregnant, it’s the “full package” when it comes to sex – It’s a myth that those ladies who squirt experience sexual intercourse in a more pleasant way and have better chances of becoming pregnant is simply not true. To set the record straight: ejaculating does not mean you’ll get pregnant. Getting pregnant depends on a lot of different things and being able to ejaculate does not equal better sex. 
  • You can’t do it after menopause – In a physical sense, there’s no reason why women should stop squirting after they’ve reached menopause.
  • While there’s a widely believed myth that says that the sex life of a woman ends with menopause, the truth is, intercourse can be as pleasant as it has always been. It’s not false that hormonal changes may influence a woman’s libido, but hormone replacement therapy or being patient enough and wait for the female body to get its hormone levels back to normal on its own can solve the problem.
  • Not every woman can do it – According to the data available, around 60 percent of women stated having ejaculatory orgasms at least one time.  

 When it comes to debunking this particular myth, we have two separate explanations that can clarify why it seems that not all ladies are able to squirt.

The first one is that the Skene’s glands aren’t present in every lady, or they’re not as developed to produce the amount of ejaculate that would be appreciated. The other explanation is that even though these glands are properly developed, women do everything to hold it back since they think it’s nothing else but urine. 

The truth is, that while all healthy men with healthy prostates produce prostate fluid, only a fraction of women have reported ejaculating. Currently, there is no clear scientific explanation for this (even though the explanations above are pretty good). Maybe it has something to do with the social stigma surrounding the whole thing, or it’s also possible that the studies conducted have failed to document enough details since they were not sophisticated enough


Apparently, the internet is loaded with porn videos that show ladies huge amounts of fluid while they are getting their groove on. Is this actually real? Well, the answer would be both a yes and a no. Truth is, there are ladies out there who do squirt enough fluid that makes it necessary to use towels while having sex, their number is unknown. According to available data, we’re talking about a rather small group.   

Taking all this into account, it might be possible that Porn companies hire women who are in this small group, however, it’s more plausible that the final product is achieved by using special angles and certain tricks. After all, it’s all show business. Enjoying such videos is fine, however, expecting this to happen in real life isn’t a smart move.


Hopefully, the info here has managed to give you a better understanding of the female ejaculation. It’s a perfectly normal and safe process, which doesn’t actually mean that you’re having better sex when you ejaculate, nor it is pivotal to get you pregnant. It’s definitely not urine the amount that exits the urethra will vary for every single woman.

Ladies and gents, do you want to learn more? You can do it by giving our blogs a read, which discusses similar topics.