How to make a woman squirt

Woman squirt

Have you ever received a text like this…

“Thanks for last night, my sheets were soaked all night.”

If the answer is no and you haven’t made a woman squirt, we are here to give you some expert tips and a step by step tutorial on how to make a woman squirt.

Nothing is hotter than a woman cumming, so it is important for you to know and understand the specific techniques needed in order to achieve the mystery of squirting, for her and your pleasure.

There are rumors and hypotheses around if ALL women can squirt or if it is a select few who possess such a skill, but for the purposes of this article, we will pretend that in fact, all women can squirt and you will be able to get them to the ultimate, pussy soaking paradise you both are ultimately dreaming about.

So sit back, take notes, and get ready to send your lover into a heavenly orgasmic paradise.

First, a few things to consider…

Before we dive right in to how to make a woman squirt, there are a few points we want to touch to level the playing field.

First, your girl has to be into it. If you are just down there, playing around, investigating and she has absolutely no desire to cum or squirt all over you and the bed, it is not suggested you take this on as an ultimate taskmaster. Bottom line, she has to be really into it and ready to receive and give feedback to reach the point of squirting.

Second, your hands should be clean, groomed, and even moisturized before entering the pleasure zone. The reasons for this may seem obvious, but still, it is simply a common courtesy to clip your nails, clean your hands, and lube up before diving in.

The two types of orgasms she has

Did you know women have two different types of orgasms that are achieved through different types of stimulation? Sadly for men, there is one direct way out for an orgasm, but women have claimed to have two vastly different orgasms either from clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or a combination of the two. Ultimately, we will go over the two different types of orgasms so you can better understand how to touch her in both areas to achieve squirting.

The first type of orgasm we will explore is the clitoral orgasm. The clitoris has as many, if not more nerve endings as the male penis, which should be no surprise when she goes wild over you stroking her clit like the sex god(dess) you are. In fact, some sex coaches and therapists believe that the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris, but we will get more into that area later.

To help her achieve a clitoral orgasm you can stimulate the clit two different ways; with your hands or with your mouth. Your partner will know what feels best, so ask for feedback. Ask which she prefers, which makes her hotter, based on her own experience, what does she feel gets her to the ultimate orgasm faster, oral or by fingering?

If you are going to get her to a clitoral orgasm orally, put your mouth over her clit (lightly) and brush your tongue up and down the clit. Remember, this is an incredibly sensitive sex organ and shouldn’t be rushed or forceful unless it is what your partner wants. To finger her clit, use a water based lube and gently rub her clit up, down, and around until she starts shaking and moaning.

Vaginal Orgasm

This is pretty straight forward, but when it comes to penetrating with your fingers or a toy, the procedure gets a little more complicated. Simply put, a vaginal orgasm is achieved through penetrating the inside of the vagina, but more specifically for squirting, penetrating the G-Spot (also known as the deep spot).

The G-Spot orgasm is what we are focusing on in order to get your lover to squirt. Women have the ability to orgasm more than once, although many have reported never having an orgasm before…EVER!

Time to get down to business: how to get her to squirt

When you and your partner are ready to start investigating how to make her squirt, follow these simple steps, in any order you choose, and have fun. Remember, it might not happen the first time, and in the case of foreplay, practice makes perfect… and it’s fun, too.

Set the mood, have your partner lay on her back and do whatever it is you normally do to turn her on; have a hot and heavy makeout session, stroke her body, nibble her ear, whatever does the trick. Once she starts to get going grab your water based lube or oil (we love coconut oil and grape seed oil) and massage her clit with your fingers.

Once she starts to get going locate her G-Spot. If you have never attempted to locate the G-Spot, here is a little run-down of what you should look for.

The G-Spot is a segment of the urethral sponge located approximately 1-2 inches inside the vagina. Simply slide your finger in her vagina, as if you are touching the back of her abdomen, and feel around for a rough, bean shaped tissue. If she is already turned on, you should be able to easily locate the G-Spot. If she isn’t keep rubbing her clit.

Your technique matters

Once you are at the G-Spot you will employ a stroking technique to really get her going. The stroke will look something like the “come here” motion only along the front wall of her vagina and to the G-Spot. Stroke the spot up and down, side to side and wait to feel it swell.

Start with one finger, but if she’s really feeling it, put two fingers firmly inside against the G-Spot and keep stroking. If you are already feeling it and so is she, keep one finger inside her, there is no benefit to adding more pressure if what you are doing is already working. Do this for 10-15 minutes. By now, the G-Spot will balloon, and you should be able to feel it on your finger(s).

Start stroking the clit…faster

Now that her G-Spot is ballooning, it’s time to take her body into overdrive. Start stroking her clit wither with the palm of your hands, a toy, or your other hand. Start slow but increase the tempo faster and faster until her legs are shaking and she can’t do anything except squirt all over your hands and all over the bed.

It should be noted that not all women squirt, but all women cum. Don’t get down on yourself if it doesn’t happen the first time, even if you are just touching her and alternating between the clit and vagina, she is undoubtedly feeling good.

Last tips

Some final tips include:

  • Set the mood!
  • Ask her what she likes.
  • Don’t be afraid to let HER take the reigns and tell YOU how she likes to be touched.
  • …or have her touch herself while you touch her
  • Make sure you have enough lube.
  • Enjoy!

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