Does Xanax make you last longer in bed

All men know that firing your ammo way too soon in the act is a huge no-no and it’s a great turn off not just for them but for their partner too. 

There are only a few things that can shake the male ego so much as premature ejaculation can (the other probably being erectile dysfunction, having a small member, or man boobs). Yes, finishing up way too soon can be pretty harsh on men and for a reason. Nobody likes to be a “sprinter” when it comes to sex. 

Also, if you want to have some quality time between the sheets, it takes exactly just that – time.

So, it’s no wonder that those gents who have a problem with lasting in bed have been looking into different remedies and methods that would keep them longer in the game.

And there are men out there who have experimented with tons of weird stuff just to get results. That being said, some even took pills to last longer in bed.

And when we’re saying pills, we’re not just talking about “any” pills. We’re talking about serious stuff, like antidepressants.  

You’ve heard about them. And you want to know if they would actually work…

Well, do they? Does Xanax actually make you last longer in bed

Bunny Cam has the answer for you. 


It’s not exactly new’s that particular selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs have shown promising results in treating premature ejaculation. The only problem is, medical professionals aren’t really convinced that using these drugs will be that much of a good idea to treat the problem. 


We’ll get to that later.

Truth be told, you can easily browse the internet regarding the topic and can find an array of different online discussions regarding the effectiveness of these drugs to treat premature ejaculation.

Some men report taking them back in their youth when P. E. (premature ejaculation wasn’t an issue for them). However, when they ditched the SSRI treatments and tried alternative remedies (like exercise to fight OCD, for example), they began having problems with performing in bed. It wasn’t erectile dysfunction but dreaded premature ejaculation. 

These same men also reported lasting longer in bed after they’ve found themselves a psychiatrist who was willing to prescribe them the necessary compounds, and truth be told, these men have added precious minutes to their “sex game”.


SSRIs are a branch of antidepressants which are used to treat conditions such as depression and other anxiety-related disorders. They limit serotonin reabsorption which means that there’s more of this hormone loft for the body to use. And all this ultimately comes with a price-taking these drugs usually cause low sex drive and it makes it really really difficult for the user to reach sexual climax. This is a huge no-no for most people, but for men with premature ejaculation, it’s just what the doctor ordered (pun intended).


While it’s possible to get such drugs prescribed, there are a few medical experts who think that using these compounds to treat sexual problems might not be the best idea. 

As they stated, these compounds all have a few side effects (short-term) that can cause annoyance, like fatigue, nausea or an increase in body weight, not to mention the long-term effects which are, at the moment, unknown.


Other men who use antidepressants to treat premature ejaculation report that they are truly happy with the results and that they are able to last longer in bed and that their sex life has improved dramatically, however, they also mentioned that all this comes with a price.

Most of the time, they look rather depressed and just “not themselves”. These men say that this is the price they must pay in order to keep bringing their sexual A-game, however, some of them are contemplating decreasing the dosages, but they the thought of not being able to perform sexually properly often causes them to postpone pulling back on the drugs.

Side effects were the main concern for most men who took part in a study in Finland where the subjects were taking dapoxetine in order to treat their premature ejaculation. The results report that nearly 70 percent of the subjects have discontinued using the substance because of the harsh side effects like nausea and diarrhea.


Maybe, your best shot is to contact your doctor and discuss other options. On the other hand, there are actually proven methods which work wonders if you practice and master them. Also, there are a couple of things that you can do to make time in bed last longer while you’re causing pleasure to your partner. 

For instance, maybe by focusing on her instead of your orgasm would be a great starting point. You can use your both your fingers and your mouth to cause her pleasure and while you’re doing this, your member can “rest” and you can let the sexual excitement you feel subside for a bit. That being said, learn a few awesome oral techniques you can use to make her day (there are tons in our blog section, take a look at them).

Also trying to keep your mind off of sex while you’re having it can also help. This may seem hard to pull off, but it can also do wonders. Try to distract yourself next time you’re in the bedroom with your partner. Think about last weeks game, the leaking oil in your car, about the bills you still need to pay. It sounds silly we know, but it can work. 

Last but not least, you also have a technique called edging. Edging is probably one of the best and most effective techniques you can have at your disposal when it comes to treating premature ejaculation. It’s a simple masturbation technique which can teach you to get a better feel of your sensations during sexual stimulation and it can enable you to have better control over them when you have sex. To pull it off, just masturbate to the point before you’d reach orgasm (meaning, the point where you can still stop), then seize all masturbatory activities (i.e. stop jerking off), wait for a little until your sensations subside, then repeat. With practicing this, you’ll train yourself to keep your feelings and sensations under better control and ultimately, train yourself to last longer. 


As you can see, antidepressants do work but they come with a price. First of all, getting a prescription is a risky process itself, not to mention that the short-term effects like nausea, fatigue, weight gain, and diarrhea can cause a lot of problems down the road. Mood changes might also cause concerns for some. Secondly, side effects from long-term use of these compounds have yet to be documented, so there’s no telling what might happen if men keep taking these substances for years in order to fight their premature ejaculation.

Our best piece of advice would be to reach out to your doctor so you can discuss your options with a professional, instead of relying on discussion boards and broscience. 

On the other hand, there are loads of great techniques you can learn that will help you combat premature ejaculation. We have detailed articles that address this, feel free to give them a read.

Tips to last longer in bed

You’ve mastered all the chops. You’ve got your technique down – when you two are in bed, you’re hitting all the right spots in all the right angles. You’ve become a master of foreplay, and you just love it when your gal trembles with joy as you do your thing. 

However, when you get down to business (i.e. penetration) you reach the point of no return faster than you’d like. Than she’d like. 

… And that just… Sucks. 

Reaching orgasm way too soon is a frustrating and embarrassing problem that can quickly turn even to most intimate moments pretty sour. It’s quite understandable. When it comes to sex, men don’t really want to finish first, let alone finish first and with the speed of light.

That being said, premature ejaculation can be a pretty serious problem and even a deal-breaker with some relationships. Not to mention, it can also do quite a number on the male ego. 

So, how to last longer in bed and not to have to deal with premature ejaculation anymore? 


Before we get down to business, let’s talk numbers a bit. First thing you should know, that nearly all men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. While knowing that you’re not alone can be comforting, it will not solve the lingering issue. 

So, what’s the data available to put premature ejaculation into perspective? 

For starters, a study from 2005 claims that the overall median time of intercourse (from penetration to male climax) is around 5.4 minutes. However, a 2014 source claims that a lot of guys out there empty their magazine within only two minutes. That being said, a guy may be diagnosed with premature ejaculation if he “finishes” under a minute after penetration. 

So, now that you know the statistics, it’s time we tell you the good news. As stated before, premature ejaculation is a pretty common problem and thankfully, there are loads of ways you can train yourself to last longer in bed without the debilitating fear of leaving the ring too soon. 

Some techniques may only delay your orgasm for a few extra minutes, while others may serve you like straight up cures for your problem.

So, let’s go over them, shall we?


One good and efficient way to battle premature ejaculation is by working out your pubococcygeal, or PC muscles. They’re the muscles of the pelvic floor. 

First, the pinpoint their exact location, if you have no Idea, they’re the muscles that you use to cut urine flow. To “get used” to pinpoint their location and their feel, try this a few times.

Later on, you can practice isolating them by standing in front of a mirror. Naked. Simply try lifting up your testicles with those muscles. Once you get into the groove of expanding and contracting these muscles, try tightening the hold for a few seconds (10 is enough) then release the hold. Perform this a few times, let’s say, do a set of 10 every time. 

By doing this exercise, you’ll learn to control your ejaculatory urges better, which in return, can help you last longer. As a bonus, you can perform the exercise literally anywhere. 

Science also supports these claims. There have been a few studies conducted regarding this topic already, and the evidence was resoundingly positive. In most cases, kegel exercises improved erectile function and helped men last longer. 


Spicing things up from time to time may also help you improve your performance in bed. Don’t limit yourself to one simple position, instead, try mixing things up to last longer. 

How? Getting into a new position will help you win time and set back your ejaculatory urges a little. You can also give positions a try which are harder to execute, and are more challenging. These can also help you a great deal when it comes to lasting longer since you’re more likely to focus on your balance than on the sensations you feel.

You can leave out certain positions, especially those that allow you to thrust away fast and deep. Also, if you let your partner on top, she can control the rhythm and depth. 


The next thing you can do is to go easy on the thrusting. Get creative – don’t try to go as deep as you can. Instead, play around with the sensitive nerve endings around her vaginal entrance. You can use your penis to play around with her clitoral hood too. 

We’re not saying that you can’t thrust, heck, sure you can! However, don’t lose your cool when you feel that you’re about to reach orgasm. Just don’t forget that you can still cause her pleasure without all that thrusting. 


As long as we’re already talking about thrusting less – who says you have to use your penis to cause her pleasure in the first place? Well, yeah, that’s the best, however, there are loads of women out there who also require clit play to get off. Use this fact to your advantage and when you feel that you’re “losing it”, work your magic. Feel free to use your mouth, a toy, your fingers, and get her the ride of her life, while you’re taking five.


Next to kegels, delaying your orgasm can also be a very helpful technique you can use to help you last longer in bed. Delaying also called edging, is a pretty common and effective technique people use to fight premature ejaculation.

The whole concept is pretty simple – you bring yourself to the edge of reaching climax, then stopping until the sensations decrease. 

By practicing edging, you can train yourself to control what you feel more efficiently, and as a result, you’ll be able to last longer during sex. 

Since we’re talking about masturbation, treating yourself to a quick “solo session” before sex can also help you last longer.


Another technique you can use is squeezing below the head of your member when you feel that you’re about to reach orgasm. By applying firm pressure on the urethra (the tube which you have on the underside of your penis) you can also delay your orgasm. 


We’re not just saying this for obvious reasons. It just happens that condoms can also help you fight premature ejaculation.

How come? Well, for starters, most condoms are made with really thick rubbers which can desensitize your penis during sex. There are certain manufacturers who offer condoms with special numbing agents that may also help you last longer.


A recent study came to the conclusion that using wipes which are covered with small amounts of a mils anesthetic called benzocaine, can help men last longer. The only problem is that the same wipes can numb the partner’s vagina too.  


European manufacturers have already marketed drugs that are said to help in treating premature ejaculation, however, the FDA or The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved them in the US yet. 

These drugs have shown in trial certain benefits to men who suffer from premature ejaculation, however, the FDA hasn’t been convinced yet since its standards are pretty high when it comes to approving such drugs. 

Antidepressants can also help you last longer. Certain drugs like Paroxetine or Paxil have proven to help in this area  but they come with a few unpleasant side effects, so they are best to look at as a last resort to treat premature ejaculation. 


Apparently, there’s a program out there with FDA-clearance – it’s basically a device you masturbate with, and in return, it helps train your body to keep your orgasm at bay. It’s a pricey ($299) gadget which vibrates, lube and an instruction book. 

If this is something that’s too expensive for your wallet, you can also download a mobile app called the Premature Ejaculation App or Pea. The app helps you to get your sensations under control with a three-step jerk-off training program to help you last longer. As a bonus, it allows you to track your performance and to see how you improved over time.


If nothing seems to work or to help your situation, your best option may be to discuss your case with a professional. 

Edging and doing kegels can be difficult for some and with the help of a doctor, the technique can be learned properly and you can start improving your sexual performance. 

Professionals state that sometimes men have a hard time learning the mental and physical mechanisms that help them control their sensations and a few pieces of professional advice can go a long way. 


As you can see, there are quite a few options you can go with to combat premature ejaculation. Edging and kegels are definitely the most efficient ones on the list, however, they can be difficult to master properly for some. 

On the other hand, relaxing, letting go, and focusing on your partner’s pleasure can also go a long way in treating premature ejaculation. Make sure that you focus on her too. Try to limit your thrusting and look for other ways you can cause pleasure to her while you’re waiting for your sensations to get under control again. 

Also, trying out new and challenging positions can also help a great deal. They can help you by making you focus on your balance and precision instead of your orgasm. 

The key factor here is making sure that you don’t lose your cool. Make sure that you are relaxed and that you focus on her pleasure instead of ogling your stopwatch to see if you’ve made any improvements. Once you refocus and concentrate on her instead of yourself (and with doing your kegel exercises and practicing edging), we’re pretty sure you’ll see drastic improvements.

How to eat pussy good?

Young beautiful couple kissing - How to eat pussy good

The other day, she gave you the best blowjob you’ve ever had. You were just standing there, not really sure what just happened. You’re still trying to put the pieces of the experience back together. The only thing you know, that you’ve had the time of your life.

And, now, it’s time to even the score.

She gave you oral and you want to give oral to her. Now, you want to know the best way to eat pussy. 

Luckily for you, Wee See You is going to teach you.


You don’t just want to stick your tongue in and that’s it. You don’t want to rape her with your fingers and tongue either. Try and forget what you’ve seen in porn. In most cases, sex in real life and on the screen have less in common than you might think.

Let’s get the ugly truth out of the way right at the beginning: A lot of men don’t have the slightest idea about how to eat pussy.

Sad but true.

The thing is, most women (who are honest enough) will tell you that most men out there aren’t good at oral sex (unless they are on the receiving end).

Why actually is this?

Well, let’s just say that some men don’t really see eating pussy as such a big deal for women. In reality, women like to be eaten out just like men like to receive head.

On the other hand, there might be men out there who are even frightened about eating a woman out because they don’t know where to start and they are too shy (and sometimes dumb) to ask.

So, to set the record straight: women do love receiving oral sex and they really love it when they find a man who can actually do it like a pro.

Okay, gentlemen, we get it. Expecting you guys to be good at something you never really did learn is unjust. There’s no crash-course about it in high school or college, neither is it something like taking driving lessons.

Yes, all this sounds quite discouraging but no need to panic, our dear gents. You can easily learn the subtle art of licking pussy properly, the same way as you were able to master driving a car or using the washing machine.

You’ve also managed to get the basics of sex, right?

Trust us, it will be a piece of cake!


Giving women orgasms with only your tongue is possible. However, in order to achieve your goal, you have to be relaxed. Be cool. If you’re cool, she’ll be cool too, and that’s of utter importance.

If you are nervous about the whole thing, calm down and just go with the flow.

The fact of the matter is, you’ll have to take the lead on this one since women take longer to get in the mood and you’ll want to help her relax. To make that happen, you’ll have to be chill since she won’t really feel relaxed when the only things she’s seeing is you sweating and slowly freaking out.

So, take deep breaths and take the lead. Give her a massage or anything that will help her relax and to get her ready for the ride of her life.


No, we’re not talking about ancient rituals or rain dances you’ll want to perform. Neither would you have to show sacrifice to the gods of sex in order to eat her out good.

However, when you’re eating pussy, don’t concentrate only on the pussy.

Yes, yes, in the end, you’ll eventually get there but you want to get there gradually. Instead of focusing just on the vagina, focus on the whole lady.

Before you get down there, take the time to kiss her lips, her cheeks, neck. Caress her body, kiss here everywhere until you gradually get to the preferred zone i.e. her pussy.


You’ll still want to take it easy. Don’t rip off her panties and start licking her as if she was a human-shaped lollipop. Slowly, take her panties off. You can still play around with your tongue by licking and kissing her thighs.

Take the time and tell her that she’s beautiful and you’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and you’re stoked that you finally can. She wants to know that you want to do this.

Why is this? Well, women are human beings too you know and they are also pretty insecure about their private parts and they can be also afraid that you won’t like what you see.

Okay, this isn’t the case with your girlfriend since you’ve seen her private parts millions of times, but yes, the ladies are also often afraid that you might not like the shape of her pussy or that you might find its smell disgusting.

It’s your job to let her know that everything is okay.

man lying in bed with a beautiful young woman


Still, you want to remain chill. Don’t rush things. Remember, making her feel secure and relaxed is what it’s all about.

By know, she’s aware that you really want to lick her till she gets off. Trust us, she wants the same thing. Your job is to be one step ahead and tease the crap out of her so she wants it even more! Make her wait by taking your time.

Just let your tongue wonder off around her vagina. Give that are some gentle kisses. Every time you do that, look in your partner’s eyes with a “bad boy” smile.

She’ll go crazy.


If you’ve been following our instructions so far, she should be really turned on. The only thing she wants is you to start already.

Now’s the time to ask her if she’s ready. Chances are, you’ll get a “hell yes” right off the bat.

Now, slowly, kiss her pussy. The first kiss should be around her pubic mount, then get down slowly to the vulva lips. Kiss them, like them, gently bite them.

Be careful with the teeth-action though, not every woman likes it. Just be gentle and take your best shot. If she likes it, she’ll tell you. If that’s the case – keep things rolling.


Chances are, she’s dripping wet by now only waiting for you to do your thing. Why not insert one of your fingers in her vagina? Why not two?

Aaaaaaand now’s the time what you’ve been waiting for – start using your tongue while you continue to finger her. This is the real deal.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to make her explode…


Now, remove your fingers and get back to use only the bread and butter of eating pussy – your tongue.

Now, this can be rough. Tongue cramps will come and pass. You’ll need to keep your focus and lick like there’s no tomorrow.

The trick here is to know what you’re doing. Don’t lose your mind at lick her like she’s ice cream. Keep your rhythm, be consistent and lick your partner with up and down movements.

Simple as that. No magic tricks, no fancy crap. It’s just you, your tongue, your rhythm, and your CONSISTENCY.


If you want to be an ace when it comes to pleasing a gal orally, knowing your way around the clitoris is utterly important. Knowing what to do with her clit can change your life and hers too. For the better, of course.

Learn how to approach the clitoris and women will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives. Treating the clit right is a true game changer.

So, you do you approach the clit? It’s simple. You lick it. You lick the living crap out of it.

Okay, you’ll still need to be careful. Yes, there are a lot of women who love it when you lick their clit forcefully, while there are others who might try to kick you in the head when you get really close to it.

Go slow and see what happens.


Now, the rest is fairly easy – stay around the clitoris while she reaches orgasm. Lick the clit like there’s no tomorrow. No matter your tongue us cramping. Get over it, grow up.

This is the truth. Easing her in is utterly important. Setting the right tone is also pivotal. However, developing a constant rhythm with your licking around the clitoris is the thing that will help you reach your goal.


Now you know it. It’s not rocket science, it’s more just the right combination of making her want you and knowing what you’re doing. Now, get out there tiger, and lick her like your life depends on it!

How to last longer in bed for men naturally?

Happy couple hugging holding hands in bed after sex

A healthy sex life is important. The reduction of stress and confidence that a healthy sex life provides gives you a good night sleep. The embarrassment of performance issues like low stamina creates problems. Before using prescription pharmaceuticals there are natural supplements to last longer in bed. Prescription pharmaceuticals include:

  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Levitra (vardenafil)
  • Viagra (sildenafil)

Prescription pharmaceuticals have higher risks than natural supplements to last longer in bed. Prescription medications can cause headaches, stomach aches, nasal congestion, vision changes, and side-effects. If you take nitrate or blood thinner medications about these pharmaceuticals. If you have diabetes or a heart condition you should never try these pharmaceutical drugs. 

Smoke Affects How Long Erections Last

Everyone knows the basic risks of smoking. The risk to the lungs and mouth are well-known. What people don’t realize is the internal organ damage that smoking creates. Besides a high risk for cancer, smoking creates a high risk for erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction comes from the circulatory system. 

Blood flow plays a role in how to make an erection last longer. Good blood flow means a healthy circulatory system. A healthy circulatory system allows men to achieve hard firm long-lasting erections. Smoking impairs blood circulation and thus leads to erectile dysfunction. Smoking lowers sperm count. And, smoking decreases the viability of sperm. 

The role smoking plays in the destruction of a healthy sex life is incredible. Smoking can destroy intimacy by creating erectile dysfunction issues that are embarrassing. The embarrassment of sexual dysfunction destroys relationships. Don’t let an unhealthy habit like smoking leave you wondering how to make an erection last longer. Quality natural supplements to last longer in bed is important to men’s health. 

Ways To Improve Erections

There are many ways to improve erections and generate more stamina. Healthy living is an essential part of sexual health. There are many natural ways to improve stamina and last longer naturally. Exercise is a great way to increase healthy living. Begin learning how to make an erection last longer with exercise

The impact of obesity on sexual performance is scientific. Use natural supplements to last longer in bed. Together with an exercise routine, it will improve stamina. The cardiovascular system activated by exercise builds endurance. A healthy cardiovascular system is how to last longer in bed for men naturally. 

Chinese and Eastern Medicines Improve Sexual Function 

Wondering how to last longer in bed for men naturally has men turning to Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal remedies for natural stamina are popular. Eastern medicine has centuries of proven results. Acupuncture treatments are growing in popularity due to the confidence their historical roots provide. 

Acupuncture has a 2,500-year history. The Chinese medical art of acupuncture inserts small needles into points on the body. The needles inserted in these points stimulate the nervous system. Using acupuncture is how to last longer in bed for men naturally. 

There are lots of natural supplements to last longer in bed. Many of them are ancient medicines have centuries of proven success. Ginseng is one of the top Chinese herbal medicines to achieve global notoriety. Ginseng is popular for its ability to make an erection last longer. 

Natural Supplements to Last Longer in Bed

Natural supplements to last longer in bed are top sellers. Many different vitamins and herbs are excellent supplements. They are one way to make an erection last longer. Zinc is a key element found in the body that can affect male testosterone production. Many natural supplements for male enhancement include zinc. Three foods that will increase your zinc level include: 

  • Oyster
  • Meat
  • Fortified Cereals

Amino acids are important to sexual function. Amino acids are essential to protein. L-arginine is an important amino acid known to improve male performance. L-arginine converts to nitric oxide and relaxes blood vessels.  L-arginine relaxes blood vessels. It allows the blood flow to the penis to increase and improves the quality of erection. 

Herbs and Natural Options

Many enhancement products flood the market every day calling to men. Traditional supplements include herbs with centuries worth of ancient historical trust. Korean red ginseng is one of the most well-known ginsengs on the market. Ginseng from the United States, India, or even China cannot compare to the powers of the Korean red ginseng. 

Ginkgo Biloba is a popular natural supplement to last longer in bed. Used in Chinese medicine, Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow. It helps treat erectile dysfunction. Yet, doctors warn not to mix Ginkgo Biloba with warfarin due to the risk of bleeding. Always consult a doctor before taking medications and herbal supplements together. 

We See You Too

We see you too at BunnyCam.  We want you to know that you’ll find all kinds of great information about how to make an erection last longer. At BunnyCam you’ll find great information and girls who want to talk to you. 

Beginners Guide to Female Masturbation

Photos Nude woman on the bed

Female ejaculation is the technical term for it but you may know it better as squirting or gushing. The fireworks of bodily fluids are not only reserved for the men at the end of their orgasm; some women are lucky enough to experience the ultimate pleasure when they orgasm. While definitely not a common act (obviously), it is widely believed that all women are physically able to squirt but that ultimately depends on a variety of factors. But before we get into the dirty how-to process, let’s set the story straight with some facts regarding the act of squirting. 

Where does the liquid come from?

Female ejaculate comes from the Skene’s glands that are connected to the urethra. The g spot and female ejaculation are connected so much so that the stimulation of the g spot is crucial for most women to achieve ejaculation. The Skene’s glands are located in the g spot (aka the female prostate). When the g spot is stimulated through masturbation or sex, the glands fill with fluids that make up the waterworks during orgasm/or without an orgasm. 

Myth: Squirting is Peeing

False. Squirting is a physical response to the stimulation of the g spot. The porn industry has oversimplified the act and meaning of the female ejaculation. To quote one sex expert on what the female ejaculation is, “[it] is overflowing with fountainous expressions of feminine erotic joy.” While some scientists and experts have often labeled it as “involuntary urination,” it is important to remember that one is based on pleasure, while the other is a necessary bodily function. 

Myth: Ejaculate is Urine.

False. Well mostly false. Because the fluid originates in the bladder, there are trace amounts of urine in the fluids that are diluted by substances from the female prostate called prostatic-specific antigen (PSA). While it depends on the person, the fluids most often do not taste or smell like urine, even though it travels through the urethra. It is very similar to the clear fluid (minus sperm) that is found in male ejaculate and contains the proteins creatinine and glucose. 

Now that we’ve laid to rest some of the most common misconceptions, we can now give you the knowledge to help your lover experience the overwhelmingly sensational pleasure of female ejaculation. While there is no guarantee that she will “perform” anywhere close to how the porn stars do, you can learn how to make a female ejaculate with this step-by-step guide. 

Be Open– If you have the fetish of wanting to make a girl squirt, talk about it. Part of a healthy sexual relationship with someone is having an open dialogue about what each person likes, dislikes and any potential places for enhancement. Squirting is definitely one of those sexual topics that you may feel embarrassed to bring up but hey, you like what you like and sex is all about pleasure. 

Prepare for the Waterworks– while you shouldn’t say that to your partner but in reality, you don’t know how messy it might get. Lay down a large towel or if you’re super prepared, a waterproof mattress pad. Have some hand or large towels nearby for her when she’s done so clean up is easier.

*Pee Before*– this is a crucial part of the process. Because the feeling right before female ejaculation is often described as the “urgent need to pee,” having your partner empty their bladder right before will help them understand that it’s not pee that will come out when they release.

Foreplay is Key– get her to relax and in the mood by whatever methods you know work for her. Some like taking baths while others like oral or a massage, whatever gets them to really relax and turned on, go for it! Part of this step should be exploring her body, feeling a mutual connection can help put her mind at ease and be more willing to go with the flow (pun intended). Remember, it’s not a race!

Positioning– the best position for beginners is going to be lying on their back with a pillow under their butt. This will raise their hips up and put you in a much better position to be able to stimulate her g spot.

Start with Vulva– it can be tempting to want to jump right into the magic but you need to start on the outside first. Her labia lips and clitoris are extremely important pieces of the arousal puzzle. Tongue, fingers, toys or any combination of your choice can do the trick but make sure you don’t the neglect clitoris, EVER.

The G Spot– now, the moment you have been waiting for (well, almost). You should begin to find and stimulate her g spot, which will be crucial for achieving female ejaculation. Insert 1 or 2 fingers inside her vagina and locate her g spot. You will find it about 1-2 inches in from the vaginal opening against the anterior wall (towards her belly button). The g spot will feel like a raised, ridged or bumpy patch of tissue (nerves) that is roughly the size of a quarter. Utilizing a ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers, slowly and gradually increase the pressure and speed. Also, don’t be afraid to pleasure her orally at this point as well.

Breathing and Hips– now that you’ve established a good rhythm and pressure, it is important for her to focus on her breathing, rocking her hips and contracting her PC muscles. Orgasmic breathing is used in Tantra to help enhance orgasms. The rocking of the hips will help her in releasing the female ejaculate and to build up orgasmic energy. Finally, squeezing her PC muscles (the ones worked in kegel exercises) will help tremendously in releasing her ejaculate.

Reading Her Body Language– you should be able to tell from her hip thrusts, moaning, squirming, breathing, words or any other signs that she is close to orgasm. Encourage her to let go and not hold back. Her initial feeling may be to stop the urge but it is important for her to release and trust the feelings. 

Be Ready– When the time comes (and she’ll know!), having her push out with her PC muscles will really help expel the ejaculate. Depending on how hard she pushes, her Skene’s gland production and other factors, she may squirt a tiny bit like a teaspoon or enough to soak the bed. Don’t stop though, women (unlike nearly all men) are able to experience multiple orgasms, so you should continue to stimulate her g spot until she is all finished.

**While she may be lucky enough to be able to ejaculate during sex, most women need specific g spot stimulation that is often missed during sex. 

Congratulations, you’ve just learned how to female ejaculate with your partner. Now the tricky part is over, once she experiences it one time, she knows the feeling and the results and won’t be hindered any longer. Female ejaculation is a normal response to specific stimulation and should be enjoyed to its fullest.