6 Ways a Man Can Last Longer in Bed Naturally

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way right from the start: premature ejaculation is no fun and it’s pretty embarrassing. Not to mention, it can be pretty disappointing to our partners. Heck, sure it’s disappointing since it turns one of life’s biggest pleasures into one of the most embarrassing things a guy can imagine… 

Because of the fear of premature ejaculation, guys have been looking for the answer to the question: how can a man last longer in bed? More importantly, how can a man last longer naturally, without any additional help that might require them to explain themselves to their partner (honestly, having to deal with premature ejaculation is just embarrassing enough)

Even though men are terrified by even the thought of premature ejaculation, professionals state that almost every guy will have to deal with it in their life, maybe only once, maybe on more accounts.

While knowing that there are others out there with the same problem can easy one’s anxiety, but still, the problem in the bedroom remains. So, how can a man last longer in bed? 


Before we get into it, here’s some geeky stuff so you know a bit more about the phenomenon. 

To be precise, a study involving 500 heterosexual couples involved suggests that the average time of vaginal sex from penetration to ejaculation was around 5.4 minutes. 

This might sound okay, but recent studies and data suggest that nearly half of men empty their barrels around the two-minute mark and men who may get diagnosed with premature ejaculation usually finish within one minute of penetration, no matter how hard they try not to. 

One of the worst things about finishing too soon is the fact that some guys feel they have absolutely no control over it. 

So, the question begs to be answered: is there a fix for premature ejaculation?


Luckily, there are natural ways which can help you last longer and most of them are pretty simple and may have been under your nose the whole time.


Have you ever thought about thrusting less and focusing a bit on sex a bit differently? There are tons of ways you can enjoy sex without thrusting like a jackrabbit. 

How about massaging the tip of your member into her clitoral hood? This way, you’re stimulating her nerve endings in her vaginal entrance instead of going as deep as you can. Try pressing your penis against her G-spot.

These are just a few little tips you can try. You just need to know that it’s okay to slow things down when you’re about to hit the point of no return. 

Sure, you can thrust, that’s the point of the whole thing, but that’s not the only thing you can do to cause her pleasure. 


Practice makes perfect – train yourself to last longer by learning how to delay your orgasm. Start while you’re masturbating. Use the technique which is widely known as “edging” and is a fairly popular technique men use to avoid premature ejaculation. 

Getting the hang of it is pretty easy, you just need to get yourself to the edge of an orgasm (to a point when you can still get your sensations under control), then suddenly stop jerking off so you can give your body a little time to get back to normal. Then repeat this a couple of times. 

Edging helps you to train your body and brain to control what you feel during sex and masturbation more efficiently and can help you last longer. 

Oh yes, speaking of masturbation, touching yourself before sex may also help you in this case.


Work out your pelvic floor muscles. Your what? Professionally speaking, these are the muscles that help you lift up your testicles without the help of your hands. These are the muscles that lift your nuts to your guts, if you may. 

Once you’ve located and isolated these muscles, learn how to expand and to contract them by tightening and holding them for 10 seconds before releasing them. Do this is sets of 10. This will result in better ejaculatory control and will also help you last longer in bed. 

There’s actually a study (also from 2005) that found that 75 percent of men who performed these exercises improved erectile function, while according to another study, 61 percent of men were able to get rid of premature ejaculation problems thanks to pelvic floor muscle exercises.


Don’t get comfy in one position and try thrusting till her eyes fall out of their sockets. Change positions, try out new ones. How can this help? Well, you can’t really thrust while you’re changing angles and positions. This will help you win time. Don’t forget, time’s your friend.  

Also, when you get into positions that are a little harder to execute, this way, your mind tends to focus on keeping your balance and thus, enabling you to delay your orgasm even further. 

You can also let her on top, where she can control both rhythm and depth. 


You should know, most women also need to receive clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. So, while you’re trying to delay yours, why not help make it happen for her? Get to work, whether with your mouth, finger, or toy, it’s all the same. Knowing that she had an orgasm may ease your stress. 


When you can feel that you’re about to reach orgasm, stop and squeeze right below the head of your member. Apply firm pressure on the urethra with your forefinger and thumb. Adding pressure here and focusing on it can push the blood out of your penis and can decrease the sexual tension you’re feeling. And such, it helps delaying your orgasm.

Also, by using a condom (you should be anyway), you can delay your orgasm. A lot of manufacturers use thick rubbers which will actually make your member less sensitive during sex.


These six natural ways will surely help you cure or at least delay premature ejaculation. These effective techniques are safe and easy to learn and will help you. However, If you’re still experiencing PE, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional. Most of the time, they can help you learn your body’s and minds mechanisms that are responsible for all this, and by learning how they work, you can get better control over your sensations.

10 Orgasmic Tips for Girls

Woman In Bed Getting Orgasm

The disastrously high statistics for the number of women who do not regularly achieve orgasms means one thing, it’s time for women to take matters into their own hands. This article will not only explain how a girl orgasm, but it will also provide orgasm tips for girls.

As opposed to males, who can only experience one type of orgasm, women are able to experience a variety of distinguishable orgasmic phenomena, depending on how they are achieving climax. Clitoral, penetrative, and full body orgasms are all possible for women, and the differences between them can be varied.

How Many Women Actually Have Orgasms?

In fact, only 25% of women are able to achieve orgasms from penetration alone, and for the remaining three quarters, familiarity with clitoral orgasms means they will never be left hanging again.

Some women don’t even know whether or not they are having an orgasm! It takes time, practice, and patience in order to know whether or not this or that feeling is an actual orgasm. Orgasms don’t look just one way, either. An orgasm can vary from toe-curling to an all-out body pulse.

Read on to find out 10 amazing, thrilling, orgasmic tips for girls so you will have or will give the woman in your life a monstrous orgasm she will never forget. We’ll call it: how to orgasm for girls – a simple guide!

woman masturbate

10 Orgasmic Tips for Girls 

  1. Masturbate… A LOT! The more frequently you make yourself orgasm, the easier it will be when you are not all alone. Plus, the more you masturbate, the more familiar you will be with the rhythms, angles, and directions that your body prefers, allowing you to be a much better choreographer for anyone joining you for the fun.
  2. Stimulate the clitoris. There is something truly tantalizing about stimulating an orgasm from just playing with the clit. The clitoris is thought to be an extension of the g-spot, so use it wisely. Ask your partner what she likes or tell your partner what feels good. Then, tell them NOT to stop.
  3. Use a toy, or two. There is a lot of buzz around vibrators and sex toys nowadays, and its all for a good reason… they work! If you have never experimented with a personal massager or a vibrating dildo, a trip to the local sex store may be in order. Ask the friendly clerk which ones might be the best for you, and be sure to get one that you enjoy the look of. The sensation that sex toys can provide is as close to a guarantee of a clitoral orgasm as this article can claim.
  4. Find the g-spot. The g-spot is a small, bean-shaped spot about 3 inches from the inside of the vagina. Finding the g-spot might take a few seconds, but the exploration can be part of the fun. Once you find it, press lightly or frequently, whatever feels best.
  5. Clear your schedule. Knock a couple of things off of your “to-do” list. Seriously, nothing is less sexy than realizing you forgot your dry cleaning in the middle of sex or trying to orgasm. Give yourself the luxurious mental feeling of accomplishment that will become the foundation of a world-rocking orgasm.
  6. Get inspiration from porn. Pornography can be a great inspiration for individual play or for couples who are looking to have sex in new and exciting ways. You might just find a new surprise technique that works for you.
  7. Use a vibrator on your clitoris. We can’t press this enough, clitoral stimulation is what will get the job done. Whether you are using your vibrator solo or have a partner who is engaging you during the process, you will feel stimulated on more than one level, leading up to a big orgasm.
  8. Rev up your fantasy. Think of what really turns you on, and shamelessly indulge in your fantasies. Even if they are kinky to the point of causing you a little nervousness, accept the fantasies as your own and relish the sexy feelings that they provide, because nothing accentuates an orgasm like the filthiest images your imagination can provide.
  9. Set the mood. Sometimes it takes a certain mood to get us out of our heads. Dim the lights, play your favorite music, light candles, and enjoy yourself.
  10. Speak up! If you are having sex with a partner, do not ever be shy about requesting the positions that make your orgasms curl your toes.

We hope you feel inspired to run to the bedroom and start your orgasmic journey! For more information and blogs about love, sex, and fetishes, read more of our articles and get inspired to get the excitement back into the bedroom… or kitchen… or living room… you get the idea. Visit our blog, today!

7 Wife Spanking Tips

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There comes a time in every marriage when you get stuck in a rut and routine takes over. And while this is unavoidable in some areas of life, and can even be a good thing (doing the weekly shopping, for example), letting routine take over in the bedroom sucks. 

Seriously, it really sucks. Lovemaking is as intimate an act as it gets, and if you allow it to become routine, the level of intimacy between you and your wife will suffer. And lack of intimacy in a marriage can easily lead to infidelity, the number one cause of divorce in the U.S. Not just that though, even if your marriage isn’t in danger of falling apart, good sex with your spouse is fun, relieves tension, keeps you both younger-looking (release of hormones) and is a great workout.

So what can you do if ‘quality time’ with your wife has gone from the wherever, whenever of the honeymoon phase to a once-weekly, 10-minute bout under the blankets?

Enter Sexual Spanking! While spanking is certainly something from the BDSM handbook, and therefore a bit taboo, especially for churchgoers, it’s pretty low down on the kink scale. And if you know how to spank your Christian wife the right way, believe me, she won’t complain (although she should moan a bit). So if you want to know how to properly spank your wife and get the sparks back in the boudoir, read on!

How to Spank Your Wife.

  1. Consent is Key.

Wife spanking has to be consensual otherwise it’s bordering on assault. Apart from that, very, very few women will react well to being unexpectedly thrown on the bed and having their asses pounded, so if you try that approach, spanking, and probably everything else bedroom related except sleeping, will be off the menu for a very long time to come. Talk about it first. If you’re not sure how to approach the subject, try giving her a few light taps on the ass during other acts of lovemaking. If her response is positive, bring it up later and suggest you try spanking.

  1. Safety First.

Spanking, even light spanking, involves the application of force to the body. Only strike the lower, fleshy parts of the ass to avoid doing any injury to your wife or yourself (accidentally striking the pelvic bone will hurt both of you more than is comfortable). The upper thighs, where the leg joins the ass can also be included but these are much more sensitive so tread (slap) lightly here and don’t linger too long. Also, remember to remove any rings you wear beforehand.

Establish a ‘safe word’ before you get started. This is a word that your wife can use to stop the proceedings if something is wrong. Utterances like “no’’ ‘’stop’’ etc, can add to the erotic atmosphere of dominance and submission, so choose a word not normally associated with lovemaking but easy to remember like “pineapple” and if your wife uses it, stop everything immediately and tend to her needs, otherwise you’ll lose her trust and be worse off than before.

  1. Don’t Forget the Foreplay.

As spanking is itself foreplay, it might seem a bit excessive to have foreplay to the foreplay, trust me, it’s not. On a physical level, spanking works by stimulating the nerve endings in the buttocks and the genitalia. Without getting to technical, the body releases similar chemicals (dopamine being one) in response to both pleasure and pain. If your wife is already experiencing a chemical rush as a response to pleasurable stimulation, the chemicals released in response to pain will only heighten her pleasure.

On a psychological level, it’s the whole dominance/submission thing that gets you both hot. Use the opportunity to establish that you are in control but you also value and appreciate your wife’s surrender to you. Be gentle but firm, take control by, for example, pinning her arms to her sides with an embrace while you kiss. Hold her from behind, kiss the back of her neck and run your hands over her breasts and body before firmly bending her into the desired position. And speaking of which..

  1. Positioning

While the image most commonly associated with spanking is the woman lying across the man’s lap with her knickers around her knees, this is not really recommendable. For a start, it’s not that comfortable and it also limits access to other erogenous zones that can be stimulated during spanking. Standing is also not great as it firms the buttocks and makes them less receptive to sensation. Bending over a chair or table is best. This way you can gently stroke the labia (the outer lips of the vagina) and clitoris with one hand while striking the ass with the other. And that, my friend, will have your wife squirming and begging for more in no time, even if she was only a reluctant spankee to begin with.

Whatever position you choose, just make sure you’re both comfortable. Use pillows to prop things up and a blanket to pad any hard edges or surfaces.

  1. Take Your Time.

Remember that your objective is to stimulate, not leave hand prints. Hold your hand rigid and straight and start of with light gentle taps, using only the fingers. You could also caress the buttocks between strikes. As you both get warmed up you can increase the force and frequency, ultimately striking with your whole hand, cupped to accommodate the shape of the buttocks, until you reach your wife’s limits. 

And at all times, pay attention to how your wife is responding. If you feel her tensing up, you’ve probably gone too far and should ease up a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask her if she’s ok, especially the first few times you try it. After a while, you’ll get to know her likes and limits and then the real fun will start.

  1. Toys.

There are a lot of household items like spatulas and hairbrushes, or specialty items like whips and paddles that can be used as spanking aids. Just remember that each one will produce different sensations so when you’re introducing something new, take it slow.

  1. Aftercare

When it’s all over, cuddling and kissing your wife and gently massaging moisturizer into her buttocks will show your wife how much you appreciate her and her willingness to experiment, and will almost guarantee a repeat performance, and probably a more open mind to other sexual experiments. You can also ask her how she enjoyed it and would she like to do anything differently. In the end, it’s all about intimacy and trust in your marriage so take the time to be tender. 

And if you’ve tried it and liked it and are now wondering how to get your wife to spank you-it’s easy, just ask.  Happy spanking!

Train Yourself to Last Longer in the Bedroom

Romantic moment in the bedroom

How long do you last in bed? Have you been wondering how to last longer in bed? You aren’t alone. It is thought that the average horizontal mambo session can last anywhere between 5-7 minutes long, which isn’t terrible until you realize that 50% of men that don’t fall in the 5-7 minute category only last less than 2 minutes long. Not ideal if you are looking to be a marathon sex-machine. 

If most guys last between 5-7 minutes, what is the ideal length of time? Survey says, 10-25 minutes is the target time most men would like to fall into. So, when we take the actual number of between 1-7 minutes and compare it to the ideal of 10-15 minutes, there seems to be a large gap of actuality vs. expectation. 

So if you are wondering how to last longer during sex or simply want to learn how to train yourself to last longer in bed, look no further. We have compiled some of the best suggestions from the best sex experts to guide you along the path of sexual bliss and to find the ideal cushion time that works for you and your partner. 

What this article will do is explain ways to last longer in bed, what this article won’t do is to suggest medication to help your erection. Simply put, we are more interested in giving you solutions to the question how to last longer in bed for men naturally verses telling you to see a physician unless erectile dysfunction is a chronic, long-lasting problem for you as a man. 

Understanding, it is all in your head

Unless you have a chronic issue with erectile dysfunction, sexual intercourse issues are normally all in your head. Psychological issues stem from anxiety around the act of self-inflicted pressure to perform. Your mindset around sex and the body’s reaction to it could be a leading reason you are a two-pump chump instead of a marathon sex God. 

A great saying to be applied toward mindset and sex goes a little something like this, whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. The same can be said for anxiety and sex. If you don’t think you can last for 15 minutes, you’re right. If you think you can last for 15 minutes, you’re also right. 

To ease the mind and the body, practice having open communication with your partner. Talk about how long your honey wants to spend time in the act. Are 10 minutes too long? Are 15 minutes too short? The better foundation you lay, the more clear it will be around what works and what doesn’t work. You might even be surprised to find that your partner is perfectly fine with the 5 minutes you provide. 

Practice deep breathing before getting into bed

Another great anti-anxiety method of calming your body down is to practice deep breathing. If you have ever meditated before or frequently go to yoga, you probably know what I am talking about. Deep breathing is a long 1,2,3 count on the inhale and 1,2,3, on the exhale. Some guided meditations or yoga sessions will instruct you to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. We think it is perfectly fine to do it either way. 

Deep breathing during sex is another way to slow down your heart rate and get that excited energy converted into deep zen energy. When you feel like you are getting excited and feel the urge to release your load, sit back, take a few deep breaths and don’t start again until you’ve reduced your heart rate. 

Exercises you can do on the daily 

You can do the same thing over and over again or switch up your exercises and try something new every day. We have compiled a few awesome exercises for you to practice alternating daily or a few times a week. 

1. Kegels: For less than 10 minutes every day you can practice flexing and strengthening your groin muscles with Kegels. Like any training session, practicing 10 minutes every day will not only build your muscles around your penis but will allow you to train your pelvic floor muscles to tighten and loosen allowing you to ejaculate later.

How does one do a kegel? Good news is you can practice while you pee. When you have a steady stream of pee flowing attempt to cut it off while you are in the middle of your flow. Let it go back to stream pee and voila! You’ve successfully just accomplished your first kegel. 

2. Masturbation: Masturbation is a very natural way to expel your heightened sexual energy, but have you ever considered masturbating differently? Stroking your hard-on different than you have before will give your body the chance to switch it up and train your penis to get used to a different stroke to help you last longer in bed, too. 

Extend your time masturbating, too. If you are a quick one minute man, do not allow your session to be less than 10 minutes long. Seriously. You might have to start carving out special time to masturbate in order to get your time up and your cum out later. 

3. Edging: During masturbation, you can practice edging which is cutting off your ejaculation right before you are about to release. Practicing this during masturbation will help you during intercourse as well. Edging during sex will train your body to do something different as opposed to the same feeling and same time achieved during masturbation and sex. 

4. Squeeze, focus, switch and breathe: Remember the kegel? Squeeze your pelvic or groin muscles together, hard, as if you are cutting off a steady stream of pee. Then hold for 10-15 seconds and release when you feel like the intense feeling of needing to release has passed. Focus on something, anything else, switch up your stroke and breathe deeply.

This series of operations will help you train your brain and body to do something different when the want or need to ejaculate comes on. Using all of the above tactics or simply using a combination of 1,2, or 3 will greatly increase your stamina and help you last longer in bed. 

5. Foreplay: This one shouldn’t feel like work, and instead should feel like a nice break from what is normal. Ordering up a course of foreplay before sex or even during sex (remember edging) will help redirect your attention to something else or new. Foreplay for her will give her different sensations while also giving you the break you want or need in order to achieve the 25 minutes or more session you have been craving. 

These are just a few exercises that will help you go from a one minute man to having a long, romantic session you’ve always wanted. If you liked what you read and want to learn more tools and techniques for the bedroom, check out our other blogs on love, sex, and fetish romance to help you get the spark back into your relationship you’ve been craving.

How to Last Longer in bed Exercises?

Sexual harassment at gym. Trainer touches women's butt in gym.

Exercises to last longer in bed

Have you ever wondered how you can last longer in bed? Do you want to increase your stamina in the bedroom and have sex for longer than five minutes? Are you interested in becoming a sexual God with the ability to last longer, be stronger and drive your partner wild?

We have two pieces of good news; the first is that you aren’t alone! Men, just like you are searching at an exponentially high rate through search engines wondering how to last longer in bed for exercises, both mental and physical.

This article is going to touch on some of the best and most effective exercises you can perform in order to have a hot, sweaty session that lasts just as long as it needs to.

Why last longer in bed?

Before getting down and dirty into the how-to portion of how to last longer in bed let’s talk about why men want to last longer in bed in the first place.

Any logical answer from a man who wants to last longer in bed is most likely due to his partner and the impact he wants to make on the sexual experience. What might surprise most men is that it isn’t necessarily the length of sex that matters, it’s the experience as a whole, yet many men find themselves during sex thinking about how they can last longer for their partner to climax once or twice.

Ask yourself how committed are you to the experience vs. how concerned are you with making sure everything is perfect during sex? Are you in the moment or are you thinking about not cumming too soon? Why are men so concerned with how long they last anyway?

Much of this has to do with what we watch. Porn videos can go on for an hour or more. The porn star is vigorously pumping for an extended length of time, driving the recipient of his pleasure wild naturally. The truth is many porn stars either 1) take a prescription medication to last longer or 2) have to take one or two intermissions in order to get the movie to the desired length. These aren’t necessarily logical or effective examples to measure your own pleasure timeline.

Talk to your partner and ask him or her if they want longer sex. You might be surprised they just want to experience connectedness with you, not hours and hours of sex. Regardless, if you want to find ways to control your orgasm better or want to go from being a 1-minute man to a 30-minute man, read on.

3 things you need to stop doing, right now.

Before we get into what you need to do during sex, let’s talk about some pre-work that needs to be done. These are three things you need to stop doing RIGHT NOW in order to get better at lasting longer in the bedroom.

  1. Stop watching so much porn

First, stop watching so much porn. Seriously, stop. Most porn, unless it is amateur, is a production. Meaning, these guys are doing this for work. I’m sure most of the work feels great, but think about what he is looking at while having sex. Lights, producers, directors, hair and makeup crews… not exactly a mood setter.

Plus, porn will make you think that you are doing something wrong. Remember, porn is done the way it is because of production value. Stop comparing yourself to the porn you watch. So, for the time being, reduce your pornography watching to an absolute bare minimum.

    2. Ease up on masturbating

When you are masturbating, slow down! If you want to last longer in bed, masturbate slower and more sensually. Long strokes versus vigorous strokes that make you cum as fast as possible in the shower. This will tell your body that this rate and time is the new norm.

    3. Balance out your diet

This might sound silly but it’s true. A balanced diet that is stripped of too many stimulants like coffee will allow you to go into sex calm and placid. Eating healthy, working out and feeling good about yourself will boost your self-esteem, which in turn boosts your confidence. Also, who wants to have sex totally bloated on fast food and beer? Not us.

Okay, now let’s get to what you can do during sex to increase your stamina. Ready? Let’s go!

Gradual relaxation of the muscles and deep breathing

Putting excessive pressure on your muscles by bearing or clenching down is the fastest way to make you orgasm, which is precisely what we are trying to avoid. Instead, gradually relax all of your muscles starting with your neck, moving down your body to your shoulders, back, hips and all the way down to your toes. Releasing tension and pressure from your muscles will allow your blood to flow freely and relax your groin muscles, too.

You can achieve this by laying on your back and breathing deeply. This is almost a meditation before sex but you can also use breathing and relaxing before you masturbate. Practice makes perfect and the more you do gradual muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises, the sooner it will become a habit even during sex itself.

Kegel exercises for men

Kegels are generally thought of as a woman’s exercise to work out her vaginal muscles, but men are not exempt from this exercise. In fact, it is one of the best ways to increase your own stamina in the bedroom. How do you do it? Quite simply you clench and release the muscles in your groin.

Your P.C. (pubococcygeus) muscles are shaped like a banana and surround your groin area. Strengthening this muscle will help your stamina, erection strength and will even give you an increase in the pleasure you experience during orgasm because you are able to have a stronger, longer lasting orgasm.

If you are still confused about how to accomplish a male kegel, the next time you are peeing with a steady stream quickly clench your muscles and stop the stream of urine. When you successfully release your kegel you will know because your steady stream will continue. Now that you know what it feels like, you can kegel at your desk, in your bed, during presentations and basically anywhere else you want to!

Extend your foreplay

Who doesn’t love some good foreplay? Before you dive deep into intercourse, practice extended foreplay with your partner. She or he will go down on you and then before you start to get too excited, go down on your partner! You are telling your body to slow down but also giving your body the build-up it needs to have a great release and utterly body quivering orgasm.

Likewise, during sex, if you feel like you are about to cum, pull out and go down on your partner. Give yourself a break before you get too excited. This will help your session’s length while also giving a different kind of stimulation for your partner.

For more tips on sex, pleasure, and romance, check out our archive of blogs and discover more about you, your body and sex life you didn’t know before today.