How to Start Sexting: Quick and Useful Guide for Guys

How to Start Sexting

You two have been exchanging messages for a while now. She’s (or he’s) definitely into you, replies to all your texts, you two are having a good time. It’s about time you drop the ball: you need to start escalating the situation towards, uhm… Sex.

However, you don’t really have actual knowledge about how to start sexting or to hold a sexting conversation whether that be with a guy or a girl.

This can be pretty crippling since chances are, if you keep things “neat and clean”, your potential partner will eventually lose interest and move on. Or worse, you might have a hard time engaging with potential partners in general. Okay, it’s not so drastic. However, if you’re seeking to learn how to start off texting, Reckless Love has the info you’ve been looking for.


1, Set The Tone

Don’t be blunt, meaning don’t start with stating your triple X fantasies and plans all of the sudden. Chances are, that won’t work and you will catch your partner off-guard. Instead of cutting right to the chase, try to set a cool, authentic, yet sexual tone, which will, sooner or later, shift to sexting.

An awesome way to get the ball rolling in that direction without getting “caught” is by utilizing the fine art of misinterpretation. It’s simple – misinterpret what she’s writing and turn it around so that she’s the one that’s sexting, or starting to sext, not you. This will loosen her up, kickstart her fantasy while you remain the “innocent” one.

By this, you introduce sexual tension and at the same time, you’re keeping things simple, playful, and fun. Just keep it up and sexting will become unavoidable

For instance, tease her that she’s planning on getting you so wasted that she (or he) can have her (or his) way with you. These subtle yet powerful techniques do a lot in the long run and give your texting partner the necessary freedom & space to express themselves sexually.

2. Other ways you can build tension

Sexual innuendo or mixing up the meaning of their texts so it ends up sounding rather sexual is another great way to get things started. It’s also easy, fun, and can lead to an awesome serve and return banter if both of you are sexual and playful.

3. Be bold

In order to master the art of sexting, learning how to raise sexual tension in a playful way is quintessential.

You need to start at the right moment – you’ll feel when’s the right time – and express what you’re feeling and thinking about. This can be edgy and can end in a catastrophe, but it’s a necessary risk you need to take. Otherwise, things ain’t gonna happen…

It’s vital to remember, If you’ve made a mistake, it’s okay. If you say something that doesn’t land well, don’t stress about it, cut yourself some slack and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Keep this in mind: the more you put yourself on the line, the better you will become. You’ll learn with each and every experience, plus you actually can never tell for sure when you’re going to get lucky and seal the deal.

4. Share your fantasies

This one is really hot. If you want your potential partner to share their kinks and fantasies, they first need to feel safe about it. How can you achieve that? Well, you need to take the lead and doing it first so they see it’s okay for them too.

And when the convo has got spiced up with a sprinkle of sexuality, you can start to share your dirty thoughts about you two. Take things slowly, allow the tension between you to build up step by step and don’t be shy to go into details. You should know that there’s a classy and safe way to go about this while still getting the sexual charge you both want.

The key point here is to go first. This way, you’ll show your partner that it’s okay for them to share their fantasies.



Don’t panic about it too much. Sometimes, you’ve just started sexting with the wrong person. A swing and a miss. Things like this happen and getting back on track after an error like this should be easy.

If the potential partner isn’t really fond of the path you are trying to stir things, just acknowledge their feelings and leave it behind. Be empathetic and don’t panic and think about it as the end of the world.

If you manage to get your potential partner upset, simply say that “you’re sorry for making a mistake, it’s only because you find them really attractive and lovely, that’s all.”. You never know, this might actually turn the odds in your favor again. If not, hit up another topic and leave the mistake in the past. Just show respect and honesty..


Guys have hesitated a lot when it comes to sexting since they are afraid of coming across weird and gross when they do it. In order to avoid exactly that, you need to develop “flirter’s” mindset.

The first thing you need to know that this isn’t a one-way street –  there’s also somebody else involved in the whole texting business, and this should serve as a reminder to remind you that disrespectful and creepy comments should be out of the question. Also, set the appropriate tone in order to not to come across as a creep.

Second, you want to exploit that raw, animal-like desire which drives you to get the person who you’re texting with. When they feel attraction, they’ll actually want to witness that side of yours. Don’t try to be a mind-reader and feeding them the lines you assume they want to hear, simply express what they inspire within you and how you feel about getting it on with them. Embrace those feelings.

These pointers should help you get started with sexting and might even help you seal the deal.

Just remember, don’t stress. Have fun.

In the meantime, how about practicing your flirting chops? Our bunnies can help you out too!  

Tips for Vaginal Steaming at Home

Vaginal Steaming at Home

As the trend towards vaginal steaming increases, with more and more spas offering the treatment and Youtube videos on DIY vaginal steaming popping up every day, we thought we would offer our readers a comprehensive overview of how to safely apply a vaginal steam treatment from the comfort of home.

Vaginal steaming has been seen in celebrity endorsements, such as through Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop” website content as well as other natural trends encouraging the use of eastern techniques as opposed to going straight to the doctor to hand over antibiotics.

With any trend, we want to make sure you are doing any DIY treatment, weigh all options, make sure you are considering all of the outcomes and be safe. Talk to your physician before choosing an alternative over a prescription, especially if you are prone to UTI and other infections.

Conditions and exceptions to steaming

Before we begin a vaginal steam treatment at home, an important list of contraindications. While vaginal steaming, when done correctly, is a gentle practice that involves nothing more than sitting above a steaming pot, there are still some general do’s and don’ts. If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s best to skip the steam for now.

  1. If you are on your period, the steam may actually increase blood flow and cause heavier bleeding. The best time to steam is before and after menstruation.
  2. If you are pregnant, it is best not to steam. Steaming relaxes and opens the cervix, which can cause a miscarriage.
  3. Anyone that is attempting to get pregnant should avoid steaming shortly after insemination, as it may interfere with getting pregnant.
  4. Women suffering from hot flashes during menopause should be careful when considering vaginal steam, since the heat may trigger an episode.

Ok, so now we know whether or not vaginal steam at home is right for us, and we are ready to learn about the best way to do it safely.

A vaginal steam chair is an important part of a safe DIY steaming. Getting the proper seat helps us avoid squatting unsafely over a boiling pot of herbal vapors. A vaginal steam seat can be a wooden box with slats in it for the vapor to seep through, or a birthing stool, or a sturdy beach chair.

The next important component for our vaginal steaming at home is a proper herb pot. Plastic and other materials frequently used in Youtube demonstrations are not safe, as the boiling water can release harmful toxins from the plastic. Glass jars are also a less than ideal choice because a small jar breaks if the water is too hot. Our recommendation is that stainless steel, clay, or large glass pots be used.

Getting down with the herbs

Getting the right mix of herbs is a critical part of the process. Herbs used in vaginal steam treatments focus on circulatory health and are prized for their cleansing potential. A list of the most commonly used herbs includes Mugwort, wormwood, chamomile, and oregano. Consult with an alternative medicine expert in order to ascertain what blend of herbs is perfect for your particular needs, as different herbs have different purposes and the specifics are outside of the scope of this article.

When getting a vaginal steam treatment at a spa, it is common to be offered a plastic cloak to assist in full body detox. At home, however, the use of a cloak is entirely optional. In fact, if you are prone to infections, night sweats, herpes or hot flashes, the cloak is unnecessary. Additionally, forego the cloak if the weather is hot. As with most common knowledge procedures, use caution, listen to your body and enjoy yourself.

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10 Best Ways to Eat Pussy

10 Best Ways to Eat Pussy

Eating pussy has caught the attention of more than just lovers lately. From Dj Khaled claiming he refuses to go down on his lady to Dwayne Johnson affirming and responding to such a claim that real men eat pussy (okay, he didn’t say that exactly but we know it was implied), eating a woman out seems to be the hot button topic lately. Is there a best way to eat pussy? Is there a reason why some women like it and others claim they don’t?

To answer the second question, quite possibly if your woman is claiming she doesn’t like to be eaten out it is because she hasn’t experienced all that eating pissy the best has to offer. One bad experience can ruin it for the rest of us who sadly just want to make our partners excited and exhilarated with our tongues.

How to eat a pussy

Eating pussy is a, well, a delicacy. It is a way for partners to explore each other in a way that isn’t normal or vanilla or uninspiring. Couples who are well versed in oral sex have more fun, that’s just the facts! There is more communication of what she and he likes, there is more openness with bodies and more attraction to exploring the great unknown while stimulating parts of the body that are otherwise ignored.

And let’s not forget the ladies here. Women love it when their lover knows how to eat pussy, and knowing the best way to eat pussy separates the men from the boys. Consummate cunnilingus is sure going to fire way to drive her crazy in bed, so we have compiled a list of tips, techniques and how-to’s that will have you preparing and eating pussy like a gourmand. But first, let’s go over a few need to knows before diving into our expert how to eat pussy tips.

The downlow

First, the context: she is completely vulnerable, spreading her holiest of holies wide open like an all you can eat buffet. This is something that, believe it or not, some women can feel very uneasy about, so treating the entire act like some kind of sexual tit for tat is a no-no. All men want head, and women love getting head too. However, all men want head any time any place, and this is simply not true in the reverse.

The mental and emotional components of the best ways to eat pussy are keys that are rarely discussed, and having this cutting edge clue on the female sexual psyche is a game changer. Making her feel sexy, empowered and confident is the credo. Keeping this in mind is the most important facet of the information contained herein, far above tips to improve technical skill or pointers on better physical proficiency. Focus on treating her like a goddess, and trust that she’ll treat you like a king.

Now that we know that women need to be in a relaxed, uninhibited state of mind in order to enjoy the sexy service of getting eaten out, we can move on into the know-how. This is a comprehensive list covering everything from ambience to foreplay, as well as the moves to eat pussy the best you possibly can.

A little lesson in anatomy

As you’ll read below, there is more to a woman than just her vulva. There is the clit, the lips, the inner vaginal wall, the g-spot, and anus. Men who think eating pussy is simply sticking your tongue in her vulva and seeing what happens are missing the point. Female anatomy is complex, so make sure you are stimulating all areas of her vulva and vagina for optimum pleasure.

Let’s focus on the clit for a hot minute. If you haven’t figured out the clit is a sure fire way to get your partner straight to an orgasm, and fast, you are in for a real treat. Sex experts claim that the g-spot is actually an extension of the clit. They say, that the clit actually runs up about five inches and can be stimulated from more than one area of the vagina and vulva. Who knew?

Pay attention to her clit before and during eating pussy. It is an exciting way to pulse and stimulate her body that, if all goes according to plan, will make her legs shake, her lips moan and leave her begging you for more. There is no reason why you can’t eat her pussy and play with her clit at the same time, but more detail on that below.


Don’t sweat it, man

Okay, we get it, there are some secrecy and misconceptions that surround the female orgasms. One particular study in England showed that 52% of women weren’t even sure if they have had an orgasm before. Lucky for us, women are just as confused as we are as to whether or not they have had an orgasm.

The other 48% of women in question who know they orgasm undoubtedly have different ways of achieving the big O. From fetishes to simple preferences, every woman is different. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you go down on your honey and after 10 seconds she isn’t losing her mind. You might just need to do something different.

This is where you will need to think about what your lady likes, talk to her about what turns her on and try something different over and over again. What worked last week might not work this week, so give yourself some time and be patient. Where a man might take 10 seconds to get an erection (and that’s being generous) it could take a woman upwards of a half an hour to get her to be fully turned on and ready to go. Definitely cut yourself some slack, especially when you are learning about her, her likes, her zones and what makes her go wild.

Now we will get into the steps you can take to be the king of the bedroom, the master of pleasure and the expert of oral. You’re welcome.

1. Set the mood

Hard to overstate the importance of mood for eating pussy. Sure, it is possible to eat pussy on the fly like a slice of pie, and switching up the locale can be a fun, exciting adventure. However, this is a guide to eating pussy the best way, and for that, nothing trumps candles or soft lighting, some great music playing in the background, and enough time to fully enjoy each other.

When you are thinking about what she likes to set the mood, think about what she likes and what she doesn’t like. This seems obvious but nothing will make the scene more awkward than going in at exactly the wrong time. As we said above, women take considerably longer to get turned on than men. Where a man might take seconds to be fully erect, a woman takes a longer time.

Now, this last part might sound silly, but definitely think about what you are eating before … eating your partner’s pussy. If you’ve just had a massive bean and cheese enchilada with a side of rice and more guacamole than you could have ever imagined, chances are you are both bloated.

Don’t worry, we aren’t telling you to skip the tacos, just be mindful about how you two are feeling before jumping into the sheets. No one likes to feel extremely bloated and then lay on the back with a grumbling stomach the entire time. Not exactly the kind of mood-setting that will bring her to an out of body experience.

2.  Use more than just your mouth

Ignite her senses with kisses, using your hands to caress her entire body, from her neckline to her hips, from her inner thighs and the backs of her knees to her earlobes and the tips of her toes. The more of her body’s non-erogenous zones that you incorporate into the sensualities, the hotter her eventual orgasm will be, and a full body orgasm is definitely what we are going for here.

Does your partner have a personal preference when it comes to the style and way you touch her? Talk about it. If she likes nipple play, get some clamps or set the mood before you go down on her hitting some stimulating pleasure points.

Another suggestion to use more than just your mouth is to talk dirty to her. While you are in and out of getting her off with some killer oral, slip some dirty talk in there and see how she reacts. Women have an innate ability to have their mind drift, so why not let them drift into a fantasy world of pleasure? Does she like being a bad girl? Has she been with a woman before and loved it? Bring in any and all fantasies into your session and see where her mind goes. It might just set yourself up for a killer 3-some or fun toys in the future.

3.  Play with her body and her pussy

Incorporate the erogenous zones, especially the nipples, inner thighs, and the bikini area above her pussy. Lick and suck on her breasts until the nipples are erect, and then kiss down her tummy, over her hips and across her inner thighs before arriving at face level with her pussy. Blowing lightly and stimulating her clit with your breath is exactly the type of light teasing we intend at this stage, like a breeze that is about to pick up in intensity.

This is where you can use toys, too. There are g-spot stimulators, lube that warms up (and doesn’t taste terrible) as well as vibrators and wands that will get her going during oral. Explore the different kinds of toys you can use on your partner and see what works.

4.  Listen and ask what she wants

Be easy to coach during this process. Have no agenda, outside of providing her pleasure. This will allow you to flow with and respond to her cues about the effectiveness of your pussy eating, ensuring that what you’re doing feels good and is getting your partner off. Otherwise, we run the risk of severely bungling the entire event due to a miscue, so intent was we on “performing” oral sex instead of eating pussy the best we can.

Even before you guys get in between the sheets strike up a conversation about it. Don’t treat this as an interview into her pussy, simply ask what she likes so you can skip the getting to know your part of eating her pussy.

5.  Frequency is everything

Start eating the pussy with a light, feathery movement of your tongue over her vagina, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth so that your exhalations are another source of stimulation while your tongue broadens and includes the pussy lips, exploring the folds and gently probing the entire circumference of her pussy. Suck on her pussy lips, with a minimum of pressure, and use your tongue to stimulate them in undulating movements while they are in your mouth.

6.  Stiffen the tongue

Stiffening your tongue, use it to penetrate into her pussy, and then relax it, pointing it to curve upward and lick out the inside of the canal. Repeat this process at various speeds and rhythms, responding to your partner’s feedback. Try penetrating as deeply as your tongue will permit, and then flicking it rapidly while inside your partners pussy.

You can also give her clit a little flick with the tongue, gently, to stimulate a new area of her body. Remember, the clit is very sensitive, so be gentle at first. Eventually, you can penetrate and stroke her clit with your tongue making her legs shake and her pussy pulse with desire.

7.  Don’t leave out the clit

Begin including the clitoris, and if you don’t know where that is, make sure to get up to speed on this most important female erogenous zone. This bundle of nerves located above the vaginal opening contains more orgasmic potential than even the tip of the male penis, and using light, circular movements of the tongue around the folds of labia around the clit is a great way to work your way towards it.

Do not engage the clit head on without this type of warm-up, as it is extremely sensitive and easily stimulated. Delicately increase the amount of pressure delivered by each stroke of the tongue, varying the direction and speed of your strokes to better ascertain what your partner likes in particular.

8.  Maintain the stroke and rhythm

Once you have a stroke and a rhythm that is vibing with your partner, maintaining it is paramount. Stay consistent and steady regardless of any muscle cramping, jaw exhaustion, or joint pain that may occur, because losing your partners building orgasmic crescendo is a catastrophe that your pussy eating skills may not be able to save you from. This is due to the severity with which an interruption takes her out of the moment and puts her back into her head, undoing all of your hard work.

9.  Use your fingers

Use your fingers to penetrate her pussy while you continue to apply the perfect stroke with your tongue on her clit. The middle and index fingers together work best for the type of stimulation that we want for her G spot. This area of spongy tissue, located inside her along the front wall of her vagina, can be felt when we curl our fingers back towards ourselves and is second only to the clit in terms of sensitivity and importance in female orgasms.

By hooking your fingers back, you can directly apply pressure to the G spot. Play around with the area stroking her g-spot one way and pulsing it another. Use her cues (i.e. her moaning, groaning and shaking) to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t.

All in all, fingering her while eating her out is the best way to eat pussy and it will drive her absolutely wild.

10.  Explore down under

For anyone looking to surprise and up the ante, pushing the envelope into a risque rimjob is a surefire way to go down as a sexual legend. Incorporating her bum is a fun and sexy way to transform an average night of pussy eating into a night she will never forget.

As long as you’re eating her out with the strokes that she enjoyed most from your time exploring her pussy with your mouth, you keep a consistent rhythm, you use your fingers to stimulate her G spot, and perhaps most importantly, you set the right mood and atmosphere for her to relax and enjoy the sexual festivities, you can rest assured you are eating pussy the best way. No two women are the same, and what worked once may not work again. The best way to eat pussy: remember you are there for her pleasure.

Now that you have our top ten list, remember there is so much more we could cover that we didn’t. That being said, you have the ability to change up your strokes, stiffness, and style whenever you choose and take feedback from your partner to see what she liked and what you can be doing less of.

For more interesting articles, browse through our blog section. We post new and fresh content every week! You’ll surely find what you are looking for!

How to Eat Pussy Properly

How to Eat Pussy Properly

It’s no secret, when it comes to pleasing women, men seem to have a pretty hard time. As we have gone over it a couple of times, men are no rocket science between the sheets. If the member’s up and hard, half of the job is done. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to say that men have no standards, likes, and dislikes when it comes to sex, it’s just, well, they don’t really have a hard time getting comfortable and relaxed before they start the fun. Women? Well, not so much…

This is why a lot of men shy away from oral sex. Sometimes, they don’t want to disappoint their partner. They think they have no pussy eating skills, so they just jump right into sex. Sometimes, they actually think that they are awesome, mostly because their partner doesn’t want to make them feel bad, so she pretends that the head she is being given is out of this world but in reality, it’s not even out of the county. Nor the apartment.

Yup, this is the ugly truth… So, if you, lads and lasses, want a good lesson on how to eat pussy properly, give this article a read since We See You has the info you need to become a pro when your head is in between her legs!


Most men will find it relieving to know that it’s simpler to learn how to give a girl good orgasms via oral sex than it is to learn how to give her one through penetration.


Well, there’s no rhythm you must keep with your whole body while it swings back and forth. You don’t even have to learn about the g-spot, the vagina back wall or about the Ricardus’s “r-spot”, and all that jazz.

To be good at eating her out, all you have to be is patient. And a tongue which is willing to do the work!


You don’t always need to go all the way when eating her out. However, great oral sex makes outstanding foreplay to the grand finale if you know what we mean.

In fact, sometimes, it’s advised to show off your tongue skills right away, if you’re sleeping with your partner for the first time. You don’t want to rock her world with oral just to hear “Sorry, I’ve had enough, maybe next time?” when you’re ready to get in there.

However, if the partner in question is a lover, girlfriend, wife, or a friend with benefits, go ahead and show her what you’ve got! Don’t do it often, just frequently enough to spice things up when they get a little stale.

So, without further ado, here are four steps that are guaranteed to blow her mind and which will tremendously improve your oral skills (pun intended).


Step 1: This is no quarter mile drag race, step on the brakes and tease

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times: in order to properly satisfy a woman, you can’t just rush into it, muscle your way through the whole thing and expect her to cum all over the place. No, pleasing a woman is no 3rd person shooter video game, but rather a delicate task which requires focus and knowledge.

You want to warm her up properly before you get started unless you want a long slog of endless licking that never seems to move her much. That will become pretty stale pretty quick and both of you will end up dissatisfied.

Tease. Tease, because it’s good for orgasms because it heightens anticipation and builds sexual tension. She knows you’re going to lick her. You know you’re going to lick her. However, only you know when you’re going to start licking her. Get it? Don’t let things escalate too quickly.

  1.  Feel free to start by running your fingertips up and down her inner thighs and legs in general – don’t touch her “there” just yet.
  2. Kiss and lick those inner thighs, kiss and touch her legs, while drawing ever so closer to her pussy – still, you ‘re not actually touching it.
  3. Move beneath her vagina – after you’ve taken your time with her inner thighs. You can take as long as you wish. The more time you spend around her pussy without actually touching it, the more tension will build up.
  4. No, you may touch her. No, not yet. Just kidding. Take your time, and just lightly whisk your fingers across the outside of her pussy. Run your fingers outside the outer lips of her vagina and her thighs.
  5. Start kissing the outer lips while ever so often returning to her inner thighs. Go back and forth for a little time to build up anticipation.
  6. After this, move on to stroking, kissing, and licking the inner lips of the vagina, while every now and then, returning to the outer lips and inner thighs.
  7. Now, you may start licking and touching her vaginal opening.
  8. Even though you are licking at all the right places by now, still, don’t touch her clitoris yet. The point here is to make her file like you are giving attention to every little detail except the clit, her most sensitive part. At this point, she may even ask you to rub her clitoris or guide your head or hand there. Don’t let her. Just tell her “Patience” in a sensual voice and get back to what you’re doing.

By now, she’s extremely aroused and her clitoris is throbbing for your touch… and you’re still not going to touch her. Not YET.

Step 2: Lend a helping hand – your tongue needs a partner in crime

The next step in eating her out properly is by using your hands. What you need to do here is to really rub her pissy and insert a forefinger or a thumb inside her.

Don’t go AWOL and start fingering her. Don’t try sticking three of your fingers in. Don’t start fisting her. You don’t want to start using the “come hither” move to make her squirt either. Don’t try to find her g-spot.

Instead, just rub the outside of her vagina and insert a finger inside of her partway and move it in and out.

At this point, her clitoris is still off limits. Be careful, don’t rub it by accident.

Why? Simple – the absence of that definitive specific touch is the exact thing that makes the whole thing exciting for her. By touching her at all the right places except for that one, you create a great vacuum of sensation that makes her long for that one touch right there more and more.

Remember, so far, you’re doing nothing out of the ordinary, only licking her vagina opening, the inner and outer lips of her pussy, her inner thighs, with your thumb or forefinger in her. Yet, she’s dying of anticipation and even fearing that you won’t even touch her clit – the thing she’s deeply craving.

Step 3: Commit to the clit

Your time has come – focus your attention on her clitoris and only on her clitoris.

This might even be the most important part of the whole process since most men who are trying to learn how to give good oral sex to a girl get misled.

Maybe it’s the ton of crazy articles and techniques they’ve read about before or maybe it’s the huge amount of porn they’ve watched where people are all over the place pulling of crazy pussy-eating stunts to satisfy the voyeurs’ needs rather than the participants’ needs.

The truth is, once the tongue hits the clit, you don’t need to do anything wild, out of the ordinary, inventive or crazy. You are just going to stay there and lick. And lick. And lick. And you will keep licking, and licking. Constantly licking – even when and after she climaxes. You’re going to stay there and lick until she pulls your head away and starts laughing because all that licking has become ticklish (which happens quite often for some women after a certain kind of climax).

IMPORTANT NOTE – as we have said before after you’ve started licking her clit, you won’t go back to licking the inner and outer lips of her pussy. You’re going to leave her thighs and legs alone. You’re just going to stay there and lick her clit with passion and fury.

Throw out every other thing you’ve read, heard, or seen before. Just lick.

To recap this step: Once you hit the clit, you simply must commit.

Step 4: Pull the hood back when the time is right

As you bring your partner close to sexual climax, it’s time for your final trick: you’re going to pull her clitoral hood back.

What is the clitoral hood? Yes, it’s a pretty relevant question and we can’t blame you if you don’t know what it is. The clitoral hood is basically the fold of flesh the clitoris is peaking out of. Most of the time, this hood performs the function of protecting the clitoris just like the foreskin protects the sensitive glans on an uncircumcised penis.

You don’t want to pull back the clitoral hood right away. You want to turn her on first, and when she’s nearing orgasm, simply lift up the hood fully exposing the clitoris to your tongue. And there you are – all ready to rock her world.

To pull back the hood, simply place one of your index and middle fingers of the same hand on her clit forming a ‘V’. Then, gently just push the skin back up.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to just keep licking until she cums.

During all this, your tongue will get really tired and you’ll get the feeling you’ll never be able to speak again. What you need to do is simple: just keep on licking. You’ll be glad you did and so will she. At least, if you do this enough, you will have an extremely muscular tongue if that’s a compensation.

One more tip to really kick it off – maintain eye contact with her throughout. Just keep staring at her. Even if she’s not looking at you, just keep staring at her. So, every time she looks down and sees you staring right back at her, she’ll think: “Man, this guy knows his way around the pussy” – and this right here will also enhance her pleasure.

Don’t forget, some girls are very inexperienced, or came come from a background where sex is mainly taboo may face difficulties reaching orgasm no matter what you’re doing and how refined your skills are between the sheets. If that’s the case, then you need to be patient and train the girl to relax and to open up to orgasm.


If you follow these steps, women will be definitely wondering where on Earth have you learned these mad skills. Don’t get carried away, though! And also, don’t try too hard. The point of eating pussy or sex for that matter is having fun. If you find yourself having a hard time getting her to the top, don’t get anxious, it will definitely show on your performance and you don’t want that. Instead, tell be honest with her. Tell her that you’re trying a little experiment, ask her what she likes and how she likes it. As we have stated before, sex should be fun and both of you should enjoy it. For more similar articles, make sure to check our blog, today!

Now, go out there and lick some pussy!

How to Flirt with a Girl on Snapchat

How to Flirt with a Girl on Snapchat

So, you’ve seen a cutie on Snapchat and now you have a huge crush on her. Or, maybe you’ve known the girl for a while now, yet, you’ve found it really hard to connect with her face to face (you know, little time, lot of distractions, you just didn’t have a decent opportunity, chance, etc.), so you are thinking about getting to know her a little better and engaging with her via social media. Or, are you looking for something short term yet exciting?

Well, whatever your specific case is, having a good set of social media flirting skills will always come in handy. Especially when it comes to Snapchat.

But how should I flirt with a girl on Snapchat? How to talk to girls on Snapchat altogether?” – you may ask and your question is valid.

Let’s be honest for a second here: flirting isn’t that hard. You just have to say the right words at the right time and it’s easy as pie, right? Yeah sure, however, a lot of us stress out or try too hard and achieve the opposite effect. Instead of seducing their potential partner, they manage to blow all their chances in a matter of minutes. In some extreme cases, even minutes…

Hey, but enough of the horror stories. We See You is here to level up your Snapchat flirting game, so that cute little hottie will fall for you in no time!


So far, we’ve discussed that flirting can be difficult on its own, and flirting with someone through a digital messaging app with photos and videos which disappear after a few seconds can be pretty frustrating.

Still, we feel the urge to engage with our partners, crushes or even strangers in flirtatious ways. However, there are a few things that differ from social media platform to social media platform meaning that you have to follow the unspoken rules and standards of Snapchat.

As a “fleeting” platform, Snapchat encourages sharing the moment and as such, it could serve as a very creative and playful digital platform to flirt on.


First of all, find her and add her. Like, duh…

Add her by username, Snapchat code, number, or maybe you can find the lady via your mutual buddies on the platform. However, don’t be creepy – don’t add her an all platforms on the same day. If you add her on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on in a matter of a few minutes, she might get the wrong picture and for most people, being that eager is already a red flag. Play it cool.


Wait for a couple of days after adding  her, then send her a couple of snaps. Don’t do that her right after you added her might also come across a bit too strong and she might look at it as a desperate move. After that, send her something every now and then. Go with casual, funny things, keep it simple.  With your steady flow of snaps, she’ll get used to hearing from you and will be expect it, which naturally translates into more snaps in the future.

Also, feel free to engage with her more often as time passes by. You’ll get to know her better through casual snapping. Remember, don’t be all over the place right from the start, as it might scare her off. Though, if she responds every single time, you’re probably on the right track and a clear sign that she also wants to keep the ball rolling,.

Follow the path of your communication

Tailor your response to any given situation, allow a conservation to develop, keep the flow going as if you two were talking face to face..

Pay attention to her snaps, be a good listener. You want to be flattering here.

Feel free to use the snaps you send her to reflect her your personality, likes, and dislikes.

Keep it fresh

expressions like “what’s up” and other over-worn stuff are a big no-no. They’re pretty much used up, and chances are, your snaps will end up unread or ignored. Try to be cool and unique at all times, but don’t push too hard.

USE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR – women love a guy who can make them laugh and a few jokes will always help to shake up a conversation if it goes stale.

Listen to her and if you two have common interests, bond over them. That’s easy since you’re talking about the things both of you are into. After a while, you’ll get to know her better so popping up a few topics that both of you enjoy could help you to stop flirting and getting more serious.

Use your snaps to paint a picture

There’s probably a lot of things you have to deal with throughout the day, you’re a fairly busy person. If you’re having an exciting day, feel free to document the highlights of it via Snapchat. Having one of those boring days? No problem! Use them to your advantage. Turn them around with a funny caption (a pic of an empty office with the caption saying:really busy at work). Don’t forget, a good sense of humor can work wonders!

Engage with her on more than one level

Engage with her by leaving comments on her stories. The same rule applies – start out slow by only commenting every now and then. As you two begin to exchange snaps , more often, you should also up the number of comments. Don’t feel the need to be witty or wacky all the time. Keep it cool and don’t try to impress her with every single comment.

Comments are also a great chance to ask questions. Was she at a show? Ask about that! There you go, you already have a conversation going!

Create opportunities to chat

Observe her Snapchat activity carefully. The best way to engage with her is by seizing convo opportunities such as people you both know or shared favorites, like food, books or cars.

There will be ignored snaps

Flirting with somebody won’t always be smooth sailing and some of your snaps will remain unseen. If some of your snaps go unnoticed, by any means, don’t panic, because it’s probably nothing personal and against you.

Experiment with the app

There are tons of filters, both audio and visual you can use in Snapchat to tailor the stuff you created. Experiment with various filters and see which ones work best. Also, see which filters and pictures get the most feedback and create your future snaps in accordance with those trends.

Remember, the streak is your friend

And as such, you can take advantage of it. If you snap daily, you’ll eventually build up one. Like the majority of people on the platform, she’ll also try her best to keep the streak “living” which will give you even more opportunities for the two of you to engage in a conversation

When you need to, step back

By this, we mean respecting her boundaries. With a platform like Snapchat, boundaries can be sometimes crossed. There are users on there, for instance, who don’t make a big deal out of a shirtless video, while others may view it as inappropriate. Sending gross messages can get you banned from the platform, or even worse, turn her off.

Link those snaps and link ‘em real’ good.

With links, you can add memes, websites, whatever you wish. You can use all this on your favor, especially when you link to things you know she likes. This can make her initiate the conversation or even flirting.

Snap something you know she would like to purchase. Include the link and send her the snap.

Be funny

Surprise her with something funny, like with a different voce. In order to pull that off, use voice filters which can do the magic for you, your part is only to get creative with them.


Take the perfect selfie

This is a pretty obvious sign that says “hey, I’m into you”. If you’re looking forward to that, make sure that you’re taking the selfie for someone else and not yourself. The subject of a flirtatious selfie should be the person who gets it, not the one taking it.

They can be seductive and playful but don’t rush into it and show too much too fast. Be a little secretive and seductive at the same time.


The private snap

As stated before, snap her a few pics every now and then. Even if you’re sending out public snaps, always make sure that it’s for one particular person, so that particular person knows that the snap is aimed toward them. Always make sure that the content is aimed at them so you won’t have any headaches and explaining to do if things go haywire. Or even worse, she’ll simply lose interest because your signals are unclear.

Also, don’t share your private snaps publicly. If you snapped content to someone privately, that made them feel special so the last thing they want to see is the same snap gone public.

Flirting via stories

Stories can show your crush that you’re interested in them. If you’re already close, add something to your story that only they would understand, something like an inside joke or an encoded recap of a conversation you had earlier.

It might seem a little odd at times but posting these encrypted messages could add some spice to the flirting process.

Direct Messages – The Narnia of digital flirting

A few snaps here and there are always cool but when you get into DM land that’s where you want to keep a few rules in mind.

Don’t use Snapchat chat as a form of texting. Chats are there for flirtatious quick messages which indicate that you’re interested in the other person but not a way to actually get to know them. If you get in “the zone”, be assertive and ask them out to a local coffee shop or a bar. Don’t wait until the convo gets too long and boring.

Take the next step if you have to

When flirting turns stale and it becomes an exchange of sexually coded emojis, you might want to up your game. If meeting this person it too much of a big step at the moment, you can always use the video or phone chat feature on Snapchat.

Video calling is a way of saying “hey it would be awesome to finally see you” without being too forward. However, don’t make it about you and call them to talk about your day. Make sure to compliment them or surprise them.

A few general things to be mindful of

Snapchat tells people when you take a screenshot of their snaps. Because the point of the platform is fleeting communication, some might think that making screenshots kind of messes up and violates the concept of the platform. Also, it can be a huge turn-off for the person who you’re trying to flirt with.  If you’ve reached such a level in the relationship, simply just ask for pics.

Dick picks are a no-no unless they ask for them. Period. No matter how flattering your member turns out on the picture, don’t send one until they ask you.

You should also understand and recognize boundaries. If someone tells you they’re not interested, that means they’re not interested. Just like in real life. Don’t be that creepy guy. Keep your self-respect and walk away. Digitally.


These tips and steps will surely help you to start flirting with your crush. However, the most important thing here is for you to realize that you don’t need to stress over the whole thing. The point is to have fun. Don’t go crazy if your snaps remain unseen, or if your crush doesn’t get some of your jokes. Just go with the flow. Who knows, you might find another candidate which turns out to be even better than the first one!

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