Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy

can you have sex during pregnancy

Are you or your significant other expecting a baby? Congratulations, that is fantastic news! While this time in your life (whether or not it is your first pregnancy) is always a special and sacred one for your growing family, it can present some interesting issues when it comes to intimacy and sex. One of the most common questions that couples have during this time is “Can you have sex during pregnancy?”

It makes a lot of sense for these types of questions to come up during this time. Even though you need to have sex in order to get pregnant, surprisingly, visualizing sex during pregnancy can seem quite different. In all reality, sex IS somewhat different when you or your partner is pregnant. Let’s take a close look at the most common questions related to this topic and discuss whether sex is ok during pregnancy here:

Can you have sex during pregnancy?

The answer to this common question is a resounding “YES!” If your pregnancy is proceeding without complications, there should be no problem with you and your partner having sexual intercourse. However, don’t be surprised if you just happen to have less sex anyway. As a result of the hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body during this precious period of life, many women report a change in their sexual urges.

Many women feel a heightened urge to have sex during their pregnancy while many others feel a lowered sexual desire. Don’t be alarmed by either though; these changes are quite natural. A pregnant woman’s body is making a ton of different changes to accommodate the needs of the growing baby. Bouts of nausea, emotional stress and fatigue are extremely common when the pregnant woman is dealing with these hormonal changes.

Can you harm the baby or have a miscarriage while having sex during pregnancy?

This is the primary concern of most people when first researching pregnancy-related sex. It is nearly impossible to harm the growing baby while having intercourse during a pregnancy. This is because the baby is protected by the strong walls of the pregnant woman’s uterus and the amniotic fluids that are inside her uterus. You can’t have a miscarriage while having sex during a pregnancy, either.

A miscarriage can only occur if the growing baby isn’t developing in a normal fashion. These developmental problems are primarily due to genetic or other health factors and cannot be caused by sexual intercourse.

Can having sex cause a premature birth?

Sexual intercourse is very unlikely to cause to premature birth, even as the due date approaches closer. Even though orgasms and prostaglandins in male ejaculate can cause contractions in the uterus, these contractions are not strong or severe enough to cause premature birth. However, your family health care professional may recommend a pregnant woman to not have sex if they have any predisposed risk of having premature labor.

Should a pregnant woman avoid having sex for any reason

Should a pregnant woman avoid having sex for any reason?

While sexual intercourse usually doesn’t cause any adverse reactions to the growing baby, there are a number of reasons you or your health care professionals may decide that you should avoid sex during your pregnancy. The primary reasons to be cautious include:

  • If the pregnant woman is at risk for or has a history of premature birth
  • If there is unexplained bleeding from the vagina
  • If there is unexplained amniotic fluid leakage
  • If you are expecting multiple babies
  • If the pregnant woman’s cervix begins to open too early (this is a condition that is known as cervical incompetence)
  • If the pregnant woman’s cervical opening is partially or completely covered by the placenta (this is a condition that is known as placenta previa)

Can we have oral or anal sex during a pregnancy?

Oral sex is perfectly safe during a pregnancy. There is only one possible danger that can occur if air is blown directly into the vagina. This could potentially cause an air embolism which could end up being a life-threatening condition for the pregnant woman and/or the baby.

Anal sex can be particularly stressful or painful if the pregnant woman isn’t used to it or has pregnancy-related hemorrhoids.  As long you aren’t dealing with these issues, anal sex is perfectly safe. However, do not follow anal sex with vaginal sex without cleaning properly because this can cause dangerous bacteria to spread from the anal cavity to the vagina.

How soon can you have sex after the baby is born?

Having a baby is a traumatic event for the child-birthing mother. This is true whether or not the childbirth occurred vaginally or through a C-section procedure. Going through such a physically taxing situation will always require some extra healing time to get back to a normally functioning state. As a result of this, having sex should be delayed until the woman is fully healed. Most health care professionals will typically recommend a healing time of four to six weeks after the actual childbirth. Once you are cleared for sex, make sure you start slowly to ensure that everything has properly healed.

By now we hope that you clearly understand whether sex is ok during pregnancy. If you have any more questions or are looking for sexual entertainment, visit our website, today!

Female Masturbation: Tips and Tricks You May Not Have Tried Before

Masturbation techniques for women

Throughout history, the female orgasm has had a varied narration that ranged from being evil to one of the greatest pleasures in life. Often misunderstood and under-prioritized, the female orgasm and ways to achieve it have been recently (recent as the 1960s and Sex and the City) in the spotlight.

This enlightening has led to more women seeking ways to achieve their own slice of pleasure, which has led to the rise of sex therapists, a limitless toy selection and countless resources to help even the most orgasm-incompetent women find success. Each woman is different and the way that they achieve orgasm couldn’t be more different. Most women that have experienced an orgasm do so through masturbation, while perhaps a smaller number of women can experience it through sex.

Aside from enjoyment and feeling amazing, masturbation has a variety of other benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, boosts your mood, improves sleep habits and self-esteem, strengthens muscles in your pelvic and anal regions.

There is a saying that goes like, “we must love ourselves before we can love another” or something close to that and when it comes to sex, this holds true. Understanding our bodies, what we like, what drives us crazy and ultimately, what makes us climax is important to figure out. Without knowing these personal details about yourself, how can you ever expect someone to bring you the most pleasure possible?

So explore your body and figure out what makes you lose control. With that being said, we’ve compiled a long list of masturbation techniques for women to help those (of the 92% of women) seeking a place to start, new ideas to try or just looking for something to spice up that solo Tuesday night.

Before we dive into the juicy details of exactly how to play with yourself, let us identify the four types of female masturbation categories.

  • Grinding– some women are able to bring themselves to orgasm by rubbing or grinding their vulva on surfaces.
  • Clitoral– this highly sensitive, erectile part of your downstairs can be the key to unlocking true sexual pleasure through clitoral stimulation.
  • Penetration– either with your fingers or other objects, penetrating yourself to reach those mysterious G and A spots can lead to mind-blowing sensations.
  • Anal– you bet some women can experience orgasms purely from anal play. With sometimes viewed as taboo or off-limits, anal play can open up a whole new world of sexual indulgence for those brave enough to try.

Finally, without any further ado, here are some of the best masturbation tips for women that we have found. Remember that everyone is different and you’ll never know how it feels until you try it. What may seem weird or not your cup of tea might be just what you’ve been searching for!

Proper Preparation

One of the most important things you can do to help set yourself up some pleasurable masturbation is by preparing your body. Take a long, hot shower or bath, trim up your nether regions so that you feel sexy, put some lotion on and relax. Feeling comfortable in your own body is absolutely key to really letting yourself enjoy sexual contact. While preparing your body for some self-love, get your mind right as well. Whether you have 20 minutes to satisfy your sexual cravings or an entire afternoon to completely indulge, taking a little bit of time to make yourself feel relaxed and sexy, both mentally and physically can go a long way when learning to satisfy yourself truly.

Set the mood

Light some candles, play your favorite music and the most important thing is making sure you have complete privacy. There might not be a worse sexual situation than if you’re lost in your self-pleasuring and someone comes strolling into your room, unannounced. Lock the door, at the very least, or figure out another time or place that will give you the privacy you need.

Seek Visual Aides or Read

It’s no secret that most men watch porn to get in the mood and to help them visualize, fantasize and orgasm. So why can’t you do the same? Granted, you may not (or you might be) crazy about the idea of watching some hardcore porn but instead, you may really love softcore or even an erotic fiction novel to get your juices flowing. If you’re lucky, you may not need any extra motivation to help you get your body revved up but there is nothing wrong with seeking some external cues for help. Explore a little bit and find what you like because the internet is full of what is probably a limitless supply of sexual content and there is definitely something for everyone.

Explore your nether regions and body as a whole

One of the biggest misconceptions about masturbation is that you can only climax by playing with your vagina. However, there are women (lucky) out there that are able to climax as a result of various other sexual stimulation methods besides just involving the vaginal. Some lucky women can get off as a result of breast and nipple stimulation. Your body has a variety of erogenous zones including your inner thighs and breasts. Aside from the wonderful sensations and added health benefits, masturbation is a phenomenal way for you to figure out what turns you on, what doesn’t and what makes you lose control. Explore your body, find those other spots on your body that give you goosebumps and learn to use them to enhance your playing.

Masturbation woman

Use Lube

Sometimes our bodies may be a little bit behind the sexual 8 ball and require a little artificial assistance to help things go a little smoother. There is nothing wrong with using lube and the market today is filled with a variety of lubes that can genuinely enhance your masturbation and sex. From tingling sensations to being edible, lubes have come a long way in terms of spicing things up. So don’t stress if you feel like your vagina could stand to use a little help in the lubrication department because when it comes down to it all that matters is your pleasure and lube can be a wonderfully fun addition to your routine.

Pillow Humping

As adolescent and straightforward as it sounds, humping or grinding your vulva into something firm yet soft (like a pillow or couch arm) can bring more than enough sensation to cause some women to orgasm. If you are new to masturbation, this can be a great introduction because there isn’t anything that can go wrong. With the right positioning, you can completely control the speed, pressure and angle of your grinding/humping to discover your likes.

Get to know your clitoris

Your clit (most likely) will be like the Holy Grail when it comes to your masturbation and sexual conquests. For those of you who have not taken the time to explore your vagina in its entirety, your clit is situated right above your vagina, sometimes hidden under folds of skin and gets slightly more prominent when you’re aroused. There is no right way to stimulate your clit because each person is going to enjoy and dislike different techniques. Take some time and learn what feels best for you. The best place to start is with simple rubbing, either up and down or in circles and from there you can follow the sensation trail of pleasure. Don’t be alarmed if/when you do climax if your clit is extremely sensitive, this is entirely normal.

Let your fingers do the work

Vaginal penetration is another popular method for getting off because it is somewhat similar to sex, only you’re in complete control. Start slowly with one finger and explore your internal vaginal anatomy. This is where the lube can be helpful if you lack natural lubrication. As you become more turned on by trying different fingering methods, you may be able to ease another finger or two inside but this depends entirely on you and how you feel.

Try a toy or two

The sex toy industry has truly exploded in the last 10 or 15 years and only continues to grow because the demand is so great. Toy designs are only limited by the imagination of the creators. If you haven’t tried masturbating with a bullet vibrator or a contoured dildo, you owe it to yourself and your vagina to try. Whether you want something small and discreet or powerful enough blow your mind, there are numerous sex toys out there that will fill your desires. There is absolutely no shame in needing a little help from an outside source (toys) to help bring yourself to come and perhaps some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had. The stigma that once surrounded the porn and sex toy industry has

Anal exploration

While often thought of as taboo or weird, your ass actually holds a ton of potential pleasure, if treated right. Anal stimulation, whether external or internal, can provide a tremendous amount of unique sensations that can definitely enhance your normal, go-to methods of reaching your climax. Either tracing and circling with your fingertip or penetrating with a toy, if you’ve ever been curious about butt play, there is no better chance to explore and test than on your own.

Positions can make the real difference

Sure, the go-to position for most is going to be on the bed, on their back with legs spread. Don’t get me wrong, this is a comfortable and reliable position that serves its purpose proudly. However, if you’re looking to match your favorite technique with a more suitable position we have some suggestions for you.

  • Clitoral- lie on your back (obvious)
  • Vaginal penetration- try a squatting position to achieve a better angle for a more pleasurable insertion
  • Anal- face-down doggy-style is perhaps the best position for anal play because it allows you to reach easily while still have a hand free to give your vagina attention
  • Combo- reverse cowgirl is great for riding a toy and leaving your hands free to play with your breasts or clit
  • Wild Idea- try masturbating in front of a mirror, this may give you a whole new perspective

Detachable shower heads can do more than just rinse

Investing in an adjustable stream, detachable shower head can be a great use of your money. Not only will it improve your showers but it can also be used as an incredible sex toy. Pulsating water (in various patterns if you get a good one) can bring mind-blowing orgasms with little effort. No mess, no concern of privacy and consistent pleasure are what you’ll find when you try using your shower head for more than cleaning off.

Finding your G-spot

This spot was once on the level of the Bermuda Triangle and those that believed in its existence were deemed crazy and unstable. However, after much debate and research, the G-spot does exist and oh boy, does it help! The g-spot (Grafenberg) is located on the upper vaginal wall, just about an inch or two inside the vaginal opening. When sexually aroused, the tissues swell slightly, become extremely sensitive and sometimes feel a little bumpy. You’ll have no questions about whether or not if you’ve found it. Use your fingers or a toy (they make specially designed ones to hit that magic spot) to incorporate g-spot stimulation into your masturbation sessions.

Have fun!

Last but not least, masturbation and sexual self-exploration are all about enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. Let your mind wander, learn to love your body and what makes it feel good and have some fun.

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How To Do Doggy Style: A Simple 5 Step Beginner’s Guide

How-To Do Doggy Style: A Simple 5-Step Beginner’s Guide

Doggy style position is arguably the best sex position with a long-term or short-term partner. Not only is it easy to perform but it also provides a deeply satisfying experience for both partners. Filled with opportunities to explore the other person with your eyes and hands, doggy style is a classic sex position that’s making a big comeback. Do you want to know what hitting fire-y hot doggy style feels like? Revive your traditional routine with this easy-to-follow how to do doggy style beginner’s guide. It is ideal for people who have never done it and those switching up their everyday doggy style position.

Use this simple 5-step beginner’s guide for how to do doggy style to make the most out of the #1 sex position.

  1. Get Comfortable. There are a variety of modifications to the basic “from-behind” doggy style position. Choose what’s most comfortable for you and your partner, your mood and of course what the environment calls for. Spontaneous sex romps lend themselves well to this easy-to-perform position so don’t worry about conjuring up something complicated. Just back it up or bend over, whatever works! When it comes to doggy style just entering your partner from the rear is enough to earn you the right to say, “Woof!”
  2. Keep Talking. You never want to assume that your partner can handle this position without asking. If you have a large penis, maintaining communication throughout a doggy style sex session is the best way to avoid causing pain that can stop all of the fun. In order to make sure (for both men and women) that there is no risk of injury, encourage dirty talk. And keep it coming!
  3. Reach Out. One of the best things about how to doggy style is that your hands are almost completely free. Unless you need additional support for balance or are enjoying a good spanking … reach your hands out and play with something. Gently glide over the tips of a nipple, play with lips and other skin. Don’t miss out on the many great opportunities to grab those sexy goodies – and that includes yours too!
  4. Get Visual. You may not realize just how good the view is from your partner’s angle until you see it. For this reason, get a few stand-up mirrors to place around the bedroom or opt for fun places where mirrors are already available to do it doggy style. The visual simulations are enough to push either partner over the edge. If you cannot use mirrors to make eye contact during doggy style, take in as much as you can visually of your partner.
  5. Work the Butt. One of the most exciting parts about doing it doggy style is the butt. So don’t neglect it. Work the butt into your focus by adding lube and a gentle finger and encourage bae to play with smooth dildos. You can turn things up with spanking and if you become really comfortable there are plenty of more powerful toys you can add.

Talk to Your Partner About How To Doggy Style

Talk to Your Partner About How To Doggy Style

Let’s face it – it’s hard to beat doggy style as a sex position. In fact, few positions can compare with the deep penetration and view of your partner’s backside as you easily maneuver your body. Let this simple 5-step beginner’s guide to the dog in you serve as a starting point to the closest way to have explosive orgasms. And remember: you can have fun while you get creative. How to do doggy style isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. There are hundreds of ways to spice things up. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your partner about bringing the sexiest position ever back into the sack.

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How to Kiss with Tongue – Use Your Tongue Wisely

How to Kiss with Tongue - Use Your Tongue Wisely

Mastering the utterly important art of kissing is by no means rocket science, however, it surely has its own perks and quirks of which you have to know about to become a true master. Readers who are already experienced in this field might even remember their first-ever tongue kiss and the feelings and sensations it gave them. They can also recall that they were really anxious, felt debilitating feel but once the “exchange” happened, all the nervousness went away and something awesome followed.

Now, they can probably tell you, that they didn’t really know what they were doing. However, they just kept at it, and in time, they’ve become a lot better at kissing, and chances are, a lot of them became awesome at it.

These same people will tell those who are inexperienced that there’s a lot more to Frenching than a few swirls here and there with your tongue.

And Reckless Love is here to tell you what they already know.

Thank heavens we live in a time when questions like “How do you tongue kiss?” and “How to kiss with tongue?” can be answered right off the bat so you can spare yourself from awkward questions and weird situations. Not to mention, with Reckless Love, you’ll only get the best advice out there. So, enough chit-chat, let’s see those must-know tongue kissing tips that will take your kissing-game to the next level and to attain the skills necessary to leave your partner speechless after the first kiss.

The Art of French Kissing

  • Getting started

Frenching should be something that will leave your partner begging for more, however in order to pull that off, you can’t use too much tongue, either too little.  You have to keep your cool and, by all means, keep breathing throughout.

The Art of French Kissing

  • You should have the upper hand

In plain English – take the first steps. Taking initiative is important. You can’t always rely on your partner to get things started, whether that be kissing or something more serious. We can do a great deal for our pleasures to be fulfilled and getting the ball rolling is one of them.

So, slowly just get closer to your partner, maybe give them a kiss on the forehead or the cheek, then slowly, get closer to the lips. Get as close to your partner as possible and get your arms wrapped around them,

  • Don’t blow through it

Although we encourage you to take the first step, we’re not saying that you should attack your partner like a rabid dog. So, take it slow and ease them into what’s about to happen. Look deeply in their eyes for starters.

You’ll want to relax your lips during kissing and slowly get your tongue in the picture. When there, play around with your partner’s tongue a little and then, suck on your partner’s lips.

When you’re feeling that you’re getting into the groove of it all, feel free to add either intensity or pressure. OR both.

  • Passion is your friend

Instead of focusing to do everything right, just calm down and go with the flow. Being anxious about kissing is the biggest mistake of kissing. True story.

So, exchange anxiety for passion. Enjoy the moment, enjoy that your partner is so close, enjoy the fact that you two are kissing. The technique will come with time. Passion has to be there right from the start.

  • Read the signals and adjust

In order to become a master kisser, you’ll want to know what’s happening with your partner while the kiss lasts. This isn’t that hard, just try and focus on what’s going on with them. Try adding pressure, if your partner also increases it, chances are, they like what you are doing.

On the other hand, if they subtly pull back a bit, then chances are, you went overboard a little. It’s not a problem, and it’s an obligatory learning curve. If the relationship is new, in time, you’ll learn to play off of each others energy.

One thing is imperative though: make sure they can breathe at all times.

  • Your tongue should be there for a reason

This literally means that you should find balance in the amount of tongue you’ll be using.

That being said, you’ll need to use just the right amount to pull off a sexy, passionate, and emotional kiss. All at the same time. On the other hand, when you use too much tongue, you can also come off like a creep because some find the thrusting that comes with it just too much.

So, use your tongue wisely — lick your partner’s lip a little after the kiss or play with them by using just the tip of your tongue, You can also glaze their teeth for a bit. Being creative is the key.

  • Hand-action

Your hands should also be a part of the action – use them to make the experience even more intimate and passionate.

Feel free to use your hands to — either hold your partner’s, or the gently caress their hair, gently touch their neck, or hang on their waist.

  • Passion, Passion, and passion

You probably get it by now but it’s so important that we’ll go over it again: passion is utterly important and makes the whole experience simply just a lot more meaningful. Give yourself over to the power of the kiss, and signal to your partner that this kiss is the only thing you want to have right now.

  • Communicate

To be honest, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” kissing. Everybody is different and everybody will kiss differently and will have different styles. If you and your partner “come from different places” in regard to this area, don’t get overworked about it, simply just get it out on the open. Talk about what you like and ask them what’s their turn on.

Just be thoughtful and listen. Be supportive. Chances are, you can find a common nominator in no time

Things to Be Aware Of

While with a good partner, French kissing will be smooth sailing, here are a few extra tips to make sure you don’t get any complaints:

  • Breath issues

This is pretty much a no-brainer but we should go over it. Take care of your breath beforehand just to make sure that you do this the right way.

  • Too much saliva

Some people simply just don’t like it when things are all sloppy. Be mindful of that.

  • Facial hair?

Some people like the touch of another’s facial hair on their neck and cheeks. For others, it’s a huge no-no. Avoid the guesswork, ask your partner about their preferences if you’re on the hairy side.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, tongue kissing is no rocket science. By following the tips and secrets we listed above, you will be on your way to French kiss superstardom before you know it.

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