Flirting Signs Men Give Explained

man flirting with a woman

When it comes to body language and flirting, in most cases, men are those who are more or less described as clueless. Truth to be told, this stereotype isn’t just based on a sole opinion, sadly it’s closer to the truth than you may think. Some men just don’t really get when a potential partner tries to seduce him unless the signs are pretty clear and straightforward. Once again, this is not a general rule, it’s just that, almost all women who tried to be seductive with guys at one point had to deal with a really thick male skull because the owner of that thick skull had no idea that he’s being hit on…

Okay, let’s be honest here, this exact same claim can be true the other way around. Believe it or not, there are some women out there who have a hard time reading flirting signs men give. Yes, we said it. Ladies, admit it, not all of you are that good when it comes to reading male minds and some of you fail to notice when that strong jawline across the bar is constantly dropping because of you.

So, don’t sabotage your potential relationships! If you have troubles with the signs men give when flirting, We have compiled you a list of definitive subtle and less subtle signs which can help you identify a potential partner.


Third times the charm

If he gives you three quick looks repeatedly you two are off to a good start.

Okay, the first time, it’s that ‘stranger look’ meaning he’s simply eyeing you because you’re another human being who has managed to cross his vision’s scope.

The second look is simply because he realized you’re a female.  

Well, if he gives the third look, that in most cases he fancies you.

It’s this simple.

Feet pointing your way

In most cases, when we regard someone attractive, we subconsciously point our hands, toes, legs, feet, and arms at them.

Just check it out next time when you see a group of guys chatting with a lady. Even the group looks uninterested and pretends not to acknowledge her presence, in most cases, their feet will be all pointing right at her.

His hands are often on or around his face

Almost exclusively at times when he’s eyeing you and when you two chat. If this is the case, chances are, he’s into you.

Just watch, if he’s excited to talk to you, he’ll play around with his cheek with his fingers. He’ll also be touching his ears pretty often, rubbing his chin or stroking his beard if he has one.

He’s into you, meaning he’s a bit nervous and excited which and he really wants to be sure he looks nice for you.

Eyes moving in the lines of a triangle

When we take a look at people who we aren’t that close to or just met, our eyes tend to go in a zig-zag motion, meaning we make eye contact but our glance also tends to wander down to the mouth and the nose.

Once the flirting begins, all this intensifies. Intensifies to a point where the triangle gets bigger and starts to include things like the cleavage, breasts and eventually, the crotch.

You catch him staring at your mouth

Another physical flirting sign is when he’s constantly eyeing your lips while you’re talking. If you’re into him too, this can be a big turn on and a really sexy signal because you too automatically start fantasizing about you two kissing.

At this point, chances are, both of you are fantasizing about exactly that.

man staring at woman - flirting

He blinks. A lot.

This isn’t rocket science – if you like what you see, your pupils get dilated and thus, the rate that you blink at increases. Here’s an extra tip: If you’re looking to make it a surefire thing that you two get together, increase your potential partner’s blink rate by increasing your first. If he’s into you, he’ll unconsciously try to sync that rate. By doing this, both of you will feel the attraction growing between you.

Is he literally blocking your path?

This is also pretty simple: he’s using his body to conjure a personal space and to “seclude” himself and the person he fancies – in this case, you.

This is actually called blocking and it comes in many forms. For instance, when he’s putting him behind you up against the wall – a scholarly example of blocking.

A significantly sweeter method of blocking is when he leans his head really close to your head trying to create a little private space in a room full of people.

Squeezing his drink? You’re lucky!

When guys are interested in you, they start playing around with particular objects which happen to be in their hands.

The explanation is pretty simple here: his body language is basically screaming what’s going on in the subconscious of his mind. You know, he’s squeezing the bottle but he’d rather squeeze something else.


He’ll try to make you laugh

When he’s into you he’ll grab any situation he gets to make you laugh, to make fun of your current, or even of you… Nah, he’s not going crazy, he’s just trying to flirt with the girl he likes and will try to hold onto every opportunity to get and keep your attention and in most cases, men try to do that using their sense of humor.

In most cases, he will tease you gently –  the older they are the less mean they tend to be with girls. In all honesty, their jokes aimed at you are not meant to disrespect you but only to make you laugh.

He will favor your company in a group setting

When he’s attempting to get closer to you, you’ll notice that when you two are in a bigger group, he will speak with you a lot more than with others. He will be focusing on you and give more attention to you particularly when more guys are around. There’s a reason for that and it’s not that he’s trying to be a nice guy.

He gets excited and a bit around you

If he’s really into you, chances are, he’ll get fidgety when he’s flirting with you especially if he’s generally shy. You can tell when his legs are constantly jiggling while he’s talking to you or he’s playing with something when you approach him. His nervousness means he cares and that he also has feelings.

Future plans

No, we’re not talking about your honeymoon and which school should your kids attend. If he’s given any hints to take you out somewhere in the near future, or if he joked about that particular honeymoon and kids… Well, these are all telltale signs of him flirting. He obviously wants you to let you know that he’s thinking about a potential relationship.

He just can’t help himself but strive to build sexual chemistry between you and him.

There will be questions

If he has serious intentions with you, chances are he will ask a couple of questions either indirectly or directly. One of these questions will probably be whether you’re taken or not. He’s doing this to check out his chances with you and to assess the situation. Oh yes, and he also wants to know what’s your opinion about him.

Showing off – his best self

When men flirt, they will do to impress women with their skills. He will try to prove that he is brain over brawn and will actually start bragging without even realizing it. You’ll know his every skill and don’t worry, he’ll exaggerate.

He will tell you about his skills behind the wheel, his bench press, martial arts prowess, and the list goes on…

All in all, all he wants to do is to prove to you that he’s one in a million.

This IS a competition

When he flirts, he will try to prove he’s better than the rest of the guys. In his mind, every other man is out there to get you and he will try everything to prove that he’s the one for you. He just can’t stand if other men get ahead and steal you from him.

There will be texting

When he suddenly starts sending texts with sexual innuendo to them, and he also replies instantly, he’s definitely interested. However, be a little careful since he could be sending the very same passionate and suggestive texts to 10 other girls. The best thing you can do is to play it cool and to remain relaxed and open-minded.

Sometimes, guys who are flirting will send stupid texts for no apparent reason just to find ways to talk to you. Other times, when he’s anxious, he will send repetitive stiff just to make sure that you’re interested too.

All in all, these all are just random excuses to hit up a convo with you.

Sexual innuendos and conversations

This is pretty self-explanatory. These mean that he thinks of you, you know, THAT way. However, be alert, and make sure whether he’s looking for a one night stand or something more serious. Don’t run into things head-first if you’re looking for something meaningful because you’ll only get your heart broken if not sooner then later.

Conversations are always crucial because if you pay attention you can actually tell a pretty big deal about his intentions. To create a flirty environment, he will bring up naughty topics and won’t be afraid to make a few sexual jokes.

This is the part when you have to pay attention because you will be able to tell if he’s interested in something more serious not just casual sex. All in all, it’s up to you and stand your ground and turn him off if things get uncomfortable or you just have a bad feeling about him.

Showering you with compliments

He compliments you all the time and notices all the small things? You should know that he definitely has a crush on you.

If he’s quick to notice any changes in your hairstyle or in the way you dress and compliments it almost immediately – he’s hung up on you.

Most of the time, the words he uses are carefully chosen to make sure you won’t forget him, so whenever you put those pair of shoes on he complimented, you’ll start thinking of him. That’s his way to your heart right there.

Looking for common interests and asking you out

It’s a pretty sure sign of flirting when he starts to ask questions about your interests and claims to have the same exact ones. When guys flirt they generally want to know about your interests to see what is it you two have in common. The more excited he is to find out that you two share some of the same interests, the more he’s into you.

When he’s seriously into you, he will seek every opportunity to ask you out even If he’s shy and needs a lot of courage. Also, don’t be surprised if he’ll insist on picking you up and dropping you off – these are clear signs that he wants something.


As you can see, telling If he’s flirting or not is no rocket science. There are clear physical and verbal signs suggesting that he’s into you and that he wants to be more than your friend.

Stay away from players. Some men play dirty and will try to use you. That’s just the nature of the game. Don’t give in all at once, make sure that his intentions are true and he’s interested in more than just a one night stand.

Who knows, maybe that shy guy who built up the courage to brag about his culinary skills will be “the one”? You never know!

So, now you know if he’s interested. How about a few good examples of dirty texts to send him when things get hot? Just hit up our blog section and go wild.  

How to Kiss Better: 5 Tips and Tricks

couple kissing while lying on sofa

Whenever we’re searching for intimate topics, we’ll pretty much find tons and tons of articles about having better sex, improving our relationship or about having better orgasms. The vast majority of sites seem to deal only in absolutes, namely, they’ll tell you how to have the best sex of your life, how to have an exploding orgasm, how to have a perfect relationship, how to be a pro when it comes to oral sex. However, these same sites fail to give detailed info on such simple topics as how to kiss better or how to kiss someone well.

Yes, this might seem self-explanatory for some but there are really a lot of people out there who want to learn the art of kissing. On the other hand, we all have a little more room for improvement, right? So, why not learn a few new moves when it comes to kissing? Follow our guidelines and get even better with these tips and tricks!

In all honesty, there are a lot of people out there on the scene who overlook kissing, especially when they realize that the stuff that comes after it can be way more fun. This may be true, but you should know that kissing should also deserve the attention and effort, no matter how sweet the other “bases” are.


The first, and probably the best tip to start off the list is by advising you not to rush into it. Take it slow and ease your way into kissing. Especially if you’re anxious, you tend to rush into it, or worse, rush through it. If you want to be a better kisser, take your time because no one likes to kiss somebody who’s all over the place. A good kissing session is always relaxing and sensual. Go slow and you’ll find yourself getting into the groove in no time.


When you’re kissing someone, you should use the right amount of pressure. You can mess up kissing pretty easy if you use too little or too much pressure. If you’re too forceful you two may wind up bumping teeth, or you may end up pushing your partner backward.

On the other hand, if you fail to use enough pressure, your kisses end up feeling lifeless. It’s pretty much like with handshakes – it feels uncomfortable if someone squeezes your hand way too tightly, however, a limp handshake will feel kind of creepy.

All this may sound a bit weird but you can practice getting this pressure-thing right by using the back of your hand. Press your lips loosely against your hand, then press forcefully – then try to find the best level, where you’re equally firm and gentle at the same time.


Contrary to popular belief, using way too much tongue isn’t a good thing. As a matter of fact, it’s a pretty common characteristic of “bad kissing”. A piece of advice – keep the tongue out until things heat up. In the meantime, feel free to focus more on different ways you can make things exciting with just your lips. Why not try pouting your lips, keeping it closed or slightly open? How about intertwining it with your partners’ lips?

When you do add tongue, be gentle. Your tongue is a pretty strong muscle, so going overboard with it is pretty easy. Make sure that your tongue gently touches your partners’, and don’t jab at them. Also, stray away from putting too much of your tongue into their mouth. Be gentle.

Again, if you feel unsure about the whole tongue business, try practicing on the back of your hand. At first, give a firm jab to your hand, just to see how strong your tongue really is. Then, just as with pressure, find that sweet spot by moving your tongue across your skin.

Yes, this might seem weird at first but trust us, this is the best way to practice.


The best kisses almost always involve our entire bodies not just the lips and the tongue. Get your hands out of your pocket and wrap them around your partner. Stroke their arms, shoulders, or back with your hands. Press your body up against theirs. Hold their face in your hands, play with their hair. Don’t just kiss their lips – kiss their neck or ears – get creative with your body.


Teasing while kissing is a lot of fun! It helps a ton to build up excitement. Just use a few things like breaking away from the kiss and looking at your partner, with a smile on your face. Pull your lips away and gently touch theirs with your thumb. You can also keep your mouth slightly open and close to theirs, so they can feel you breathing in and out.

You get the point – get creative!


The truth is, you can work on your chops as hard as you want, but at the end of the day, each person will have a different kissing style and preferences. The key is to pay attention to what your partner is doing and pay attention to what they seem to respond to best.

Honestly, the best advice we can give is to stop being overly analytic about kissing. When you get a chance to kiss – just go ahead and feel what’s happening.

Keep it in mind, kissing is supposed to be fun and you should enjoy it. Yes, there were and will be kissing partners where the kiss itself will seem a little bit off – you can’t have that kind of chemistry with everybody. The key is – just keep kissing. For more interesting articles browse through our blog section.

The 12 Very Best Pick Up Lines to Flirt With a Girl

Flirting in club - flirty pick up lines

When it comes to picking up girls, all guys know that the first impressions are key to get the ball rolling with any chick. You may have a chiseled jawline, the deepest set of blue eyes, the broadest shoulder and an athletic build if you fail to deliver when it comes to getting her interested.

Yup, this is the ugly truth. There are a few guys out there who are oblivious to saying the right things to women. It might be debilitating fear, it might be a lack of experience… However, the problem is still there.

A lot of guys try to come up with flirty pick up lines just to realize how miserably they fail when they’re using them to get closer to a girl.

In all honesty, the best pick up lines to flirt with a girl are always within your reach, you just need to gather your thoughts and you’re almost destined to come up with something smart. The biggest problem is that men are pretty hot-headed when it comes to flirting and they will usually use the corniest lines so no wonder every woman with even a bit of self-respect will turn them down in a blink of an eye. No, faster.


As mentioned already, stay away from campy and corny stuff. Those are just huge turn offs and honestly, if the guys who use them, would be girls, they would also run away screaming from the guy who’d try to pick them up using the same lines.

Stop asking dumb questions like “Are you &Jennifer Aniston related? Because you definitely look like her!” Okay, Jennifer Aniston may look mighty fine, however, you don’t ask a girl questions like this. Also, stay away from dumb comments like “I look at you more than I look at my phone.” Okay, this might be legit when you’re 21 and drunk for the first time, but that’s only once in a lifetime, meaning that the day after your first legal alcohol binge, you can no longer use that line!

Also, make sure not to look too desperate. Cut all the romantic useless fluff because more often than not, it will backfire. Using the word “precious” to refer to the girl in a sentence at least five times is a big no-no if you want to get your groove on with her. However, if you want a sworn enemy for life, go with the precious thing. She’ll hate your guts to the very last day.


Well. If there was an obvious answer, men wouldn’t have any problems picking up girls. Men will never understand women completely, thus giving you the best piece of advice is basically impossible. However, what we can definitely tell you here at Reckless Love, is that women are suckers for good lines. This means you’ll have to learn to say the right stuff at the right time.

Also, confidence is a game changer. A lack of self-confidence with men is regarded as the number one turn off for women. You don’t have to have the most perfect set of abs to score that looker on the other side of the bar with the curly blond hair and hot body. You can sport a dad bod, you can even drive a Prius when you rock that confident smile and that “I know my worth” kind of look in your eyes. You don’t even have to mesmerize her with what you have to say. Just make sure you’re polite to her, funny and not a complete jerk.

Oh, the other thing. Remember how we used the word “funny” in the previous sentence? Having a good sense of humor is always a huge asset when you want to pick up a girl. Just keep it witty though, and don’t go overboard. Not at first at least. Investigate a little at first: check out what kind of jokes she likes and start from there. Work your way up if she likes more outrageous stuff. Just relax and have fun.


Here’s a compiled list of you can use to start the convo with the girl you want to mesmerize. Just remember, relax, things will work out just fine.

And one more thing: No corny and campy stuff!

1. You just dropped something… My jaw.

2. Is it okay if we chat? Mom always told me to pursue my dreams.

3. How about a poem?

To Adam The Lord giveth Eve

To Abraham The Lord giveth Sarah

And to me, The Lord giveth you.

4. After staring at you for a millisecond, my head hurts. It’s true, you can get a headache when you’re looking to bright things.

5. My name is Will… God’s will for you.

6. I’ve been looking at you for minutes now and I can’t quit.

7. You can’t be real. You’re just way too perfect.

8. You are perfect. Fine art right here.

9. Are you rocking contacts? You have the eyes of an angel  – Make sure she’s not wearing them then say this.

10. There must be something wrong with my eyes… I can’t take them off of you.

11. Is this heaven? I’m under the impression I’m talking with someone divine.

12. My parents always told me to look for the perfect girl. I just want to call them to tell that the hunt is over?


The lines mentioned above might as well serve as guidelines for you, meaning you don’t have to stick entirely with them. The key to using them to play it boldly, with confidence, but playfully. As already stated, women don’t want insecure guys who are way too serious.

Now, go out there and melt some hearts!

On the other hand, if you’re looking to try your lines out, chat with our beautiful bunnies. They can surely teach you a trick or two.

Tips for Vaginal Steaming at Home

Vaginal Steaming at Home

As the trend towards vaginal steaming increases, with more and more spas offering the treatment and Youtube videos on DIY vaginal steaming popping up every day, we thought we would offer our readers a comprehensive overview of how to safely apply a vaginal steam treatment from the comfort of home.

Vaginal steaming has been seen in celebrity endorsements, such as through Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Goop” website content as well as other natural trends encouraging the use of eastern techniques as opposed to going straight to the doctor to hand over antibiotics.

With any trend, we want to make sure you are doing any DIY treatment, weigh all options, make sure you are considering all of the outcomes and be safe. Talk to your physician before choosing an alternative over a prescription, especially if you are prone to UTI and other infections.

Conditions and exceptions to steaming

Before we begin a vaginal steam treatment at home, an important list of contraindications. While vaginal steaming, when done correctly, is a gentle practice that involves nothing more than sitting above a steaming pot, there are still some general do’s and don’ts. If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s best to skip the steam for now.

  1. If you are on your period, the steam may actually increase blood flow and cause heavier bleeding. The best time to steam is before and after menstruation.
  2. If you are pregnant, it is best not to steam. Steaming relaxes and opens the cervix, which can cause a miscarriage.
  3. Anyone that is attempting to get pregnant should avoid steaming shortly after insemination, as it may interfere with getting pregnant.
  4. Women suffering from hot flashes during menopause should be careful when considering vaginal steam, since the heat may trigger an episode.

Ok, so now we know whether or not vaginal steam at home is right for us, and we are ready to learn about the best way to do it safely.

A vaginal steam chair is an important part of a safe DIY steaming. Getting the proper seat helps us avoid squatting unsafely over a boiling pot of herbal vapors. A vaginal steam seat can be a wooden box with slats in it for the vapor to seep through, or a birthing stool, or a sturdy beach chair.

The next important component for our vaginal steaming at home is a proper herb pot. Plastic and other materials frequently used in Youtube demonstrations are not safe, as the boiling water can release harmful toxins from the plastic. Glass jars are also a less than ideal choice because a small jar breaks if the water is too hot. Our recommendation is that stainless steel, clay, or large glass pots be used.

Getting down with the herbs

Getting the right mix of herbs is a critical part of the process. Herbs used in vaginal steam treatments focus on circulatory health and are prized for their cleansing potential. A list of the most commonly used herbs includes Mugwort, wormwood, chamomile, and oregano. Consult with an alternative medicine expert in order to ascertain what blend of herbs is perfect for your particular needs, as different herbs have different purposes and the specifics are outside of the scope of this article.

When getting a vaginal steam treatment at a spa, it is common to be offered a plastic cloak to assist in full body detox. At home, however, the use of a cloak is entirely optional. In fact, if you are prone to infections, night sweats, herpes or hot flashes, the cloak is unnecessary. Additionally, forego the cloak if the weather is hot. As with most common knowledge procedures, use caution, listen to your body and enjoy yourself.

Find more articles in our blog section to learn more about this and similar topics.

Circumcision in the Bible

circumcision in the Bible

In current times, different types of body alterations are starting to become more common, especially in the forms of piercings, tattoos and even cosmetic plastic surgeries. Even though these procedures are starting to become more common, most traditional or conservative people are usually still not fans of almost any type of body alteration. Many of them feel as if your body is a temple and it should not be altered from the way that God or nature produced it.

While they are certainly correct about the fact that your body is a temple, they often forget for how long body alterations have been done for. As a matter of fact, one of the most common types of body modifications is so common that most people (even more traditional and conservative types) don’t even view it as a body alteration at all. However, it really is, at the true core of this very common procedure. The body modification we are illustrating here is the biblical circumcision.

Circumcision is a procedure that has occurred to quite a few men around the world. A circumcision is a medical and religious procedure that occurs when the foreskin is removed from the penis. It is estimated that over 20 percent of the entire world’s male population has had a circumcision. In the United States alone, over 33 percent of the male population has had a circumcision. However, this number used to be even higher in the past. As a matter of fact, over 85 percent of the United States’ male population had a circumcision procedure performed on them in the 1960s!

This type of common and often overlooked body modification is conducted so frequently because it is tied to religious rituals. This is why this procedure is often known as the Bible circumcision. However, male circumcisions also occur in other religions. These other religions are primarily the faiths of Judaism and Islam. The main reason that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam share the practice of male circumcision is that they are the only Abrahamic faiths that still exist in the modern world.

An Abrahamic faith is a religion that is based on the spiritual influence of the prophet known as Abraham and his descendants. All followers of the Abrahamic faiths (which are collectively known as Abrahamism) believe that the stories surrounding Abraham and his descendants were critical in the development of past and current human spirituality and religions. Male circumcision in the Bible has been practiced by Christian, Muslim and Jewish followers as a regular religious ritual ever since Abrahamic faiths have been created. This religious rite has been practiced since the introduction of the Abrahamic covenant in the Bible, specifically in the part of the text known as Genesis 17.

In the Abrahamic covenant, God appears to Abraham (originally known as Abram at the beginning of the covenant) and offers him a variety of different “deals” that would improve the world and give Abraham and his family a great place and role in it should he choose to take the deal. In Genesis 17, the Lord appears in front of a 90-year-old Abram and offers him a deal where Abram is to walk with the Lord, do what He says and be blameless in his actions. In return for Abram’s devotion, God offers to make Abram’s family and lineage noble and great. God tells him that his family will spawn innumerable kings and nations.

Abram accepts the deal from God and He then changes Abram’s name immediately to Abraham. However, for Abraham to completely lock in the deal and show his devotion, God requires him to make every male in the entire world get a Bible circumcision. The biblical circumcision is to be performed on every man to represent the deal between God and Abraham.

Also, this procedure is to be enacted on the eighth day after each male baby is born. God then explains that if a male does not get circumcised, they will be shunned and cut off from their family and people. This is because they did not respect the deal between Abraham and God.

This is the main reason that Bible circumcision is so widespread throughout the world. If you have more questions about circumcision in the Bible or are looking for some amazing adult entertainment, visit our website, today!