How to make a homemade sex toy?

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Sometimes, you’re just on a tight budget. Other times, you might not have the courage to go to a sex shop and start browsing. On the other hand, you don’t really want to order online either, because you just can’t look the postman in the eye even though the “goods” are packaged just the right way that the naked eye can’t tell the difference if it’s a flashlight, a huge dildo or some cheap Chinese

How to find a threesome partner?

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We all know what’s the number one male fantasy. Yup, it’s a threesome. There’s just something way too magical and sexy about banging to chicks at the same time. However, chances are that you’re actually gonna pull it off are little to one.  If you’re lucky, maybe your one of the selected few are in a happy, committed relationship, and both you and your partner on the same page about giving it a try. First,

How To Tell If A Kiss Means Something?

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First kisses can be very tricky. First of all, not all kisses are the same. Some of them are just for fun and silly, and some of them are serious and planned who knows for how long. The same is true for the persons who give and receive them. For some people kisses are like a hug or even a handshake, it literally doesn’t mean anything for them and they do it for entertainment, while


How to make your boobs grow?

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We all know the following statement to be true: everybody loves looking at a pair of big boobs!  And to be honest, this love of big, good-looking tits is not just shared by individuals of the male gender; both women and men seem to love looking at other women’s racks.  This attraction only makes sense! Human beings were designed to be hypnotized by big boobs. At its core, a large, hefty rack shows that a

Where does female ejaculate come out of?

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If you are a human being, there is no real way to deny that we love sex.  But to make that statement even truer, we should change it to say that “We all love to ejaculate”!  Obviously, every successful sexual encounter ends up in both parties ejaculating their brains outs. And, even more obviously, sex without the proper release is just OK at best.  To be honest for many of us, sex without cumming is