Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

If your partner is far away at the moment, or you both are too busy to spend some quality time together, a sparkle between you two can extinguish. But, if you want to avoid that and keep the flame of passion, you should definitely try with sexting. Also, if your relationship is fresh and you want to boost intimacy with your new partner, bring things up on the next level, let your flirty messages become a bit sexier. Sexting is always a good idea if you want to spice up things in your relationship. And, let’s face it- the easiest. We live in a digital world where everybody is on their phones, including you. So, why wouldn’t you use that for having some fun and build up closeness with your partner at the same time, instead of scrolling feed on social networks all day long? Many of you find sexting intimidating, but it shouldn’t be that way. It is basically expressing your sexual feeling and desires to someone you are close too (and probably the only one who needs to know them) and receiving the same in return. In the end, isn’t it easier for you if he tells you what they like than leaving you guessing? Plus, sexting can be used as a training for a dirty talk in bed (which guys adore), you have the time to brainstorm because you are not under the pressure (unlike dirty talk).

Let us tell you a secret: the key to successful sexting is, to be honest. Be yourself. Just a bit steamier and sexier. 

If you want to know how to send sexting messages to your boyfriend properly, and not end up feeling embarrassed, we prepared tips and examples of sexting messages to set your imagination in motion. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Flirty Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend (Or Husband)

Let’s get something clear at the start- this article is not just for girls and boys. It also refers to married men and women. Don’t let your sparkle turns off only because you are 10 years in marriage and you think you shouldn’t bother about that anymore. No matter if you are in a brand new relationship, or in a mature relationship, or even in a marriage for years, you need to constantly put the effort in your connection with your partner and cherish what you have. So, what else will keep the fire going then texting him or her in the way they will know you are still attracted to them (after all that time)? 

On the other side, if there is someone who doesn’t know that yet, hmm… What about telling him? If you don’t want to lose your chance, go on and send your crush a very clear flirty message and get out of the friend zone finally!

Try with these flirty sexy messages to start the game:

  1.   Stop distracting me, I can’t do anything else but thinking about you!
  2.   You are lucky you are so hot. I only spend my time with handsome men.
  3.   I am going out with my girls tonight, so there will probably be some drunk sexy text for you later. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  4.   I just took the most amazing shower ever…

Cute Messages

They are always in. Just put yourself in their shoes- wouldn’t you be happy and smiling if you had received a cute text in the morning that would make your day? That person would be in your head all day long. So, if you want to achieve that, feel free to hit them with a cute text, which can have slightly sexually connotation, but it is actually aimed to create a feeling of a big, warm hug.

Here are some cute messages you can send to your partner:

  1.   I woke up with a smile on my face because I was dreaming of you.
  2.   Being with you is the most (insert) experience in my life.
  3.   I have met so many people in my life, but for the first time, I have met someone who makes me draw ridiculous little harts on the paper.
  4.   I all I want is to be the reason for your smile.

Sexy Messages

If your partner receives well your cute and flirty messages, you may consider taking things to the next level and send some boldly and sexy messages and turn the heat up.

Like we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you have slept once, a couple of times or you are sharing bed for years, it is always good to know that someone is (still) attracted to you. Especially with men it is a real ego boost when you let them know they were doing it well in bed.

But, if you initiate sexting, and you see from their replies they are in the game, you need to be ready for some serious heating. If you send them sext and pull back after, it will annoy and frustrate them, and next time they will not play with you at all.

The other important thing you need to take care of when sexting is timing. Timing is everything. If he is on the business meeting or on a lunch with his parents, you don’t want to hit him with some sexy selfie and make him feel uncomfortable. Also, don’t be disappointed if he wants to play and eager to hear from you, but has some other things to focus on at the moment. Wait a bit and if he picks you up with some sexy texts later, that means the game is on.

However, if you both are on work but planning to meet later, sexy messages are a perfect way to put you both in the mood.

Whatever the case is, we have some sexy messages for you to use:

  1.   I want you to kiss/touch me (chose a body part).
  2.   Be naked when I come home.
  3.   That thing you did yesterday (insert something hot that happened on previous sex session)… You are a sex God. I want you to repeat that again tonight.
  4.   If he asks you what are you doing, answer him “Myself”.

Half Joking Texts

We all know that in every joke there is half of the truth hidden. The same thing is going on with this kind of texts, but you only can send them if you know your partner well, and you are sure he will not misinterpret it. 

Half joking messages you could use:

  1.   I bet I could turn you on right now in front of everyone at your work.
  2.   Tell me your secret fetish, I know you have one.
  3.   I challenge you to start thinking about me… And start doing!
  4.   The yoga class I was on made me so flexible!
  5.   Don’t even try to deny it- you like me.
  6.   I think I have a love disease, can you examine me from top to the bottom?

Teasing Messages

Teasing is a good way to set up the scene for some good flirting session, especially if you just meet that person. If your crush answers positively and you make him or her laugh, then you are on point!

Here are some teasing messages you can send your crush and make him/ her fall in love with you:

  1.   How are you so attractive?
  2.   If I let you do with me anything you want, what would you do?
  3.   I just wanted to tell you are not very good at acting you don’t want me.
  4.   Hey, I just wanted to tell you that if you’re ever having a hard time… Like really, really hard… Feel free to call me. I would like to give you a hand…
  5.   Are you for a chocolate syrup tonight? All over me.

Intriguing Texts

Intrigue is sexy, and guys love it. If you brainstorming about sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, these texts will get him thinking about you all day and light up his imagination… And maybe lead to something more:

  1.   What is the craziest sex you’ve ever had?
  2.   What is your weirdest fantasy?
  3.   Do you want to guess what am I wearing right now?
  4.   I head a REALLY naughty dream about you last night…
  5.   What do you think about sex in public?
  6.   Did you ever have sex in the car? I would like to take a ride with you…
  7.   I am naked right now, and I am thinking about you.
  8.   Are you fond of a threesome?
  9.   I don’t know why, but I am sucking lollypops all day…
  10.   Want to play a game tonight?

Flirty To Dirty Messages

Fasten seat belts, people. We are going to roll hard. If you came all the way here, in the section “Flirty to dirty”, then we will assume you are comfortable with all those examples of messages above and you are ready for spicing things up for real and you want to go explicit. For the record, those sexting messages to send to a guy are called Not Safe For Work for a reason.

Okay, here are the sexts that will make blood pumping:

  1.   I will let you do anything you want to me.
  2.   I need you inside me right now.
  3.   It’s too bad you are not here right now.
  4.   Remember when we (fill the blank)?
  5.   I miss you. Between my legs.
  6.   I want you to use me like I am made for your pleasure
  7.   I admit I was a bad girl… Will you punish me?
  8.   I am touching myself right now, come and help me?
  9.   I am so hot when I think about enjoying myself in front of you.
  10.   Would you like to grab my hair and pull me against the wall right now?
  11.   Nice tie. Let’s use it tonight.

Before You Start…

We have a few more tips for you that you need to know before you initiate sexting, that will make the difference whether is he turned on or not.

The key is, you need to be comfortable with the things you send. He will feel your energy and it will turn him on (or won’t). Don’t send him something you think you SHOULD send because someone said it works. A guy can be turned off with your vibe if you sext with a script. If you change your true self in order to please a man, it will not work in the long term. So, free your own energy and attract him with it. You will feel more comfortable with it, and comfortable is sexy.

We hope we helped you feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Happy sexting!

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