How To Sext Your Boyfriend

Sexy Couple

You need to be sure what is your partner up to before you start sexting. You don’t want to turn him on while he is on the lunch with his mother or on a business meeting with his business partners and make him uncomfortable. So, if you aren’t sure what is he doing at the moment, hit him first with one “Hey, busy?” text before you initiate anything.

  1.   Take It Slow Sex educators explain sexting as ‘ sharing sexually explicit photos or videos via the internet, mobile phones or other forms of social media’. But actually it also refers to sending sexier and flirtier messages to your partner, and it can help to build a stronger relationship, with more closeness and intimacy. It is a fun and adventures way to connect with your boyfriend or girlfriend, built on trust. Coaches in this area say that sexting is the perfect foreplay that will keep sex in your head all day until you come home to your partner and make the fantasies reality.

When it comes to how to sext your boyfriend, there are some main rules you should follow if you want everything to go right:

  1.   Timing Is 

Sexting is very similar to sex. Everybody like foreplay instead of just jumping up in the very act before warming up. It is the same in sexting. Take your time and build an atmosphere. Grab his attention with a simple selfie of your cleavage, without revealing too much. In that way, he will be aware of what is going to happen, and he will text you back if he is ready to play. Also, sex couch Emily Morse suggests starting a conversation with something like “I keep thinking how hot the other night was” and heat the temperature from there.

  1.   Don’t Forget To Play The Role

If you are the one who initiates sexting, you want to be in charge. You need to be in the role of someone who wants to give pleasure to a partner with your sexy messages, photos, and videos. Be ready to say and do some freaky things that will turn on your partner and start up his imagination.

  1.   Don’t Leave Your Comfort Zone

Do only the things you are comfortable with. Sexting should be fun and normal, and not making you feel embarrassed and out of place. It will be a little awkward at the beginning, but you need just to go with the flow and everything will be fine.

  1.   Give Your Partner A Hint Before Sending The Nude

We were talking about timing earlier, and that refers to sending nudes especially. Before you attach the photo, give him one NSFW (not safe for work) so he can realize what is going to happen. You don’t want him to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable if your nude pop out on his screen if he is surrounded by other people.

  1.   Take Care Of The Visuals

Take photos that reveal the erogenous zones of the body.

  1.   Keep Some Sexy Photos Locked

When you start sexting and you are at work, you don’t want to run to the toilet and take some nudes. You need to reply fast to keep the conversation alive and don’t let the moment gone, so you should have some of your sexy pictures saved and locked into your photo gallery. 

  1.   Learn Emoji Sex Code

If you have been asking how to sext your boyfriend, those little guys can help you a lot. And in the urban dictionary, some of those emoji represent codes for sexual connotation. A banana and an eggplant are representing the penis. A peach refers to the booty. A pussycat represents a vagina. The raindrops are the code for wetness or ejaculate, and the emoji with tongue sticking out stands for desire. They can be very helpful if you are in public, plus they are fun to use.

  1.   Have Fun With The Dirty Talk

Tyomi Morgan says that the dirty talk is the guiding light of sexting. It’s all about fantasy. With your words, you make the fantasy you want to be a part of. Feel free to write what is on your mind and ask him what do you want to hear. You can start by describing what are you wearing, what is your underwear like, or what things you would like to do to his body. Or how do you feel while he is sexting you? The point of sexting is an orgasm, so make it count.

  1.   Start With Your Own Experiences

When you wondering how to sext your boyfriend, coaches say that one of the ways you could start is with remembering him on your last sex session, or some hot moment you tow had recently. A text “I just remembered how hot was last night when you were kissing my neck”, and after that “I am already imagining what will I do to you next time” will do the work. They also recommend talking about what do you want at the moment, like “I am slowly licking my way down to your body” to build tension and create a fantasy. 

  1.   Be Open With Your Fantasies

It is always easier to talk about some sensitive topics while texting instead of looking at the person eye to eye. It is the same with sexting. If you feel awkward talking about what you want to try in bed with your partner, use sexting to share them with him. 

  1.   Ask Him Questions

Prepare the questions you want to ask him while sexting. Sexting is a two-way street, and sexy questions are an easy way to find out what is your partner thinking about.

  1.   Details, details, details

It’s all about them. The more you explain sexy details to your partner, the more he will be able to visualize the fantasy in his head, and it will be helpful for a conversation to continue.

  1.   There Is More Than Texts And Photos

Some of the apps in our smartphones provide us more than sending texts, photos, and videos. They include voice messages. But, you need to use them wisely. You don’t want to sound silly because, in that way, they will not end up helping in arousing. Make them natural closing your eyes and imagining your partner doing you things you love. Only the sound of you enjoying will be a huge turn-on.

  1.   Memes And GIFs

Do not underestimate the power of sexy meme or a GIF that will give more content to a conversation.

  1.   Don’t Be Too Formal

Your sexting shouldn’t sound like exchanging emails with your boss. Use intimate and sexy voice, writing ‘slang’. It may look weird for you to write “cock”, but it will cause the explosion of passion in his head while reading it. Prepare vocabulary in advance, same as pictures and questions, to keep things hot.

  1.   Have Fun

That is the whole point of sexting- having fun. Plus, giving yourself and your partner an orgasm to remember. So, take the charge, free your imagination and enjoy!