What does nsa mean in texting

The world of texting and internet acronyms can be confusing to navigate, from the now ubiquitous LOL to more obscure and unknown letter combinations that denote sexual preferences, particular kinks, or favorite fetishes. 

Some acronyms have become so commonplace that they are now words in their own right, such as MILF, while others only have meaning to those familiar with their use. One such acronym, NSA, is used in both internet hookup culture as well as adult websites and swinger pages, and the use of the term NSA has become standard in texting as well. 

What does NSA mean in texting? No Strings Attached.

What is the meaning of NSA online?

NSA meaning No Strings Attached denotes exactly that, a brazen and upfront declaration that whatever is being offered or sought after comes with no hidden clauses or caveats. Most often, it is a direct and straightforward solicitation or invitation to casual sex, the type that requires no prior date or small talk, and omits any awkward conversations afterward.

The use of NSA is frequently employed by those who maintain profiles on websites such as Adult Friend Finder and similar domains, as well as by hookup apps such as Tinder and Grindr. When someone has NSA on their profile, they are making it known that they do not require the usual polite social niceties prior to a direct conversation about casual sex, and that what they are seeking is not obscured by any need for mind games or chitchat.

How can you tell if NSA is sexual?

Note that NSA is NOT an automatic curtailing of possible sexual aftercare such as cuddling, pillow talk, or possibly second rounds of sex. NSA does not mean that the individual is foreshadowing that they are rude or disinterested. However, it does denote that they are not interested in a relationship or in any type of extended affair.

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