Where does female ejaculate come from

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The misconceptions about female ejaculation abound. What is female ejaculation and where does it come from are the top questions. Everyone wants to know the mysteries of the female who ‘squirts’ female ejaculate. What is female cum and from where does it come? These are the question on everyone’s mind.

Like men, women may ejaculate. Unlike men, female ejaculate does not play a role in reproduction. Further, women can ejaculate without orgasm and orgasm without ejaculating. Most people do not understand what female ejaculate is or what part of the body produces it. Let’s explore the female ejaculation. 

Female ejaculation is similar yet different from male ejaculation. The female anatomy is complex. A French researcher decided to study female anatomy.  The goal is to better understand what causes female ejaculation. The unique nature of female ejaculation produces a unique fluid. The misconception that female ejaculation is urine leads to a study. The study explains what is female ejaculation.

Female versus Male Anatomy

The male anatomy is easy to explain. People understand that male ejaculation includes sperm. When men ejaculate sperm it travels through the urethra to evacuate the body. Like men, women have a prostate. Unlike men, the female prostate does not carry reproductive materials.

The female prostate is confusing. The female prostate surrounds the urethra. The female prostate ejaculates a fluid. The fluid excreted contains a small trace of urine. This urine residue created the myth that female ejaculate is urine. But, female ejaculation is not urine; it is fluid from the female prostate.

The clitoris, the g-spot, and the Skene’s glands are important to sexual stimulation. The clitoris is under the clitoral hood. Exposing the clitoris stimulates the female. The g-spot is inside the vagina. The labia lips fold back and expose the vaginal entrance. The Skene’s glands are at the bottom of the bulbs on either side of the labia.

The French Squirt Study

French researchers put the misconception that female ejaculation is urine to rest. Researchers used ultrasound technology to studying women who squirt. The researchers used ultrasound technology to examine the bladder. They examined the bladder before, during, and after female ejaculation. Samuel Salama, a Gynecologist from Parly II hospital in Le Chesney, lead the research.

Salama chose seven women who claim they squirt when stimulated. Milky fluid excreted from the urethra during orgasm is normal, according to Salama. What Salama found uncommon is a massive explosion of female ejaculate. Female ejaculate comes from the Skene gland or female prostate. Salama studied the Skene gland to explain female ejaculation.

For his research, Salama started with urine samples. The women gave urine samples, evacuated their bladder, and submitted to an ultrasound. The ultrasound proved the empty bladder. The women then became sexually stimulated either by themselves or with a partner.

While sexually stimulated but before climax, the women alerted the researchers. The researchers used ultrasound to scan the women as they climaxed. The fluid excreted during the climax researchers collected for the study. They performed a final ultrasound after climax. What Salama and his team discovered was surprising. In fact, the women’s bladders did fill right before the climax. Stimulation is the only reason researchers could establish as the cause. The female ejaculation does come from the bladder. But, is it urine?

Female Ejaculation Urine or Unique

Salama’s study found only two of the seven women produced ejaculate identical to urine. Five of the seven women produced a unique fluid that was chemically different from urine. Salama found a prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) enzyme. The enzyme Salama’s team found is unique to the female prostate.

The PSA enzyme comes from the prostate. In men, the PSA enzyme assists sperm with swimming. In females, the PSA enzyme is what females ejaculate when they squirt. Women who squirt are releasing the PSA enzyme, not urine. The Skene gland of the female produces female ejaculate.

Female ejaculation is not urine and it is a unique fluid produced by the female prostate gland. Yet, a small amount of urine may be found in female ejaculate. While a little pee may come out when a female ejaculates, female cum is not pee. Female ejaculation released through the urethra is a unique PSA fluid. The urethra is not part of the vagina. Leading to confusion about orgasms and female ejaculation.

Orgasms and Female Ejaculation

A few different things happen when a female experiences sexual climax. Vaginal and clitoral orgasms stimulate muscle spasms. But, female ejaculation of PSA fluid through the urethra or squirting is different. Female ejaculation or squirting is the release of PSA fluid from the female prostate. Female ejaculate releases through the urethra. Thus, women can experience one or both types of climatic experiences.

The ability to stimulate both types of release takes knowledge. Stimulating a woman to the point of squirting orgasms is actually possible.

Orgasms are a sexual climax that creates muscle contractions and releases vaginal fluid. The vaginal fluid released during a muscular orgasm is not PSA fluid. PSA fluid released through female ejaculation comes from the female prostate. Stimulating the female prostate and vaginal orgasm at the same time requires skill.

The Appearance of Female Ejaculation

The vaginal fluid produced by muscular orgasm is much different than the PSA fluid. PSA fluid produced from female ejaculation is unique. Vaginal fluid produced during muscular orgasm is thicker than female ejaculate. The PSA fluid from female ejaculation is clear and sometimes milky white. The PSA fluid from female ejaculate emerges through the urethra and appears as a clear fluid.

Both fluids release during sexual stimulation. But, it’s rare that both female ejaculation and orgasm occur at the same moment. Often, women experience either a muscular orgasm or a female ejaculate fluid release. Women who experience both are lucky. On Bunny Cam, you’ll find all kinds of great information about female anatomy and how to stimulate it. On Bunny Cam, you’ll love the information and detailed answers to all your questions.