What does sexting mean to a guy

Man neglecting his girlfriend and using his mobile phone

Let’s keep it real now: most guys are pervs!  Sure there are a ton of gentleman out there in the world (well, a ton maybe overstating the numbers just a tad!), but the vast majority of dudes out here are just freaks.  One of the many things that guys do to reveal their level of freakiness is the way they text message. Actually, to be honest, you can tell even more by the way that they SEXT.  Watching closely to the way a man sends sext messages is a good way to see into some of the deepest recesses of his mind. Not only is he communicating to you while he is starting to get comfortable and open but he is also in a different, almost “crazy” state of mind that you will never normally see him in.  This temporary insanity is primarily due to the fact that he is probably already super horny. You are probably already quite familiar with what we are talking about here from earlier sexting sessions in your life.

But why do guys like sexting?  What does sexting mean? These are the type of questions that plague the minds of women worldwide every day.  However, questions like these are why we at BunnyCam.com are here for you! We have put together a few different types of sexting personalities to further jump into the question of “What does sexting mean to a guy?”  Let’s take a deeper look into the minds of various male sexters here:

What Does Sexting Mean To a Guy?

1) Guys That Use Too Many Emojis

OKAY, DUDE, WE GET IT!  You want to let us know that you are interested in!  Guys that use too many emojis during sexting exchanges are a little too excited for this type of attention from a woman.  It’s almost as if they want to double check that we are into them. HEY MAN! WE ARE ALREADY SEXTING YOU! OBVIOUSLY, WE ARE INTERESTED!!!  But to be serious, guys that use a lot of emojis in their sexting game are giving away the fact that they are not hooking up enough on a regular basis.  It’s either that or they are simply unable to fully speak their mind in a conversation. In essence, an overuse of emojis reveals a shyness or an inability to think quickly while being horny.  This is especially true if the guy you are sexting keeps only sending tongue or eggplant emojis. However, if a guy has a truly advanced emoji game and can make you genuinely laugh or feel special with them, you have a real keeper.

2) Guys That Write Novels for Sexts

If your sext partner is writing full-length fictional stories in your exchanges, you can be sure that sexting is just another extension of this particular guy’s creative abilities.  Don’t be surprised if you find out that he mixes eclectic soul and classical music beats on the side while occasionally shooting comedic skit videos that he edits himself; guys that write a lot just create a lot of stuff in general.  This is especially true over text and even more true over sext! Think about how many guys you know have a hard time texting you back. If a guy is sexting you up to a storm and building up an entire verbal journey within it, you can be assured that he will also be ready to role play in the bedroom.  If you like his wordplay, take this creative guy more seriously and perhaps even past just the sexting.

3) Guys That Disappear For A Few Minutes or More After a Picture

Of course, there are a ton of reasons any average adult could be delayed in responding to a text message.  However, in the sext message game, consistent delays reveal certain things about people. This is because sexting is typically one of the few things outside of Angry Birds and YouTube that keeps people completely glued to their phone screen waiting for the next stimulus.  So, if there is a marked delay in his response each time you send your new sext man a suggestive picture, he is going to relieve himself of the incredible sexual energy your pics stir within him. On top of that, he is doing it by himself without making you part of the fun.  AND YES, WE MEAN HE IS MASTURBATING!!! How unfair is it that he went and finished himself off with that shot of your butt that took you at least 22 times to pose and take to get right! And even worse, when he gets back he will probably act slick and try to change the tone of the conversation from sex to the fact he has to work early, sleep or anything else to get himself off the phone so he can recover from his orgasm.  This is what we meant earlier by how some men are just freaks! Unless he responds quickly and with something more than a simple “You look good”, he should not be forgiven!

4) Guys That Get Turned On By Anything You Tell Him

If you are sexting with a dude that seems to get a little hot and bothered by whatever you are throwing his way, you are either dealing with a liar or a perfect guy.  Most guys are not gonna get turned on by you wearing your sister’s coffee stained shirt from middle school and your camouflage green mud mask. However, if the guy you are sexting gets a little horny from pics of you wearing this, either he is a liar and is after the millions you have stashed under your mattress or you have to marry him tomorrow because he is one in a billion.

Hopefully, these certain profiles of different male sexters will help you more easily weed out the ones that you like from the ones that you don’t.  Now that you understand the various answers to “Why do guys like sexting?”, perhaps you no longer want to look at a man again. Well, until you change your mind, we have the perfect place for you to avoid all males!  Come visit us at BunnyCam.com and video chat with only women. The women that we have waiting for you there are amongst the most beautiful babes in the world! Come by today!